The 11 Portal Message of 1

I’ve been trying to get something written quickly about what I’ve been feeling building energetically since Monday, April 8, 2013, because I sense IT is going to increase all week and then there will be another decent sized shift for many of us near the end of this week — April 8th through April 13, 2013. From my perspective IT feels like more positive Energy has arrived and/or I’ve arrived at where IT exists and IT is literally pushing, disintegrating the past negative Evolutionary Cycle blueprint energies and negative Beings/Team Dark (nonphysical and physical) that went with it right out of the way. I’ve worked a long time to finally feel this Out With the Old Negative Everything shift in stages in this world and dimension, and this present stage that I’m feeling today, April 8th, is unlike anything I’ve felt before so this is very exciting and encouraging.

I’ve wondered over the past few years what it’s going to feel like and how am I and others going to adjust to this Out With the Old Negative Everything shift? Honestly think about this because the old Negative everything is all that humanity has known in this life. I’ve long remember that I Volunteered to enter into a world that was totally controlled and owned and operated by the Negative Beings/Team Dark since early childhood. Because of this I’ve adapted and adjusted to the negativity, density and duality to survive while I was incarnate here on an Ascension Mission in this timeline.

My point is that, because of these different things, I’ve gotten used to balancing myself against the profound negative energies that have completely controlled this planet for so long. Over the decades my inner equilibrium so to speak has had to adapt to this negativity so I could move around within IT in this life and physical body. However, now having passed the 12-21-12 Expiration Date, and experiencing the ongoing disintegration of the old negative Beings/Team Dark and their being in control and those old energetic blueprints that enabled them to run the show for so long, on Monday April 8, 2013, I became much more aware that I’m now having to use very different consciousness and energetic muscles to balance myself against the changing external energies as the old negative ‘frequency fences’ and Team Dark diminish from this world and timeline.

Today it’s Thursday, April 11, 2013, as I continue writing this and this 11 energy day brought in a wallop of positive energy early this morning that clearly and repeatedly let me know I should write more now about the importance and necessity of individuals — 1 — and the Ascension Process. I’ve known this particular information before today and have written about it over the past few years however this portal reminder message came to me today through two women’s emails that both carried the same message that I’m supposed to be reminded of today during this 4-11-13 portal. Thanks goes to Karina and Nan for playing their parts in anchoring and delivering this portal reminder message to me today. ♥

The message (and reminder) for us all right now is that we’ve reached that very important point where we MUST individually –1– live the Ascension Process; embody the new higher frequency Energies; walk the talk; master discerning energies and Beings etc. and we must start doing this on our own and consciously recognize that we are doing it on our own.

Why is this so important now that it’s one of the big Light Information messages that came in through this 11 portal? Because humanity has been horribly, unthinkably, pathetically and intentionally dis-empowered by Team Dark for many thousands of years to keep them from evolving spiritually, energetically and physically. One of the main ways Team Dark accomplished this was through mind controlled dis-empowerment of individuals. But with that old Evolutionary Cycle Expired and it disintegrating fast, we Forerunner/Pathpaver individuals HAVE to remember and/or re-learn how to be empowered individually. That seems to be one of the main incoming messages of this 11 portal day. There’s been more today but this it gonna have to do for now because I’m totally spent! We’ll talk more about this individual shift business more in Comments, but I’ve felt compelled today, amidst all the other insights I’ve personally had, to finish this article and get it published on April 11, 2013. Often I/we have to paddle extra fast n’ hard sometimes to catch the next incoming Energy Wave so we can surf it all the way in. This is me and you doing exactly that and very well done everyone! ♥


April 11, 2013

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87 thoughts on “The 11 Portal Message of 1

  1. It is interesting that you posted this on the 11th day of April because I was walloped yesterday … receiving a card from my mother to tell me that my father has been having cancer treatment and almost died about 6 months ago. Right now I am reeling from this information and the knowledge that not one family member bothered to tell me about this news until now. The card was a double whammy as it is also my birthday on Monday…. however this kind of thing has happened before from my birth family …. This date of my birth is usually one I need to look out for ..this year though…. lets say I am finding it a challenge to maintain equilibrium. Lately I have felt extremely malevolent energies around the place .. especially since the equinox …
    For me this time is actually feeling worse than anything I have experienced for a long while and it feels all the more challenging as this does not seem to be what the main are feeling at all.
    What you say about learning to do it on our own I can really relate to.

  2. I hear what you are saying and believe you. I wish I could say I felt the shift too. I have felt the dark energies have stepped up an (individual) attack on me in the last 2 weeks. I’ve had some glimpses of “freedom” from it, but they are pressing hard. I am feeling weak and exhausted. I won’t give up though. Love and Light. Thank you.

  3. Thankyou so much for sharing these inner-sights. I particularly connected with the comment about our past lives aspects still being caught up in fighting the old negative energies because this was all that they knew too. And your info. also made sense of something which I was guided to do a couple of days ago.

    I was shown lots and lots of subtle energy strands like hair around my head. These were still tuned/hooked into old past-life paradigms when I had been fighting the ‘opposition’ in many other times and places – I have fighting them for aeons it seems.

    I was then guided to cut away all these hair-like energy strands – it was a bit like shearing a sheep – they were so thick! But is was easy to do and I have have been feeling a lot better since then. Thanks again. Many Blessings

  4. I have had a traumatic week, dealing with dark cavities that I never knew were there. Talk about clearing the past! It has been full on. I have never gone through anything like this before. Thanks for your insight and wisdom.

  5. The 1st April for me started with a strange dream, in which some people were sitting in rows of chairs, watching a “show” of some sort. We then saw spaceship lights in the sky, so awesome and pretty. There were lights sparkling and in motion, weaving and dancing and doing things. We all watched. Then the lights zipped off into hyperspace or something.

    Next a loud air-raid siren sounded. We couldn’t believe it. A blue light flashed. Then I saw a huge huge huge ship. I couldn’t believe it. I thought about putting my socks and shoes on then thought that would be absurd, it wouldn’t help me swim at all. I thought we will drown for sure. A huge tsunami of water came. We weren’t in the water but it was coming.

    After 2 weeks of surreal energy and feeling events in 3-D were a bit confused or back-to-front, I had a bit of a melt-down on Wednesday 10th April. Suddenly woken up to what I perceived as a lack of integrity reflected in my workplace and felt anger and feeling of “no more”. Thursday, 11th April was a bit easier for me, but still stressful. This week started off with another interesting “dream” for me, where I heard a song (must have astral travelled) with the words including “God is the reason”. Since then, spirtiual (religious) songs from my long ago past have been keeping me going!

    I think that I have to personally let go of my fear of not being good enough or “enough”, and yes I agree with you Denise, that the individual needs to empower herself/himself, and that includese me! 🙂

  6. I’m with you Starlight. Everything about my week has been showing me where to leave stuff behind. And so my intention is to ‘see’ these things and then leave them. It’s a great game and one where I can see the goal posts now. I smile a whole lot more lately. Joyful smiles and big hugs to all. LINDA

  7. Self responsibility has struck me as something that is plain down right hard. Being diligently responsible for everything in your life, no matter how can it came into being. Even if the causes were outside your control, you are still the only one to steer the ship. You cant blame the storm for upsetting your little ship, it is just part of life, it is going to happen, you need the skills to weather the storm. So I think working on resilience and exploring what it means to be self responsible is a NEW challenge. I have not done it before, and dont know many experts in it. So I guess I am learning fast with everyone else. I opted out of the safe system about 10 years ago, and I have not had a need to go back into the system, something always turns up. So I can really resonate with this post, as it is part of a daily practice if u like. I choose what to have in my life, I dont settle for places people environments that get me down. I empower myself to see other options. But it is discipline to always assess and monitor my conditions of life, and seek alternatives if something isnt right.

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