The 11 Portal Message of 1

I’ve been trying to get something written quickly about what I’ve been feeling building energetically since Monday, April 8, 2013, because I sense IT is going to increase all week and then there will be another decent sized shift for many of us near the end of this week — April 8th through April 13, 2013. From my perspective IT feels like more positive Energy has arrived and/or I’ve arrived at where IT exists and IT is literally pushing, disintegrating the past negative Evolutionary Cycle blueprint energies and negative Beings/Team Dark (nonphysical and physical) that went with it right out of the way. I’ve worked a long time to finally feel this Out With the Old Negative Everything shift in stages in this world and dimension, and this present stage that I’m feeling today, April 8th, is unlike anything I’ve felt before so this is very exciting and encouraging.

I’ve wondered over the past few years what it’s going to feel like and how am I and others going to adjust to this Out With the Old Negative Everything shift? Honestly think about this because the old Negative everything is all that humanity has known in this life. I’ve long remember that I Volunteered to enter into a world that was totally controlled and owned and operated by the Negative Beings/Team Dark since early childhood. Because of this I’ve adapted and adjusted to the negativity, density and duality to survive while I was incarnate here on an Ascension Mission in this timeline.

My point is that, because of these different things, I’ve gotten used to balancing myself against the profound negative energies that have completely controlled this planet for so long. Over the decades my inner equilibrium so to speak has had to adapt to this negativity so I could move around within IT in this life and physical body. However, now having passed the 12-21-12 Expiration Date, and experiencing the ongoing disintegration of the old negative Beings/Team Dark and their being in control and those old energetic blueprints that enabled them to run the show for so long, on Monday April 8, 2013, I became much more aware that I’m now having to use very different consciousness and energetic muscles to balance myself against the changing external energies as the old negative ‘frequency fences’ and Team Dark diminish from this world and timeline.

Today it’s Thursday, April 11, 2013, as I continue writing this and this 11 energy day brought in a wallop of positive energy early this morning that clearly and repeatedly let me know I should write more now about the importance and necessity of individuals — 1 — and the Ascension Process. I’ve known this particular information before today and have written about it over the past few years however this portal reminder message came to me today through two women’s emails that both carried the same message that I’m supposed to be reminded of today during this 4-11-13 portal. Thanks goes to Karina and Nan for playing their parts in anchoring and delivering this portal reminder message to me today. ♥

The message (and reminder) for us all right now is that we’ve reached that very important point where we MUST individually –1– live the Ascension Process; embody the new higher frequency Energies; walk the talk; master discerning energies and Beings etc. and we must start doing this on our own and consciously recognize that we are doing it on our own.

Why is this so important now that it’s one of the big Light Information messages that came in through this 11 portal? Because humanity has been horribly, unthinkably, pathetically and intentionally dis-empowered by Team Dark for many thousands of years to keep them from evolving spiritually, energetically and physically. One of the main ways Team Dark accomplished this was through mind controlled dis-empowerment of individuals. But with that old Evolutionary Cycle Expired and it disintegrating fast, we Forerunner/Pathpaver individuals HAVE to remember and/or re-learn how to be empowered individually. That seems to be one of the main incoming messages of this 11 portal day. There’s been more today but this it gonna have to do for now because I’m totally spent! We’ll talk more about this individual shift business more in Comments, but I’ve felt compelled today, amidst all the other insights I’ve personally had, to finish this article and get it published on April 11, 2013. Often I/we have to paddle extra fast n’ hard sometimes to catch the next incoming Energy Wave so we can surf it all the way in. This is me and you doing exactly that and very well done everyone! ♥


April 11, 2013

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87 thoughts on “The 11 Portal Message of 1

  1. Yes Denise I also felt the shift very strongly on monday. It started if the body hardly could move.It was feeling like a energetich wall had to be breaking down. I said to myself its enouhg ,….the pain was increasing. I started to work in the garden hoping the energie was breaking true. I had to be very careful not to make a unconscios movement. it was feeling if the body could breakdown….. During that day it hardly changes. Thursday it was a little beter.On the other side of the veil it was very busy working with other souls. Wensday pfffffffff very Joyfull lost of creatieve energie!!
    I still feel there is more coming on the way…….
    with heartlove Dhyana (NL) hope you can understand my Englisch !

  2. I have found the lightness of being more intensified and the conflict of the old world and where I need to be heading for – the light. This has been reflected in ancient family issues that were buried amongst other things – quite a carousel of issues whirling around. So pleased it appears that we are getting through it all. Thank you for being a voice for these events.

  3. You spoke of discernment and it has me thinking. Now that we’re awakening to who we truly are and the dark ones are disappearing from our game board, how will that change the way we use discernment? Could discernment itself be an old fear-based negative approach – it is a type of wariness – to toss as we enter 5D? If so, at what point?

    Under the old paradigm we were to question anyone – incarnate or otherwise – who performed miracles and fed our ego, who told us we special, that we were actually some great being or had some special mission. Are we still subject to attack by trickster souls who might deliberately help us only to lure us in and harm us? If somebody today practically raises the dead then tells you you’re actually the Devic Queen Of Lemuria, and your best friend affirms it, what would you – any reader here – make of that?

  4. Hi, Denise, your post really struck a chord! The most amazing energy has been coming in this evening! Just now as I meditated on the pituitary there was a lower chakra energetic rearrangement that strengethened my pranic column and made it less reactive to negative environmental energies.
    With thanks for your insights,
    in love and light, Alice

  5. Dearest Denise,

    Thank you for pushing through your own challenges to share with us all this re-minder. It really spoke to me. For most of my life (in this time), nothing has been “permanent”. We were always “on the move” in some form. There were a few times in life where we made “drastic” physical moves and decisions that turned out to be what we needed… even though there was no “logical” reason for it, and we never questioned it.

    Therapists, relationships, doctors… none of these lasted for very long… except for my current therapist (who proves to be very open minded and curious about the Ascension journey we’re going through now), and an ex who’s been my best friend (known her almost a total of 10 years) who I’m able to talk about these spiritual and energy things with.

    This life journey has taught us time and again to NOT rely on anyone but ourselves, even though people kept saying we could (and even though we’d try with each new relationship). Some things we’ve dealt with we kept hidden because to subject anyone to that hardship, it was too much responsibility to place on another’s psyche for us. So even though we’d “try” to connect and share with others over the years, we still remained “aloof” and “fenced away”, doing our best to grapple with an enormous burden within the healing journey.

    I have recently witnessed, since the removal of the fear program (by my Higher Self), that I can share my experiences (within reason) because I bear such wisdom and insight from that (not ego, stating a fact in truth). What I’ve shared has been embraced by others, it has not frightened them, and they have been amazed at the strength I’ve had to utter the words without fear or hysteria. Lately, I have been in a dilemma: do I continue on as I have, or do I need to push and write? I’m coming to recognize that I’m not continuing on as I always have… everyday is new. I venture out and seek companionship with friends when I have the energy, and I rest/lay down when I feel tired. I know I have something to share with others; and I must recognize (for myself) that I have been doing that when I’ve been called to in “small” ways to strangers and to all of you here. And for right now, that is all I need to “do”. The rest will come when I’m ready and it’s “time”. I’m recognizing that I cannot write what I’m feeling nudged to if I don’t have all the words or understanding of it… or of the direction. With any skill, you need to practice it yourself first before you can help to guide anyone else. You need the confidence to guide before you can teach.

    So yes, the

    “re-learn how to be empowered individually”

    really speaks clearly for me. Thank you immensely for re-minding us all of this.

    Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  6. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Just as I started to wonder why the focus seemed to be thrown back to the self rather than the collective (just as I thought i was ‘getting” how to relate with the whole collective thing 😉 as usual Denise explains it. Many of you may start to notice as you are reading many of these wonderfully clear posts from teachers and forerunners like Denise, and Lisa Renee, Aisha North etc that you are seeing things you *already know* just explained more clearly than they seemed in your own head. That has been happening to me a lot, and to several other people I know. It goes along with what Denise is saying here-we seem to be well along in this process of emergence of our true selves. Uncomfortable and often confused, it may not SEEM that way experientially but it is starting to look that way in the long view, at least to me.

  7. Thank you Denise! You have a really incredible ability to discern and pull out with clarity the central idea/instruction etc of current energy that so often takes me til it is long past to figure out.

    For a long time now I’ve been getting messages about the importance of community, of connection, coming together, the power of our heart connections growing etc. and as an aspie, those were some really hard complex things to grok and understand much less put into action.

    Just learning to share my own experiences honestly, and do things like reach out to others and ask for help when in difficulty were pretty much alien to me. Now just as I thought I had that lot figured out, in the last few weeks it changes again!

    I’ve been feeling that reaching out was not at this point working, it was not the current lesson or energy-but I was really floundering on what it was I was supposed to “get” (understand) or do instead.

    I have been getting similar ideas to what you said above SO much more clearly, but being brain fogged with poison and being prevented from sleeping for a few days in a row I have been feeling fairly lost with how to proceed with what I did understand.

    I’m not sure if my experience is at all like anyone else’s, but in case it is I will share what I got so far in case it helps anyone else get an aha! about their own as your post did for me.

    I was told by a wise elder who was trying to help me that reaching out was not helping much because the situation was “karmic” but he was unable to see how so. My own research into it revealed that rather than the “karmic debt to an individual” situation this is actually a karmic repeating pattern that has to be broken. Strangely enough, it is apparently one of the same karmic patterns I have been breaking, or working to break in many configurations for most of my life.

    According to what I found, the individuals involved (and their Team Dark masters/helpers) are not connected to me prior to now, they just happen to also be playing out that same repeating pattern which is called “abuse”. They are playing abuser roles while trying to put me in the victim and rescuer roles-things I thought I had long ago learned, transcended, broken and gone beyond-graduated from.

    This looks to me like some sort of post-graduate exam on breaking this, long set in karmic pattern that is part of the negative controllers way of keeping the Earth and her people enslaved.

    That is as far as I have gotten-mostly. Being put back to stuck in bed, weak as kitten, confused, in tons of pain and unable to breathe properly I have been really *stuck* on how to break the pattern from here. Other than to work at strengthening myself on all levels and avoiding the traps they set to distract me from my higher goals.

    All my card readings, the Oracle report and other astrology and such all give me much the same message you have here-the energy is changing and all to the good for us, so I hope that means that just hanging in there and keeping my eyes on the prize despite the blood and firehoses, is a workable plan. Perhaps when they are trying this hard to kill you, just surviving IS victory.

    I hope that everyone else is closer to the part of this Denise is describing and feeling the good incoming directly, but if not-hang in there, you are not alone and they really do want to smash and grab as mentioned in the last post and comments and just keep us down with them. As my best friend keeps saying, we just can’t give them the satisfaction on that! 😉

  8. I could feel this energy today. Someone was very vulnerable, light, and loving with me today and I noticed I withheld a bit. Afterwards that didn’t feel right. I knew I was supposed to resonate and reflect back to them what they were showing me. i spent the rest of the day being open to people’s loving energy (strangers included) rather than withholding and contributing to someone’s energy falling to a lower frequency, like an insecure thought or the feeling of rejection. This was a day of courage for me to open my heart even more and hold my frequency higher. I know part of my job with this awareness is to help hold a higher frequency, because with awareness comes responsibility!

  9. I don’t have anything out of ordinary to say, but yeah. I’ve been experiencing an increased urgency to ‘look at & understand’ aspects of darkness (clues have been in my life all over the place), as well as gain confidence and self-reliance. One of my really big weak points has been lack of self confidence and so I’ve had to start working on this a lot, so it relates to what you’ve said about relearning empowerment!

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