Please… Is April 2013 Over Yet?!

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Is it just me or was April 2013 an unusually horrid month that just went on and on and on and on…?  My gawd it’s been unbelievable in both highly positive ways, and highly miserable ways throughout April. This simultaneous building of polarized extremes has always been freakishly interesting and frustrating to me during these amplified Ascension years, but in April 2013, it’s been extreme and very trying at times. Things have been both intensely positive and simultaneously negative since the first Equinox (March 2013) energies came in post 12-21-12, which I sense is “normal” for what’s happening until the different multiple worlds and timelines rip apart from each other and go their separate ways later this year.

And who knows, maybe April 2013 was preparation for May 2013, I suspect it was and I suspect once we’re in May we’ll be glad for all we experienced and had to deal with throughout the Twilight Zone-like month of April! But it still amazes me (and it certainly should not at this point) how large the consciousness gaps between people has become and how trying and oftentimes downright difficult it is for most everyone when forced to interact and communicate with someone whose barely within range of being in the same species group as you! The rubber bands are stretched about as far as they can be now and we’ve still got five more months of this before they break free of each other. Get your Zen on and keep it on because this is some crazy weird shit” we’re dealing with!

About every three months now my personal range of who I consciously know myself to be expands a bit more; plateaus for 2–3 months which gives me time to adapt; then it expands a bit more and so on. This is of course wonderful and exciting but honestly, kinda weird too because The Whole Picture expands and shifts a bit more every time this happens. It’s always good to intellectually know something, but it’s an entirely different situation when you actually embody it, whatever “it” is at that time. For me “it” has been about consciously integrating more and more of who I am at quantum and multidimensional levels of being into this Denise awareness, body and timeline.

It’s much like attending a rare physical Family Reunion and meeting your distant relatives that you’ve never met before and/or didn’t even know existed. I’ve been Seeing, perceiving and communicating with other aspects of me/Me/ME that exist in the divine quantum “Now Moment” and some of them are rather amazing. Please don’t misunderstand me here because each and every one of you reading this have these same connections to the other amazing aspects of you/You/YOU as I do—as we all do.

Now that we’re post 12-21-12, it’s time for many of us at the Forefront to start consciously knowing more about ourselves and our extended multidimensional Spiritual Families, and/or Soul Group(s), and/or Star Families etc. and our ever-evolving spiritual Work with each of them and consciously embodying more of these different aspects into this life, consciousness and body.  Said very simply—I’m incrementally (those Stair Steps) “ascending” as more aspects of my Higher Self “descend” incrementally allowing us to meet/merge in this new, higher frequency space. This is all still an ongoing Ascension Process and I’m just reporting on the latest tidbits I’m experiencing and better understanding at this moment.

I know it’s not time quite yet for me to publicly share all of what I’ve been experiencing personally over the past seven months about this but I will when it’s correct to do so. ♥ But know that many of us Forerunners are in the Process of incrementally consciously embodying more and more of our Higher Selves into these bodies/lives/consciousness/personalities/timeline etc., which is as I said before wonderful, but it naturally causes repeated expansions and shifts in my/your/our consciousness which makes it (momentarily at least) a bit difficult to interact and communicate with the people who are not doing this now, or yet, or simply not doing it at all. 

566x800 terrorface

Because not everyone is focused on the same thing(s) or at the same level of awareness or development, there are a bunch of people who are being used, manipulated and directed to mess with those of us who are incrementally embodying more and more of our Higher Selves into our body/being/awareness/lives now. Any person or group of people who are perceived to be a threat to Team Dark are attacked in different ways, and at this point it’s usually through certain humans. In my case, since 2000 it’s been mainly through certain neighbors because I’m at home the majority of the time and don’t “socialize”. So when I’m doing what I do as a Lightworker/Starseed/Creator Being etc., Team Dark directs some human(s) that vibrates within the frequency range they currently do to buy or rent a house as physically close to me as they can to interfere with me, try to derail me or attack me, which is the negative ‘Smash and Grab’ tactic we’ve discussed in other articles.

Having said all that, I also know from many years of personal hand-to-hand combat with Team Dark (nonhuman, nonphysical beings and the physical humans too) that every time I/you/we experience another big upsurge in negative individual attacks and/or larger collective ‘Smash and Grab’ attempts that it means we’re about to make another big positive shift forward and that’s why these last-minute negative tactics by Team Dark.

Another VERY important aspect of these negative Team Dark ‘Smash and Grab’ attacks on us individually and collectively now are actually VERY positive. Don’t forget that we’re still within the profoundly important Nine Months period which is—believe it or not after all many of us have been working on internally for over twenty years—a grace period, an extension period of our Life Review that happened at a quantum level at some time during the ‘Three Days of Darkness’ of 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12. Because so many still needed a bit more “time” within physicality to consciously connect more of our old inner issues—wounds, fears etc. and transmute, integrate and neutralize them—we were given these profoundly valuable and important Nine Months (from 12-21-12) to continue our individual Life Reviews to get ourselves more clear energetically and neutral before the time do such extensive Inner Work winds down from the intense level it’s been at for so many years. So, despite whatever you have gone through since 12-21-12 and certainly since 3-20-13 looking and feeling and actually being genuine attacks from the Negatives/Team Dark, understand that they also are at higher levels the means for me/you/each of us to fully resolve, transmute, consciously realize and understand whatever it is that me/you/each of us needs to during this Nine Month extension period.

So yes they are ugly, nasty, stupid, repulsive etc. ‘Smash and Grab’ attacks upon many of us individually, and/or collectively, BUT at higher levels they are our individual Gifts to get ourselves free and clear enough to embody more… much more! Use the negative attacks to heal yourself; to transcend it all; to transmute, understand, and know so much more. Use the negative crap and attacks etc. at higher levels to literally propel yourself right out of Duality and Duality consciousness. Don’t make the mistake of believing that the unpleasant negative crap and attacks that have been happening in your life since 12-21-12 are only about whoever or whatever it is that’s causing you pain and/or frustrations because it is not. At lower levels it is a hand-to-hand combat situation, but at higher levels it’s really our personal ticket to freedom and empowerment so USE the miserable shit n’ crap n’ junk n’ idiots that at first glance looks, sounds, and feels like it’s something else entirely. It’s Initiatic, so take advantage of the “tests” popping up on your Path to get yourself where you need to be during this Life Review extension period and beyond.

If you too have experienced amazingly positive, uplifting, soul satisfying inner growth and conscious re-connections with some of the higher aspects of yourself and your extended Spiritual Family or Soul Group — AND have also been experiencing being attacked again by some unaware dumb-ass human(s) on autopilot being controlled by lower frequency ego, emotions, awareness and nonphysical Team Dark beings — then know that this means we’re making tremendous progress and some really great stuff is about to manifest because of it. There’s more to come but we’re “golden”… even when we forget that fact. ♥


April 30, 2013

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72 thoughts on “Please… Is April 2013 Over Yet?!

  1. Hi Denise,
    Yes, April was extremely difficult. Hoping we get some relief at least, soon. In my case at this point its mostly been more weird ever changing physical symptoms, sensations pain, etc. the newest one is a swaying motion sickness feeling not quite dizzy just like I was riding on a boat or car? Hard to read as it feels like when I’m reading in a car and feels wierd and a litle nauseous, (but not from a stomach problem). This is a new one! What is that about?? Seems my symptoms are moving upward??? But at least the flu pain body debilitating pain and fake heart attack stuff that used to send me into a panic and to the ER a few times (even though I wont take a single drug or trust the docs) only to have perfect electro cardiograms and blood tests results which show nada all the time). Anyway symptoms seem to be easing last few days?? But of course not sure how long that relief will last though. I learned and keep on doing that 12 d Shield now every night along with the Fear Core removal technique ( (Lisa Renee) I found the link here. Thank you once again dear Denise! Anyway, again I’m new at this as I was a “closet” Intuitive Empath since a kid and just this past year found out about all this Ascension bussiness. I like you Denise am an Elder “Indigo” (I think). I had been told many times by other intuitives I was Starchild? Anyway doesn’t matter I suppose. In any case Im from the “old school” too. Then we were going through all this stuff and didn’t have names for it yet! In any case I sure have had a crash course this past year and wow have I connected the dots and so many questions about so many years of wierd experiences I had are resolved!!! And you have helped me tremendously with that too! So in spite of some annoying interference from unenlightened humans I’m still in process of re establising a practice that will be more timely for what everyone is and will be going through these next few years. And during my hiatis while i been in this misery of Ascension I too have been doing alot of polarity work as well for myself. So, hopefully I’ll eventually be in shape to do my Light work. These healers sitting cross legged meditating and chanting Ohm wont do anymore. We must be Light “Warriors” now too not just Light Workers! Anyway…in spite of all the suffering I’ve been and continue to experience with Ascension process, I certainly feel lucky after reading your book!! My God!!! I dare complain!! complaining. I’m just on the last pages “A Lightworkers Mission” What a Nightmare!! I must say you are St Denise in my book!!!
    Love and Deep Gratitude,

  2. This has been my experience exactly, a totally crappy and a totally amazing month. It has been HARD and I have had some massive temper tantrums and that’s putting it mildly, but I can recognise the benefits. I am seeing how my emotions block me and learning how to separate emotion from feeling which makes me feel as if I am stretched between the poles in a thin string as long as the universe. Makes me feel quite wobbly. As you say it is always helpful to remember that the dark is ultimately in service of the light.

  3. Wow, Denise, I don’t know where to start, some of March and all of April have been ‘manic’, turbulent, confusing, and downright disruptive. Everyone around me has had a very testing and trying time of it, myself included of course.

    After 21.12.12. I intended to move through this process with as much fluidity as possible, little did I know how many unsettling situations would show up in such a short space of ‘time’, which caused a temporary glitch to all my good intentions. However, in amongst the ‘crappy stuff’ there have been glimpses of clearer vision, a bit more of the bigger picture visible, and quite a few ‘aha’ moments.

    I still don’t have a clue what is happening, but it sort of seems ok, everytime I think I ‘get it’, ‘it’ changes, the elastic seems to stretch again to a new place, then I catch up, it moves again, etc., etc., but just how long is a piece of elastic ?

    Your experience with neighbours (team dark) has reminded me of a series of very similar upsetting events that plagued me a few years back, I hadn’t thought that I might have been targeted at that particular time, but looking back in hindsight, it may have been the case. I have on occasion wondered whether many years of chronic fatigue syndrome have had anything to do with such attacks, the chemtrails and toxic childhood vaccinations are possibilities too.

    Oh how I yearn for that elastic to stop stretching, I want to get off the ‘surfboard’ and relax on the new shore, I’m tired ………. Roll on September.

    In lak’esh

  4. Hi Denise,

    Though I’m totally burned out at the moment, I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for this. Totally resonate – right there with you sister. Uuugh, and so ready for April to be over as well. Take care & hang in there. Now, back to bed…

  5. I have not experienced anxiety this intense in 20 years. Ego stuff, that I could not release. Like you said, I had very high highs, and very low lows. Hoping May is better, lots of spiritual attacks as well, but I think I have come out the other side.

  6. “crazy weird shit” we’re dealing with! same extreme experiences here (this month), and oddly, yes, the neighbor thing too and it gave way to personal freedom. It's free and breezy to be, free. 🙂

    Kind regards. Chandra Leigh

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