The Mid-2012 Amplified Physical Pains

I’ve talked about how intense mid-July through around mid-August 2012 was for me physically (I’ll explain why I’m accentuating that word in a moment) in another article. In another article I’ve also talked about my clairvoyantly Seeing the “Frequency Fences”, energy barriers, and literal prison camps the negative Aliens have constructed in 2D (the dimension of the Elemental beings and Elements) slowly being broken up and dissipated throughout 2012, with all blocks down there being totally removed by late summer of this year.

In response to my article Polarized Thinking of “Sudden or Gradual”, some readers have written Comments and emails mentioning how severe the pains have been physically for them too this summer and/or autumn. Because many are going through this now and more will over the last important three months of autumn up to the 2012 winter Solstice, I thought we needed to talk a bit more about why many of us have been and/or are experiencing some very amplified, specific and extreme pains in certain areas of our physical bodies at this late date within the Ascension Process.

I’m writing the word physical in bold because I want you to really, really get that we’ve reached the point within the 25-yearlong Ascension Process where everything has reached the physical level in all ways. Many of us have had or are currently having second dimensional (2D) Elements and Elemental beings and energies removed from our bodies. Needless to say this phase of the Ascension Process in mid-2012 (and forward) has been very painful physically. No fear please, just some more knowledge about what you’ve been living and going through already and why. Knowing the whys to these unusual things always makes them easier and quicker to move through.

As I mentioned in another article the negative extra-dimensional Aliens have used, manipulated, hijacked, distorted, stolen, displaced, trapped and held captive many beings—both 2D elementals and 4D dead humans—and energies from different dimensions to affect and control living humans in the physical third dimension (3D). As we slowly struggle and work our ways through and out of this multidimensional nightmarish tangle the Negatives have created, the different beings and energies from 2D that were implanted by the Negatives to negatively affect and better control us are being removed, freed from our bodies and returned to their natural dimension. They’re as happy about this as we are to have them out of our bodies finally! [See A Lightworker’s Mission pages 34–37 about a lucid dream teaching I had in 1975 or 1976 from a childhood Guide about 2D Elementals being in our bodies.]

Because of this monumental and very positive change many of us have been and/or are feeling the very intense and physical pains of having certain hijacked and trapped 2D elements and/or Elementals released from our physical bodies this year. (I’m talking about the elements and Elemental beings that Team Dark intentionally kidnapped from 2D to insert into 3D and our bodies to better control us and reality here. I am not talking about the natural “organic” elements and Elemental energies we all have within our bodies. What the Negatives have done to many of the Elemental beings and both living and dead humans is profoundly negative and completely “inorganic” to all of us to borrow a Lisa Renee term.)

This is yet another aspect of the profound multidimensional distortions and manipulations that the Negatives (Team Dark as I’ve called all of them) have done to multiple species in different dimensions. But some very high, very positive, very grand Beings and Forces (the Cosmic Cavalry as I’ve called them) have been working to escort everything and everyone back into their natural dimensions over the past few years, with this process being extremely accelerated and physical throughout all of 2012. This is a big and very important reason why the physical pain in the physical dimension has been so severe this summer and into fall for some people. It’s a very positive thing actually, and the pain of this does end so hang there if you’re experiencing this now and know that you haven’t done anything wrong or missed something that you needed to transmute, clear, and return to a level of neutrality.

These severe and sudden 2012 physical pains have been this strange and intense phase of having a lot of help from On High in removing and escorting the hijacked 2D Elementals and elements out of our bodies now. It’s a good thing in other words even thought it hurt like all hell! This 2D business is naturally connected to 3D physical and the 4D Astral as well so there’s been A LOT happening on multiple dimensions and in our multiple energy bodies to correct these evil deeds done by the Negatives over the eons. As the “Frequency Fences”, energy barriers, and Negatives’ prison camps within 2D were dismantled via these very positive Higher Beings and Energies this year, so too were the hijacked elements and Elemental beings placed within our bodies by the Negatives against everyone’s will removed and returned to where they belong now in 2012. Why? So that each of us is vibrating with as high a frequency as possible before  we encounter the final threshold crossing or alignment download of 12-21-12 (or there a bouts).

I just wanted to let those of you know that have gotten hammered by this latest very positive but painful change that it’s not all you or not something you did wrong or missed or overlooked etc. It was 2D elements and Elemental prisoners being freed from your body/bodies and returned to their natural dimension now and why.

I also want to mention to any who need to be reminded of this, that what’s left of the Negatives/Team Dark have been getting very clever lately with ways to divide and conquer you and whoever it is that’s closest energetically to you now within this Ascension Process. They are frantic and trying all sorts of subtle tactics (unless you’re really familiar with them and how they work) to suppress or derail you or your loved one/Ascension buddy partner etc. in late 2012.

What I’m saying is to be REALLY honest, REALLY discerning and aware, and REALLY vigilant with your energetic protections whatever they are, and pay attention to any subtle thing(s) that you may sense but then are interfered with so that you ignore it or forget it…whatever it may be. Don’t ignore it, talk about it immediately with your loved one/Ascension buddy partner so you both are consciously aware of it and have externalized it within the physical. You’re a Lightwarrior so do not allow the old negative divide and conquer tactic of Team Dark to work on your and yours during these important final Ascension Process months. And, don’t be tempted to lay down in the road and take a long nap now that we’re only five feet in front of the Finish Line as we speed towards the 12-21-12 (or there about) Wall of Light! Team Dark is hoping many of us do and they’re trying different last-minute tactics (some very subtle so really pay attention) on many of us who are so exhausted to do exactly that. Say it loud and clear when you need to — “I AM GOD, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM FREE”.


October 2, 2012

multicolored copyright Copyright Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS, 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and link.

74 thoughts on “The Mid-2012 Amplified Physical Pains

  1. Fifty Shades of Gray. Anyone else get the larger con going on with that book? My feeling it was to draw as much female energy to the lower charka to keep us/them from assending. Maybe I am way off base with this as well as off subject but this is what I was lead to write here. I refuse to watch or read anything with sexual or violent content. On subject, just today my best friend was hurt by something I said to her. Not anything bad just my tone and frustration about something with my family that I took out on her in a very small way. I feel her hurt and she has not returned my phone call to say I was sorry. So yes again Denise you are right on with what the dark is up to. Thanks sooooooooo much. PEACE

  2. Denise, bless you, bless you, bless you. I am so thankful you somehow find the strength and energy to share and write. Thank you. Exhaustion doesn’t seem strong enough for right now. Sometimes I tell myself, Good job Gwen, because that is what I want someone to say to me. So I tell myself. Thank you for sharing, sometimes I find hope of going on in your writing. Much love and heart hugs, Gwen

  3. Cheryl G.,

    I’m so glad this has helped you and your husband realize that we’re all used, manipulated by the Negatives to divide and concur, start fights, create doubts, emotionally wound each other, make one or both physically sick and on and on and on. They’ll even attack our beloved pet(s) to cause us emotional pain, worry, fears and get the humans fighting and unhappy etc. To become aware of these things it requires each of us to be brutally honest with each other and very discerning about everything and everyone.

    (Lately the Negatives have been mentally interfering with my 82-year-old Mother’s remembering to take her daily medication. She’s always remembered to take them so this was a new tactic by them to try and make her very sick or dead…which would directly affect me in multiple ways, and also what I do as an Ascension Teacher etc.) It’s really been something lately with these dark bozo’s but we all need to realize that their world is falling apart now and because of this they’re getting really creative!


  4. “… I woke myself up out of that, oriented myself, and fell back asleep only to go right back into the dream. Yikes!…”


    I’ve had this happen many times over the years/decades too. It’s taught me to remain awake for a while after I’ve escaped a lucid “dream” attack, because, the Negatives are often right there waiting for us to fall back to sleep (get OOB again) so they can pull us right back into their activities again. I’ve woke myself up, got up out of bed, went to the bathroom, got something to drink, watched some TV in the middle of the night all to break this sort of interdimensional connection ONLY to go back to sleep an hour later and have the bastards right there still waiting for me! Sometimes it works and other times not.

    Team Dark that’s still around are getting really, really, hungry so they’re pulling out all the stops and trying all sorts of stunts, tactics to feed off of us (and anyone else) so we’ve GOT to be really protective of our 1/8th of a tank of daily energy fuel and not let the Negatives steal or con one precious drop of it from us.


  5. Hi Denise,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have just made everything seem so much clearer and yes now I can see the subtle things that are and have been occurring between me and my lovely husband its like we literally verbally attack each other for no apparent reason and when we come to our senses we just look at each other and say “what was that all about” then we apologize to each other and give each other a big hug. I will be much more aware now of this occurring. There are also other things that have been happening or not happening too. Once again Denise thank you, you have helped me to see things differently and much more clearly.


  6. so glad to read this.. the Fibro and chronic fatigue has really really picked up this summer/ fall but REALLY hurting the past couple of joints feel like i am a 110 year old woman! my arms, shoulders, hips and legs feel like one big ache.. so glad to hear many are going thru this.. but wouldn’t not wish this on anyone!

    thank you for all your insights Denise.. it certainly is helpful….

    warmest regard ,



  7. Hi Denise: Thank you from my heart. You’ve hit the nail on the head again. Physical pain in my hips yesterday evening just as bad, if not worse than ever, plus painful tightening between the shoulder blades, dizziness and nausea. Then last night a nightmare of such vividness, it was very frightening. In my nightmare I could see where I needed to go in the distance (home), and I followed a couple who said they would show me a “shortcut”. That couple was a decoy, who led me up some stairs, a sharp landing to the left, and into a room where I was captured by a very dark couple who took great delight in telling me what they were going to do to me, pretty gruesome, to prevent me from going home. I woke myself up out of that, oriented myself, and fell back asleep only to go right back into the dream. Yikes! BUT this time I approached the woman and began to make love to her and she was very happy about it! So methinks that was me clearing some more of the grunge from the D’s and although today I am fatigued, I am rejuvenated by your article and know that we are so close now, we must stay with the process, though it will probably get a little frantic as the final battle is waged. This much I know, we will be home by the end of the year. Love to you and thank you again for your very timely and comforting post. B.

  8. Hi Denise!

    JUST yesterday I kid you not I had a very ugly disturbing “perverted” vision that was just horrible! I kept saying “go away” and did say “I am free, I am soverign” and sure enough it did. It kept wanted to come in but I just had to keep fighting it off. Visions, are trying to be used on me and yes it IS VERY SUBTLE! I was watching “on any given Sunday” and of course it has sexual content, so my experience is that TD is connecting it to what I 1. Hear 2. Watch so that I can say “oh it just because of what I saw the other day” and like you said, forget about it. But its not! They are trying hard! More then ever now I feel the urge to be out and live as oppose to being in and be in fear that I’d be attacked or whatever it may be. Being out is a reminder that I need to share the light as oppose to be home and cuddle with my own light sort of speak. For me any way. Thank you Denise for this post. I appreciate it as I appreciate you.

    Hugs to you!
    (oh and yes I am more discerning now 🙂 )

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