Why I’ve Been MIA Lately

750x857 triangles on black Never since the creation of TRANSITIONS in 2007 have I gone so long without writing anything! I’ve tried a few times to write something in February, but with the current Ascension symptoms I’m going through now, it’s nearly impossible to do anything — especially if physically moving and turning one’s head and/or eyes the slightest bit is required! I’ve tried to push my way through this and just do the work and other things I need to do but there’s a price to pay when I do this and it sends me back to bed to recover from that stupid move, on top of the symptoms I was having. Lesson learned, but I’m not always so great at resting and doing nothing physically when I’d rather be doing something else. I like to rest when I like to rest, not when I’m forced to. Hum, another personal lesson.

The point of this short note is just to let everyone know I’m still here and okay despite this round of intense Ascension “Recalibration” (see Lisa Renee’s February 2013 article about this) symptoms I’ve been going through so far in 2013. I can and have worked and written articles and books while dealing with different Ascension symptoms and other related issues etc., but, when the spinning head business happens I absolutely cannot push my way through that symptom at all! The room/house/reality starts turning counterclockwise and the more I push my body to do physical things, chores, write etc., the faster the spinning. And of course this makes me nauseous which means I’m not doing anything at that point but crawling into bed and hopefully falling asleep (exiting my physical body) for as long as possible. Doing this always seems to help with the spinning head business and related nausea… for a while.

So this is what’s going on for me now along with other Ascension symptoms too. Here’s a short rundown of them because I know some of you reading this are going through this now too:

  • Ascension flu-like body aches and pains, chills
  • Inner cold flashes that radiates out just like “hot flashes” do
  • Parts of body internally and externally feel bruised and sore like I fell or was hit etc.
  • Parts of head and skull internally and externally feel bruised and sore like I was hit or hit my head on something etc.
  • Sudden nausea immediately followed by my heart/heart area hurting and feeling like a “muscle spasm” for a few seconds then it’s all gone
  • Head, skull, eyes, spine pains and pressures
  • Blurry vision again, dry sore eyes
  • My hair looks and feels like corpse hair again
  • Inner body thermostat in flux again. Inner cold flashes followed by inner hot flashes which build up skin sensitivities
  • Since 1-1-13 constant ringing in my ears — “ascension tinnitus”
  • Bouts of diarrhea (again) due to purging lower frequencies/density etc.
  • Sense of smell terribly amplified, smelling cooked food smells for DAYS to the point that it starts to make me nauseous… and pissed!
  • “Time” is present and then not, then back again, then not again. Increased difficulty with linear awareness, passage of linear “time”, day, date etc.
  • Actual dreaming (not daydreaming) while fully awake and doing other physical things
  • Increase of anomalies again. Walking into a room in my house and seeing something very different there instead of what’s normally there.
  • Increased awareness of positive higher-dimensional Beings nearby observing me/us, and them waiting for the next phase to begin with us

As usual I’ve most likely forgotten a bunch of other symptoms but we’ll chalk that up to brain fog and the spinning head business! And of course February has been and will continue to be an abnormally busy month for me with lots of extra things that must be done this month. This morning I thought I could run up to the store to pick up a prescription for my Mom because I was feeling better. So off I dashed, only to discover that I wasn’t really “better” at all and needed to walk, turn, move very carefully or I kept tipping slightly and bumping into things in the store. And the head pain and pressure arrived in the store with a blast because I was outside my house and it’s always harder to function out there than it is in my higher vibrating house. So I got the prescription, but learned that I’m still in this latest phase and must take it ease for a while longer like it or not.

I’ll write more when I’m able to not tip over or barf while typing! Are we having fun yet fellow ascenders? Group Hug.



February 18, 2013

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81 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been MIA Lately

  1. Hi Denise and all…

    I to have been mia on here but never missing an action with these symptoms alright. I was in a car accident and I cant even associate what pain belongs to what lol! My 3 yr old has been not as energized as usual could she be going through something? Does anyone have any insight on the new age children? I feel that shes tired of people being rude and mean and shes gets dissapointed it seems. She does tell me too “why mom why do they say shit and idiot” recently saw overboard. Sigh…. anyways im tired a lot too and ive been practicing paying it forward lately to me it seems like now im on “test mode” putting everything I have rcvd into action.


  2. I have been feeling so disoriented and “crazy” some days and emotional and also going through benzo withdrawal. The w/d symptoms and ascension symptoms are very similar. Also, alot of brain/head stuff.

    I hope you feel better. No, this is not fun at all, and most people I know have no idea about ascension. We are all in this together somehow.

    Blessings of love and light,

  3. Ah bless you totally sympathise with what your going through. So know how you feel.hope you feel brighter soon. It feels so surreal at times and can be isolating if others around don’t know or understand what your going through. Your definitely not alone xxxxxxx

  4. hieeee… denise feel better soon…. speedy recover…n thank u for everything…
    have full of blessed days..

  5. Hi Denise,

    Take good care of yourself! We need you -)

    I am having many of the same symptoms. Interestingly, my husband is also affected, though he does not believe in ascension; so is my sister, who does believe!

    I went in to the office today (I usually work from home) and I felt so disoriented, like I was in a foreign country and did not speak the language! And everything was so slow there, like being in molasses! Time has been speeding up, then slowing down, and is sometimes nonexistant for me.

    We all need to just hang on for the ride so we get there in one piece!
    Gentle hugs,

  6. Hello Denise. I wonder if you have BPPV. I’m a nurse; I have and teach BPPV: benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. The symptoms you describe sound just like BPPV. The Epley maneuver can help, a little. I find BPPV is exacerbated by dehydration, so I drink a lot of water. Best wishes. Reiki Nurse~ Meredith Kendall

  7. Please feel better dearest Denise. No, I haven’t called it fun either. Please be kind to yourself. Thank you for sharing your story. Sending love and good thoughts, Gwen

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