Euw, April Fools Part 2

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I went quiet again this past week because I’ve been eyeball (soul) deep in my own latest stuff, as I know many of us have. I won’t go into all the details of how my personal Life Review and attempted derailments through other people and such lower tactics have played out for me since I wrote April Fools! Not!   about a week ago, but it’s very much been a Part 1 and Part 2 unfolding process as usual.

I think at this point within the Nine Months period we’re all feeling the tremendous pressures in our own unique ways in tandem with our individual Life Review issues and changes etc. Around May 1, 2013 is the halfway point of the Nine Months (12-21-12 through 9-22-13) and we’re really feeling the buildup of energies, sudden changes, and unrelenting pressures to exist out of the old — whatever that is for each of us — and move into the manifesting NEW spaces. Much more is to come of course, but this is us nearing the halfway point and it’s increasingly visible to more and more people that big stuff is happening which causes big changes individually and collectively.

I’ve learned over the past unbelievably intense fourteen Ascension years that every time I am, you are, we are about to take another big important energetic Stair Step forward, a bunch of multidimensional stuff gets activated and/or all riled up and pissed off and comes flying at me/you/us in a variety of ways. This happens for more than just one reason of course, but it’s often because we’ve just got some more stuff to deal with and transmute out of dense Duality and into higher frequency Triality/Neutrality. It also has to do with certain people and Negative Beings not wanting us to continue doing this so they throw whatever they can at us to stop or derail us from doing it. Nothing new here, just old tactics and procedures within this Ascension Process but I sure am getting tired and bored with this same old same old stuff!  My Higher Self just said to me as I wrote that sentence, “Finish it then!” I’m workin’ on it Boss, I’m workin’ on it.

Don’t waste precious energy and time beating yourself up if you’ve had deeper layers of personal stuff come up again to be dealt with much more thoroughly since 12-21-12. And don’t beat yourself up if you have certain humans enjoying making you miserable in whatever ways they can lately, and/or if you’re having Team Dark trying to derail you in whatever ways they can. It just is what it is and the increase of Duality stuff phases are always clues that some BIG positive shifts and changes are right around the corner so hang in there and keep doing what you/me/we have been for so long. It’s about to get a whole lot easier for us finally so let’s just… “Finish it then!”  



April 7, 2013

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40 thoughts on “Euw, April Fools Part 2

  1. In so much gratitude to you Denise for your personal sharing, insights and wisdom. I can resonate and have been so very fatigued by it all…and wanted to run for the hills last week!!! I feel big changes in the air now and ‘patience’ has been my middle name for a while …so I guess i can wait it out without screaming..haha wishing you and all soul sistars and brothers much love and rainbow light as we transit through to our designated spaces
    Shelly ❤

  2. Hi Denise,

    Thank you so much. Huge heart hug to you for all that you do – you are a Starseed Warrior Goddess. My soul just took a huge sigh of relief. There are so many parallels between many of your experiences & many of the battles I’ve fought over the past 14 years. When I found your site & started reading, it just floored me. It would be too exhausting to go into – but here is one small example: my previous workplace was stationed over a vortex of negative energy for 13 years. It almost killed me – but I did get the vortex closed. Team Dark was defeated in that area – and I did a lot of Grid Work. We were laid off last August – and our center was shut down. I was told very clearly by Archangel Michael that this was “God’s Will” for a variety of reasons (one of which, I was getting violently ill again – and the mission had been accomplished). When I was laid off, there were some members of “the Consciousness Police” who said that I was laid off as a punishment for not having perfect thoughts – or some such nonsense… Sigh. Last year, I felt like a Vietnam Vet who had come home from war – and was shocked to find that certain members of Spiritual Society were rejecting/judging, and lecturing some of us Veterans (hopefully this analogy makes sense). I’m making a very long story short – but you know what I mean.
    Now, I’m finally connecting with fellow (battle-weary) warriors like you – who understand. I was just thinking about this issue – when this popped into my email box 🙂

    So I send you so much love & gratitude today – and a purple heart.

  3. Hi, Denise and everyone,

    Yeah, I would say this is a kind of boring and depressing phase of the process. I have immature girls bothering me now and they’re really no match for me , but they keep on trying. It’s like chihuahuas nipping at the heels of a Rottweiler. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. And it won’t be me. But, writing that, I’m realizing how desperate Team Dark is if their only recourse is silly little girls. 😉 I’m glad I wrote because the act of writing itself is giving me a different perspective. Outwardly, I am doing everything right– I’m being super considerate and following all the rules, but inwardly, I’m resentful of them lying to me and about others in the house and trying to frame me ( I think that’s their purpose) that I’m the problem and not them. So childish it’s unbelievable. If I can only get to the point of wishing them well. Family stuff is coming up big time for me again– an aunt died, the drunk brother keeps calling me on top of all the stuff that’s been ongoing. I guess it all ties in together– lies about me from my mother and being treated unfairly for no apparent reason and no attempt at reconciliation or to have good relations– just a stubborn banding together against me, no matter how slight and inconsequential my wrongs (or non-existent). (Both family and neighbors) You’re right, Denise, it’s so boring and I’m so done with it, but clearly I’m not done with it or it would be done. lol That was quite a sentence! The stuff seems very small although annoying, so I guess that’s a good sign and I have to see it that way and do more work on releasing my need to be right and recognized. Sigh.

    Love to you all and hugs through all this,

  4. Thank-you for the reminder Denise, I am really stuggleing with all the above. I know we will all finish it soon–yesterday I wasn’t so sure. Much Love to You and Every One here. Thanks again for this reminder. In Peace~Love & Light, Valerie

  5. “I got a funny image of annoyed beings throwing rotten fruit and shit at us, while booing.”


    You wouldn’t believe how accurate that actually is…or maybe you do. 😉 But often it’s screaming, raging and crazed hissing instead of ‘booing’! 🙄 What a job/journey it’s been!


  6. Thank you for this post. I just had all kinds of “stuff” arise in my brother’s life (and hence mine) and I’m doing my best to transmute it for the good of all. I do recognize old family dynamics coming up to look at once again, so it can be finished once and for all. Yeah to the release of what is not light.

  7. When I read this bit: ‘It also has to do with certain people and Negative Beings not wanting us to continue doing this so they throw whatever they can at us to stop or derail us from doing it.’

    I got a funny image of annoyed beings throwing rotten fruit and shit at us, while booing. At least there is some kind of ‘end in sight’!

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