These Women Are NOT Me

I’ve had many people quote my articles on their blogs and websites over the years but unfortunately some people have attached photos of different women to my quoted articles because they assumed that those photos were of me. Problem has been that they are most definitely NOT me.

These people never emailed me to confirm if the photo(s) they were placing next to my name and my quoted article(s) were in fact actually me. I’ve had to email some different blogs and website owners to ask them to please remove these two women’s photos — Jean Haines and/or Ellie Miser — from my article(s) they’ve quoted on their blogs and websites for the simple fact that they are not me.

1.) This photo is most definitely not me but is a woman named Jean Haines who also has a WordPress blog.

2.) This photo is also not me but is a woman named Ellie Miser.

After searching on Google for Ellie Miser’s website or blog, which I couldn’t find, I’m going to use a link I did find with her photo and name on.

If you’ve used either of these photos above of other women or any others next to my name and my article(s), remove it or them immediately because they are not me, Denise Le Fay. Thank you.

Denise Le Fay

November 14, 2012


13 thoughts on “These Women Are NOT Me

  1. Hi Denise Longtime no hear and yu look much lovelier than them two Ladies. I love the lightbeings story and i am sure they can do so much more if they want .So i say bring it on we have only been waiting 25yrs Light .Love and Cosmic Happeness —- Olan

  2. Wow Olan, long, long time no see old friend. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed our experience with the two Lightbeings. It was special indeed. ♥


  3. Dearest Denise:

    I don’t need to see you to know you and to love you. You are my “invisible friend” and without you, I’d be wandering around homeless on this planet. And well done, you, to sort this situation out, must have been a bummer to have it going on for two years. Gratitude to you for all that you do. Love, B. P.S. If humour helps, I’d love to see a picture of the two Lightbeings!

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