The Final Six Months of 2012


So far in 2012 I haven’t been writing as much as I did in 2011 and years before due to multiple reasons. One of those reasons is because my physical pain level increased dramatically with the start of January 2012 and hasn’t relinquished until last night, June 25, 2012. More about that in a moment. Another reason for my recent decrease in writing was because I’ve been needing much more time to rest, nap, recuperate, do nothing, be physically still and quiet and adapt to and keep up with the vastly accelerated energies of the first six months of 2012.

Needing more time in 2012 to do no-thing and be still physically, mentally, emotionally etc. was not something I decided to do but was suddenly forced upon me as something I HAD to do to survive this time. I’m so used to pushing hard and hurriedly to get things accomplished (and written) within the Ascension timeline that it was almost unnatural for me to back-off the accelerator and learn to drive in a new way now. But nothing brings the point home as well and as fast for me at least, as unrelenting physical pains on top of all the old familiar physical pains and aches I’ve always had! (Please keep in mind as you read this that these things are what I’ve been experiencing, doing, working on and embodying as a elder First Waver so your mileage may vary. Don’t use my personal experiences as a gauge for your own personal experiences and ascension symptoms etc. or feel obligated to manifest them yourselves. Just take the information I’m sharing and apply it in whatever way(s) benefits you in this moment and let the rest of it fall away.)  ❤

I’ve been seriously slowed down due to the extra physical pain since January 2012 by a lifelong problem/situation in the lower Cervical vertebrae in my spine. I’ve had this and more due to scoliosis my whole life, but it suddenly went bad with the start of January 2012. When this particular part of my spine goes out of place it usually causes the muscles to knot up to the point that they pull my left shoulder slightly out of place also. Fun times. The shoulder doesn’t dislocate entirely but gets rotated forward slightly in the socket which needless to say, hurts like all hell and seriously cramps my style not to mention simply lift my left arm! When this has happened in years past I could do a few tricks I’ve learned from chiropractors over the years to first relax the muscles and hopefully, eventually, get the shoulder to slide back into place and if really lucky the neck vertebrae too. I had this same thing happen for about four months straight in early 2011, and then it began again in January 2012, and no matter what I did I couldn’t get any relief as none of my old physical tricks were working. (I hope you’re all reading between the lines here because there’s more going on than first meets the eye!)

So, for the first-half of 2012 I’ve dragged around my constantly hurting left shoulder, arm, and seriously painful lower Cervical vertebrae area and muscles with zero relief and growing frustrations. This additional physical pain is of course on top of all the ongoing Ascension symptoms pains. The other thing that I’d been clairvoyanly seeing since May 2012 were the two etheric devices I’ve mentioned before; the periwinkle colored ball of light and the circle of white light containing smaller white light circles inside of it (looks like the lens end of an LED flashlight). It took me years to figure out what these two things actually were, and once I realized they were negative etheric devices siphoning my energy, my vital life-force, I went to work to prevent them from continuing to feed from me. These devices were also a way that the nonphysical Negatives—Team Dark—used to monitor me, my Mom and even our cat in this dimension. The original other-dimensional, Negative “Big Brother” at its etheric worst and most vile.

When I started seeing these two familiar negative etheric devices again after working so hard for two years (2009–2010) to get rid of them, it was not a happy moment. There was a part of me that, upon seeing them again, just wanted to ignore them and pretend they’d magically go away. “Dream on Denise! How’s that deluded “magical thinking” working for ya?”  The head-in-the sand position is certainly not what Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos or 2012 are about and you and I both know it even during weak, exhausted moments like this. It had been so wonderful not clairvoyantly seeing and feeling Team Dark’s negative etheric devices around me or us for much of 2011, that to suddenly have them both reappear (to my current level of perception) in May 2012 was very disheartening but there it is—more energy work I needed/need to do. We’re not out of the woods yet; close yes, but not fully there yet so put down the 2012 Ascension party favors and get back to Work. Sigh…

After trying all my old physical Chiropractic tricks for months that simply weren’t doing anything for me during the first half of 2012, I asked—make that plead—for help from my Ascension Guides/Assistants. (I cannot believe how long it takes me to put two-and-two together sometimes and remember to even ask them for help! I’ll explain who they are in a moment.) Repeatedly all evening and throughout the night I asked my Ascension Guides/Ascension Assistants and my Higher Self to help me with this severe and near crippling neck and shoulder pain–and here comes the nonphysical point to all this–and completely and permanently remove any of the Negative’s etheric multidimensional parasitic attachments, siphons, feed lines, implants, distortions and energy theft devices of my personal life-force energies!

“What are you realizing and saying right now Denise? That these particular physical scoliosis and arthritic problems and pains you’ve had all your life may in fact not be inherited genetic ones after all? That they may actually be physical damage or side-effects from multidimensional body damage, trauma and distortions caused by the Negatives life-force stealing etheric attachments within in your multiple bodies? Oh dear god… it’s been that bad from the beginning of my life? From the beginning of many people’s lives?”

Throughout the night I repeatedly asked my personal Ascension Guides/Assistants to help me with this left shoulder and neck/spine pain situation because it had become way too much and way too painful. And, after six miserable months of constant pain, I woke up the next morning with it greatly reduced. Healed and gone permanently? No, but greatly reduced and obviously with more work (and awareness) on my part to still be done. Team Dark is resilient, clever, determined, creative and highly motivated with their parasitic energy theft programs and systems! We cut them off at one spot and they immediately try to create other routes to continue stealing what they want which is our individual life-force energies plus the energies we produce through emotions and thoughts.

Wanting this negative nightmare to be over isn’t enough unfortunately. Seek deeper as to why something—whatever it is—seems to be trying to prevent you from doing whatever it is that you/me/each of us is doing in this moment in 2012. In my case it was the physical writing I do here about the Ascension Process, and also the energy work I do in multiple dimensions. Here I am two days after this six month-long pain has eased up and the first thing I want and must do is share what I’ve learned from what I’ve gone through. And don’t forget like I have repeatedly to ask your personal Ascension Guides/Assistants to help you when you honestly need it. I’ll never forget to do this again!


When we Volunteered to incarnate on Earth during this Ascension timeline to integrate polarity, transmute the Dark, and simultaneously embody increasing amounts of Light plus the new blueprints for humanity in the new Evolutionary Cycle coming with the start of 2013, we first spent a lot of careful time and focus with our Higher Selves and kinsfolk (our “homies” from our Home stations wherever that may be for each of us) setting up plans, backup plans, and teams of helpers/guides/assistants for each one of us volunteers. There was no way we’d leave Home and incarnate in dark, polarized 3D without numerous backup plans, etheric communication devices, telepathy, dream contacts etc., and plenty of our dimensional or stellar Home “homies” watching our backs and guiding us while we’re down here carrying out our difficult and dangerous Ascension Missions in physicality. It would have been pointless for us to come to 3D Earth without plenty of our friends from Home working from those levels as our individual Ascension Guides/Assistants while we were in such a dark and negative place as Earth has been for so long fulfilling our Missions.

Remember that YOU worked very carefully with YOUR Ascension Guides/Assistants pre Mission launch for them to assist you while down here. Utilize them, especially whenever you/me/each of us hits a seeming block wall and don’t know what to do next. After checking in with your Higher Self, always remember to ask your personal Ascension Guides/Assistants to help you, guide you, help you better consciously connect with whatever knowledge and awareness you need at that moment. And, when needed, ask them to help you with whatever Negative’s devices, tools, siphons etc. that are still etherically attached and feeding from you, draining you of your god-given vital life-force energies.


Now that we’ve reached the long-awaited second-half or final six months of 2012 things are going to compress and amplify more than they have ever before. Please read that again. More than they ever have before. I know… yikes! but the next six months of 2012 are THE last six months of the past twenty-five years of the Ascension Process; the last six months of the last 5,125 year cycle; the last six months of the exact opposition point to the start of the Age of Leo (half of the 26,000 yearlong Precessional Cycle) which many of us Starseeds were incarnate for also because of its connection to now; and the last six months of the entire 26,000 yearlong Precessional cycle and much, much more. Please read that again if needed to honestly and deeply get this fact into your current heart brain, body, and consciousness.

We are now in the last six months of the entire 26,000 yearlong Precessional Cycle and more. Yeah, reality-check time. Brief bathroom break time at the 2012 summer Solstice point so we honestly, fully and very consciously grasp the importance and intensity of where we are right now. Got it? Then hold on to it because it will help you through these last six super compressed months. I’m not trying to scare anyone, only help you realize and keep realizing where you and all of us actually are now within the Ascension Process; we’re literally in the last few minutes of it so pay attention, use it as best you can every minute of every day and night, don’t shut down like what was trying to happen to me through the exaggerated negative physical pains, and hold your higher frequencies and consciousness amidst the growing chaos and uncertainty as all the old patriarchal systems we’re used to disintegrate. No fear. Seriously. This is where and why our Conscious Creating and Co-Creating is so important because the things we’re now imagining and envisioning in our High Hearts are what’s going to replace the falling patriarchal systems.

Remember that great line in the movie Clash of the Titans when Zeus hollers, “Release the Kraken!” I giggle to myself every time I think about soon hollering, Release the Indigos!  Oh how quickly they will step in and take over to get everything on the ascended NEW Earth where it needs to be for all and always from the HighHeart center.

In those moments when you get lost, confused, dejected feeling, overwhelmed, or caught up in whatever craziness and intensity that’s happening to and/or around and/or through you please remember this; there are ONLY six very fast and intense months left of this Ascension Process and they’re going to speed by like nothing we’ve experienced yet. Only six months left. Translated that’s means it’s going to feel like about six weeks! We’ve been working so long and hard for this that I have to stop and make myself think about it, focus on it, and locate myself in the moment of these amazing transitions, completions, endings/beginnings, last-minute battles, expanding higher awareness and growing new abilities etc. Only six months left. Use them as best and brilliantly as you can. Take more responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, dreams, desires, imagination, creative potentials and increasing ability to build the new world from your inner High Heart and existence in this potent transitional Now Moment…and the next…and the next…and the next.

Because we’re in the last six months of the Ascension Process and the 26,000 yearlong Precessional cycle, things are and will continue to be ultra fast paced with more and more anomalies, weird “symptoms”, increased conscious ET and Angelic communications, growing imbalances in many, growing brilliance and HighHeart genius in others, more time spent in NO time, and many more deaths as certain people chose to exit physicality during these final six months. We’re going to be increasingly feeling and affected by the tremendous Milky Way Galactic Center (GC) energy transmissions from now through the last two important energy portals in December. During these final six months we’re getting fully up to speed energetically, vibrationally, so when we transition through the 12-12-12 (December 12, 2012) and 12-21-12 (winter Solstice December 21, 2012) Expiration Date portals, we’re as close a match to the shift frequencies and other side as possible, plus with as little of our old baggage as possible too. Stay as non-polarized, neutral (aka “unified”) as you can during these last six months because it will help you/me/each of us travel this last leg of this incredible journey and grand transition into a totally new Evolutionary Cycle.


June 27, 2012

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and link.

64 thoughts on “The Final Six Months of 2012

  1. Amazing, isn’t it? Only 6 months left! Thanks for the great post, Denise. I really enjoy your work.

  2. Thank you Dear Denise for these inspiring words and advices. Wishing you the best of the best. With much Love and Gratitude!!!!

  3. wow…what a post…it speaks to me completely, on so many levels, I understand you totally about the pain, the suffering. I realized that we can “inherit’ these energy parasites this year with a health issue that was plaguing my husband. It seems that there was an energetic parasite going on for generations, just wreaking its havoc. I hope you feel better, and get completely well….many healing vibrations your way…. i found that alot of my neck, back and headaches (back of the head) where from the new chakras that are emerging this year, and quickly too….
    Thanks for writing this, you bring up some very, very important things that we should not lose sight of, especially in these next 6 months….It is going to be a wild and awesome journey!!!


  4. The physical stuff is strange indeed, but in my experience it does improve. For a while it felt like my feet were broken when I’d get up in the morning. That plus my joints and muscles elsewhere felt like they belonged in someone else’s body — very uncoordinated. Glad to report that has improved. Thanks for all the info, Denise. By the sound of things, we’re in need of some multidimensional Depends! ;-0 — TF

  5. I also had suffered lower back pain for years last November it just shift in to my left shoulder, serious pain that would wake me in the night, unable to put my arm in to a sleeve without pain, it persisted until I started taking black seed oil, in May/June ,now its 85 per cent better. I felt the pain was connected to the back of the heart chackra past emotional woundings deep clearing going on.

  6. “I am in the process now of having this removed. Hope you feel better soon.”

    You too Lvibrations. It’s unbelievable how tenacious these buggers are! Onward we go. 🙂


  7. Hi Denise,

    After the may eclipse my energy just went to zero for an entire month. I slept nearly every day with massive headaches and neck and shoulder pain. It was brought to my attention that I had some sort of device or implant somewhere in my 7th chakra, relating to moon matrix. Whatever it is, it has kicked in feeding on my energy in an accelerate way since May. I came across one of these beings in my sleep last week who would grab hold of me taking my energy while asleep. All I can hear is a sinister laugh while I try and get away.

    I am in the process now of having this removed. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

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