2012 Quotes from the Pleiadians

This material from and through Barbara Marciniak and her channeled Pleiadians is so good and helpful that I want to share some random bits and pieces from their June 2012 Summer Solstice issue of The Pleiadian TIMES. Remember that these Pleiadians refer to the entire period between 1987–2012 as the “nanosecond“, which is a highly compressed transformational period of the evolutionary Ascension Process.

Denise Le Fay

July 14, 2012

http://pleiadians.com/ptimes.html     http://pleiadians.com/

“Now, the time has arrived for you to show your worth. The final six months of the nanosecond are the fastest part of the past twenty-five years of accelerated energy; therefore, major internal and external changes can occur in a very short span of time. How well you have learned the essentials of managing energy and using your mind to consciously create reality will soon be determined…

“Near the end of a cycle, very dramatic things often occur both personally and collectively, to imprint the soul with layers of memories and spiritual lessons…

“Six months from now, when the Winter Solstice Sun aligns with the Galactic Center and completes a 26,000-year cycle, the auspicious era of the nanosecond comes to an end. In the cycles of the cosmos, prominent solar and planetary relationships with the Galactic Center give birth to new eras of consciousness…

“While you are living on Earth, other parts of your consciousness can also be simultaneously living on Earth during various periods of time, while other aspects are focused in the nonphysical worlds of spirit and the vastness of the cosmic mind…

“The multiverse encompasses all physical and nonphysical dimensions and probable versions of reality, as well as the Milky Way Galaxy’s innumerable stars and planets, other galaxies that make up the universe, along with other universes and as yet unrealized potentials of existence…

“The perception of time isolates realities, thereby supplying a container and location where consciousness can create experiences and learn about the importance of growing in awareness…

“In terms of time, the nanosecond was recognized long, long ago as a unique point in time when specific celestial alignments would generate changes in human consciousness through an acceleration of energy…

“The last six moons of the nano are likely to be quite chaotic, as the Summer Solstice opens the door on times of intense social unrest and political upheavals throughout world society. Shakeups and difficulties will topple financial systems, instigating a global slowdown resulting in massive reductions of jobs and monetary allocations for education, food, housing, energy and transportation. Voices of dissent will rise in anger, calling for opposition to the ruling authorities. Global rulers fear losing control over the masses, so clashes with the public will be intense. This season of turmoil will be felt worldwide until about 2018, and in the United States, very grave difficulties arise in 2014. This entire period of unrest and rebellion will result in a massive reorganization of lives, values, purposes and societal structures as it coincides with an era of high innovation in all areas of society.

Crisis and great upheavals in the status quo precede dynamic shifts in consciousness. At the close of the nano cycle, all sorts of old repressed issues and feelings are likely to surface because the pressure to evolve very quickly is so greatly amplified. Inner peace requires forgiveness and finding the significance of the soul lesson. As a requisite for a new era, balance must be restored, so the end of the nano requires getting rid of what is no longer useful, personally and collectively. There will be many major adjustments ahead that necessitate a new type of thinking…”

“During the last six moons of the nanosecond, intense solar activity will generate more neural genetic changes by activating DNA programs and filling in the grooves that hold your perceptions in specific avenues of time. The Sun always plays a very important role in developing new avenues of perception. The nervous system conveys electrical signals and pulses that travel the body’s neural pathways, and an increase in solar activity can quickly alter the neural signals to produce sudden changes in perception. Experiences of time will be less rigid and more multi-dimensional, free-flowing and filled with meaningful stories that connect other times to the present. Solar-activated neural changes can supply you with greater insight into major life lessons, enhance your psychic abilities and awareness in the dream state, awaken memories, enrich your meditations, open doors to the spirit world and inspire you to move forward with confidence derived from your new perspectives of reality…

“Adapt to the changing terrain of consciousness and don’t waste the nanosecond, for it is truly unique, unlike any other era you will experience for a long time to come…

“Imagination is one of your greatest resources, so using it to visualize what you want in life is a true victory in awareness…

“The concentration of cosmic energies can super-intensify everything, from heightened states of awareness to increased levels of stress and sensitivity. Staying calm and centered protects you from being enveloped in the worries, anxieties and psychic confusion of others. Reality is a feedback system so get clear on your intentions and write down what you want to create…

“And still more changes are coming, enormous and magnanimous changes that call for important decisions concerning your values and quality of life. The final six moons of the nanosecond represent the ultimate initiation into higher states of consciousness. Think about your values and visions; what is most important to you? Are you clear on your priorities, or are you giving your attention to people and situations that leave you feeling empty and disconnected from your soul/spirit?…

“Like a wild pendulum, the end of the nano will swing in great extremes. There are many versions of reality, so choose your allegiances with great care and consideration. Be aware of the dangerous potentials for the emergence of old/new realities that promote a closer marriage between humans and machines. In the cycles of time you have reached a decision point faced by many other civilizations on Earth and in the cosmos. Will you give up your biological beings, believing that machines offer more advantages, or will you recognize your dignity and value as human beings, and enhance your consciousness? The end of the nano is a very risky time; like a game of gambling with very high stakes, it is filled with uncertainty, unpredictability, excitement and adventurous panache. Remain calm and centered and allow the neural pathways to change and connect the storehouse of information in the DNA that holds keys for understanding multidimensional reality.

You are supported to succeed in your endeavors in consciousness; recognize this and offer your gratitude, for a great many beings sustain you in your duty to grow in awareness. Use your mind to lay out a strong, clear path into a favorable future, think good thoughts and set good goals...”

“When you experience great leaps in awareness, use your power wisely; when your vibrations of energy meet those from the Galactic Center, best be prepared for some very magnanimous experiences…”

20 thoughts on “2012 Quotes from the Pleiadians

  1. On 2018: That’s why we’re all supposed to master the turmoil NOW, because it’s not going to magically “get better” with the stroke of a pendulum, the turn of a calendar page, or the sound of an alarm going off. We have to WORK for what we want to create and be in, and we have to drag humanity along with us. Sorry, there is only ONE planet earth. No aliens are coming to RESCUE us. We must deem ourselves worthy to be galactic citizens.

  2. Denise, Jane, Ori and All! I get the newsletter and it stated something about the US having financial problems in 2014 – and I was like wtf? Absolutely not good w/me. No, like others here, I plan to jump timelines by December 22, 2012 – March 2013 – maybe with Barbara on her birthday! Per George K things wrap up by March 2013? In any event I think that time period, at least for me, is not something I want to miss. So, I do know we create our realities and I’m willing to hang on till somewhere around Dec-March 2013. I am a Pleiadian Starseed and plan to go to the new earth and hang for a while. Maybe help others through the transition. I love earth so much I am not quite ready to leave, especially now, I want to witness and help with the transition and then enjoy some time in 5D+ on the new earth. It is all a matter of resonance so right now I’m working through my last bits of stuff so I can keep it high and move on. Love to all, Morgean

  3. I love it when it’s evident synchronicity is at work and when works of ‘fiction’ touch on underlying dramas playing out here on Earth. The part about a decision being made about our humanity and willingness to merge with machines reminds me of the SyFy series show Eureka and the recent story line.

  4. I feel just like Gwen!

    I have no ideas about future, how I would like it to be. My main interest is to share love and joy in every situation and with every person I meet. I just want to experience LOVE 😀

    So: Love and Light to everyone here,
    – Aya

  5. Phew, me too. Another many years like these? How can we survive that long? I hope at least the ascension symptoms will cease then. Sometimes it’s very hard to get through a day, when you are so tired, have physical pains and the brain doesn’t function like it used to etc., yet you need to work and study in order to survive.

  6. “Think about your values and visions; what is most important to you? Are you clear on your priorities, or are you giving your attention to people and situations that leave you feeling empty and disconnected from your soul/spirit?…”

    Wow, this pretty much sums up my situation and how i’ve been feeling lately. I’m just glad that the quotes listed above resonate with my heart and with others. I’m 19 and i feel i have a soul mission but as a warrior of the light im still fighting my battles. Day by day i realize and learn something new about myself i never knew. Like Buddha said to concentrate our minds in the present not in the future or in the past but in the NOW-HERE, the message here is to focus on our soul bounding in the moment. Now in these times and ages its very profound as journey souls to equip ours3lves with love, light and calmness. I’m a free spirit in growth of the divine mind.

    Kurt I’m here.

    Tranquility is to be at peace with yourself in the moments of chaos, like when your surroundings spring havoc and spill distortion and you still manage to keep a nurture smile on your face. Thats the concrete rose! Thats what i’ve managing to do ever since coming to beautiful Gaia.. My residence is in so much confusion and pain…

    Love, Peace and Unity, always

    -thank you very much

  7. Gwen,

    Absolutely perfect! ♥ Hold that frequency and state of awareness and being and you/me/each of us will be just fine no matter what’s going on around us.

    When exhausted, now in 2012, I’m being forced to sleep…take naps during the day. It’s unbelievable to me how much sleep I’m currently needing just to keep up with these 2012 Energies. My entire sleep/wake cycle has changed in 2012 and I seem to be on a 5-6 hour wake/sleep cycle whether I like it or not. More letting go of plus the need to adapt to these incoming 2012 solar, cosmic, and galactic Energies. Rest, sleep, and self-nurture as much as you need and don’t apologize for any of it! 🙂


  8. Right now and in the future, the only thing that seems right to me is to be loving to ourselves and each other. Love and light. When I am exhausted, what is the most loving thing I can do for myself?
    Lots of love to you Denise and to everyone.
    More love to all
    More light to all.
    Hugs too, Gwen

  9. “Denise, I have undergone a life changing inner transformative process and everything you have described above all the symptoms everything, has been going on with me scince an awakening I had in 2010 I need to talk to someone who dosent think I\’m crazy or weird, someone who knows what\’s happining to me and the changes upon this world. I feel them in my innermost being, in my heart I know this is true I need support and a place and people where I can belong to. I have no body to talk to about any of this and I feel soo alone and out of place in this world. I am a male and I\’m 24 years of age I don\’t coincide with anyone else my age, I feel as if I\’m much older and been here before, I feel as if I\’m here genuinely to help others with somthing very important pertaining to this ascension process, like there\’s some kind of shift coming and everything you have stated above coincides with what\’s been going on with me please message me I feel as if this is very vital I hope to hear from you. -Kurt”

    theawakened101010 – Kurt,

    Please know that you’re among like-souls here at TRANSITIONS. All of the other people here who Comment (and even more who don’t) have all been living the Ascension Process for many months or many years. If you’ve just discovered TRANSITIONS I’d suggest you read through the past articles and also the Comments under each article because that’s where you’ll find all the other people living this too just as you are. Connecting with other people who are living through the same things you/me/each of us are now helps tremendously in so many ways. So please know that you’ve got tons of company here because everyone here has and is living through the same things you are. 🙂

    I’m so backlogged with emails now that I can’t promise I’ll be able to respond to you privately. I’ve always preferred to share more openly like this so that others can also benefit from the conversation, the questions, the answers or replies etc. instead of private emails…which I increasingly don’t have the time or energy for them all. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that I too am laid out flat oftentimes by these super accelerated 2012 Light Energies (Ascension symptoms) which means I’m not always able to get to all my emails.


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