The Dark Side of the First Trimester

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I’ve been debating for much of the winter (12-21-12 post Shift to 3-19-13) whether or not to even talk about this particular aspect of the First Trimester, but now that enough of the negative dust has cleared recently, I feel I should even though I hate having to still talk about the Negative nonphysical beings at this late date. However, as long as there are those many different Stair Steps with many different people on them at different levels and phases, we’re going to occasionally have to deal with certain people being used to attack or get at the rest of us in whatever way(s) they can. It just is what it is.

As some of you remember, with the start of January 2013 there was a sudden influx of some people being the Consciousness Police to the rest of us at TRANSITIONS. That was my first clue that something was afoot… again. Then by February I knew without any doubt that the interference was deliberate, growing and coming from some nonphysical, nonhuman Negatives/Team Dark and that it was highly intentional. WHY it was happening hadn’t dawned on me in January and February, but I finally perceived the larger picture recently and now it all makes perfect sense to me. You discern however as I always expect each of you to do. ♥

In my article The First Trimester (published 3-8-13) I talked about the intense physical symptoms I’d been going through during the winter months or First Trimester. What I didn’t mention in it however was that I had been psychically attacked from the Astral a few weeks ago and that attack re-percussed down into the physical and both myself and my Mom got physically sick. We both got bad head and chest “colds” on top of all the other fabulous energy symptoms! I take full responsibility for not keeping my energetic protections up as strongly as I should have them constantly.

There are things such as my finally publicly confessing this human generated psychic attack, including plenty of other things, that I do not publicly talk about only because I run the risk of putting many of you in harm’s way in regards to attacks from the Negatives too, plus opening an energetic crack for them to enter TRANSITIONS and do what they do so well to people through other people. Before you possibly take offense at that statement, realize that every human alive has been and/or still is embarrassingly easy for the Negative beings to use and manipulate. If you’ve read A Lightworker’s Mission, then you know I’ve experienced both sides of this tactic myself many times. No one is exempt from the Negative nonphysical beings trying to use, influence, manipulate and/or possess them to cause harm and chaos to other people. It just is what it is.

What I’m saying is that sometimes I’ve deliberately withheld certain information from some of my articles (as I know certain other Ascension Teachers do as well when needed and for the very same reasons) ONLY because it wasn’t safe or the correct time to talk about them publicly as I am now with this First Trimester situation. If I sense that it’s time to write/talk about certain negative multidimensional events and tactics being done to myself, then I write about them as a way to further teach other people about these types of situations and how the Negatives work. Like all the rest of you I’d prefer it was all shiny perfection, hearts n’ luv, pink ponies prancing, fragrant flowers and rainbow glitter but it isn’t and never has been, so a very small handful of us must talk about the unseen Negatives and how people, how humans are used and manipulated by them to attack, derail, sidetrack, make sick, wound, bewilder etc. as many Lightworkers as possible.

Another thing I’ve learned the hard way over the years with these types of sudden surges of attacks and other devious tactics by the Negatives is that they always indicate that something very positive and big is coming, hence why they do their damnedest to derail as many of us as they can before the next big positive wave of change arrives in this dimension. So when you find yourself once again under attack in whatever clever form(s) it takes through loved ones, friends, neighbors, co-workers, strangers etc. — know that there’s a very important reason WHY the attacks and interference is building and happening again; it’s because some very important positive energies and changing are coming so fight on my fellow Lightwarriors and get your exhausted butt up and out of the dirt one…more…time. Said with LoveLight. ♥

So now lets talk about the WHY of these negative physical attacks, Astral attacks, endless interference, multiple derailing attempts through multiple people, and general attempts to get as many of us to energetically miscarry during the First Trimester as possible. The reason the Negatives increased their attempts to grab/use/manipulate/attack as many other people and Lightworkers as they could is because with the first March 20, 2013 Vernal Equinox after the Expiration Date Shift Point of 12-21-12, some major NEW blueprint energies will be inserted into this physical world and our bodies like never before. That is why the Negatives have been so busy trying to get as many of us to miscarry during this First Trimester period; they knew that once the Vernal Equinox imprints these NEW energy blueprints within us and this world that it’s going to be that much more difficult for them to even reach us. This is how these beings work and why. Live and learn. Ready for the Vernal Equinox and entering the Second Trimester? I sure am. Stay strong everyone and keep your heart on the end results. Group Hug.



March 10, 2013

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64 thoughts on “The Dark Side of the First Trimester

  1. Hello, Denise and everyone,

    I’ve certainly felt this slightly darker period as well. There are things happening in my family, serious things, and there is an attempt to draw me back into the fold so that they can all swoop down upon me like a bunch of vultures. Unfortunately for them, my psychic abilities have grown enough to feel their hate across several towns and I absolutely am not able to go back into the fray. When I thought about it seriously for a day or a moment, I would fall apart and feel how it would destroy me for a time. But, when I choose not to engage at all, I feel strong and happy and confident. That’s one good example of this in my life lately. I even had one night with negative dark shadows, but they are definitely not as strong as they were and were very easy to ignore. They have no bite now. And, all the terribly “helpful” people who came here in the comments to distract us with their “remedies” and diagnoses for what ails us (obviously people just trolling for keywords and who had never read the blog before) were so obvious after the months of peaceful, supportive dialogue we’ve had on this blog and in the comments. I will admit I got a bit feisty with them, but I get annoyed when people think I’m dumb when I see right through their hollow words. It’s just a matter of recognizing these things as they appear and dispelling them one by one as they arise. It makes it a lot easier to have this core circle of people on here that know who we all are. We’re sisters (and I include the guys in that–you’re one of us. I guess that’s the balancing of the masculine and feminine showing through.)

    I love you all and big, stupid hugs,

  2. Thank you, Denise, for addressing the dark ones. I continue to be bombarded by them just as before Dec 21, 2012. In fact, on that day, I was selling a very remote property and I had someone who wanted to look at it at the exact moment of the solstice. She stayed 4 hours and it turned out that she was the center of a military and drug plot to steal her soul and turn her into a zomby prostitute. Nobody believed her and she thought she was going insane. I helped her restore her soul, and cut the ties and programs, and recommended she leaves the state as quietly and as quickly as she can. I asked her not to keep my contact information, in case they came after me. I left the state the property was in as quickly as I could too. I sold the property at last– an incredible miracle and blessing in this US economy, and have moved to my new haven. However, new beginnings have been filled with obstacles from the dark ones, slowing me down and paralyzing me. Recently I had no car for 2 wks. And often I don’t sleep well and am only marginally functional the next day. My brain is in such a fog I cannot organize the simplest maintenance activity.

    Now I just read George Kavassila’s fantastic book “Our Universal Journey” and it totally resonates with me, as does this blog of yours. I went ahead and removed my chakra and kundalini programs, and deactivated my pineal gland. It feels great for the hours it lasts. Then i feel the dark ones tugging at my forehead area again and wanting my energy. I go into brain fog and exhaustion and it just feels like I go in circles all day, accomplishing nothing in 3D, and there are many things I would like to do. Making a living has been so difficult for the last 9 years for me, not because of ascension symptoms, but because the dark has been relentless at trying to defeat me, and the best I have managed is to stay alive. I already feel I am pure light and love and knowing, and I want nothing more than help others discover that about themselves. I have been prohibited from imparting my message over and over, and this continues since Dec 21, 12, unfortunately.

    I have not written here before because I have literally been afraid that the dark forces will be able to track me better through this public posting and my life will become even more hellish. But I do receive so much support reading about all of your and your readers experiences; it gives me encouragement to go on, as I know so many of us are having difficulties. It is as you say,Denise, the dark does not get less; my skills keep improving at detaining them from influencing me. They up the anti, and so do I. But, oh, how i wish to be able to make a living again and not keep falling through the cracks.
    Thank you all of you for your unconditional love and support.

    Grace C.

  3. Love you Denise ♥
    Have found these last few weeks to be both intensely challenging and highly charged and amazing … almost like both ends of the scale at the same time. I can feel the squeeze in place for this coming gateway/portal/ whatever you want to call it … it feels BIG … in a really kinda squeezing through a small space sort of way. Almost like hurtling at full speed towards a very small opening … I feel that there will be more space on the other side. This is so reminiscent of the December Solstice … it feels to be all about focus and not getting distracted – remember what happened in the lead up to December 21st last year …. ? It feels similar …
    Thanks for your post.

  4. Great confirmation, thanks Denise. I have one friend in the same space as us (lucky, I know) and we did more joint protecting of her much aware son, and ourselves over this time.
    Daily phone calls working together and searching out the gremlins, making up gremlin spray for turning them into love. Had to make it fun or else it would have felt like another war moment.
    Her cat (non cat) is an awesome gremlin catcher, so she’s in it as well.
    These gremlins were doing such ‘obvious’ things that we knew in our hearts that these were last ditch efforts. Funny and laughable once we’d completed clearing and reprotecting. Her 5yr old was more under attack, so strong love bubble protection was our method.
    Then one day we both just felt better. Lighter. Still tired from the workload PLUS having human paid jobs, but managing the days easier.
    Love joyful hugs to you, Denise, for staying the course and keeping us up to date.

  5. Dearest Denise,

    I completely understand what you’re saying. It sure explains to me now why all week I’ve been jerked out of sleep by my upstairs neighbor late at night and early in the morning. To the point where my chest really hurts from being jerked from rest. I finally got around to emailing him about it yesterday, and lo-and-behold, I slept really well last night… it only took me all of a week to think about telling him he’s disrupting my sleep! And in doing so, it cleared things out.

    I’m in my own personal testing ground at the moment. Historically for me, this man-and-dark-made holiday has been horrific. For almost 20 years it’s always been depressing and fear filled for me, although I couldn’t understand why until a couple years ago. Since my Higher Self removed “fear” from my script back in October, this is the first time I can actually say lent and Easter out loud without triggering myself. I don’t feel depressed. Not until March 31st will it be a real victory for me. When I can see that I make it through this entire “holiday” time, I’ll know for sure that I have found healing. I won’t open the door on what happened to me; what I can say that I’m no longer being depressed and feared away from my own Light. It’s so important for all of us to “come back to center”, to “re-member” that we are Light. I consciously re-mind myself of this every morning and when I’m in bed at night.

    And I don’t take offense to your comment… I know each one of us can be an opening to attack and hurt one another via the dark. I appreciate your honesty and candor as you’re able to share with all of us. I had to giggle about the prancing ponies and rainbows and all that… yes I’m sure most of us want a world like something out of the song “my favorite things” hehe! And while we’re not there yet, we are almost there…

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  6. Thank you Denise,
    Feeling very intense energies today, like in a vibrational torture chamber. I will contintue to hold the love and light for us all. That is my solemn vow.

    Love from my heart to all of yours……………

  7. Thank you so much for putting this out, and saying it so succinctly. Friends and myself have been busy for weeks treating ourselves and others who have had “unusual” issues. We have started a local get together for sharing, encouragement, and clarifying. Bless you for all the enlightenment you the Highest Love and Light, may you continue!!

  8. Thank you… holding the vibration of unconditional LOVE./non duality… dreaming the new reality with all of you… from the heart —> ❤ <—

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