The Ascension Process & Eating & Digesting Difficulties

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“Dear Denise, Elila, Marilyn, Calliope, Morphqueen, and everyone else here and those commenting on food/eating issues. All I can say is I feel you all. My abdomen, also, looks like I’m about to give birth. No exaggeration – I look about 7-8 months pregnant. I’ve been battling this for years and it gets better and worse but always there. Truly, I can not find pants that fit – it is becoming a nightmare. Today, the jeans I wore to work have a waistband that came down around my abdomen and this big belly sticks out over the top – no judgment – but just to describe – looks like a big beer belly (but maybe bigger). And the eating – I lost about 15 pounds from summer to winter – couldn’t eat much of anything and really didn’t want to. Then I started craving all kinds of food – and I’ve gained some weight back. I mean, literally I am allergic to wheat gluten and soy and lactose intolerant. And most everything else bothers me too… Even water. It is very crazy making and I wish I could just get by without food. However, another issue is that food was always comforting to me – and now, when I often need comforting, I can’t even turn to food, though I’d like to – but the price I pay is too high b/c I feel so awful physically. I went to the movie yesterday and brought my own drink and indulged in some popcorn. This was my big treat for myself – then about 2 hours later felt awful and that lasted the rest of the evening. I look forward to your article Denise. Thanks, as always for all you do to keep this place for us, and thanks to all that write in.  Morgean”

I’ve quoted the Comment above by Morgean about the Ascension-related food/eating/digesting or lack of digesting miseries many of us have and still are struggling with. Thank you Morgean for your super honest Comment about this topic. The reason I used it in this article is because I’ve experienced, struggled with, been frustrated by and made utterly miserable by the identical things you mentioned since my physical Ascension Process started in February 1999. And, I’m still struggling with many of them today. Actually I’ve noticed that some of my old food/eating/digesting symptoms have amplified recently and my body is in ultra sensitivity mode once again. Because of all the Comments surrounding this food/eating/digesting issue, I guess I should have talked about this particular Ascension symptom more fully years ago.

When I was twelve or thirteen I was tested by an allergy doctor and every liquid he jabbed into my arm reacted negatively, informing him and my parents that I was allergic to everything he’d poked into my body. Those things covered certain foods, milk, chocolate (oh dear god, anything but chocolate!), dust, pollen’s, and everything with “feathers and fur” (oh dear god, not animals!). It was horrible and I was pissed and went on to eat plenty of chocolate and love many an animal anyway.

I’m not one of those people who sneezes or gets congested due to allergies, instead I get nauseous, a sore throat, swell all over like I’m retaining water, get sick feeling like I’ve been poisoned, which I have been. I’ve often been envious of people who only sneeze and have to blow their noses because it seemed less nasty than the way my body reacts, such as vomiting and/or running a low-grade fever. The grass is always greener…

For me food was never something I was much attracted to, other than chocolate that is, and never ate much or wanted to spend much time, money or thought on food/eating/cooking etc. I know many people use food for different things but all of my life — up to the start of my physical, biological Ascension Process that is — food and eating was just something I had to do every now and again to keep my body from getting a screaming headache. In other words, I ate only because I had to put gas in my tank, and never more than a 1/4 of a tank a day. Eating for me was never about fun or celebration or because it was super delicious or anything else but because it was a necessity that I put off until I absolutely had to eat something and then it was always a very small amount. I was happy with this system and it worked for me up until about age 40 — Uranus Opposition — when my body began changing for the first time in adulthood. I also entered Peri-menopause around that age which no doubt was another reason for the start of food/eating/body changes for me.

Jump forward to age 47 when my physical, biological Ascension Process began (in 1999) and the severe insanity of it all started. The day the Ascension Process started for me was the day the eating foods and digesting foods and much more began for me. Literally overnight I went from being one way my whole life to something else that was very sick constantly, ultra-sensitive to everything overnight, in pain constantly, and much more. I went from always being able to drink ice water to having to drink only room temperature water because anything cold would cause my upper gut diaphragm area to bloat so severely I couldn’t take a deep breath, and often vomit in the end. It was exactly like being nine months pregnant and trying to eat Thanksgiving dinner; there simply isn’t any room for food or water due to the full-grown baby inside ones body. As of this writing, this is how it’s been for me almost constantly since February 1999.

Another aspect of this Ascension-related eating and not digesting symptom is that I could eat one food one day or week and not have any negative reaction to it at all, but eat the same food a few days or two weeks or a couple of months later and have it make me extremely sick for 6–8 hours. Since February 1999, eating for me has literally been like playing Russian Roulette. I never know, despite my abilities to sense energies, discern, sense toxins etc., when some food is going to react in my body like a poison and make me sick for many hours. I’ve gone through this so many times since 1999, it’s embarrassing, yet this is exactly what many of us have lived with due to needing to eat foods that are — no matter how pure or organic — still vibrating with physical and energetic toxins in them that our transmuting bodies have constantly struggled with. All that plus constant incoming higher frequency ascension energies that we’re embodying.

And it hasn’t made any difference if I didn’t eat solid foods or any liquid foods, if I cut back on the amount of room temperature water I drank, or what foods I stopped eating altogether, nothing made the upper gut diaphragm area deflate back to normal for me before the Ascension Process started. Nothing. It’s still this way almost 14 years later. I suspect it’s a case of just get over it and adapt to this and the other ongoing Ascension Process symptoms.

On the other side of the “Three Days” — 12-21-2012, 12-22-12, 12-23-12 — and very much so since we entered 1-1-13, I’ve noticed another level of this food, eating and digesting misery has been reached (for me I mean, your mileage may vary) because my old symptoms have escalated, again. I also want to eat nothing now even more than I did before, yet, I still have occasional food cravings. After resisting them and seeing no improvements from that suffering, I’ve experimented diving into the bag of chocolate candies or potato chips or whatever it was then. Sometimes I got away with such a food indulgence, and other times not. I so want to not need to eat anything at this point! I want to eat Light and Love again and have that be the NEW food source, which is coming, eventually.

Depending upon which ascension phase one is in at the moment, one goes from needing to eat more high protein foods than one usually ever wants or needs. I went through almost a decade of needing, craving high protein foods. My favorites were Pot Roast and Peanut Butter. It was so convenient to thrust a teaspoon into the Peanut Butter jar when my body was needing a quick boost of protein and I was too exhausted and in pain to cook anything. One day, one week or one month you need plenty of extra protein foods because your body is rapidly transmuting tremendous inner density and old emotional issues etc. Your body is working very hard changing from transmuting residual lower stuff and also embodying the latest incoming higher frequency Light energies. Because of all this there’s times when your body needs far more protein foods to help it do all that it is due to the ongoing Ascension Process. At other times your body needs little food at all or very light foods because it can’t digest well due to so much of its energies going to the Ascension Process and not digesting foods!

Other days, other months, we go through Ascension-related phases of needing to eat much less food and when we do eat, much lighter density foods because we’re not transmuting like we were the weeks or months before and so on. (Same thing with the amount of pure water we’ve needed to drink during all this hot Ascension-related transmuting. Now that many of us are done with that intense phase, we’re not needing to drink as much water to help flush out the toxins and reduce the inner body Kundalini heat.) And back and forth it’s gone year-after-year. Weird food cravings one day, week or month, to not wanting to eat anything and being literally repulsed by foods and the need to eat anything. Back and forth between wild and seemingly crazy food junkie-ness, to near abstinence of any food(s) completely. Eventually we’ll reach a sane, neutral point with this too.

Just like I didn’t care much about foods and eating in general prior to the start of my physical Ascension Process, I also don’t personally care about the different solutions to eating, foods, digesting etc. either but that’s just me. I just want to get the transmuting done and move on to what I know is possible after this difficult Phase 1 transmuting phase.

I spent the first 40 years of this life being able to get by eating very little physical food and really filling myself up on Light and Creativity, which some people call “Love”. Being highly creative was for me, prior to the start of the difficult physical aspects of the Ascension Process, one way to eat, to ingest high frequency nutrition. I created in different ways but I was never physically hungry while in a highly creative state.

We’re evolving back to being totally self-contained and self-sustainable, within our own bodies I mean. Just you and Source recycling pure, undiluted God/Source/All That Is juice — Light and Love. No more parasitism, no more vampirism, no more opening an emotional vein for another person to energetically feed off from you and/or vice versa. Just you and Source and your Higher Self feeding one another freely and honestly. And if you want or need to ingest some physical food then you can do that too if you desire but it won’t be your only source of food; the Light (knowledge) and Love (creativity) frequencies will also be your NEW ascended nutritional food sources.

I mentioned in a Comment on another article how I enjoy viewing refracted Lights and pure colors because I gain energetic nutrition from viewing them. I also gain nutrition when I hear a baby or young child laugh, or watch animals playing, running, flying or swimming with each other. I also gain nutrition when I hear certain music that moves me, or when someone says something that I find very funny. I gain nutrition when it rains, when the sky and Sun looks so pristine and glorious. I gain nutrition when another person gains more freedom, more understanding, and more self-empowerment. We can do nine more months to reach this and much more like it can’t we? Of course we can. ❤

Denise Le Fay

January 23, 2013

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  1. As I was reading, I couldn’t believe someone else can’t drink water either! It sometimes makes me nauseous. And it seems any other food gives me pain and heartburn. Except PASTA. Somehow it was comforting to know there are others ‘sharing’ my symptoms. And the LACK OF ENERGY! My favorite thing to do is catnapping with my cat.

  2. This post was so refreshing, doesn’t that sound weird. 🙂 But, I have had the same symptoms. I have struggled with nausea for so long that I was starting to think I was making it up. I could live on pudding, or nothing at all. My “pregnant” belly is always present, some days more rounded and pronounced than others. Aches, pains, fatigue, ringing in my ears…… all know what I am talking about. Spirit told me I was pregnant, I expected to have the baby on the Dec. 21 date, did not happen, or…….my belly is still there????? I have decided to lean into it all, accept the symptoms, go with the flow, enjoy life………like Denise said, find my nourishment in other places, I thought that was beautiful by the way. Thank you for all the information you share with us Denise, finding your blogs and postings have given me an anchor in this process. Karen 🙂

  3. “I am actually having the opposite reaction to food. I have been a high energy phase for six months but especially since October 2012. In early December my Kundalini rose to my Heart Chakra. About a week ago, my Kundalini rose to my Throat Chakra. In that time, I had huge craving for sugar, fat, and protein. Of all the craziest things, I had huge cravings for Egg Nog. It has Milk, Cream, Sugar, Eggs and Spices. The more I drinked it, the happier my Kundalini seemed to be. I always read you should eat a Vegetarian or Vegan diet when trying to rise Kundalini. Sorry, but that is far from the case with me. Red meat makes me feel blissful for a short amount of time. I will try peanut butter too…”


    Thank you for mentioning this because, in my rush to write and publish this article I totally forgot to give praise to whatever foods one is craving or drawn to at the time. I too have experienced periods where certain foods that most people would claim were horrible and full of naughty things like sugar, fat, milk or whatever were the ONLY thing that worked for me at that time. No guilt, no shame, no “organic” BS guilt trips. Just eat whatever you/me/each of us can at the time that helps us get the Ascension job done in that moment of time. Period. ♥

    Thanks again for reminding me of this very important aspect that I forgot (I always forget something!) to add in this article.

    Gratitude Hugs,

  4. Angel-Light Love,

    I hear ya and am intimately familiar with Team Dark’s tactics and multidimensional tools etc.

    In a physical world of Duality and intense transition such as this one, both the Dark AND the Light hurts and creates symptoms and side-effects. They both hurt when they come into contact with each other and that is exactly what’s been happening all along with the Ascension Process — polarity or duality resolution. It’s a real job discerning what’s what and whose who and what’s causing what etc. during the planetary/galactic/universal Ascension Process. Here’s to each one of us doing a brilliant job of it. 🙂


  5. I am actually having the opposite reaction to food. I have been a high energy phase for six months but especially since October 2012. In early December my Kundalini rose to my Heart Chakra. About a week ago, my Kundalini rose to my Throat Chakra. In that time, I had huge craving for sugar, fat, and protein. Of all the craziest things, I had huge cravings for Egg Nog. It has Milk, Cream, Sugar, Eggs and Spices. The more I drinked it, the happier my Kundalini seemed to be. I always read you should eat a Vegetarian or Vegan diet when trying to rise Kundalini. Sorry, but that is far from the case with me. Red meat makes me feel blissful for a short amount of time. I will try peanut butter too.

    I also have a Buddha Belly. My Upper abdomen is actually larger than my lower abdomen. But my lower belly is big too. My pants also want to slide down below my belly. I am currently a size 16 in jeans. In this high energy Kundalini phase, I have gained 25 pounds. I am going to try to exercise more!

  6. Comments I made when looking in the long mirror: “9-months pregnant” and “7-months pregnant.” This went on for me for a couple years until some point last year. Digestive issues, even blocks, huge abdomen. I have no doubt at all that digestive issues and distended abdomen can be caused by ascension symptoms. However, as a 25-year healing facilitator (spiritual, energy, etc.), I searched and found another cause. I found that a round-belly man (dark overlord incarnate involved in black magic) whom I rejected and a round woman involved in ritual magic who wanted to control me were placing extensions (not cords only but extensions) into my abdomen (at different times and same times). I’m telling you, people, whenever I dealt with these extensions, the “baby was born” within seconds. Have mostly put a stop to it. So I want to suggest that assuming digestive issues and huge abdomen (or anything else) is due to ascension symtoms may be missing the boat for some people. Team Dark has been putting up more of a fight than previously over the last year or two and violating those of us who are engaging them to set humanity free even more (as they are able)–often through other people (although sometimes direct). That’s my story.

  7. “My abdomen, also, looks like I’m about to give birth. No exaggeration – I look about 7-8 months pregnant.”

    Mine too. I have been eating the exact same thing day in and day out for weeks now. Scone, yogurt, ham & cheese sandwich with lettuce, chocolate pudding. Anything else causes nausea and total loss of appetite. Happy to hear I can get my nutrition from laughter, colors and the magical sky and I don’t have to have broccoli to maintain my health. Waiting with great patience for the shift. This Buddha Belly is not my idea of heaven on earth, so I know there will be a shift. ~~A

  8. I understand; thank you for posting, this really helped me. I’ve gone from being very active in my life to a stand-still.. from an avid cyclist/work out at a gym to nothing but walking. I don’t have the energy. ? Crazy weight gain/loss. Mid section the worst. I used to cook for other people who can consume ANYTHING, more or less. The emotions<<<< that was my biggest issue. Weight up's/down's and hair loss… not anymore. I've gone through what's good for me and my sensitive system and have sorted out for myself many, many issues and now I'm incorporating the food re-calcuation into my life. Fruit smoothes/healthy biscuit etc for breakfast and so on and so forth. It's working…

    It seems we're all at that cross-road and now we're coming together. That seems like a start.

    Thank you. Chandra Leigh

  9. Oh my goodness Morgean & Denise! I just couldn’t believe my eyes when right in your post are the exact symptoms I have had over the last year! It feels so good to know that I am not the only one out there. In fact, in Morgean’s message she talks about feeling and looking 7-8 months pregnant, and that is the exact thing I told a friend a couple of months ago! I felt and looked pregnant – and when did that happen? Because up until last year I was holding my own with my weight and body fat. Now, it’s just a swinging pendulum.

    Denise, like you I am suddenly finding myself wishing that I didn’t have to eat anything but Love & Light or whatever other Joyful energies are out there. I’ve gone without eating – just so immersed in something else that I didn’t even notice that I hadn’t eaten until my stomach growled. And, even when I don’t eat much or anything not good for me, my digestive system seems taxed or over worked. I was beginning to think that there was something wrong with me physically! It hadn’t occurred to me that these were symptoms of our evolution.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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