Post SHIFT: Winter 2013

purple leaves

As many of you know, when I go quiet as I have over these past few weeks it’s because I’m deep in another important Ascension related transition and I won’t write much until I have lived and embodied enough of it myself and started to get a decent conscious understanding of what’s happened and is still happening. This is how this Process works for me; I’ve got to live and embody it physically, then review the recent events, my perceptions, issues, insights, visions and whatever old or new physical and/or emotional aches and pains that I’ve been dealing with — then I’ll write about what I’ve discovered on my own from having lived it and embodied more.

Like all of you, I’ve had to live and learn my way through the “Three Days of Darkness” — 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12 — aka the Life Review — and then every day and week after the blessed Expiration Date and Shift Point and deal with whatever inner/outer, personal/collective stuff that came up. And for many of us some good-size chunks of stuff has come up post 12-23-12. The post Shift ride was, for a while, pretty intense and like I said I’ve needed some time to sit and be with, feel, chew on, discern and discover for myself what happened to and for me personally during and since the “Three Days”… Life Review and even more from 1-1-13 on.

There’s been plenty of personal and collective stuff to wade through once we entered 1-1-13. Stair-steps remember? It’s still an unfolding Ascension Process of traveling those incremental energy Stair-steps in physicality. (I’m writing that word in bold to get a specific point across.) The Expiration Date (12-21-12) was reached and the old Evolutionary Cycle with all its energetic blueprints instantly expired and became null and void. Believe it or not, perceive it or not, THE SHIFT happened across the cosmic board on 12-21-12. A few days later (1-2-13) we had a major physical display of the “Fermi Bubbles” (discovered physically in 2010) suddenly BURSTING to show humanity (and who knows who else) that physical changes within the physical realm were indeed happening and NEW energies and NEW blueprints were gushing out from the Milky Way Galactic Center (GC) black holes for important reasons both energetically and physically. I know however that even the Milky Way GC physically spewing out massive, never-before-seen energies a few physical days after the 12-21-12 Shift won’t mean a damned thing to the mind-controlled population on Earth. Stair-steps… and we simply keep moving forward just as we always have.

The old planetary patriarchal systems and controls are, post Shift, hollow lifeless husks and here comes the really great and important news — with zero Team Dark backing powers behind them any longer. Even the living humans (residual planetary “elite” in all their forms and positions of so-called “power”) who were and still are mind-controlled puppets of and for Team Dark, no longer have that constant stream of negative energies assisting and sustaining them, maintaining them, fueling and feeding them and their plans from nonphysical Team Dark to control and manifest things… in this current transitional physical world I mean. The tricky part in early 2013 is however, that the majority of people on this planet don’t realize that Team Dark and those old matching energies and blueprints of the past Evolutionary Cycle have expired, have run out and are no longer available for anyone to use in any way in this timeline and world. That last part was key because they will eventually be fully energetically evicted from this transitioning Earth world and timeline (for ease of communicating these multidimensional and multiple Earths, realities and complexities), and will most likely end up on descending Earth B sooner rather than later.

The current difficulty for those not wanting anything to change and those of us who know that only positive change is what’s happening and will continue to on this world is and will be, for a while longer, coping with each other during this physical transition period out of the collapsing patriarchal rule with its consciousness and belief systems, and full activation in the new higher ways of being and living. Said another way… the full and actual physical Separation of Worlds. Transitions, especially ones in the lower physical dimension, take a bit more “time” to manifest and because of this most people don’t perceive or believe that anything has expired, changed, begun separating physically or started anew since the 12-21-12 Expiration Date and Shift Point. All of 2013 is going to be a very interesting year of rapid unfolding and change for every single human functioning on whatever Stair Step(s) they are currently on.

unity angels 350x350

One of the more exciting happenings for me personally (and important clue for everyone) that’s happened since January 1, 2013 that I’m aware of, is that I’ve perceived and still am clairvoyantly seeing numerous very large (I mean really LARGE!) Lightbeings in dozens of massive circles overhead looking down at us with incomprehensible joy, pride, gratitude and amazement.

Now this is a really big deal for me personally because I used to clairvoyantly see and telepathically communicate with positive nonphysical Starbeings and Lightbeings since age three (that I’ve consciously remembered). That was my personal “normal” all my life up until the start of my physical, biological Ascension Process in February 1999. From that date until 1-1-13, my higher dimensional Family and Friends have for the most part been MIA because, and this is extremely important and something many of you have experienced too during the Ascension Process, I had to live through, embody, be transformed by the Alchemical Ascension Process on my own so I and my physical and energy bodies (Mental, Emotional etc.) would literally be transformed energetically.

There is only one way through the Ascension Process and that is to literally traverse the Alchemical Ascension gauntlet so you are divinely altered all the way down to a physical cellular level by those Alchemical Ascension Fires and transformed into something very new and much improved. And it is a solo event for each of us. We have to individually live, embody, experience and be transformed by that spiritual initiation by ourselves in and through the physical.

Because of this need to physically live my/your/our way through the Ascension Process, most of our old beloved higher dimensional, nonphysical Light and Star Family and Friends absolutely had to step back and remain completely hands off while we journeyed through this long, difficult and painful physical Ascension Process on our own. Yes they’ve always been aware of what we’ve done and why, much more so than many of us down here actually doing it, but they would not for any reason whatsoever interfere with me actually living this Process in and through my physical body. This is why I’ve not had my usual positive Starbeings/Lightbeings nearby constantly and always available to telepathically communicate with as I did all my life before February 1999. ET no phone home for long, long time and it’s been a bummer.

However, now that we’ve crossed the 12-21-12 Expiration Date and connection/alignment/download/Life Review with Source’s wave of Divine new energies, I’ve been clairvoyantly seeing these large circles of anxious Lightbeings in higher realms like parents waiting to cheer and congratulate me/you/each of us as we tumbled, stumbled, fumbled (I know some of you glided out like real pros! 🙂  ) our ways out the other end of all this. These many huge Lightbeings in numerous circular groups overheard look identical to the two Lightbeings that appeared to aid my Mom and I in October 2012 because she’d collapsed in the grocery store.

If I couldn’t tell in any other way — which I can — this new situation of seeing these huge Lightbeings in great circles above us would convince me that we have indeed exited the old Expiration Date blueprint energies and Shifted into this weird transitional in-between “nine month” phase. We need to use the winter quarter — December 21, 2012 Winter Solstice through to March 20, 2013 Spring Equinox — to review, recuperate, further release and prepare for the first chunk of new energies that will manifest within physicality via the first Spring Equinox post the Expiration Date Shift Point. (I deliberately called these new 2013 Spring Equinox energies the first chunk to express that, just as before the Shift, we’re still in and dealing with those Ascension Stair Steps meaning this Process will unfold incrementally throughout 2013 and especially so at each of the Equinoxes and Solstices. This Process isn’t over quite yet, and not ALL of the new energies will arrive on only the March 20, 2013 Equinox; they will arrive in Stair-steps throughout the year with the Equinoxes and Solstices highlighted.)

The coming 2013 Spring Equinox will no doubt be potent and packed with increasing HighHeart, Unity, Triality blueprint energies. We Forerunners need to take advantage of the winter months to further adjust, review and release whatever personal beliefs and/or emotional stuff we still have and/or has suddenly been dropped into our lives post Shift that needs to be looked at, felt and finally released. Don’t hate the messenger but we’re not done yet Forerunners. I know, I know, I felt the same way last month but I’ve experienced enough since 1-1-13 to understand a bit better what’s happening now and why.

3 trimesters 800x474

As is always the case, things happen first in the higher frequency realms/dimensions and over time they work their ways down into the slower frequency realms/dimensions below, such as this physical one. This is the case with the Ascension Process and Shift out of the old and into the NEW; it simply takes more time for the new blueprint energies and external changes to filter down from higher levels and start manifesting in more obvious physical ways. At quantum levels all this has already happened, but from the lower frequency physical dimension and perspective we’re still within the unfolding Ascension Process at different levels of Stair Steps making further adjustments individually due to our having been immersed within the NEW blueprint energies released/releasing from the center of the Milky Way galaxy (Galactic Center-GC) during the planetary Three Days alive, living Life Review of 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12. I’m gonna repeat this: at higher quantum levels all this has already happened, but for humanity in physicality it’s taking more time to reach us and Earth, plus all of us needed a bit more time to make a bit more personal changes/transformations. The one thing does not cancel out the other thing because both things, both events, both levels of being and awareness (including all others besides just these two) are real and legitimate. It’s only ones current ability to perceive and understand that’s limited, not what is eternally unlimited.

From higher quantum levels all this has already happened, but for us here in more dense physicality (yes, dense even after all the transmuting and ascending we’ve done!) the really fun NEW stuff hasn’t fully and physically arrived yet. Oh it’s on its way believe me, but it’s just going to take a bit more time within physicality to reach this lower frequency dimension and world. One physical nine month gestation period from the Expiration Date and Shift Point (12-21-12) to the physical start of the Separation of Worlds (approximately September 22, 2013 Equinox) for us all to review, redo, rework, rethink, release and make any needed last-minute changes. This is more important than we realize or fully understand yet.

What I’m aware of today (but always expect to know more tomorrow) is that we’re still living the Ascension Process along with Earth and we’ve got to September 22, 2013-ish to correct, adjust, deal with, finish whatever it is we each need to internally/externally before the NEW Evolutionary Cycle’s energy blueprints (which is based on Unity or Triality or HighHeart Consciousness or what we’d call fifth dimensional frequency) and the physical Separation of Worlds happens.

More will be discussed in future articles about the Separation of Worlds — these different Earth-like worlds and timelines — because it’s another important and confusing topic that people should consciously know more about now. People’s thoughts and belief systems, intentions and emotions etc. hold far more power post Shift and our thoughts/beliefs/focus will automatically energetically align you/me/each of us to one of these many different Earth-like worlds. YOUR personal thoughts, personal beliefs and mental and emotional focus will automatically align YOU with a matching frequency world, timeline, and group of similar frequency people. I strongly suggest that YOU be more mindful of your thoughts; more conscious of your consciousness; and take much more responsibility for what YOU allow to run wild and unchecked through your consciousness 24/7. Not doing so could cost you more than you’re willing to pay so it’s time, it’s last-minute time for YOU and each of us to realize that what we think and believe has profound consequences for each of us now like never before.

331x363 locked mind

Since 1-1-13 we’ve heard plenty of automatic, pre-recorded, mind-controlled unaware responses and/or attacks from many people to ANY perceived threat of change or difference in perception by other people. These changes so far are minuscule at this point compared to how they’ll build throughout this “nine month” period and beyond! If the Consciousness Police people freak out to this degree already over simple things like foods and/or time and clock anomalies, I doubt they’re going to cope well with the sweeping positive changes coming week-after-week and year-after-year.

I was told by some higher dimensional nonphysical Blue Beings (I don’t know what else to call them) back in 2004 that, and I quote, …They will begin to energetically devour themselves’, referring to all of the old patriarchal mind-controlled, unaware, dis-empowered humans around the planet. For the past couple of years we’ve seen this increasing “energetically devour themselves” type actions from some people based on their distorted belief systems (mind-control and the growing pressures they are causing them), egos, fears and hatred. For many, breaking free from the old negative mind-control belief systems is and will be much, much, harder and more painful and frightening than it will be for others.

This defensive attacking of others and utter unwillingness to expand one’s consciousness and belief systems beyond the old negative Team Dark mind-control systems will become increasingly painful for these people. It’s also no fun at all for those of us who these people target with their unawareness and need to “gate-keep” and police consciousness or attack and insult. We saw a lot of this suddenly at TRANSITIONS in January 2013 because many of us Forerunners were talking about Ascension-related food/digesting difficulties we’ve had for a very long time.

stairstep people5

This is the current Stair Step we Forerunners are on now in early 2013. We’re each having to deal with whatever personal issue(s) we still have at this point within the Ascension Process and make whatever corrections and/or clarifications within ourselves and our awareness over where we truly want to end up; which of the Earth world  we want to be on at the end of this “nine month” period. This is the stop and think, review, reconsider, adjust, realize more, get over it, and release more phase for most of us as we gestate ourselves throughout the physical “nine month” period. We each instantaneously realized what exactly it was that we individually need to correct within ourselves on 12-21-12 whether we consciously remember it or not, and we’ve all been gifted with this in-between transitional “nine months” time in physicality to make these personal inner adjustments, changes and releases etc. Thank you Source for this gift and I/we promise to use this time wisely. ❤


February 7, 2013

teal purple copyrightCopyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and distribute this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice is included.

112 thoughts on “Post SHIFT: Winter 2013

  1. gwennm,

    Thank you fellow Lightworker. ♥

    I also want to say that I think, I think that while rushing through the piles of Spam I get at TRANSITIONS constantly, that I might have accidentally deleted a Comment from a Gwen. I’m not sure if that Comment was from the other “Gwen” that Comments here or not but if if was your Comment other Gwen, I apologize and ask that you please re-write your Comment and I’ll check it carefully to make sure it’s you and not some Spam crap. 😳

    Thanks gwennm and other Gwen.

  2. elila,

    I love you! 😀 ♥

    “…All I could think was “WHAT are these people even DOING here?” Why would they ever have been vibrationally attracted to Transitions in the FIRST place?…”

    Ah yes, that is the question isn’t it? 😉 (Watch how polite I can be with a little effort 😆 )

    Some of these 1-2013 “newbies” to TRANSITIONS suddenly found themselves here to potentially learn something — just as is ALWAYS the case for myself and all of my regular readers and Commenters here when these sort of different Stair Steps of consciousness, development, awareness and focus collide with each other.

    Over the years I’ve struggled, and I mean struggled, with this sort of thing through Comments here and I’ve tried just about everything I could, all the while knowing that it was A TEST for me personally in mastering not allowing myself to “fall” vibrationally/emotionally etc. and let myself get sucked down into the Shit Pit again. Trial by fire in other words.

    Some people where unknowingly being used, manipulated and directed to come to TRANSITIONS and write negative Comment(s) over the years by the other-dimensional Negatives/Team Dark Beings to get at me in any way possible and derail what I do at and through TRANSITIONS. Psychic 4D Astral “drive by shootings” in other words by 4D Team Dark using certain 3D people to attack, derail, sidetrack, stop me/you/all of us here via negative Comments and so on.

    When I/you/each of us evolves beyond the frequency range where the Negatives/Team Dark exist and work from, they’re then left with ONLY being able to use other people in an attempt to get at those of us embodying Light and trying to help etc.. The Negatives/Team Dark have not been able to directly, face-to-face contact me, interact with me, attack me, Astrally kidnap me (as they had been) since the start of 2011 — and so, at the start of 2011 Team Dark resorted to using certain humans to attack me, sidetrack me, derail me and what I do at TRANSITIONS. I’m going into all this explanation ONLY to help those of you who have been and/or currently are experiencing this same exact thing yourselves now.

    But it’s all good as the saying goes because it’s yet another way to master whatever it is that I/you/each of us needs to and right now! There’s nothing better than to use the very things sent to harm you or stop you to further master one’s inner issues. 😀 Rock On my fellow beloveds, rock on. ♥


  3. Dear Denise,

    Many thanks for this article, which is a great help in guiding us through this transition. It makes perfect sense that you would need to reflect on the changes before writing about them!

    When you said, “the majority of people on this planet don’t realize that Team Dark and those old matching energies and blueprints of the past Evolutionary Cycle have expired, have run out and are no longer available” – I thought, you’re not kidding! So many of the masses carry on like business as usual. Every time I see chemtrails crisscrossing the sky, I speak to the pilots in my mind, “Think about what you’re doing, you fools! Your time is running out for real and THIS is your contribution to the planet.”

    This part of your article brought me to TEARS: “numerous very large (I mean really LARGE!) Lightbeings in dozens of massive circles overhead looking down at us with incomprehensible joy, pride, gratitude and amazement…” It feels so GOOD to realize that we haven’t been abandoned, in fact that we’re being watched over through all of this.

    I, too, lost my spirit guide(s) – about 4 or 5 years ago. I feel you’re absolutely right about us needing to go down this road ourselves and experience everything through all levels of our Beings.

    I’m really looking forward to the “first chunk” of new energies manifesting physically after Spring Equinox! I think it deserves a celebration because it’s been such a long haul for us Forerunners.

    You make so many valid and significant points in your article, Denise. One of them, to me, is: “People’s thoughts and belief systems, intentions and emotions etc. hold far more power post Shift.” We need to become so much more conscious of what we think, say, believe, etc. and how quickly this manifests in our external reality. Staying in a “high vibration” has never been more important! (especially since how we resonate is where we end up)

    You said: “Since 1-1-13 we’ve heard plenty of automatic, pre-recorded, mind-controlled unaware responses and/or attacks from many people to ANY perceived threat of change or difference in perception by other people”

    Unfortunately I expect many will just dig in their heels and reject the idea of change, feeling threatened by us and what we are saying. I tried to explain the shift in consciousness to a few friends who seemed like they could be open to the idea but everyone is so brain-washed and programmed by the Matrix and its mass media that they see ME as the crazy one! All they want is to continue their comfy personal lives without discomfort.

    Many of us have already been ridiculed by friends and family for what we believe and know is true. I think it’s important to speak our truth but only if the other party is open to hearing it (in most cases so far, not).

    Thanks for the reminder to keep releasing from ourselves whatever does not serve our Highest Good.

    I look forward to hearing more about the “separation of worlds” which I believed would happen sooner. I wonder if it will happen in stages?

    My heart-felt gratitude & appreciation to you, Denise, for explaining everything so succinctly and clearly.

    Blessings to all here, Thelma

  4. Hello Denise!
    Once again you have given me the gift of a new or better perspective. You are absolutely right, certain people would not be freaking out to the degree that they seem to be if the impending changes were not MASSIVE & positive. When I joined the conversation here on the subject of food/digesting (or the lack thereof 😉 ), I was shocked at the phenomena (which others seemed to expect) of the “food police” coming out of the woodwork like that! I am used to being surrounded in everyday life by people who simply don’t “get it”, & I don’t DISCUSS these things around them. But here, with a group of CLEARLY like-minded others having the same experiences, well that was a shock. All I could think was “WHAT are these people even DOING here?” Why would they ever have been vibrationally attracted to Transitions in the FIRST place? I was confused & goggly-eyed to say the least. I wanted to give you three cheers (but by then you had [brilliantly] shut down comments), to say “Well done you!” for the way you handled it–by letting the rest of us SEE it for what it was & then shutting them down in no uncertain terms. You are my hero–for keeping this space protected from such frivolous energy suck as EXPLAINING or ARGUING our experiences to others who ONLY want the FIGHT, not the TRUTH.
    With hugs & huge admiration, Elila

  5. Beautiful Denise, gratitude for this post. Took me a long time to read it, I started to cry as soon as I started reading, some tears of joy, some tears of exhaustion. I don’t know how to express my feelings right now. I do want to praise you for sharing and help so many of us further our journey up the steps. Hugs and love to you and all reading your posts and all who aren’t!

  6. Love & Thanks Denise ( you made me laugh with that comment – (I know some of you glided out like real pros! 🙂 ) hahaha! We must be hilarious to watch at times! ☺

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