Here Comes the 2012 Summer Solstice

The first couple days of June 2012 I suddenly had the NEED to only play, rest, do nothing, self-care and self-nurture to a degree I’ve never before felt. During one of those do no-thing afternoons last week I had an important insight and reminder. It was that I’m at, you’re at, we’re all at the halfway point—June Summer Solstice 2012—and I need to be really PRESENT in this monumental time plus make some adjustments so I can better do that. Many of us need to do this now.

In that moment I remembered reading something in 1995 that talked about 2012 and thinking how very far away 2012 was and how badly I wanted it to be 2012 back in 1995. Evidently some aspect of me knew that the energetic inner work required between 1995 and 2012 wasn’t going to be easy, safe, fun or pleasant so I wanted to jump forward in time to THIS current point within the Ascension Process. Remembering this last week helped me look at now in a slightly different way, which I needed evidently.

For me it’s been grueling, unrelenting Ascension-related work and pain for the past thirteen years, plus, during that time I also HAD to write (one of my Soul Missions) as much and as fast as I could which I’ve done. Since 2011 however this unrelenting Soul Mission to write has been easing up and giving me some time to shift some needed focus on to myself and my body. With the start of June 2012, this issue suddenly became an absolute NEED for me to be much more in the “Now” and “do” less physically, “do” less thinking, and “be” in the quantum Now more often, so that’s exactly what I’ve been doing because I have to at this point. Things like my spine and head feel as it they might shatter if I don’t so this now!

A few days ago I read Inelia Benz’s article “Call to Action – IT’S TIME!” I thought it funny when she said she’s been sensing, hearing the words “IT’S TIME” in June 2012. (This next bit will show you the degree of warped humor that many of the higher messages I receive often have.) For the past two years I’ve been sensing, hearing certain lyrics from an old Elton John song ♫ “…the bitch is back…!” ♫. Now to me this is hysterically funny and appropriate because that message is referring to the return of the Goddess/Goddess Consciousness in humanity and earth at the physical level. So, the bitch is back and you’d better believe that “it’s time”, plus let’s not forget the fact that we’re in the halfway point (June) of 2012! Many of us have to stop acting, thinking and believing that we’re not as knowledgeable and powerful as we actually are…because “it’s time!”

Many of us have been so deeply and intensely involved for so long with the difficult and painful prep work of the Ascension Process that some of us have recently needed to make some more inner and outer changes because the results of our efforts are finally arriving in this physical dimension. For me the past thirteen years have been intensely and hurriedly pushing, working, and plowing (masculine “Doing”) my way through the internal/external lower frequencies to transmute and shift them etc. But at this potent halfway transition point in 2012, many of us who are embodying the new energies, blueprints and consciousness first are NEEDING to shift into much more “Being” in the “Now Moment” (which is very right-brain or more accurately now whole brained, Goddess, Empowered Feminine etc.) and stop pushing so hard in the ways we’ve been doing for years or decades past. This phase is very receptive and creative but in another way; a way of embodying and BEING in the Now from another level of ourselves to Consciously Create, which I find is primarily coming from my entire chest or High Heart area. This area feels to me, so far, like a portal where more of Source is and it’s very quiet and very vast in there. The blissful but powerful calm after the great, difficult and lengthy storm.

Some Current Symptoms

Some of the symptoms I’ve been having for the past three years have increased dramatically the past two months to where I’m now HAVING to rest, recuperate, nap/sleep/pass-out for much of the afternoon for days on end. If I go out to do grocery shopping or other must-do errands out in the world, when I return home I’m utterly wiped-out exhausted and in tremendous physical pain and literally HAVE to take a nap and get out-of-body for however long I need. Falling asleep and getting out-of-body during the day like this is the equivalent of rebooting my body/bodies which adjusts the energies within me. After I’ve gotten out-of-body and slept for a while like this I feel much better physically when I wake up. Taking naps isn’t something I necessarily want to do but it’s something I’m HAVING to do now to cope with and adjust to these massive and potent 2012 energies and changes so I’m in less physical pain.

On top of this increased physical pain from going out in the world to run errands and passing out when I get home, those Ascension headaches or head pains and pressures have returned again. They cause the tops of my eyes to feel sore and bruised and I sense some major positive changes are happening inside our heads (pineal, pituitary glands) and the chakras (Crown and Brow) in our heads. These headaches or head pains typically are at the top of my head and Crown chakra and radiate downward and affect, pressure my forehead and Brow chakra, eyes, jaw and sinuses. It will also jump around to one side of my head and then the other and feel like some invisible energy ball just slammed into my head…which is probably closer to the truth than we’d like to admit! I usually get diarrhea when I’m transmuting and purging energies so that lovely symptom has returned this month as well. And the body aches and pains, sudden muscle weakness, joint pains, stiff spine, hot feet and hands, Hot Flashes with their sudden sweating and feeling like you’re having a Near Death Experience, digestion difficulties, upper belly bloat, and the old exhaustion have all returned…again. Happy June 2012 huh?!

Having shared all those unpleasant Ascension-related symptoms, I want to include some new and very pleasant symptoms I’ve been experiencing recently. Many of us have worked long and hard to finally begin experiencing some positive symptoms of the changes we’re going through and obviously “it’s time” because some of them are starting in June 2012. In the past I’ve written about how I’d often feel and hear that inner body vibration and literal roaring of Light Energies inside me when I was asleep during my afternoon pass-out naps. It felt and sounded like I was standing beside Niagara Falls because the flowing, moving energies were that powerful inside my body from that perspective. Now in June 2012 however, this seems to have changed or I’ve adapted to the great increase of Light Energies constantly flowing through my body because I’m not feeling and hearing anything. What I now feel and perceive inside my body is a deep peace, quiet, calm, vastness and connection and it is really wonderful. The great inner body vibrating, shaking and roaring of spinning Light Energies has become the new “normal” and it’s finally a quiet haven with a direct line to Home. Said another way, the times I’ve recently felt this new “symptom” its felt like a bliss state of inner unity and it feels perfect and perfectly normal. I also sense that this is just one of many truly wonderful new Ascension-related “symptoms” that more of us are going to be having in 2012 and beyond. Bliss moments sprinkled about sound like exactly what’s needed after years or decades of brutal battles and negative attacks while endless transmuting and transforming!

I just checked and there’s another supposedly minor M-1 class solar flare/CME that’s spewing and spewing towards Earth. The reason I checked was because I feel those old familiar “ascension flu” symptoms today—body aches, chills, super exhaustion etc. I suspect multiple energies will be increasing throughout the rest of June 2012, building towards the summer Solstice on June 20th. Rest and/or sleep or nap as much and as often as you need to now and do NOT feel guilty over doing no-thing. Turn your mind off for a couple of hours each day and enter the Now moment so you can sit quietly in your Rising High Heart center and start getting used to feeling and hearing the perfect silence of bliss and any messages coming from Home.


June 13, 2012

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  1. This entry reminds me of the Beatles’ song, Here Comes the Sun. Yes, indeed! Thanks for the heads up about the incoming solar flares.

    My major symptoms have been overwhelming fatigue and muscle cramps in my shoulders which seem to have now disappeared… I continue to feel that everything is so DONE here for me – no more plans, no more goals. I do find the chaos, aggression and negativity of this world harder to take and prefer to remain in a peaceful space in my mind/heart. What I am learning: not to engage with the lower vibrations as they lash out but to stay neutral and then withdraw.

    Thanks for reminding us, Denise, that it’s more than OK for us to just BE… it’s VITAL at this time.

    Blessings to all, Thelma

  2. Wow! On three occasions today, when looking at the time, it was 11:11, first occasion, 12:12, second occasion and 15:15. on the third. Something’s going down! K

  3. Thank you SO much for this article!! I don’t know what is going on with my body, lately. I was hospitalized in May for a gallbladder attack, had surgery later that month, and was put back in the hospital for diverticulitis. I kept complaining that my head and sinuses were killing me…this pain is worse than the stomach issues. My blood pressure is through the roof, and I cannot get rid of this headache. I have been drinking more water, and taking blood pressure pills, to no avail. All of this, from someone who has not been hospitalized since my tonsilectomy, at age 7!

  4. “Thank you SO much for this article!! I don’t know what is going on with my body, lately. I was hospitalized in May for a gallbladder attack, had surgery later that month, and was put back in the hospital for diverticulitis. I kept complaining that my head and sinuses were killing me…this pain is worse than the stomach issues. My blood pressure is through the roof, and I cannot get rid of this headache. I have been drinking more water, and taking blood pressure pills, to no avail. All of this, from someone who has not been hospitalized since my tonsilectomy, at age 7!”


    Wowza…rest as much as you can and try to not go into fear or worry. Unfortunately the doctors/nurses/hospitals etc. don’t have a clue about the energetic and physical changes our we and our bodies are going through so be careful what you tell them that hurts or they’ll have you in invasive test after invasive test and all for nothing!

    The head pain and down into the sinuses pressures have been severe again lately but know that it’s all part of the Ascension Process. Rest and build your strength back up again. ♥


  5. “Again, couldn’t believe it when I read your reference to the Elton John song “The bitch is back”. About 3 weeks ago, I bought a couple of Cds, as I have/had been searching for songs to practice on my guitar. I came across one CD by Elton John, which is a compilation of his songs, being sung by various artists. One of the songs on the list was called “The bitch is back” which is being sung by Tina Turner. The word “Bitch” has not always sat comfortably with me, but when it came on; I thought “to hell with it” and began singing along and out loud…”


    I almost didn’t share my past two years of repeatedly hearing “the bitch is back” line only because I was concerned some might not find it as humorous as I did. 🙄 Now I’m glad I did. 😆 Thanks for sharing the lyrics because I couldn’t remember them…only that one line.

    The fact that I perceived this information two years ago and that the word “bitch” was used was symbolic for me, in this rather twisted sort of way, to indicate that the return of the Goddess/Goddess Consciousness within me, you, each of us and then humanity in general will NOT be the gentle Mommy Goddess aspect but the very powerful empowered and integrated masculine aspect of the “Goddess”…which makes perfect sense when you think about the polarity resolution or integration that we’ve been doing for over a decade now. In and through us we have the balanced, integrated, very powerful Goddess and the fully Heart functioning “God” aspects. The two are no longer two polarized energies within us and our consciousness; they are EACH integrated with the qualities of the Other now and we’re embodying these integrated God/Goddess aspects as “Unity or High Heart Consciousness” within ourselves finally.


  6. “But wait! There’s more!……the extra added bonus is that I respond before its even happened! that’s a 2 fer! A bargain for sure!!…”


    😆 I hear ya! It took me a long time to back-engineer so many of the things I was living, feeling, being affected by long before they arrived physically. But this is how my life has been–ongoing back-engineering most everything…even when there’s been zero brain function! 😆 I’ve had this image in my mind’s eye for years now and I wish I could draw it for everyone else to see. It’s of a large group of us Starseeds/Galactics/Indigos sitting around a campfire somewhere sharing our 3D Ascension stories of misery, battle, embarrassment, sickness and confusion and laughing our cosmic asses off over it all. Can’t wait to be there fully with you all. 😉 ♥


  7. Before I rose this morning, I had a vision of a beautiful, shaded garden; then, I felt pressure all over my head and my body began vibrating more intensely than I have every experienced; then, I had a vision of a dark tunnel with a light at the end. I don’t know. Thank you, Denise, for all your wisdom and assistance in all of this.


  8. Hello All 🙂 Just had to wonder about the head and sinus symptoms that have been occurring. For the past two and a half weeks my 20 year old daughter had those exact painful head /eye pressure. A young girl she knew casually, from campus died suddenly from a brain aneurysm. Immediately Nicole associated that with her pain. She would drive across town from her apartment to our home at 2am to wake me up to reassure her… I tried to help her understand, but also offered her to take control and get a doctors opinion. Well of course she is “fine”.. The only freaky part is that after this girl died 3 more people we knew had brain aneurysms. Two died .

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