32 thoughts on “Bugger the Patriarchy!

  1. sharing this and hoping it goes viral 😉 — thank you, Denise, for giving me such a great smile this morning. And a great sense of “hope will prevail” — I LOVE THIS!

  2. Dearest Denise,

    That was such a giddy rousing way to start off my day! Thank you for sharing it with us (and Callista)! It’s always nice to have a sort of corny satire to help us relieve some of the impatience and frustration with it all. And I guess the B words for us would be Beautiful and Bountiful =)

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  3. “sharing this and hoping it goes viral 😉 — thank you, Denise, for giving me such a great smile this morning. And a great sense of “hope will prevail” — I LOVE THIS!”

    Janie Waters,

    I loved it too and as one who lived through the revolutionary 1960s, I wanted to pass it along too as Callista did so more and more people see it, hear it, FEEL IT and get with the NEW blueprints of individual empowerment and group unity. 😉


  4. Yes, yes, and YES! this is such a 60’s flavor…. it’s how we all started “way back then” 😉 …. and it stirred up the old “I want to get back out there and protest/march” emotion again. Doubt that I’ll do it; these getting-older bones don’t like that as much as they used to — but I put it on Facebook awhile ago; it’ll start growing soon. Love and light to you, and to all your readers! ❤

  5. Denise and All,

    Watching this made me feel so good and different than I had been feeling. I am one of the biological males in the world that holds a great amount of feminine energy. I felt sick being around the “patriarchy” even when I had/chose to adapt to them to survive. I’ve felt torn inside between finding peace in my life or finding the inner strength to tell the patriarchy to fuck off while I stand up for all the oppressed. I don’t feel the energy to do either….YET

    Sometimes I feel like “love and light” is what the “dark ones” want us to focus on rather than FIGHT for our FREEDOM and CONSCIOUSNESS. Maybe love and light is the prize after the fight? But as a lightworker I’ve felt miserable searching for peace. Maybe my heart is prompting me to take a leap of faith and tell the false elite to screw themselves. Maybe I’m finally waking up again.


  6. I truly cried joyful tears to see singing and dancing while saying “F*ck you!” THANK YOU, Denise ~ I needed this today!

  7. Michael333,

    I hear ya, I’ve felt sick in a totally patriarchal world since about age three when I was consciously aware that I was back in the unsafe and crazy place as I referred to earth for many years.

    However, everyone needs to realize that since the 12-21-12, 12-22-12,12-23-12 Three Days and Expiration Date or Shift Point, the entire global patriarchal rule over earth and humanity expired. The thing that’s continuing since then is the endless disinformation BS coming from different groups within the Old Boys Club (the negative global patriarchy) is ONLY that; empty lies and looping disinformation and BS. It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz story where the great, frightening, unseen power behind the curtain is just one little guy pulling a big one off on everybody!

    Said another way, the human global patriarchy no longer has the unseen, invisible, other dimensional backup, support, leadership and drive of the non-physical negative alien beings or Team Dark. They aren’t there any longer to backup and energetically feed and support and direct the old patriarchal human puppets…but the human puppets don’t know this yet and so they’re carrying on as usual. There’s no one and nothing left of Team Dark behind that curtain to fuel the human puppets so there’s just a lot of screaming, crying, fighting, whining, demanding, bitching and threatening happening now. We’ll move through this transitional phase and eventually these human puppets will fall away (and/or die off) because that old negative energy and consciousness cannot survive in this world nor will it be tolerated. It’s time has expired.

    Just be the Lightwarrior you’ve always been and radiate and envision from your High Heart the global freedom and wisdom in all that you want to manifest on this planet. That is the NEW “job” for many of us now; Conscious Creators and Co-Creators. Creating can be done right from our High Hearts.


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