The Mid-2012 Amplified Physical Pains

I’ve talked about how intense mid-July through around mid-August 2012 was for me physically (I’ll explain why I’m accentuating that word in a moment) in another article. In another article I’ve also talked about my clairvoyantly Seeing the “Frequency Fences”, energy barriers, and literal prison camps the negative Aliens have constructed in 2D (the dimension of the Elemental beings and Elements) slowly being broken up and dissipated throughout 2012, with all blocks down there being totally removed by late summer of this year.

In response to my article Polarized Thinking of “Sudden or Gradual”, some readers have written Comments and emails mentioning how severe the pains have been physically for them too this summer and/or autumn. Because many are going through this now and more will over the last important three months of autumn up to the 2012 winter Solstice, I thought we needed to talk a bit more about why many of us have been and/or are experiencing some very amplified, specific and extreme pains in certain areas of our physical bodies at this late date within the Ascension Process.

I’m writing the word physical in bold because I want you to really, really get that we’ve reached the point within the 25-yearlong Ascension Process where everything has reached the physical level in all ways. Many of us have had or are currently having second dimensional (2D) Elements and Elemental beings and energies removed from our bodies. Needless to say this phase of the Ascension Process in mid-2012 (and forward) has been very painful physically. No fear please, just some more knowledge about what you’ve been living and going through already and why. Knowing the whys to these unusual things always makes them easier and quicker to move through.

As I mentioned in another article the negative extra-dimensional Aliens have used, manipulated, hijacked, distorted, stolen, displaced, trapped and held captive many beings—both 2D elementals and 4D dead humans—and energies from different dimensions to affect and control living humans in the physical third dimension (3D). As we slowly struggle and work our ways through and out of this multidimensional nightmarish tangle the Negatives have created, the different beings and energies from 2D that were implanted by the Negatives to negatively affect and better control us are being removed, freed from our bodies and returned to their natural dimension. They’re as happy about this as we are to have them out of our bodies finally! [See A Lightworker’s Mission pages 34–37 about a lucid dream teaching I had in 1975 or 1976 from a childhood Guide about 2D Elementals being in our bodies.]

Because of this monumental and very positive change many of us have been and/or are feeling the very intense and physical pains of having certain hijacked and trapped 2D elements and/or Elementals released from our physical bodies this year. (I’m talking about the elements and Elemental beings that Team Dark intentionally kidnapped from 2D to insert into 3D and our bodies to better control us and reality here. I am not talking about the natural “organic” elements and Elemental energies we all have within our bodies. What the Negatives have done to many of the Elemental beings and both living and dead humans is profoundly negative and completely “inorganic” to all of us to borrow a Lisa Renee term.)

This is yet another aspect of the profound multidimensional distortions and manipulations that the Negatives (Team Dark as I’ve called all of them) have done to multiple species in different dimensions. But some very high, very positive, very grand Beings and Forces (the Cosmic Cavalry as I’ve called them) have been working to escort everything and everyone back into their natural dimensions over the past few years, with this process being extremely accelerated and physical throughout all of 2012. This is a big and very important reason why the physical pain in the physical dimension has been so severe this summer and into fall for some people. It’s a very positive thing actually, and the pain of this does end so hang there if you’re experiencing this now and know that you haven’t done anything wrong or missed something that you needed to transmute, clear, and return to a level of neutrality.

These severe and sudden 2012 physical pains have been this strange and intense phase of having a lot of help from On High in removing and escorting the hijacked 2D Elementals and elements out of our bodies now. It’s a good thing in other words even thought it hurt like all hell! This 2D business is naturally connected to 3D physical and the 4D Astral as well so there’s been A LOT happening on multiple dimensions and in our multiple energy bodies to correct these evil deeds done by the Negatives over the eons. As the “Frequency Fences”, energy barriers, and Negatives’ prison camps within 2D were dismantled via these very positive Higher Beings and Energies this year, so too were the hijacked elements and Elemental beings placed within our bodies by the Negatives against everyone’s will removed and returned to where they belong now in 2012. Why? So that each of us is vibrating with as high a frequency as possible before  we encounter the final threshold crossing or alignment download of 12-21-12 (or there a bouts).

I just wanted to let those of you know that have gotten hammered by this latest very positive but painful change that it’s not all you or not something you did wrong or missed or overlooked etc. It was 2D elements and Elemental prisoners being freed from your body/bodies and returned to their natural dimension now and why.

I also want to mention to any who need to be reminded of this, that what’s left of the Negatives/Team Dark have been getting very clever lately with ways to divide and conquer you and whoever it is that’s closest energetically to you now within this Ascension Process. They are frantic and trying all sorts of subtle tactics (unless you’re really familiar with them and how they work) to suppress or derail you or your loved one/Ascension buddy partner etc. in late 2012.

What I’m saying is to be REALLY honest, REALLY discerning and aware, and REALLY vigilant with your energetic protections whatever they are, and pay attention to any subtle thing(s) that you may sense but then are interfered with so that you ignore it or forget it…whatever it may be. Don’t ignore it, talk about it immediately with your loved one/Ascension buddy partner so you both are consciously aware of it and have externalized it within the physical. You’re a Lightwarrior so do not allow the old negative divide and conquer tactic of Team Dark to work on your and yours during these important final Ascension Process months. And, don’t be tempted to lay down in the road and take a long nap now that we’re only five feet in front of the Finish Line as we speed towards the 12-21-12 (or there about) Wall of Light! Team Dark is hoping many of us do and they’re trying different last-minute tactics (some very subtle so really pay attention) on many of us who are so exhausted to do exactly that. Say it loud and clear when you need to — “I AM GOD, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM FREE”.


October 2, 2012

multicolored copyright Copyright Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS, 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and link.

74 thoughts on “The Mid-2012 Amplified Physical Pains

  1. Spot on Denise. I can almost smell them and know when they are on to me. it’s like they can actually see me on the move. They are soooo predictable, soooo totally boring and sooooo tricky in the way they operate. It’s like you have to really get into their mind in order to to know how to outsmart them. I have become quite self-righteous in the process and it feels good. I will not allow them to take me down vibrationally and if that means being and seeming to be smug, then so be it. Again, just what I needed as a source of confirmation. Thanks. K

  2. Thank you dear Denise for your comforting update on all the fysical pains we experience…one by one individualy,,,but darlings do not forget too..that “theire” actions….do wake us up too, to recognize our Own Subtle Energies,more to Our Own Light to transmute those frequenties and strengthen our Lightbodies……
    Even…holding them and call them EVIL
    belongs to theire frequenty of Judging
    that we have to understand and transmute into the NeutralZone of Unconditional Love…That realy IS our Source of Be-ing…at least this is my experience so far..
    Hearthug for all of US
    In Love- Truth- and Freedom,

    PS. My comment is not ment to critisize…but I realy feel that it IS very important NOW to strengthen our Lightbody to become able to bear and carry the Truth of Love into all our dimensions and beyond…..

  3. THANK YOU once again Denise for having the extraordinary courage and GUTS to write about the dark stuff that so many people gloss over or ignore.

    My hubby and I have F-I-N-A-L-L-Y become adept at recognising the dark attacks. Just like Cheryl shared above, when Team Dark start playing their games of interference, we start verbally attacking one another for NO reason (SO not how we usually relate to each other). But now it seems one or both of us will suddenly go “Hang on. Is this an entity attack? (Actually to be blunt we call them ‘little fu#kers’!) And then we send it off to the light. It used to take a few hours to register but now it’s really quick! I am SO blessed to have a partner who sees, hears, gets and understands that!

    I also appreciate your reminder Denise about continuing to be vigilant about protection, as we have noticed if we forget and step outside without protection (or even stay in!) we always get ‘hit’ by a nasty energy eg frantic, careless driver or cranky shop assistant or whinging customer. We even keep one of Lisa Renee’s clearing invocations in the car and usually remember to say it when we get home. It works a treat! We also have many days where we do not even venture out unless we absolutely have to. I’m sure many of you can relate to this!

    It fascinates me how those little sneakies try all sorts of things to keep us distracted: physical pain, headaches, tummy upsets, emotional upset, interrupted sleep, arguments…the list goes on and on. Our default setting now is “Is this a nasty entity?” We’ve set up this thing where we automatically ask each other: ‘Have you picked up something?’ 8 times out of 10 the answer is yes! The other 2 times it’s usually energetic shifts, light pouring in and activating us.

    Also thanks for reminding me about the 2D beings who have been cleared off. I had a series of meditations a few months ago where I observed and supported trapped souls being released. It was very specific eg WW1 soldiers or 2D elementals, and then I saw your postings about this-great confirmation thanks. The JOY they feel when released is so beautiful. It always make me tear up and I feel my heart expanding…such an honour to be a starseed at this moments!

    Thank you for saying:

    “if you’re experiencing this now and know that you haven’t done anything wrong or
    missed something that you needed to transmute, clear, and return to a level of neutrality.”

    …and reminding us all that it is NOT something WITHIN us we need to clear, but rather stuff we are transmuting because of the work we do!!! Thanks for voicing this-I’ve NEVER seen it anywhere else. I am tired of reading “We need to process more of our stuff!” ‘cos I was DONE a few years ago and know it! And so are most iof not all of your readers I would imagine! Everything since then has been other people’s stuff which is my work. Thank you for getting that…and for reminding us that we are just about to cross the finish lone of a VERY L-O-N-G marathon!

    Thanks also for the reminder of : “I AM GOD, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM FREE”. Had forgotten that one. Am going to put it up in my home now in prominent places!

    You are a gem and a sweet shining soul Denise Le Fay. Thank you for creating and providing this safe and revelatory space for us all to play and learn.

    Hugs and smiles and deepest appreciation,
    Kathryn xoxox

  4. My journey has been long and arduous, the first 20 years I had created a family situation that was the nightmares of my past lives.

    I don’t think I realized it until a few years ago. I saw all the darkness and insanity I ever want to see.

    I walked out at 20 not having a clue what I lived through. Divine intervention follow me for many years and set me on higher ground. This cycle was to come back and revisit me at 38, no earth in my chart until then. I entered into the underworld and fought every darkness and shadow that persued me, then I was insane.

    The last 3 years the story wove around me again, this time I was awake and aware. I truly don’t know how I survived, everything was taken from me again.

    For me, in the last 2 years I was not frightening entities attached. I was fighting darkness in people(who I had worked for) in such a way I would be traumatized when they finally attacked me. The only way to get me was to take my means of income away, I am still surviving.

    A friend and I have been laid up for 3 months with physical pain, bones, muscles, tendons’, legs and knee’s. How I see it is this, it is the healing energy going deeper and deeper. Not fun, but understandable. I told my friend last night we are on the threshold I can feel it, even if I have to crawl over.

    Denise I have felt a deep respect and honor for you as you have made your way through this maze of insanity. Thank God I do not have to battle now, it’s enough to keep breathing when one just barely makes it to cook a meal.

    I feel in a state of surrender.

    You have helped me a great deal in the past, when I did not know what to do with the darkness. I think “they” realized this woman can not be brought down…and moved away. Boy that is a statement, and true.

    See you on the other side.

    Wayshower and teacher,

    Love Cheri

  5. Thank you, thank you, as always, and this post coordinates with other things I have noted around the blogosphere about the pains of the past few months. I had a very vivid picture of the 2D elements and elementals being released with these pains, and had the realization I think that is what was going on with my darn shoulder in July and August. Last week, and the week before, I just could not get any physical momentum whatsoever, and oh my, my lower back!! Something released over the weekend, however, and while I am not 100% I am notably better as of yesterday (although don’t *even* get me started on the energies that were swirling around on Oct 1st and causing havoc! LOL! It just kept coming, from the time I got up until the time I went to bed! Incredible…).

    A quick note here, and this is *not* a criticism at all: I am a former English teacher, so that will explain what I am about to write. And I also very much understand how this kind of thing happens in these times, and have much empathy.

    It is “divide and conquer”, not “divide and concur”, which interestingly enough means to “divide and agree.” LOL! As in, “I concur with what you are saying!”

    I got to thinking about all the times I make slips like that, and sometimes there is a deeper meaning there. I was wondering if we could make anything out of the slip and perhaps gain some wisdom from it. Like, is to “concur” what we really need to do with one another, instead of being divided so? I know you were speaking of what Team Dark is trying to do, but perhaps the message in the slip there is what *we* need to be doing!

    Anyway, I kind of thought it was a cute slip. Hope you don’t mind my bringing it up. You can take the English teacher out of the classroom, but… you know the rest, haha.

    Well, I think that is all. Thank you for opening comments again. It is so, so, so nice to be in this protected place. I can feel and know all of the work that goes into you protecting this place, and I am deeply grateful. I am deeply grateful for the people who respond here who are so insightful.

    I look forward to reading more comments and seeing where people are at.

    As for me, as I mentioned, *something* has released as of yesterday in that crazy energy & starting with the Harvest moon on Saturday. Maybe it is finally being free of some of the 2D beings and their being free of me. 🙂 I kind of pictured the little house elf from the Harry Potter series, Dobby in this. House elves, in the universe of Harry Potter, were beholden and enslaved to their masters until presented with an article of clothing from his or her master, and then they were set free. I pictured a bunch of elementals with my socks on! 😀 Maybe I should go to my sock drawer and see if any are missing…

    Love to you, Denise!

    Calliope (aka Karin)

  6. Denise,
    I NEED YOUR HELP. I ran into your blog this summer….Since late November 2011, I have been harrased by team dark. After my awakening in January of this year-I had a kundalini rising-I felt them attached unto me-I feel in terror-I see 3-5 reptilians following me and hooking unto me physically, astrally and etherically. Sometimes I see greys entering the pictures. They like to implant me-and have created many traumatic situations-Im guessing throughtout my life, or other lifetimes, but specially 2012-they are very aggressive and mindless. I have declared my self sovereignty, ask for help, meditated, but nothing seems to remove them, like they are stuck with me,inside a cage or grid like its their full time job to keep me down, sometimes I get anxious specially when they hurt my pineal gland…..I work with my guides and higher self, but I want my freedom back. What would you do? What do I have to do to be free? This last month I have been working on severing soul contracts and asking GOD to protect me, I sometimes feel so much peace, but dont know if thers ever and end to this. HELP

  7. Recently Christina Lunden talked about our “Achilles heels.” Mine is my dog, a working canine. In the past couple of weeks in my dreamstate I have seen the imps that are attacking him, which have caused the onset of a career-ending eye problem, which will eventually render him blind. My dog has been under attack in other ways, too, over the past couple of years but not with such intensity. I have been unable to stave off this attack.

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