Milky Way Galactic Center Evolutionary Bubbles & Outflows

 Fermi GC bubbles 2010 360x640

November 10, 2010 photo of the Milky Way galaxy with two “Fermi Bubbles” protruding from the Galactic Center (GC) black hole. Photo deliberately rotated vertically by me.

GC burst bubbles 416x617

January 2, 2013 “Giant Outflows” discovered coming from the two recently burst Milky Way GC “Fermi Bubbles”. Photo also deliberately rotated vertically by me to match how I’ve repeatedly clairvoyantly seen this mega evolutionary energy event since January 2011 from out in space.

Niagara Falls

Photo of Niagara Falls. As close an image to what I’d clairvoyantly seen of massive white colored Light energies pouring outward and downward from the Milky Way Galactic Center that Earth and humanity would soon be entering.

Aquarius diamonds   aquarius jug reduced size

Glyph of Aquarius and its energy waves. Cosmic Aquarian jug is the Milky Way GC “black hole” where the NEW Aquarian energy “Outflows” come from that then pour down on Earth and humanity.

crystaltriplecrown1  crownheartcrystal1

GC “Outflows” pouring down into humanities Crown Chakras and activating the evolutionary Shift into our HighHearts and a higher frequency fifth dimension

yin yang disintegrating800x672        triality sign 800x672

dissolving Duality consciousness and reality and births Triality, Unity or HighHeart consciousness and physical reality.

800x800 change difficult message  change for the better

Change, evolution, ascension is always difficult and scary but in about nine physical months, here comes so much BETTER. ❤

Denise Le Fay

January 20, 2013

93 thoughts on “Milky Way Galactic Center Evolutionary Bubbles & Outflows

  1. I love this. This really puts it into a visual I can grab onto. I’ve always been more visual. It transcends the 3-D thinking process and stays with me. Really nice images.

  2. Denise,
    I always enjoy your articles but I have a ? on this one. I have never been a mother but I do know that when the water breaks, we are about to see the newborn, no longer in gestation.

    To be frank, being a starseed for half a century, I am already very very very tired. Cannot imagine another 9 months! The momentum is already wearing out……quickly!


  3. Yes! Eight months to go! I was a caesarian birth and have no children, so in keeping with the famous line in Gone With the Wind, I must say, “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies, Mizz Scarlet”, but I will send the high vibes for this great and wonderful event. Thank you, Denise, the picture is getting clearer by the hour! Love, B.

  4. At the inauguration luncheon today- Senator Schumer showed a picture of and made mention of the Niagra Falls. I think it was the same one you posted.. Do you think it means anything?

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