On the Other Side of the 12-21-2012 Three Days Life Review & Expiration Date


2012 RECAP

You may remember that in January of 2012, I began doing Lisa Renee’s 12 D Shield Technique, and it was while doing that visualization that I first clairvoyantly saw the incredible density and total lock-down and control that Team Dark had over all of the second dimension (2D – Elements and Elementals). It was shocking to see this and realize how utterly and completely the Negatives had taken over 2D and so many beings that exist and/or were held prisoner there by them. All I clairvoyantly saw from January 2012 (I’m not saying this started in January 2012, but that that’s when I first saw to what extent 2D was controlled by the Negatives and how the Light was not allowed to penetrate into that dimension at that time), was total darkness, blackness and heavy density that resembled thick black tar everywhere. It was heart breakingly gross and suffocating in its heaviness and density.

However, since January 2012, I’ve watched week by week and month by month the immobile dense, black negativity within the second dimension be broken up, transmuted and cleared by the Cosmic Cavalry, the Light, and many of us Forerunners and Starseeds. From January through August 2012, I watched increasing chunks of that super heavy density, darkness, negativity in 2D and eventually the beings there — human, elemental, demonic, lesser negative entities, negative Aliens — be totally removed and relocated elsewhere. Every few days during those eight months I’d see that more of that density and darkness that Team Dark had built in 2D was being broken apart and removed, transmuted, freed and released etc. and it was an amazing process for me to witness in this expanded way throughout 2012. Needless to say Team Dark went into intense attack mode to try and prevent or override all this but it’s been useless in not only 2D but 3D and 4D and all other locations where they have distorted and parasite-ized off of Source’s many creations and externalized aspects — aka humans, animals, elemental beings etc. (Remember that nothing happens in one dimension that’s not intimately connected to and through all other dimensions and beings that exist within them and so on. So even though I’m talking about what I watched unfold and be transmuted in 2D, know that it was also happening in all other dimensions too. )

By July 2012, an all-out frantic and mean battle was going on down there by Team Dark because The Light/Team Light was evicting Team Dark and removing all of their distortions and stolen property etc. By September 2012 Fall Equinox all of the density, distortions, darkness, negativity and prisoners were gone and nothing but brilliant Light was clairvoyantly visible to me throughout all of 2D. From September 2012 forward all I’ve clairvoyantly seen when I view the multidimensional layers below my physical feet — 2D and 1D — is brilliant white Light everywhere. (This is why I wrote the article “Grounding into Light” recently in hopes of helping people realize that those old methods of grounding into dense 3D Earth no longer works because it’s all Light there now!) Amazing, absolutely amazing to watch this Process unfold in about nine months. Yes, these nine month gestation/transformation periods have been and still are very important clues about the timings of certain unfolding energetic events and changes. (Note: from December 21, 2012 Winter Solstice, the first day of the “three days” through to the Fall Equinox of September 22, 2013, is another nine months. More about that in a moment.)

This brings us up to today, December 26, 2012, the other side of the big transitional “three days” or Expiration Date as I’ve called it, or Shift Point of 12-21-12, 12-22-12 and 12-23-12. Today when I clairvoyantly viewed the energetic situation around me, below me, above me etc., there is now nothing but brilliant Light everywhere and I mean everywhere. This brilliant Light is no longer just below my feet in 2D, and also emanating from the 1D Earth’s core now, but now that we’ve traveled through the “three days” all I can see below, around and above me is brilliant Light everywhere. Because of this I can easily and safely say that I have, that you have, that we have indeed transitioned, Shifted, exited/entered into a higher frequency space and location. Is this the Ascension end-all? No, but it’s one heck of a huge evolutionary shift in itself. Stair-steps remember?

12-12-12 — December 12, 2012  

Before I forget again, I want to mention that I basically slept my way through the incredibly important 12-12-2012 portal. I was all ready for it, then whammo, I’m suddenly passed out for nearly five hours that day! NEVER in my adult life have I slept during the day for as long as I did on December 12, 2012 — 12-12-12! A lot happened that day during that time, so much so that many of us HAD to exit our physical bodies for hours and hours to more comfortably and quickly embody those energies and changes that took place on that specific day.

Even while asleep that day I was aware of and could feel tremendous energies coming in and through my body causing it to vibrate, shake, rumble and roar more strongly than it ever had prior, which is saying something! I slept through the majority of the December 12, 2012 12-12-12 portal which I suspect many other people did too. It was perfectly correct to live the 12-12-2012 event while asleep and out-of-body which is often when Volunteers, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Forerunners do their very best Work. So cut yourself some slack if you too unexpectedly and abruptly fell asleep during the 2012 triple 12’s and feel you “didn’t DO enough”. Know that you did and you did it just fine and didn’t miss out on anything. Our beliefs about plenty of things must and are expanding now so be open to even more changes within yourself, your spiritual ascension, time and Shift beliefs plus a whole lot more having to letting go of.

THE THREE DAYS — December 21, 22, 23, 2012

I cannot tell you or define for you (nor would I) exactly what happened during the “Three Days” — 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12 of 2012. I can only share with you what I personally experienced, perceived, felt and am still discovering about this profound event, transition, expiration, shift, completion, ending and beginning, living ascension death Life Review. Your mileage will vary because we’re each unique individuals; unique aspects of Source/God/All That Is and every individual’s experience and perception is important and valid in its unique way. If Source/God/All That Is wanted us all to have the same identical experience and perception, then there would only be One of us, whereas there are countless aspects of us so that Source/God/All That Is gains as many unique experiences and perspectives as possible and more.

I know that it’s hard sometimes to get one’s awareness out of the old familiar pre-ascension 3D linear time perspective, but the “Three Days” Expiration Date and Shift Point did exactly that even if we’re not all experiencing non-linear or quantum time/awareness and Spherical Consciousness yet, or at the same exact degree or in the same identical way(s). Again, more changes and expansions to all of our old spiritual and ascension beliefs. We’re new beings in a new land in a new timeline and space and it’s no doubt going to take us all some “time” to adapt, further expand our perceptions, plus get the hang of these new higher “rules” for this new higher stage of learning, creating and being.

The December 2012 Three Days Life Review For Me Was…

For me personally the first day of the “Three Days” was full of energetic (psychic) and mental and emotional interference from mass humanity. I semi-expected that as a sensitive I would feel, sense and/or be somewhat affected by mass humanities expectations, fears, confusions, religious delusions, general disbelief, rejections and lack of awareness about December 21, 2012. I basically felt huge psychic noise from humanity concerning December 21, 2012 for many hours that first day of the Three Days Life Review. At one point during the day I even started becoming depressed, frustrated, angry at the political mentally and emotionally ill people running this country. That was me picking up the Expiration Date of the global patriarchy and its structures and systems, plus plenty of people also being all done with the insanity of the rulers and their negative ways.

Thankfully I suddenly fell asleep around 11:30 AM until 3:00 PM which helped me move beyond that layer of collective emotional and mental interference noise. The rest of December 21, 2012 was for the most part for me, a crap day sort of like experiencing an unsophisticated, semi-sloppy physical death. After clairvoyantly seeing for the past two years the image of this crossover Shift Point, I guess I expected more impact from entering it. My first mistake, if one can call it that for an event such as this, was my preconceived expectations. I think all of us got hit in varying degrees with that one and that’s also perfectly fine. Adjustments were automatically made, repeatedly throughout these transitional Three Days just like we knew what we were doing. Amazing.

12-22-12 FOR ME WAS…

December 22, 2012 from midnight through the early AM hours until I woke up consisted of many dreams that were other aspects of my Three Days personal Life Review. During those early 12-22-12 AM hours I met with many old physical human friends, teachers and loved ones that I haven’t even thought of in decades, a couple of them I’d actually forgotten about. It was wonderful and emotionally felt so good, so positive seeing those particular people again and having the opportunity to hug each of them while we revealed to each other how dear and important the other person had been in our lives. These many different December 22, 2012 lucid dream meetings with old friends were another very important aspect of my personal Life Review.

Let me backtrack a moment to add that from 12-12-12 through 12-23-12 was for me one constant Life Review both while awake and asleep. While awake I repeatedly found myself in a deep inner state of Gratitude and Thanks with each animal and animal pet I’ve ever had and loved throughout this lifetime. In many ways my love affairs and relationships have been stronger and deeper with animals than humans, which many Starseeds and other higher dimensionals totally understand and relate to. Point is that from 12-12-12 through 12-23-12, I naturally found myself going through this inventory process of mentally and emotionally saying my Gratitude Thanks to every animal and animal pet I’ve ever had a relationship with which was highly emotionally satisfying and appropriate.

The daytime hours of 12-22-12 into that evening were, for me, feeling better and free from the previous days interference’s, mild depression and frustrations I’d felt coming from the human planetary collective primarily. December 22, 2012 was easier for me and very much felt like I was deep in transition and it was an extremely positive and comfortable feeling.

12-23-12 FOR ME WAS…

December 23, 2012, day three of the “Three Days”, and my 61st birthday, started out with my having a weird long dream in the early AM hours. It consisted of many frightened strangers frantically running about trying to get away from, escape from some perceived approaching disasters or attacks and other unpleasant types of physical experiences. The message of this dream for me personally was that these panicked strangers were actually not in any way threatened by any real danger but were REACTING to what they believed and feared might harm them but never actually did.

The truth of the matter was that they repeatedly injured themselves physically while frantically running away from those things and events that they believed and/or expected were coming and would very much injury or kill them. Nothing came, they only succeeded in injuring their bodies because of their emotional fears, panic and lack of awareness.

December 23, 2012 daytime hours and for every up there’s a down at least until one is totally beyond duality! Please, no one feel bad or sad for me because my birthday — December 23rd and the final day of the Three Days Life Review — was utter shit and emotional pain and ridiculousness for me. I don’t feel bad, sad or guilty so please don’t anyone feel that way either. I know very well that for every decent into the Shit Pit as I’ve call it, I always come back up with new treasures in hand, heart and awareness.

Because I’ve done this Plutonian Shit Pit Decent Diving hundreds of times in this life, I’m pretty good at it actually but I must admit that experiencing it on this particular day was profoundly amplified compared to anything I’ve ever experienced before while down in the Muck Pit of Ridiculousness and Darkness or whatever one wants to call it. I wouldn’t have expected anything less to be honest. Not even a tiny speck of residual inner emotional imbalanced crap can get past this Grand Initiation Threshold Alignment nor should it. I do intend however to no longer do this old Shit Pit Decent Diving method any longer to solve whatever remaining emotional reactionary stuff I have that needs transmuting and neutralizing. Enough already — it’s now time to learn and master the higher frequency ‘Neutral Observer’  method instead.

I won’t go into all the stupid family details, and trust me, they were pretty stupid but who should judge our personal and potential greatest freedom triggers! I certainly won’t because I know better. So I had some personal old triggers get activated on my 61st birthday which just so happened to also be the final day of the Three Days Life Review. Actually they were a blessing because my emotional reaction (therein lies the big clue) was so profoundly amplified that the whole business (myself and my reactions to these particular triggers) repulsed me right into greater self-awareness and greater higher awareness in general. Such are the higher intent and point of “triggers” if  we’re wise enough to use them to further grow.

Did I unnecessarily wound myself like those strangers did in my dream hours earlier? You bet ya I did emotionally, but I also lived through this highly amplified intensity at the speed of Light and was able to feel, deal, heal, understand, neutralize and release the stuff I needed to. However, here’s to not injuring oneself physically, emotionally, mentally or in any way ever again for any reason. Seriously, this is boring at this point not to mention embarrassing, so I hope I’ve finally learned how to remain neutral from here on out no matter who or what suddenly jumps out at me with whatever ridiculousness in hand or mouth! My deepest thanks to all the players in this very important personal education, test and potential ultimate freedom 12-23-12 birthday trigger. ❤

It may at first sound like my personal Three Days Life Review were a total bust, a total screw-up or a pathetic missed opportunity, but to me they were actually great Initiatic lessons and Life Reviews that further assisted me in getting and remaining free from those things that we’re all working towards freeing ourselves from. We rarely look as fabulous as we might like to while in the midst of more inner transmuting and learning. Whatever, just do it and keep moving forward. blowcandle


From December 12, 2012 — 12-12-12  — to this minute I’ve experienced bouts of extreme inner COLD in my body much like a “Cold Flash”. It’s internal COLD, not external weather-related. This particular ascension symptom is one huge change for me because since February 1, 1999 when my physical, biological Dark Night of the Body Ascension Process started, I’ve had constant horrible inner body HEAT. I had “Hot Flashes” constantly for ten years since 1999. By year eleven the Hot Flashes had reduced to only occasionally which was a huge blessing after burning for an entire decade! On top of all that inner body heat and Hot Flashes, I also had many years of my feet and the bottoms of my feet especially (also my hands) being so hot that I couldn’t wear shoes for ten years. I had to wear flip-flops otherwise my feet would get so hot that it was unbearable. When higher frequency Light Energies come in contact with lower frequency dense duality stuff it causes tremendous friction and HEAT and Hot Flashes etc. to Alchemically transmute and literally burn away that density in and around us, hence why many of us have been on Kundalini fire for over a decade.

But since around 12-12-12 I’ve been experiencing more and longer bouts of freezing inner COLD which radiates outward just like “Hot Flashes” do. These bouts of inner cold are wonderful in comparison to the inner HEAT caused by transmuting 3D duality density. To me it’s a nice change because I’d rather feel internal cold than heat any day. The reason I mention this now is because I know many of you reading this have been and/or will soon be experiencing these same energetic Shift symptoms of freezing inner cold too. This inner cold many of us are now feeling has to do with us no longer needing to transmute lower frequency residual density via inner Alchemical Fire, but us Shifting, Evolving, Ascending into higher frequency space that registers in our bodies like extreme inner cold, sort of like empty deep space every time we enter another level of it.

Interestingly, the day after the Three Days — December 24, 2012 — one of our two battery operated atomic wall clocks got weird and jumped two days into the future. On the morning of 12-24-12 it read 12-26-12 which made my Mom’s brain fracture for a few minutes as she tried to figure out if she’d lost two days…or more…or what exactly was going on.

After checking the batteries and playing with the clock to try to get it back to the correct date, she finally had to reset it manually because nothing else was working. When this first happened we checked all the other clocks, the clocks on the computer, the clocks on the satellite TV etc., because we really weren’t sure what was going on with “time” at that time. I said to my Mom, “We’ll have to see if anything happens or is significant on 12-26-12 just for the heck of it.” 

The morning of 12-26-12 I glanced at the other battery operated atomic wall clock we have in the kitchen and it read 12-28-12 and my brain fractured for a few minutes as I fumbled with time and reality and trying to locate myself within it! Therein lies the key to this anomaly but time will tell more I suspect.

This second atomic clock also has new batteries in it, which I tested to make sure they were strong enough as I did with Mom’s atomic clock in her bedroom on 12-24-12. The batteries in both atomic clocks are new, strong, fine and working properly. The clocks however are jumping two days into the future — from our point of perception that is. Once again I’ll check to see if anything different happens on 12-28-12. (Okay, today is 12-28-12 and both atomic clocks are reading normally now with no more jumping two days into the future. I suspect these clock/time anomalies had something to do with the Three Days and Galactic Center conjunction alignments and downloads.)

My eating habits have suddenly changed due to the Three Days, Expiration Date Shift Point. Some of us are experiencing food changes now, while others will experience them in their uniquely individual ways over the weeks, months and years to come. Just be prepared to have the foods and liquids you’ve needed to ingest during the HOT, heavy, difficult transmuting stages of the Ascension Process to dramatically change now that we’ve reached this NEW higher stage that’s feeling like inner COLD inside at times. Many of us Forerunners are no longer having to or needed to transmute massive amounts of density duality as we have for many years and because of this our eating habits have change rather dramatically  and very suddenly (hallelujah!). Those of you still transmuting your density duality stuff will most likely still need to eat more protein foods more often which is normal for that phase of this Process, while others are in an in between phase with this. Stair Steps.


I’ve heard many people say this post December 21, 2012. My question to everyone who believes this is, “Really? How do you know that you’re still in 3D?”

I and many of you have been existing within pockets of 5D frequency for many years already and when we’ve needed to we went out into transitioning physical 3D reality to shop, put gas in the car, buy groceries, go to the doctor or whatever. But when we returned back to our higher vibrating, higher frequency houses/homes/properties we reentered our personal little “sequestered” 5D energy spaces and continued working and waiting for the others. In this way you haven’t been in 3D for years so why do you believe, on the other side of the Three Days, that you’re still “in 3D”?  

Just because the sky is still blue and traffic is still noisily zooming around and you still have to eat, sleep, shower and do all those other lovely bodily things we all still have to, and that the evils of the old world are still visible to us does NOT mean that you, me, many of us are not existing and functioning from within a fifth dimensional level of frequency now. We are, and more and more of us will realize this as the months of 2013 roll on.

This brings us back to those old beliefs and expectations again. We’re in a very new learning curve now and continuing to make more adjustments, adaptations, realizations and greater understandings as we gradually come out of the Other Side of the Three Days and Expiration Date. There will undoubtedly be many more articles to come about these new changes, new rules, new abilities, new methods, new beliefs and belief systems etc. This is long already so I’ll end it here and wish you all a very Happy New Year and NEW 2013 Life and Reality.

toast blue stars flash


December 29, 2012

multicolored copyright 2Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and distribute this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL http://deniselefay.blog and Copyright Notice is included.

86 thoughts on “On the Other Side of the 12-21-2012 Three Days Life Review & Expiration Date

  1. Oh too, too, too funny. 😀 I was here, commenting elsewhere as I got caught into the comments that were there on your Ascension Symptoms post, and I saw on my WordPress reader there was a new post, JUST as I clicked to come back to the Homepage of this blog,et voilà — there is a new post waiting for me, hee hee hee!

    I was drawn energetically here, and hung around until it arrived!! I guess I had better read, as obviously there is something here I am meant to read, haha.

    Thank you, Denise.
    Calliope the Muse/Karin

  2. Hi, Denise. Since 12.12.12 so much has happened and the “new symptoms” of the “new age” are something else to adjust to. I no longer have any sense of time, nor do I have any sense of what day of the week it is. Every day used to have a certain “feel” to it for me, but now, no. I used to be able to sense time, but no longer. I feel “stoned” all the time, out of it, but not experiencing the nice high that goes along with that. Just buzzed. Nothing feels normal, nothing feels right. Nothing makes sense. One day I looked at my hand and that hand I could not figure out who it belonged to. Mind blowing! Here I am, flying without a pilot, and then I look around at “normal people” and I say, “HUH?” I’ve also felt so expansive that my home feels tight and small now. So many changes……

    I haven’t gotten to the COLD yet, but in fact, have had several “sweat lodge” sessions that left me clinging to a chair, chanting……I can do this! Since those events, now that I think about it, I do seem to be cooling off. OH for the relief!!

    Hungry, but not hungry. Taste buds seemed to have taken a vacation. Nothing tastes right. LOL LOL LOL I could go on and on, but if a Lightworker doubts we have ascended and we actually are walking the New Earth now, I hope they read your article because I know it is true!

    Thank you and BLESS you for writing these words. Yep, we have arrived. NOW we begin to really create our Dreams………HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love and Hugs, Amy

  3. Okay, I read and I am back to say thank you, and also loved the distinction between Shit Pit Decent Diving vs. Neutral Observer Method.

    OMG, this is SO TRUE. I have to laugh it is such a true distinction, and what a perfect name for the dark diving mode. 😀

    I found that the three days were exceptionally tough in so many ways. From the 12-12-12 onward, I had really been mentally battling Team Dark. For me, it peaked on 12-24, just after the three days, when I found myself screaming at them that “You can’t have me!” because the thoughts were so dark, and so hopeless, I could tell they were trying to do anything to keep me down, keep me doubting at a hopeful future, keep me from being released into the future. I was cursing and telling them to “eff off” and envisioning the character The Bride from the Kill Bill movies, going off on Team Dark, kicking their asses in the etheric realms, lol. It helped, though. Sometimes when you can’t get to neutral, just getting mad at them helps! Better than succumbing to the deep dark depths of despair.

    I also had personal events that culminated on 12-27-12 and the amazingness of that day showed me clearly I had “won” that particular mental battle of the previous three days, and since then I have been released into something new and something much more hopeful.

    What you wrote about I connected to very much, but for me it really was stretched out over more time, and yes, it was *very* very intense, more intensity than I have experienced in quite a while.

    I still find myself a little stymied, looking around me, saying to myself, “What is next?” Sometimes that freaks me out — everything is such a “blank slate” for me. I can see a connection between “As above, so below” in this sense. I also recognize that my ability to consciously create seems like it is on steroids now, lol. Creating for both positive and negative… Although since the 24th I feel that it is slightly easier to be in a positive headspace to create and manifest positive things.

    I am still in the space of feeling discouraged that our planet and the people on it seem to be in so much stress. There are many discouraging events that continue to happen, and my sensitivity level to those things is higher than ever before. I dearly want to be in “Neutral Observer” mode and I can usually get there, but sometimes have to shed many tears to do so. It’s not yet immediate that I can pop into that space.

    I still have many feelings along the lines of “Seriously? This is not over YET??” and I get completely overwhelmed at thinking things could march at this level of intensity and with difficult planetary events for years more. That makes me shake my head. I want to be in love with life again, but seeing all the 3D structures and systems and so on still physically in place makes me sigh heavily and just wish “this” (the transition, the shift, the difficulty, the suffering of so many) could just be *finished* for this planet.

    Having a high heart in 5D means to me so far that anything that is hurtful or painful or tragic — well, I seem to feel that more and wish that it did not have to be so.

    So I can see that working towards being a Neutral Observer is very much a part of the plan right now. I have to say, it is really hard work to get into that space right now. It seems to require constant vigilance. I hope it becomes easier. I totally agree with the need to do so, and the pressures we are under to get there. Team Dark is persistent, it feels, and while I understand all is Light now (I can perceive what you have seen clairvoyantly, too) it is as if they are screeching out in pain in exposure to that light, and are all the more wild to latch on and feed, or die trying.

    One last thing: I continue to see the number pattern of 44 and 444 constantly, along with some of the other “standards” such as the 11s or for me, patterns of numbers X-Y-X, such as 505 or 313 or 909. That’s been going on for years now. The 44 has been new this year, however, since around July. It means to me that the angelic beings are with me. I do feel everything is going to be all right, but it may be pretty intense getting “there”, wherever “there” is.

    I hope this is not too long, and that it is on-topic, lol!! I have almost crossed that line of maybe needing just to post this as a response on my own blog, but I really did want to echo what you have written as I have felt nearly everything you did as well.

    Calliope the Muse/Karin

  4. The thermometer reading in my car went from +34 degrees to minus 32 degrees then climbed slowly back to +34 degrees, then back down again, then back up again. Twice. Only twice, never before, and not since. Purple light was seen emanating from my side of the car (I was driving, alone) while this was occurring (but this temperature reading was not known by the observer who was following directly behind).

  5. Well I can certainly attest to the cold flashes. Same thing happened when I was writing my book in 2007. Given that my hormones were wacked out then, I attributed the intense cold to that but doctors kept coming back with normal thyroid readings (low thyroid symptoms include feeling cold). I’ve also had a bit of a weight gain over the past couple of months, back aches/pain and other issues which I’ll be polite and not mention. Happy New Year Denise!

  6. Thank you for your candid portrait of your experiences over the past several long-anticipated days. This is a great and humorous view of how you are doing and since you are clearly doing great, it makes me feel I am not doing as badly as I may have thought–especially the 3D shopping and running errands to return to 5D home environment, so now I am even more inspired to find the way to move to my own 5D home environment! Thank you so much, Denise!

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