Why We’ve Been Ballast-Cutting Like Crazy All These Years

Last year or so I perceived another symbolic visual message from my Higher Self that was, as usual, extraordinarily simple and beautifully to the point. It had to do with the Ascension Process — with the first transmuting and integration phase highlighted along with what comes afterwards due to that inner prep work. Of course I cannot find any images, illustrations, photos etc. that come close to the inner visions I see or any other higher dimensional location unless I attempt to draw them myself or ask my artist sister to draw it for me. However, after some rushing around online searching for photos, illustrations, or whatever I can find that comes the closest to what I perceive, I have to settle on buying whatever image(s) I do find that are the closest match. Such is the case with these purchased images below. They tell the story well enough but they’re not exactly what I perceived.

The visual message my Higher Self gave me in this case was of a large Hot Air Balloon far up in the sky with only one person in it and nothing else around. The entire image was a beautiful, rich gold color with thousands of tiny gold colored and white-Light colored sparkling glittering dots everywhere. The sky was gold, the balloon was gold, the person in the balloon was gold etc. Everything everywhere was gold colored except for many, but not all, of the tiny glittering white-Light sparkles.

I’ve seen different locations like this before in different dimensions and in different levels within those dimensions and quite often they’re perceived as all one color like this golden vision. I’ve seen other-dimensional and other levels where everything and everyone in that particular space was a beautiful deep blue color; a beautiful crystalline silver color; a beautiful milky pearl color with pale pastel iridescent baby blues, pinks, mint greens and lavender overtones. These visions where everything and everyone there is perceived as only one color is a message in itself.


man hot air balloon ballast

The Hot Air Balloon represents the Ascension Process. The single passenger in the hot air balloon represents each one of us individually living the Ascension Process.

425x282 ballast bags

The many ballast bags filled with sand and attached to the hot air balloon represent all the unresolved density issues, karma, duality/polarity issues, emotional wounds, mental and emotional habits or addictions etc., “past life” (which are actually simultaneous lives) issues and wounds, fears, hates etc., current life guilt, anger, fear, projections, unresolved issues and other stuck energies and so on. All of the ballast bags represent the different and many dense 3D energetic issues that each of us have HAD to transmute, integrate and return to neutral or unity energy during the dark, difficult and painful first phase of the Ascension Process. Us doing exactly that is symbolically represented by us cutting and releasing each one of the ballasts from our symbolic hot air ascension balloon.

411x292 golden stars

The golden sparkly environment that the hot air balloon and its single passenger were within represent a specific higher frequency range beyond the frequency range of dense duality. It represents the 5D range where the integrated and neutral High Heart unity frequency is the sole lens on reality and basis of reality at that level of development and focus. This gold space and level is not the end-all by any means, it simply was a visual representation of the shift point where one ascends/evolves out of the range of lower frequency 3D dense duality consciousness and reality and into the range of 5D High Heart unity consciousness and reality. There’s so much more beyond this frequency range and symbolic sparkly golden space or level, but for now, this is where we’re evolving into (the High Heart Sun is Rising and the Shen Ring and Shenu articles information) and that’s why this hot air balloon message was gold in color.

multi light triangles

The next phase of the Ascension Process is where many of the Forerunners currently are now. And this is also where I can’t find any really correct photos or illustrations to give you a symbolic visual of what’s unfolding now. These different colored triangles represent triality or unity — not duality — come pretty close. Your High Heart feels it coming (not to mention we’ve entered December 2012) and that’s going to have to be your personal visual for this aspect of higher embodiment into your physical body.

If you look at the first image of the man in the hot air balloon working hard ballast-cutting — transmuting and then releasing his emotional wounds, fears, limiting beliefs, unloved and/or projected aspects of himself across time in 3D — you understand why he’s been hard at work lightening his dense vibrational load.

Because he’s transmuted his inner accumulated energetic density and karmic stuff and symbolically cut/released the majority of his ballasts from his hot air balloon, he’s naturally able to ascend higher and higher in frequency and awareness to the point where he (you/me/us) finally shifts into a higher frequency space and dimension. And because of his alchemically transmuted and cleared self and bodies, he is (we are or are becoming) empty enough, transparent enough to actually begin embodying his Higher Self into his physical body and Lower Self. Transmuting and cutting loose (energetically returning Duality energies to higher frequency neutrality) all of our inner ballasts automatically cause us to ascend higher, enough so that eventually we reach a dimensional crossover shift point where our hard inner work results in being able to embody as much of our Greater, Higher Self as we can now into our transmuted and receptive physical bodies. No pictures needed for this phase of the Ascension Process because your High Heart already feels and knows it’s close.

Denise Le Fay

December 1, 2012

multicolored copyrightCopyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may share this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL https://deniselefay.wordpress.com and Copyright Notice is included.

57 thoughts on “Why We’ve Been Ballast-Cutting Like Crazy All These Years

  1. Wow (pause to be with the gushing heart energy). This will give away my location, however, about a week ago, I saw 3 balloons up in the sky and the Fiesta has been over now since early October so I thought that was odd. Yesterday, the woman who drove my to my appointment, whom I’ve never met (in this life) before, said she saw a couple balloons the other morning and thought the same as me.

    Denise, as you described the “other” dimensions, a part of me recalled one of these places. Full of the translucent crystalline structures, delicate colored rainbows… hmm, I’m just am experiencing/remembering that. Beautiful.

    When I saw the golden picture you had, my “other sense” (probably from the heart, new way of seeing) was the golden was the all-encompassing of energies, and the pinpoints of light were each of us experiencing it in our own unique ways. Sort of a beautiful harmony huh?

    When I had more of a sense of what you had to share, I wanted to say to the man in the picture, “Look up! Look up now, and all the rest will just fall away!” And that’s how I’m starting to feel. There doesn’t need to be drama, or fear, or “figuring out the best way to process this”. Remaining open, widening the doors of our heart gateway (whoa, I didn’t mean to type gateway… or maybe I did?) will help all the rest of the “issues” to fall away that much easier. Just last night, as I sat down to wind down for the night, my neighbor and someone who just pulled in the driveway were close to what sounded like a “call the police” situation. I stood up, faced my front door, put my hands up and visualized/pushed my hands outward as if to “part” the two arguing heated people. And within seconds, the guy got back in his car, cussing the whole way, and left. And I sat back down, unrattled, continued my evening calmly. Wow. It has never been that easy before. And I can’t say that I even take credit for that stopping. Yet I recognize the shifting back to calm coming faster.

    My high chest area has been full force here for an hour or so now. There’s such a gush of energy, and I’m not afraid, and I love the process and am excited for what is to come.

    I’m sure there’s more, and it will come. We all seem to pick up pieces of what the other shares, that in turn helps someone else. It’s so beautiful!

    Much Love and Light,

    PS: Can I just say that I am so in love and lifted up by the new back ground (sky with the steps)? It took a bit for me to see behind the words that it’s a staircase. It’s wonderful 🙂

  2. Dear Denise,

    Much gratitude for your update, these are immensely helpful, even for those of us “old timers” who’ve been working the Ascension Grid architectoniques/ body transmutations for years.

    Trying to pinpoint, I had a mis~carriage the 4 July 1987 in Virginia Beach while attending a relative’s wedding. I was very conscious, even then, of the connection to Cayce (his ARE institute is located there) and that Spirit has another path opening for me.

    Fast forward to 1988, New Mexico, the music of Coyote Oldman, and the Aboriginal/Indigenous art of the Anasazi. Bandalier Canyon and shamanic flute dreamstates. The wisdom of the Old Ones. My grandmother passes in 1990. North Carolina. Cherokee. She comes to me in spirit form, I am to be a Guardian of the Land and Patroness of the Arts.

    1996 we buy Miracle House in the Santa Cruz mtns above Villa Montalvo, the California Historic Estate for the Performing Arts. Our house is a hexagon. Blessed life until Starseed
    hijacking of 1999.

    All lost. Everything. Re~set. Exiled back to Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, then a bright
    light in Alaska appeared in 2008.

    I am back in my beloved California. The sea and mountains meet. The eucalyptus soar, the cypress designate their eternal wisdoms to the path of the feet in the soil. Our root is our
    land, our Heart feels her pulsings, her awakenings. The 5th World Shiftings. The Blue Star
    Kachina calls.

    GrandCanyon, the film, this says it in a great Kevin Klein way. All is becoming as the Great
    Creator is dreaming Us, Our dream to lucidity.

    Your love and service to Earth and humanity is deeply appreciated. I Thank you.

    Pax Christos,

  3. Denise, this is a wonderfully uplifing post, thank you. I will re-read many times as I “feel” its importance and High Heart vibes. Can you tell me, please, because our “past” lives are actually simultaneous, and because I can remember so little of my own, is it safe to say that once we have cleared our self and bodies in this life, then the other lives and bodies are cleared, too? And will those of us who can’t remember simultaneous lives, know when those lives are cleared because that is when we will embody the Higher Self? I hope that made sense! Love to you and thank you, B.

  4. Hi Denise and everyone,

    I LOVE the hot air balloon/cutting ballast symbolism and images – how appropriate! Those who are still “weighed down” won’t be able to reach the necessary vibrational level for “take off” into the Shift. We need to cut away anything that holds us down.

    I will picture millions of hot air balloons cut free and floating into the welcoming blue… I hope to see you all there!

    Love & Light,


  5. You know Denise this is funny for a couple of reasons …
    I saw a hot air balloon going passed my kitchen window one day during the summer … only moments after I had written something about `rising above various things’ 😉
    Well I actually came across this very photo today … also … just this moment I wondered about how you had said that you were going to post about the month of November and how it was so challenging … and here I come over here and find your post with the picture of the hot air balloon.
    Also … way ..way back in the mists of time I recall writing about the Ascension process in the exact same way … throwing out the bags so that we can rise that little bit higher.
    At that time …several years ago … I recall writing that as soon as we thought we had thrown out all of the bags .. guess what…? More bags… 😉
    Well … it’s gettin kinda light and hot in here isn’t it..
    Much Love & Thanks
    ( mm… didn’t know the name of those balloon bags until now either .. )

  6. There is so much personally-embedded meaning for me in this post, I can hardly comprehend it. 🙂

    The word “ballast” alone has been important to me ever since I read Salinger’s “Franny and Zooey” as a teenager, and I even had a blog with this concept of “ballast” in it starting in 2004 (it no longer exists publicly). The idea of cutting ballast has been present for me as I moved intensely into conscious healing six years ago (of course it was going on unconsciously before that, but with the kick-off of my current awakening in 2006, everything moved to a whole new conscious level).

    I find this post very reassuring because it signals to me that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing, and gives me the key or knowledge to understanding what it is that I have to do on Monday morning.

    I’ll be back, re-reading this and comments, without a doubt.
    Thank you, Denise. This post is perfect for me right now.
    With love and gratitude,

  7. I find that doing intuitive collage work (what I call dream boards) enables me to “download” visuals I am receiving. No drawing necessary.

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