Report From The Bridge

“Thanks for a fascinating post about this article. It was very synchronistic for me. Do you have any insights about what it is like to be on the bridge and crossing the bridge? I resonated with Calliope/Karin about being ready on the 3D level as well. Any insights on how the 3D interfaces with the bridge? Do we still have to pay taxes while when we are on/crossing the bridge? :) Seriously though, when you are moving away from the dark energetically, are you moving away from the 3D/dark structures? I have seen many opting out of the dark systems/structures and some even becoming self-reliant for example. Does the bridge have anything to do with that or do you still live day-to-day using the 3D systems yet operate at a higher frequency only? Just curious about your experience. For some reason I have felt that ascension meant we have to take more responsibility for ourselves and not rely on outside structures for any of our needs, but maybe this is erroneous. I realize this may be too much thinking/too 3D, haha! Thanks! ♥


Oct. 24, 2012″

Because I’ve had different people ask me this same question over the years, I’d like to use Jen’s Comment question (from another article) and give it its own article which hopefully more people will see. Thanks Jen. ❤

I’ve been on the Ascension Bridge for a few years now just as many of us have and I’ve been paying taxes, paying rent, buying groceries, showering, doing laundry, sifting cat poop out of the cat’s litter box the entire time. 😉 Here’s why these old patriarchal 3D systems have persisted up to the date of this writing.

Is everyone familiar with the astrological term cusp? Most are used to it describing when a person’s birthday exists between where one astrological sign ends and the next sign begins and is referred to as on the cusp of such and such two signs which indicates that both signs influences are in play. This same thing is happening throughout our lifetimes because they’re happening on the cusp of the ending Age of Pisces (2,100 yearlong cycle) and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. This alone would indicate tremendous changes across the entire planet because Age changes are incredibly potent and reality changing on their own. However, there’s SO much more happening now such as the culmination of a 26,000 yearlong Precessional cycle — one orbit through all twelve of the 2,100 yearlong astrological Ages; the culmination of a Galactic cycle — one rotation of the Milky Way galaxy which is about 225 million years long, and other cycles of incredibly long duration all completing and aligning now like a grand Cosmic and Galactic birthday! These are the reasons why we’ve all been working and struggling our ways through the Ascension Process over the past twenty-five years or so because everything/everyone everywhere has been, is, and will be changing (evolving) into a very new and different level where we all will continue our spiritual learning and creativity etc.

For the years that we Forerunners have been ‘sequestered’ off in our minuscule side-world waiting and work bubbles that have been a vibrational match to each of us, we’ve continued doing our Light Work for all, but from a few higher frequency energy Stair Steps farther along within the Ascension Process. Needless to say after years of this it’s caused most of us Forerunners to have serious cases of “cabin fever”! Not having a full-sized matching frequency world to live and move around in for many years has been highly frustrating and claustrophobic feeling and we’re all very anxious to step out into the new ascended world waiting for us all on the other side of the Bridge and Expiration Date.

In the past I’ve talked a bit about how this transitional position often looks from my current perspective. Many times it’s looked to me like viewing through a long and slightly downward pointing black tunnel back to the old 3D world and people in it but everyone is blurry around the edges because I can’t pull them into clear 3D focus from my vibratory vantage point. It looks somewhat like when you look through the wrong end of binoculars; everything looks far away and smaller but just add a big black tunnel around what you’re seeing and make it slightly blurry around the edges of everything including people.

For years now this has often been what I see when I look at the old lower frequency patriarchal Earth world reality and people in it from my waiting/working bubble Stair Step. My viewpoint (current level of frequency which is a different location) and perception (current level of consciousness) is still evolving (continuing to change) now and the things I see, hear, smell, feel, sense etc. are continuing to change the further across the Bridge I go. The same is and will be the case for each of us so be open to big evolutionary changes to yourself, your consciousness and external reality.

Many times when I’ve had to go back down energetically to the 3D physical world to get something unpleasant done like go to the DMV office (Department of Motor Vehicles) — I wrote about this but can’t remember the title of it or I’d add a link here — the post office, a bank (banks are extra horribly dense and congested energy places that instantly make me feel like I’m being physically crushed from the heavy lower frequency density that money and money consciousness exude coupled with the human collective fears, frustrations, worries and anger over money and not having enough of it etc.), medical or dental offices, medical labs, Urgent Care places and all other lower vibrating locations full of nothing but dense duality patriarchal energies and consciousness.

Another visual anomaly I’ve experienced a few times due to this evolving/ascending gap in frequencies and locations (different Stair Steps) is that large locations of dense patriarchal physical 3D simply disappear from my view. I wrote about one of these shocking experiences that happened when I walked into a DMV office two years ago I think it was and literally couldn’t see or hear 99% of it because it was an absolute black void to me! No visuals, sounds, people or LIGHT at all in 99% of the entire DMV building which I’d been in many times before over the years, and all because the frequency gap or range between it and me was too great for me to bridge then so it, whatever it may be, disappears from our view.

(The next article I intend to publish is about another experience like this but with two Lightbeings my Mom and I had assistance from at the grocery store recently so please remember this article when you read it.)

(Also, I had to go to this same DMV building last month because my Mom needed to go and this time I could see every inch of the place and hear all the talking and other normal noises in busy public places like this. The whole place was blurry to my vision as most all lower frequency places and stores are, but at least this time it was closer within frequency range to where I’m currently existing which is why I could see it this time. In other words, even the DMV office has been drug upward into more and more Light over the past two years and because of this was visible to me this year. See how this works and why? Interesting isn’t it and makes it easier to understand why and how the Mayans, or anyone else, could suddenly “disappear” from 3D according to those who remained in the lower 3D frequency range and matching consciousness. This disappearing business will happen to more of us as we cross the Bridge and Expiration Date from both our perspectives and also from the perspectives of those who haven’t crossed it yet or won’t cross it.)

Experiences of having physical reality suddenly disappear from your perceptual range are highly unnerving and they’re happening now to more people because you/me/us are literally moving out of frequency range of it. This is the primary reason why so many of you have had trouble seeing the old world clearly and having it appear slightly out of focus or blurry to your higher, faster, more Light-filled body, vision and perceptual frequency range that you’re existing within.

This is only about some of what it’s visually looked like to me, not about how it’s felt or affected me physically and emotionally when I need or have to go into any lower frequency place to shop, get things done that must be done according to the old patriarchal world systems and laws etc. For me, having to go back down vibrationally into that “normal” world since February 1999 has been in many ways more painful and difficult than the Ascension symptoms. This is why most Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers do their best to avoid being in the old lower frequency patriarchal world as much as possible, and when we do have to go out there we do it as quickly as possible so we can get back to our higher frequency homes and recuperate from another trip down into the 3D Underworld. Sheer torture.

Jen asked, “…when you are moving away from the dark energetically, are you moving away from the 3D/dark structures?” and the answer is YES.

You move away (ascend/evolve) from everything and everyone that still exists within that lower frequency 3D space, place, level, dimension, timeline, consciousness, belief systems, structures etc. Everything and everyone, unless they too are existing at or close enough to the same frequency range (Stair Step) that you’re embodying at that moment. Typically all Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Indigos have moved towards the Bridge with more crossing it now, however, over the Ascension years many of the Forerunners have moved ahead by a few Stair Steps, then more would catch up with us, which causes more to move up a few more Stair Steps below us all and so on.

But yes, one does literally, vibrationally move away from that world where the old patriarchal 3D /dark structures and consciousness still exist. This is why the Forerunners have also been called Pathpavers because that’s exactly what they’ve done; pave a pathway of higher frequency Light energies out of lower frequency Duality density 3D world. This entire topic is really about different levels of frequency, consciousness, and density — lower/higher, more dense/less dense, darker/lighter, slower/faster frequencies etc. That’s what this Ascension Process, Shift of Ages, Separation of Worlds, of timelines and everything else is really all about — different rates and levels of frequency and their matching consciousness and realities.

What’s been happening in highly compressed ways over the past twenty-five years (very intensely physically since 1999) is much like the cusp symbolism. Many of the Forerunners transmuting and embodying the Ascension Process through our bodies have been sequestered for years slightly ahead of the rest in our matching frequency work/waiting bubbles, yet, because we’ve been within close enough frequency range to drop back down a bit and reenter the old dense patriarchal world we all were born into in these lives/bodies, we could still go shopping, pay our taxes, and sift through the cat litter when needed!

Why in the world would we want to do that you might be wondering? Only because the new higher frequency ascended world wasn’t ready for us yet and we weren’t ready for it, even though we thought we were. It is now however and this is why there’s so many of us currently crossing the Bridge. Yes it’s physically and emotionally painful to go back down to the lower frequency world but we’ve done it for many years already because we’ve been on the cusp of these two radically different worlds, frequencies, dimensions, consciousness, timelines and locations.

This won’t be the case for much longer however because there is a final Expiration Date to this business and the two Earth worlds and groups of people are soon to reach the absolute cutoff and separation point to this cuspal misery we’ve endured for so long. That Expiration Date is in the human Collective consciousness as the 12-21-2012 date. It can however happen before that date, or slightly after it, but it’s very close now and when we pass through it — cross the Bridge — the old systems completely expires and quickly begins to disappear from our perspectives.


October 28, 2012

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78 thoughts on “Report From The Bridge

  1. Baby, you are on the bridge even if you might not feel it. Have look down to your feet, I bet you see it underneath yourself. If you are awake you are on it. I hear what you are saying as am also a nurse. I have few more years at least couple before I will be able to retire and look at other options. Indeed negative behaviour from others is like nails down the chalk board, but we came here to do the service to others work and at times we do come across the negative. It takes stepping back to try and hold onto the joy and equilibrium, but it can be done and is most beneficial to us ourselves and it spreads to patients and others. It indeed almost is painful and hurts as our sensitivity is very sensitive. 🙂 Am fortunate enough to be able to live and survive here on part time nursing, It is utterly necessary to have that time away from patients and mainstream to recoup and balance the energies in before venturing out there. Sharing with like minded even if through posts and e mails also helps to keep us in touch and not in such a lone wolf mode we seem to be still in. When I woke up there were groups and people coming out of woodwork, now the troops have thinned. It has been a tough quarter of a century here during this mission. Thank god/ess for internet.

    Take a deep breath and appreciate your role here as a healer in many varied ways. Just a gentle word, touch, smile can do wonders to those whom are in great need of your care and compassion. We are all mostly waiting to step back into our Star roles, but we still are on this mission Earth and when the going gets tough the tough get going Star Sister. You are wonderful, blessed and amazing part of the Warriors of Heaven sent here and you definitely are on the bridge with the rest of us. Hear the laughter and let it fill your heart and soul with knowingness you are on your way home. Thank you for coming to this hard place to assist with a work, you are as is everybody else doing so very important and intricate part of this huge mission and just because you are a late waker upper does not mean you are not amazingly gifted and most important part of this all. My Earth daughter was one and holy moly has she come along leaps and bounds am totally amazed. None of this decades of stuff, months and a year and she is off like an eagle. Welcome onto the bridge Star Child of a Universe. 🙂

  2. I am also a nurse and I can’t stand being in the hospital where I have to earn my 3d living! I dread going to work (that has been a long time). I’m trying to live in gratitude each moment and not in fear. Everyday that passes feels increasingly strange. I am losing track of what I am doing because of time weirdness. You are not alone in being sensitive to aggressive behaviour. I have so many sensitivities. It is hard to be around people at work and not lose myself in a protective bubble. You may be closer than you think to the bridge. I alos have rears that I will not be crossing.
    Last night, I said something to husband about not being able to distinguish between dreams and reality an dthis clicked with him and he said “This is real, isn’t it? It’s really happening!” We were both overjoyed at that moment because I knew he was there with me and not going backwards!
    Sometimes, I feel like the “pulling” sensation of my whole being, like it is wavering back and forth or something. There is so much to talk about and write about. Does anyone know of any good forums which discus these issues about ascension?

  3. ” ( why do we signature at the end? Curious thought)”


    I’m just used to doing it this way but of course no one needs to unless they want to. Personal choice. 🙂


  4. Hi Denise & All,

    I love the title of this – Report from the Bridge! Must say, I relate to the WHOLE post and I so appreciate everything being put into words.

    I am certainly at the point of having “cabin fever” and feeling frustrated and claustrophobic because of all this waiting in my own “bubble.”

    Denise, your description of your DMV experience, both BEFORE (where most of it literally disappeared from your perception) and AFTER (later on, when it came back into your focus after rising in frequency) helps me to understand how this shift works for us on the bridge.

    I have been isolating myself more and more from the humanly-populated 3D world and spending more time in nature, without knowing why except that it feels uncomfortable being around crowds.

    “Having physical reality suddenly disappear” from our perception range will CERTAINLY be unnerving, so thanks for letting us know! I wouldn’t want to think that I was losing my mind! 🙂

    I feel that I have a foot in both worlds at this time. People and places in a lower frequency are shifting out of range. I just don’t have occasion to see them as much if at all. Family/friends who are caught in a downward spiral by their limiting beliefs are having their worst fears materialize and are totally caught up in their personal drama.

    We’re all so weary now in this entire ascension process that your message gives us HOPE. I have more and more trouble relating to people abiding in the lower frequency, especially when I feel their disrespect and lack of appreciation. I limit my interaction with them and detach myself, but the gap in frequency is still painful. I am ready to have the lower-vibrating world disappear from my view because I’ve had enough and feel I played the role that I was meant to play.

    So a big welcome to all those on the bridge!! And thanks again, Denise, for an inspiring and helpful article to guide us on our way.

    Wishing everyone Lots of Light,


  5. This is quite a relevant message! I dare not say timely as time really has lost all meaning to me these days…

    I am a little uncomfortable when I read this latest blog though. The reason is – is because my experience is so vastly different right now. I know it’s all stair steps and each and every one of us in on a different stair or perhaps groups of people stand on stairs.

    I am residing in something that resembles a mish-mash of 3 & 5D reality. I feel very “normal” for all intensive purposes and that is something I’ve never really felt until the past year or so. I’ve always been that weird one who read people, saw colors coming off their skin and internal organs (auras), and talked of the Pleiadians. These days though – I am married to a computer engineer, I myself am a technical writer for a government agency; we don’t eat great, we stay up too late, we go shopping at Target, and watch Football. Very very 3D centered activities and doings.

    But – I experience moments where I fall down the rabbit hole. Times where my vision literally bends and something slides out of view or I see a moving orb up in the night sky. I am still able to read people and see auras. So I feel these to be very 5D centered activities and ways of living.

    It is so very weird to be on the Bridge, if that is where I am, even. Reality stopped making sense a long time ago. The way I’ve begun to live is just taking each moment by each moment, never really feeling shocked or afraid because something is so strikingly different. Everything is a miracle and everything is weird.

    The only fear I still seem to hang onto is though is that I will be left behind, that somehow I will not quite make it across the bridge. I DO NOT want to keep repeating this hellish cycle of karma and life after life. I want to experience a new way of living. But you know, when I compare what I am going through (again I feel very “normal”) with what I hear so many others going through (seems very profound) – I don’t know if I’m going to quite make it across the bridge.

    The only thing I’ve been able to come up with is…I am experiencing more 3D reality right now so as to anchor that existence so that others who are still learning a lot of 3D lessons can still come across the bridge as well. It truly does feel like I took 4 steps backwards and maybe I did….out of compassion. We’ll just have to see…

    Time will tell. 🙂 Love and blessings to all of you, you are miraculous and tremendous!

  6. I have spent the greater part of twenty some years gradually letting more light into this newer world we are helping to create…it makes it easier to move around multi- dimensionally…requires a whole lot of love and inner healing though …the rainbow Chronic bridge is what comes to mind..

  7. I am a late awakener and nowhere near any bridge. Yet this article does help explain how I am feeling. I am now a healer, yet still have to earn my crust as a nurse. Although I like my patients, the work seems increasingly meaningless to me. I just can’t garner any enthusiasm, and the increasing commercial take over of the NHS and lack of any sense of individualised care distresses me. I have noticed that any aggressive or demanding behaviour, which is pretty common, makes me actually wince now. I sit flinching as though somebody is scratching chalk down a blackboard and I just need to be in the woods or in my home. It is almost ‘painful’, if that makes sense.

  8. About a year ago I had a profound dream of crossing a bridge. It was VERY high up in the sky and it was very wide and white. Those of us who were walking across this bridge were “going Home”. There was a deeply peaceful feeling and a calm excitement, plus a feeling of relief. It feel so good. We were carrying nothing with us. I was walking alone across the bridge and yet I knew we were all going home….finally. It was not everyone on Earth. Just some of us and not the majority at all.

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