Milky Way Galactic Center Evolutionary Bubbles & Outflows

 Fermi GC bubbles 2010 360x640

November 10, 2010 photo of the Milky Way galaxy with two “Fermi Bubbles” protruding from the Galactic Center (GC) black hole. Photo deliberately rotated vertically by me.

GC burst bubbles 416x617

January 2, 2013 “Giant Outflows” discovered coming from the two recently burst Milky Way GC “Fermi Bubbles”. Photo also deliberately rotated vertically by me to match how I’ve repeatedly clairvoyantly seen this mega evolutionary energy event since January 2011 from out in space.

Niagara Falls

Photo of Niagara Falls. As close an image to what I’d clairvoyantly seen of massive white colored Light energies pouring outward and downward from the Milky Way Galactic Center that Earth and humanity would soon be entering.

Aquarius diamonds   aquarius jug reduced size

Glyph of Aquarius and its energy waves. Cosmic Aquarian jug is the Milky Way GC “black hole” where the NEW Aquarian energy “Outflows” come from that then pour down on Earth and humanity.

crystaltriplecrown1  crownheartcrystal1

GC “Outflows” pouring down into humanities Crown Chakras and activating the evolutionary Shift into our HighHearts and a higher frequency fifth dimension

yin yang disintegrating800x672        triality sign 800x672

dissolving Duality consciousness and reality and births Triality, Unity or HighHeart consciousness and physical reality.

800x800 change difficult message  change for the better

Change, evolution, ascension is always difficult and scary but in about nine physical months, here comes so much BETTER. ❤

Denise Le Fay

January 20, 2013

93 thoughts on “Milky Way Galactic Center Evolutionary Bubbles & Outflows

  1. Wow. I got the sense or feeling reading this and responding to the images, “We’re here. It’s finally here.” The “pregnancy motif” has been in my consciousness since 2007. I always thought it was an image more for my personal life; over the past few months, it has moved into a corporate, planetary shift in my mind. It’s interesting to see what is in this post and feel it confirmed from you, too, Denise.

    So, we have about eight more months to go. I can do that. That time frame is do-able. I can accomplish what I need to in that time-frame. It actually feels just about right.

    Having gone through a couple of full-term pregnancies and births, I do resonate very much with the imagery of gestation and birth. I know what the before-during-after is of that kind of event, and how life-altering it is to have a new baby. To become a family of three instead of just two.

    I love that.

    Here’s to our continued success in gestation. Here’s to a successful birth.

    Just curious: has anyone else put on a bunch of weight in the past couple of months? I’m ballooning out, and have already made SO many changes to my diet in the past nearly-four years (no gluten, no dairy for almost four years, no meat for one year… I’ve been thinking I need to do no coffee and no sugar — again — and no rice, but other gluten-free grains instead, but before I go taking out *more* stuff, I am thinking through other possible causes. I’m sick of eliminating foods from my life). I guess I’m saying it is not like my diet needs some kind of major overhaul because I am not being careful with my diet. There could be other factors, but suddenly it occurred to me, “Wow — this happened, of course, when I was pregnant.”

    I’m wondering if any other Lightworkers have been padding up and bulking out a little this winter, maybe more than normal. Is this a mirror of “as above, so below”? Or is it just wintertime, I’m sedentary, and eating too much, haha. Maybe a bit of both. Just a little weary of going through yet another period in life where the clothes I have are too tight, and I am wishing I was my smaller size again (but being thankful I am also not the bigger size I was. Can I get a holla on how this goes? LOL!).

    Thank you, Denise. As others have mentioned, the non-word, but imagery-visual bent that things are taking on is so in tune with where I have been in my head for a while now.


  2. Dearest Denise,

    As I was talking with my Mom on the phone, I saw you had posted a new article. I glanced at it and was a bit confused as there were more pictures than words. As my Mom was talking, I “got” two things (and I hadn’t read your article yet!): “pictogram” and “hieroglyphs”. And as I read and looked through the pictures, this further confirmed those words/feelings. To me, I can see you’re “speaking” the “new” language. Pictures are definitely speaking more than 1,000 words here.

    As we’ve been crossing the threshold of dates here, I feel we’ve all come to a tentative conclusion as you’re showing us here: that we’re still not “finished” in the way that we’ve come to know deadline=finished. We’re processing, and linking up, and opening, and stretching without the manual, without words. These are the times to Re-member our Heart. Our Heart holds the “key”, the “knowledge”, the “language”, the “direction”. We only ever need to really Know the Now. To think/wonder in the old 3D brain way will confuse and not help us. We’re still in a state of flux; and all we can do in this “time” is Be in our Hearts in the Now.

    As I write this I am seeing pictures/concepts in my heart. I cannot hold onto them at the moment because they seem to go by so fast. And that’s ok, because when I need to really Know, I will.

    Btw, I absolutely LOVE the dissolving yin/yang and the beautiful Tri-ality pictures!

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  3. Denise, this may seem like an obtuse question, but does this include all of us here on Planet A/B at this time? I keep reading about diverging timelines, about how there are many, many choices available for us after the Expiration Date as to what we choose to experience. Do we still need to navigate our way through these gateways in order to reach this “much better” state, or is the work complete, and we just need to experience it now, physically?

    Personally, I feel like I’m being torn apart from the inside–some days I naturally feel higher states of consciousness, other days I’m in the dog house energetically and emotionally. Some days I’m certain of my mission, and the correctness of the action I am taking in the physical to create a higher reality, and other days I cannot muster the energy or motivation to take another step forward on this path I have chosen, and I call myself foolish and convince myself I should just throw in the towel. I know I still have more clearing work to do, but somehow, I didn’t expect the “inner crisis” to be quite so acute after the Expiration Date, although I understand now that for many people, it only will intensify. How much risk is there of someone “getting lost” at this point, of not completing their chosen mission? I speak specifically of Indigos now, because I do feel like some shift of responsibility is taking place, or is about to. I also sense that something or several things will occur simultaneously which will make daily routines nearly impossible for many people, that the structure of society will alter dramatically as a result of this…but perhaps this intuition has been affected by recent reading–Too Much Magic by James Howard Kunstler. Do you feel such disruptive events will occur, physically, in this or other timelines?


  4. Hiya Transition Team

    What are your thoughts then on astrology, if we are connected to the universe, how does this fit in?

    Thanks and Regards Michelle


  5. Denise,

    Everyday for the past 2 weeks I’ve been dreaming that I’m pregnant and I wake up from feeling the pains and its just so real. I thought I understood but I’m confused now. Now, I’ve gotten these thoughts of wombs, babies and 2 nights ago I just googled “twin flames” I’m still stuck, help? Is this all related? Oh I wake up holding my tummy just as I did with my girls. Any thoughts on this anyone, Denise?


  6. I find this interesting as when I have been in meditation, I have been shown birth a few times . Also in dream state a few weeks ago , I got shown twin babies in pink either end of the cot. I also have been shown energy flowing like rushing water as well as a big urn which was suspended in the air and energy was pouring from it. I got told to stand under it and use it to blend.
    Also I find in meditation I can no longer reach down as when I tried I would be propelled up into the universe.
    I enjoy hearing and reading your posts x

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