Milky Way Galactic Center Evolutionary Bubbles & Outflows

 Fermi GC bubbles 2010 360x640

November 10, 2010 photo of the Milky Way galaxy with two “Fermi Bubbles” protruding from the Galactic Center (GC) black hole. Photo deliberately rotated vertically by me.

GC burst bubbles 416x617

January 2, 2013 “Giant Outflows” discovered coming from the two recently burst Milky Way GC “Fermi Bubbles”. Photo also deliberately rotated vertically by me to match how I’ve repeatedly clairvoyantly seen this mega evolutionary energy event since January 2011 from out in space.

Niagara Falls

Photo of Niagara Falls. As close an image to what I’d clairvoyantly seen of massive white colored Light energies pouring outward and downward from the Milky Way Galactic Center that Earth and humanity would soon be entering.

Aquarius diamonds   aquarius jug reduced size

Glyph of Aquarius and its energy waves. Cosmic Aquarian jug is the Milky Way GC “black hole” where the NEW Aquarian energy “Outflows” come from that then pour down on Earth and humanity.

crystaltriplecrown1  crownheartcrystal1

GC “Outflows” pouring down into humanities Crown Chakras and activating the evolutionary Shift into our HighHearts and a higher frequency fifth dimension

yin yang disintegrating800x672        triality sign 800x672

dissolving Duality consciousness and reality and births Triality, Unity or HighHeart consciousness and physical reality.

800x800 change difficult message  change for the better

Change, evolution, ascension is always difficult and scary but in about nine physical months, here comes so much BETTER. ❤

Denise Le Fay

January 20, 2013

93 thoughts on “Milky Way Galactic Center Evolutionary Bubbles & Outflows

  1. Hello, Denise,

    I see how you’re trying to get the message across visually, like you see them. It’s appreciated.

    So, the symbol you used for unity consciousness is very familiar to me– I saw it all the time in South Korea on hand drums and fans. It was one of the most common symbols there. Even the colors are the same ones you used. I looked it up and it can be a variation of the tai chi symbol called Sam (3)-Taegeuk in Korean or, in Tae Kwon-Do, it is called Soo Shim (Water Mind). Soo means water, clear, and calm and shim means heart or mind. (The mind is in the chest in Korea. It was always interesting to me that they thought with their hearts.) It’s about adaptability and transparency and going with the flow, which is a very good way to think about this next little while, I think. It can be translated as “to be like water,” “to have a clear and calm mind,” “to have a clean heart or clear conscience.” Water flows downwards, so is a symbol of humility but not weakness for water is powerful. When I saw the symbol, I was going to comment right away, but I thought, No, give it a minute and see what it actually means that you recognize this symbol of Unity Consciousness.

    Pins and arrows for change– sounds about right today. ;{

    Love and Hugs to everyone,

  2. Caroline K.,

    Many if not most of Starseeds, Lightworkers, Indigos etc. are naturally geared towards visuals as the way to communicate instead of linear, spoken, and horribly inadequate words. When we view an image, photo etc., we see but we also emotionally feel, know from a higher level of awareness, sense, imagine and take in far more in an instant than we do with words. That is the way most Higher Dimensionals communicate; through large, split-second-long chunks of transmitted and/or telepathed knowledge/emotions/insights/visuals/understandings/feelings simultaneously. ALL sense perceptions and plenty more all expressed and perceived, felt, known in an instant. Now that’s exchanging information! 😉

    I also wanted to tell everyone that this photo article is NOT the article I was promising I’d publish asap. It is coming next…or that’s the plan at any rate!


  3. Calliope/Karin,

    I have packed on a few more pounds over the past four months or so despite the fact that I can hardly eat, digest, cope with much of any food at all at this point. FOOD! DAMN, I’m so sick of it too and post Shift the whole eating and what I can now eat has changed once again. This is such a big and important change and topic that I’m going to write an article about food/eating etc. post Shift, what and why and so on.

    ♥ Hugs,

  4. “At the inauguration luncheon today- Senator Schumer showed a picture of and made mention of the Niagra Falls. I think it was the same one you posted.. Do you think it means anything?”


    I doubt that the Senator consciously knew/knows about any of this, however, people are often used by higher positive powers such as ones own Higher Self, to do or say or show something to other people that works as a trigger for them.

    A “black” man (President Obama) who is actually Mulatto — half-black, half-white — is far more symbolic and meaningful than if he had been only a “black” man, an African American man. That would have been more of Duality; white Presidents and finally a black President etc. But no, President Obama is Mulatto which is symbolically representing Triality ▲ the NEW ascended “Unity” (duality integrated creates a third higher frequency and thing, person etc.) which exists as a third thing above the frequency of Duality — positive/negative, black/white, male/female etc. etc.

    Add to that the fact that President Obama’s second term formalities are happening on Martin Luther King day is another clue for humanity… and also a snub to the dying negative Old Boys Club — the global elite patriarchy. Try as they have to kill off the Light in whoever showed up in this world embodying IT, they have failed and are now going the way of the dinosaurs. :mrgreen:


  5. “Denise,
    I always enjoy your articles but I have a ? on this one. I have never been a mother but I do know that when the water breaks, we are about to see the newborn, no longer in gestation.

    To be frank, being a starseed for half a century, I am already very very very tired. Cannot imagine another 9 months! The momentum is already wearing out……quickly!



    Believe me, I hear ya… I’m beyond exhausted too and have been for many years already. However…and this topic is in my next upcoming article so we all can talk more about it once I’ve published it. We all have to remember that IT, the Shift and all that happened, started because of IT has indeed already happened at higher dimensions/levels/states of being etc. As is always the case, it simply takes some more time for what’s already happened at higher levels to reach all the way down to the physical and manifest within that level too. That is what’s been happening or unfolding since the Three Days — 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12.

    Many have felt and are continuing to feel these massive changes since 1-1-13. From post Shift through to the Fall Equinox in Sept. 2013, all of us will in our varying degrees and ways be feeling and dealing with whatever remaining inner/outer changes, adjustments, releases etc. etc. we each need to make. So, from one perspective — the quantum one — IT or the Ascension has already happened, but from our current physical perspective IT is “coming” in about nine more months from the Shift Point. I know this is a difficult concept for many to grasp and it’s difficult for me personally to express in typed words well…but I keep trying. 😆 Anyway, we’ll all discuss this topic in Comments on my next article about these changes and us in physicality having some more time before IT fully and completely manifests within this physical realm and world etc.


  6. Dear Denise,

    Thanks for the gorgeous visuals – great images and colors! I GET it but I still hope there are some noticeable changes before 9 months. I am very excited about “the birth.”

    About the “food” issue, I’m in hungry mode again after fighting off a cold. Keeping the weight off is a constant struggle. I feel that more body movement has also become important so have taken up tai chi and chi gong recently. It helps to relax the body and allows the energies to flow through.

    Looking forward to your next article, whenever you feel up to it!

    Blessings to all, Thelma

  7. Thank you Denise! I know you must have said this at some point elsewhere, but this is where I understood it. I have always told others that I don’t think in words I think in pictures (sometimes stills, sometimes short movies). While I am very facile with words and an ability to create word pictures, the thoughts always start with what I call “snapshots”. BTW, did you notice (I’m sure you did! 🙂 ) that the giant outflows picture looks like two sonograms? Amazing. This also puts me in mind of 2001 A Space Odyssey… at long last!!! How many of our so-called “science fiction” stories have turned out to be some form of preparation for this time we are in NOW!

    Much Love! Much Light!!!

  8. “Thank you so much Denise. So, you are seeing September as a time of relief (for those struggling) rather than March, as others are seeing? Or will gradually improve over the next 8 months? x”


    Stair Steps remember? 😉 As much as I personally wanted the Big Shift to all happen on my Dec. 23rd birthday, it’s gonna take a bit more time before the Big Shift shows up fully in this physical world and level. Whatever… 🙄 😉

    In a nutshell here’s what I’m perceiving about this today:

    1) The Three Days (12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12) quantum Shift Point happened.

    2) A short time after that the Milky Way GC “Fermi Bubbles” burst on 1-2-13 (from our physical level that is) and those massive Energies have been flooding the galaxy ever since. It’s going to take some more time for those GC Energies to physically manifest fully within this physical realm/world and I suspect that’s where the nine months come in with all this.

    3) The next Stair Step within this phase of the Ascension Process will be us getting through these winter months of rest and introspection, adaptation etc.

    4) The next Stair Step will be the arrival of the FIRST Spring Equinox post Shift which I suspect will be packed with Phase One let’s call it of the incoming NEW energies/blueprints for us, for humanity, for earth etc.

    5) The next Stair Step will be the arrival of the FIRST Summer Solstice post Shift which will carry another layer of the NEW energies/blueprints/changes or Phase Two let’s call it and so on.

    6) The next Stair Step will be the arrival of the FIRST Fall Equinox post Shift which is the nine month milestone from the 12-21-12 Shift Point. I sense that the GC Energies pouring forth from the burst “Fermi Bubbles” will fully and completely arrive within this physical level and I also sense that that’s when the really obvious more physical Separation of Worlds as I’ve called it will begin. Cosmic Awareness calls this Separation of Worlds the manifestation of “Planet A, Planet B, and Planet A/B”.

    So you see we’re still in the Ascension Stair Steps very strongly up until the September 22, 2013 Fall Equinox. Things will “Shift” once again then… and we’ll just go on from there. 😉


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