The Galactic Bubbles have Burst: Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

310x358 cosmic aquarius jug

Firstly, thanks go to Cat for sharing a link in another article to some very important new scientific information about the two Milky Way Galactic Center (GC) bubbles having finally burst and are now massive out-flowing Energies pouring out from the GC. The Great Mother’s water has broken and she gives birth, anew…

I’ve been waiting since December 24, 2012 — the day after theThree Days”, Expiration Date, Shift Point  for something BIG to manifest physically within the physical dimension to reveal physically what already happened energetically during the Three Days/Expiration Date/Shift Point at higher quantum levels and dimensions. Remember that everything manifests at the top first and then works its way downwards from there, with the physical dimension being the last one to finally manifest what’s happened in higher levels and dimensions.

Most people need tangible physical proof to convince them that something has indeed happened, has indeed changed dramatically and is now physically pouring forth like cosmic Aquarian waters from the jug of the Milky Way GC. And of course, no matter how the heavens ignite themselves and morph magically before our eyes via photographs from scientists from around the world, there will still be throngs of disbelievers concerning the end of the Mayan Calendar, the entire evolutionary Ascension Process, entrance into a new astrological Age, the Three Days Expiration Date and the intimate connection between all that and the Milky Way suddenly spewing forth GC black-hole energies unimaginable. Don’t let small minds put a damper on what you know and are living and feeling yourself.

A link to scientific information about the bursting of the galactic bubbles and current out-flowing of GC energies will be included at the end of and outside my © copyrighted material. Part of the caption below the image in that scientific article (see link at bottom) says:

“Image Caption: The new-found outflows of particles (pale blue) from the galactic Center. The background image is the whole Milky Way at the same scale. The curvature of the outflows is real, not a distortion caused by the imaging process…”

The reason I copied that one sentence in bold is because it’s very important and the reason why I’ve been clairvoyantly seeing the Milky Way GC energies flowing outward like a massive cosmic waterfall, much like Niagara Falls, for the past two years. First however here’s an old article with photo about the Milky Way galactic Bubbles the scientists discovered in 2010 before they burst (on or shortly after the Three Days — 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12).

Secondly, here’s a recent article from me about this massive Milky Way GC out-flowing of energies that we, humanity, Earth and our solar system have been inching our way towards over the years but aligned/conjuncted on the Three Days. This event is quantum and has already happened on day one of the Three Days –12-21-12– and continued happening throughout the remaining Three Days, and has and is still happening and being felt by humanity in varying degrees. It will continue to be felt by humanity for a long time so relax and adapt into IT because IT is life and reality inside the 5D frequency range of the Age of Aquarius and vastly higher frequency, higher consciousness, High Heart, high creativity Aquarian Unity energies.

When you view the photo of Niagara Falls I used in my “12-12-12 Through 12-21-12” article, please keep it in mind and heart when you view the new photo in the scientific article of the Milky Way’s two burst GC Bubbles and how the outflowing GC energies now resemble slightly curved, outward flowing energies like cosmic Aquarian waters pouring out of the cosmic jug (GC) — plus how it somewhat resembles the photo of the gushing, falling waters of Niagara Falls.

There is and will continue to be so much to talk about concerning these new cosmic GC energies that, finally are physically visible for all to see, and hopefully many more to feel and consciously be increasingly aware of. This is just the start of… everything… and we’re all still making incredible ongoing adjustments internally and externally to what we’ve been through via the Three Days including everything that’s continued to happen since December 24, 2012 and will continue happening. I’m going to say that again in hopes that it really sinks into everyone’s Hearts and Awareness; this is just the start of everything so relax into IT all and give yourself whatever “time” you need. We’re all in brand NEW territory and it will take some “time” for all of us to get our bearings and better understand what’s happened already and is still happening.

Since December 24, 2012 when one of our atomic clocks jumped two days into the future, and another atomic clock did the same thing two days after the first one did it, I knew we (humanity, Earth, reality etc.) were IN some very NEW and very different space and experiences and that we didn’t have a good or large enough understanding about what we had just gone through via the Three Days.

Since 12-24-12 I’ve been paying close attention to everything; my dreams, other people’s dreams, what’s happening in my physical body, in other people’s bodies, with my and other people’s consciousness, weird anomalies and other phenomena and so on. From my perspective the transformative energies that were the “Three Days” only continued on 12-24-12, and the next day, and the next day, the next and so on. From my perspective IT has not stopped just because we exited out the other side of the Three Days. IT has continued and I suspect will continue for a long time until we’ve so adapted, adjusted to IT that we no longer notice IT anymore.

My brain is fried today (not like this is a new event!) and my “Ascension Tinnitus” is roaring inside my head which only adds to the cosmic GC energies I feel pouring down into my Crown chakra and top of my physical head and into my spine and body. We are living Light antennas embodying these NEW GC out-flowing energies which are and will continue to improve us in very dramatic ways.

For the past week I’ve been repeated hearing in my head and emotionally feeling in my heart that profound and truly great Chorus from Joni Mitchell’s 1968 song for Woodstock. It is:

“We are stardust, we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden”

You might enjoy, especially if you’re an original Hippie First Waver as I was/am, listening to her song done by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young again now with the entire Ascension Process, the Three Days Expiration Date, the Milky Way GC Bubbles, and finally the rupturing and dramatic out-flowing of GC (Aquarian) energies on the physical level. It is these grand evolutionary GC energies from Source that are helping us get ourselves back to the garden.


January 3, 2013

teal copyrightCopyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and distribute this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice is included.

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121 thoughts on “The Galactic Bubbles have Burst: Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

  1. “…you misinterpreted the working of an atomic clock. which is funny, because it borders on the quantum realm, which you purportedly know well. your ‘atomic clocks’ are only receivers of a signal of an atomic clock. it is a sheer impossibility that your clocks suddenly drift that much…”


    “It is a sheer impossibility that your clocks suddenly drift that much…”

    In your world that’s probably true but that is not what happened to my two clocks and I don’t give a flying fuck whether or not you believe one word I say. 😀

    That was your last Comment at TRANSITIONS, I hope it was worth it to you.


  2. Denise- Please don’t waste your time and energy on someone trying to pick a fight with you when there are so many of us who love and appreciate you! XOXO, Michelle

  3. This might be superfluous since Denise has already dealt with the rudeness aspect but this inspired me to notice the *why* of something that has always bothered me but I was never able to enunciate. Culture being a shared perspective, it seems some people often feel the need to be gatekeepers of culture-like the people who want to make laws enforcing their religious beliefs.

    The comment above was an attempt at gatekeeping-at discounting others lived experiences in favor of a prescribed and ossified view of “reality” (that being the only word, according to Robert Anton Wilson, that should *always* appear in quotes 😉

    Being AS and a big science nerd growing up I used to fall for gatekeeping and then feel really upset and confused. Indeed there are people who use the general lack of knowledge of some things like science to con people and that can be a problem (like selling fake Native ceremonies to unsuspecting but sincere seekers-degrading indigenous people and sometimes *killing* the naive as at that sweatlodge incident a few years ago) but sharing our perspectives and experiences is not conning people.

    Even if some people who are not far along in exploring their own internal knowledge “follow” what Denise conveys about her experience, they are not being conned, they are choosing a path of learning that *feels* true and comfortable and alive to them.

    For almost as long as I have read Denise’s work I have been very grateful for her ability to be clear about her own awareness and experiences and tell people who gatekeep or degrade her to take a hike. I used to be intimidated by people putting down my experiences and telling me I was wrong about them, I didn’t believe I was wrong, but I became much less able to speak freely and feel comfortable.

    A while back when people were saying that we could not be experiencing attacks from team dark because ALL dark beings had been removed, I was able to copy a passage from Denise’s post and tell someone-see? its not just me!

    People who are not from a minority of any sort might not recognize this but it’s something some of us have had to deal with all the time-if non-white, or disabled or from a non-western culture, constantly being put down and told our experiences aren’t real or possible. Tho now I think of it-if you are female no matter what else you are or aren’t you’ve probably experienced it!!

    I am sorry it takes me so many words to say anything;-/ but I just wanted to say thank you to Denise and to all of you who are co-creating this new world of respect and freedom and openness, because this ability to own our experiences and not be put down is hugely important.

    My husband says men control the world by whining and even tho that sounds funny-it pretty much sums up patriarchy. (if you include the tantrum like nature of violence in whining especially 😉
    Thank you for not letting the whiners and gatekeepers control your space!

  4. so i check out the pic, not so inpressed, neat but no magic bananas for me
    what got me was the math, and i failed math 3x in high school
    BUT even i can figure if we are 30,000 light years away from the GC and the “outflows” extend 50,000 light years from top to bottom then we are affected by them, i agree that they are not harmful, (just the opposite) and was happy that note was included twice, all the better to keep the fear piece out of it
    what was MOST interesting to me anyway was the part about star power…… hehehehe……now we starseeds are receiving power,,, WOW….WHOOPEE….OMG…… shaking in my boots with excitement
    Welcome to Eden, children…… wish i could remember when i made comment seems like a hundred years ago but probably spring or summer………..anyway I have always felt/believed this NOW this ending of time as we have known it was the begining of just that bringing earth back to the eden it was intended to be
    a song has been in my head on and off for,,,,,,,, i give up
    anyway///// it’s the end of the world as we know it
    PEACE LOVE JOY JOY JOY TO ALL YA’LL HERE and a big hug to your mom Denise, hope she is doing well and tears of thanks to you for keeping us together here

  5. Denise, for the win.

    I love you, I really do! Thank you for making a firm response, and then KA-POW, gone. Doesn’t happen often on other sites and one reason I appreciate this one so very much.

    Thank you. 🙂 Thank you for keeping this an energetically protected space.


  6. Thank you Nikkoale! I was raised sort of in between two cultures so I noticed that a lot of what is taken for granted as “reality” is just a bunch of agreed upon things. I never thought of time as linear, I always thought the idea of the “arrow of time” was bizarre-everything rotates, planets, stars, atoms-what would make this time thing behave so differently than everything else? 😉

    I agree with you, Denise, on the ways the Shift is sort of forcing the awareness of the non-linearity. I think some of those sort of things have been happening all my current lifetime, but people were always told whatever happened to them wasn’t real or it was explained away.

    I am so grateful to my Mom’s generation for cracking apart that cultural wall of suppression, for coming together in so many ways to validate one another’s experiences and refuse to be told what they could think about, or talk about.

    Now we even have scientists like Rupert Sheldrake who show how the things that have been suppressed and denied actually work. Brains are amazing world filters-the tricky part is we seem to be writing the “user’s manual” using the flying by the seat of the pants method 😉

  7. “It also explains why people like none want to know more about all this and why these anomalies are happening.”

    you should stop assuming so many things.

    people who actually worked on transcendending themselves, have it largely figured out by now. what about you? people who actually grasp, and can handle, the changes used primarily logic and meditative work. why? because even in far-fetched multidimentional perception, there is structure and order. your body needs to be able to handle different spectra of energies, but without an understanding it will be useless. you would be an unconsciouss tranceiver, like the majority of organic life nowadays.

    once again, the funny thing is that clocks, calculation of time and calendars are among the things that will certainly not show any signs of Change. they will be outdated, though. think about it. if you grasp that, you might transcend your limited reasoning.

    since you are devoid of real logic, you’re nothing but an animal with capacity for fantasy.
    you are a prime recipient of the mind control beam, deluding an entire generation into passiveness while the world is indeed Changing. if you continue like this, you will be purged and recycled, like the majority of humankind.

    you had lifetimes to built up an extended awareness and subtle bodies, but you choose living in a fantasy world.

    please stop promoting your own delusions. you are hurting others’ progress.

  8. Hi Denise and All Here:

    Heads up, Sun is loaded with sunspots, some are flaring, and will be flaring. Denise has the link to the right on her site here. Check it out. Don’t think I’ve ever seen so many areas “bubbling”. More “Age of Aquarius Galactic Bubbles!”. Upgrades/photonic info packets heading our way! Love, B.

  9. I fully agree with Michelle, Denise. BIG HUGS to you and for ALL you do for ALL of us! People like none are deeply scared for their entire “reality” is being rocked and blown right out of the water! And thus, the ugly head of “ego” rears trying to protect what no longer IS.

    I LOVE YOU, Denise! Sending you Love to both you and your Mom!

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