Multidimensional Crimes Against Humanity

Because some readers had commented about the complex, confusing and sometimes downright difficult multidimensional subject matter in Lisa Renee’s May 2012 article “Pushing for Timelines”, I thought I’d try to explain some of it based on my personal experiences and some of the incredibly horrible things I’ve clairvoyantly seen in months and years past. This article will be another that seems to go in multiple strange directions yet these subjects are all intimately connected and multidimensional so please hang in as you read through these events that affect us all.

Old Message from a Positive 8D Orion

Back in the 1990’s I had a few telepathic messages from a much-loved old 8D Orion friend. Because there’s been so much negativity surrounding Orion, I’ve not said much about this positive eighth dimensional being because of this. He told me back in the mid-90’s that in the future I’d have to psychologically, emotionally and energetically deal with some very dark and difficult multidimensional history in relation to certain negative, Orion-based beings. He didn’t go into detail at that time, but was trying to prepare me for when I would have to know, see, remember, integrate and transmute some of it. That ‘future time’ he spoke of has grown for me since 2009. It seemed the closer we got to the 2012 Ascension Expiration date and shift timeline the more this, and plenty of other negative multidimensional Alien activities, have needed to be consciously remembered, integrated and dealt with now like it or not, believe it or not, want to or not.

As our consciousness evolves and expands, we’re increasingly remembering more of our multidimensional memories from other timelines, events, actions and hijacked timelines crafted by negative Alien beings. Many of these negative Alien’s actions are nearly incomprehensible to us due to the extent of the evil they’ve done to humanity. I know how hard many of these negative Alien’s past and present actions and agendas are for many Starseeds/Forerunners/Energy Transmuters to even comprehend and cope with consciously, but, this is the phase and level we’re at now and many of us have to remember more and consciously admit to the scope of negativity that is “normal” to Team Dark members. I know how hard it is for most of us to even have this type of awareness in our minds and hearts because they simply do not fit due to their profound negativity and parasitic qualities. This is how “alien” negativity in general is to us, but we’ve been Working very long and hard to energetically override, disintegrate and permanently remove them.

Positive Grey Aliens

I mentioned briefly in A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution that I’ve had a few conscious telepathic inter-dimensional meetings with a couple of positive Grey ETs. Like the positive Orion’s, the positive Grey’s aren’t something I’ve talked much about publicly either because there’s been so much confusion and distortions with these particular ET groups (and no doubt some others as well). Throw in multiple timelines and any topic becomes vastly more confusing and difficult to discuss. Because Lisa Renee mentioned them again in her May 2012 article, and because I know there’s plenty more information and awareness about our multidimensional Selves and other ET neighbors coming to the surface of increasing numbers of Starseeds and Indigo’s consciousness now and in the months ahead (and humanity eventually as well), I figured I’d talk a bit more about some of my experiences and current perceptions about this. Remember however that I too am going through this further 2012 expansion of multidimensional consciousness, personal multidimensional and multiple timeline memories integration and current Starseed Ascension Work now also.

There were many times before the start of my physical Ascension Process in February 1999, that I felt some strange familiarity in my physical human Denise body with certain positive Grey ETs. This familiar body awareness has always felt to me just like what having a “past life memory” feels of being in an opposite sex human body to the one you have in this life, and/or with different human racial features, skin color, hair, eyes, musculature, bone structure etc. [The quote(s) below are all from Lisa Renee’s May 2012 article]

“There are many factions of Grey Aliens, so please know that most of the benevolent ones have been human in the past, or have chosen peaceful evolution.”

The couple of times in decades past when one of these positive Greys would etherically show up while I was awake, it felt like having an old best friend unexpectedly drop in for a visit. For those of you reading this and whose hearts are beating faster because of it and are second guessing whether Denise is one of the “good guys” or one of the “bad guys”, please realize that due to all I’ve been through in this life I can feel, sense and know the energetic difference between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”, be they Greys or any others. I can tell from the energies they radiate or don’t radiate and/or try to cloak.

The Negatives or Team Dark as I call all of them, can cloak or try to hide their energies from Starseeds, Lightworkers, Indigos but you can still sense and feel either the great negativity they radiate or the great lack of Light within them. I’ve learned that when a non-physical Being(s) shows up and I feel nothing emanating from it/them, it’s because they’re cloaked and/or hiding behind their created False Light. This False Light looks like bright white light from a physical fluorescent light bulb and has zero energy coming from it because it’s empty, fake, inorganic.

Positive Beings emanate such delicious positive, abundant and expansive Light/Love/Life-force that it’s sometimes overwhelming or intoxicating to us in physicality and we’ll sometimes fall asleep (exit our physical bodies) in their etheric presence if the energy gap between us is too great for us to cope with. Not so with Team Dark! You sense you’re in deep shit when they show up and that you’re in for a real fight for your life and life-force with them. Huge difference between Team Light and Team Dark and it’s easy to feel the potent differences in both multidimensional Groups of Beings. And as long as it’s needed, get intimately familiar with how both groups and energies feel so you’ll know in an instant whose really in your space.

April 2012 Multidimensional Inner Earth Changes

It was in early April that I noticed something had suddenly changed and was continuing to change every time I did Lisa Renee’s “12 D Shield” technique. The point in it where you visualize your platinum 6-pointed (mer ka ba) star going down into the center of the Earth to connect with it was where I saw things looked and felt very different. Compared to what I’d always seen before, now the inner Earth had changed colors, density and energy and was looking and feeling to me like all hell had broken loose down there! I didn’t know what exactly was happening down around the Earth’s core energetically in early April 2012, but I could tell by the sudden and drastic color and energy changes that something big and very positive was unfolding. [from Lisa Renee’s May 2012 article about this]

“Approximately Mid April, the main hub networks of the Mira Flores Grey Alien technology base was systematically annihilated to prevent the May 1st Beltaine Agenda.”

After a few days of clairvoyantly seeing and feeling that the old inner Earth colors I’d always seen when I envisioned my star going down into the Earth had changed, I began investigating in an attempt to better understand what was happening down there. For however long it’s been that I’ve been visualizing Lisa’s 12 D Shield technique, the other-dimensional inner Earth area has always looked to me like a dense, dirty, unpleasant and terribly congested dark brick-red color with matching dense frequency energies. After some thought about this in April, I realized how stereotypically “hell-like” it actually looked down there which, amazingly, I hadn’t even considered prior assuming it to be “normal”. But when I saw that dark brick-red color and dense low-frequency congestion down within the Earth being broken up in mid April, I knew one old non-physical location of earthly “hell” was in the process of being permanently removed by multidimensional Team Light members.

Physical location-wise where what I was seeing, feeling and even Working on myself during April corresponded to within physical reality didn’t enter the picture for me. I knew I’d been Working deep within the Earth in another dimension fixing rocks, (yep I said fixing rocks! It was so natural at the time but sounds weird when I say it) connecting energy lines and mopping-up down there in other dimensional inner Earth areas. During April I saw the old dense brick-red colors replaced with bright and vibrant white, light yellow and light green swirling colors of Light and very positive higher frequency energies down there. A few weeks later when I read Lisa Renee’s May 2012 article I knew it was connected to what’s happened in and around the physical areas in Peru she talked about and the corresponding other-dimensional areas.

Vlad the Impaler & Multidimensional Negative Alien Actions & Parasitism

Some of you may remember a 2009 article I wrote about an abnormally disturbing and highly amplified reaction I had to only partially watching a TV docudrama about Vlad the Impaler.

[ ]

At the time I was surprised by how deeply I was emotionally affected by this TV program describing how people’s physical bodies were pushed onto wooden poles much like how we skewer pieces of beef onto metal skewers for kabobs. Sorry, I know how disturbing and difficult this topic is, believe me, but we’ve got to go there so some more of what’s happened and is currently happening, and some of what’s being dismantled now makes better sense to greater numbers of us on a conscious level.

Because of my extreme reaction to watching parts of this TV docudrama about Vlad the Impaler, I knew there was something else underneath that was the greater original source of my emotional pain and repulsion towards Vlad’s physical actions in the physical world. I knew I had to investigate this matter deeper to find out why this particular Vlad the Impaler topic affected me to the degree it did. The moment I consciously decided to find the deeper level source of this profound repulsion and terror, I found myself in the Astral plane (4D) viewing a vast area of blackness with something resembling a massive fish net cast across the empty space and pinned in place. To me this particular space and fish net was massive and could have covered hundreds of physical miles. How large it was in 4D I couldn’t tell you other than it was massive and stretched out far and wide.

Caught on and trapped in this massive Astral trap net were a few intact human bodies, far more human body parts, plus unrecognizable chunks of human flesh. I saw arms, hands, legs, feet, torsos, heads, and just sections of human flesh that were still producing energies even in this mutilated condition. Every piece was extremely valuable to Team Dark (the negative non-human, non-physical Aliens). Each one of these human body parts and pieces of human flesh impaled and trapped in this massive Astral net were producing energy which Team Dark has used/uses like batteries to fuel many of their dark distorted, self-serving trans-dimensional systems.

A few years ago when I clairvoyantly viewed this massive Astral net with human body parts impaled upon it I had another personal Matrix movie moment where Neo wakes up for the first time, looks out around him and sees the hundreds of thousands of other asleep humans (batteries) that the machine beings parasite off of to power their world and its systems. It was a horrific moment for me having to see the real life version of this consciously and acknowledge it as an actual multidimensional fact and reality. As I viewed these billions of human body parts and bits of human flesh impaled on this massive Astral net, I hated more than I ever have and simultaneously wanted to end this inter-dimensional, multiple body murder, mutilation and heinous thievery more than I wanted my next breath. Stair Steps within the Ascension Process, and, Stair Steps within our Starseed/Lightworker/Indigo conscious awareness and multiple timeline memories also.

Multidimensional Responsibilities

Every time we hear about human suicide bombers, car bombs, landmines, mine fields, grenade explosions, bomb explosions and any other patriarchal warring tools designed to kill, mutilate and blast to bits other living humans, know that those etheric human body parts and pieces of exploded flesh are energetically caught and utilized like this by non-physical Team Dark. Even if the human lost a limb(s) but survived physically, these etheric body parts are caught and held in these other-dimensional Astral nets where they’re USED by negative, non-physical Aliens and other non-physical parasitic entities for the organic energy they naturally produce. Every inch of us in every dimension (physical, emotional, mental etc.) is holographic and contains all of Source, all of the All That Is in it. Every inch of us is profoundly multidimensionally potent and important and produces energy even when physically ripped from our physical bodies and exploded to bits.

Human psyches and souls can be blown to bits also just like physical bodies are in physical wars, accidents, explosions, murders, tortures etc. (9/11 was created to do this and create and fuel another of Team Dark’s offshoot timelines, plus all the other physical dimension things that came from it as well.) In these cases the souls are fragmented as if an etheric bomb tore them apart and they too are caught, impaled and used by Team Dark in other dimensions for the same reasons as etheric human body parts are; they produce energy which the negative Aliens and entities use as fuel and food. There’s physical trauma which rips apart physical human bodies but because humanity is multidimensional there’s also emotional, mental, psychological and etheric body and/or soul fragmentation and trauma that also happens. Team Dark has utilized humanities multidimensional bodies—not only their physical bodies or physical body parts.

The Truth—although oftentimes a real bitch—Will Set You Free

Remember Lisa Renee’s March 2012 article entitled “How Much Are You Willing To Know?” When I first saw that title I chuckled to myself because I knew it meant all of us were entering another phase of having to consciously know more. For me the first thing I needed to be more consciously aware of arrived through one of my readers sharing a link in a Comment for another reader. What I found interesting was how I instantly reacted emotionally to that link. I hadn’t even clicked on it but I instantly had one big emotional reaction to it while not even consciously knowing what it was about. Typically that’s a big clue that something important—and most likely unpleasant in some way—was right around the corner.

It took me about three days of squirming and complaining to myself before I finally clicked that link and went to consciously face whatever information was there that I needed to know now. What I found at that website was some information that fully explained an event that I experienced in 2004 — a mere 48 hours after we moved out of our old house and into the one we’re still in today.

Those of you who’ve read A Lightworker’s Mission know the back-story. For those of you who haven’t read it, very briefly, I and my Mom lived under intense demonic attack from April 2000 to June 2004. These attacks were manifested on the physical plane via two male next-door neighbors, Portal People renters who moved in April 2000. Only one year into my physical Ascension Process and these two very low frequency humans are manipulated by Team Dark to move in next-door to us, and because they were already the property of a demonic entity, it turned its focus on me immediately and less intensely on my Mom. Problem was that I was so wrecked due to all the severe Ascension energies and symptoms that I didn’t perceive they were both controlled by a demon. Assholes totally, possessed no. That dangerous lack of awareness almost cost me my life. By 2004, my Grid Work in that physical location where our old house was located was completed, but I was hanging on by a thread due to the extreme Ascension Process I’d been going through from February 1999, coupled with constant etheric and physical demonic attacks on top of it all.

Quite simply, I got my ass handed to me repeatedly for those four years until I was able to regain enough mental focus to finally even think to do etheric level Energy Protection. Sad but true. You wanna know what the Negatives whisper in our etheric ears oftentimes? “This is normal, this is natural, don’t do anything, don’t move, don’t do anything, this is normal, this is natural…”.  Only hours after I first put up Astral etheric energy protections around our property, house, and myself, the demon clairvoyantly revealed itself to me after four years of hiding from me this way. Yes, I said hours. Once I clairvoyantly saw it I realized I was—and had been—in deep trouble and now that it had revealed itself to me, the Duality war would unfold with a fervor it hadn’t earlier. That was when we decided to sell that house and move because I knew I wouldn’t physically survive if we didn’t. [For more information see A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010).]

Within 48 hours of moving into our new house in another city in 2004, I came under demonic attack again, but in a very different way.

There I am in 2004 our new house thoroughly cleaning it before we moved the furniture in. We needed a gas line installed for the clothes dryer so I asked my son if he knew of anyone who could do that job for us. He did and call his plumber friend to come over and give us an estimate for the work. Mind you, it’s only been 48 hours since Mom and I escaped our old house and four years of demonic attacks while struggling with living the ongoing Ascension Process.

I hear a really loud car coming and my son says that’s his friend the plumber coming. I looked out the window and saw his car half a block away but couldn’t see him at all. In the next nanosecond I was totally and completely “in love” with this never before seen young man. I’ll never forget how conscious I was in that moment that, somehow, I was being manipulated to “fall in love” with this male stranger I’d never seen before and did not know at all. I was furious and resisted as hard as I could but couldn’t stop myself from feeling this way about the stranger driving towards my “new” (old) house to install a gas line. I was that acutely aware that something abnormal was happening to me in those few seconds but I didn’t know what, who, or why it was happening. Long and embarrassing story short, I had a sudden and intense “crush” on this poor young male stranger despite how hard I tried not to. I know over the weeks he did other plumbing work for us that he felt me and the energies building between us and didn’t want any of it either. Thankfully near the end of the bathroom plumbing jobs he ran away which was a blessing because it ended this form of Team Dark attack on me and general misery for him. But I didn’t put the invisible negative manipulation pieces together back in 2004 to realize that manipulating humans emotionally in these sorts of romantic and sexual ways is profoundly easy for Team Dark and more common than anyone would believe.

The LINK & Needing To Know More

So I’m getting more and more angry at this link someone left in a Comment a few weeks ago and I’m well-aware that my irrational anger is a clue to something else underneath. Just like with that young plumber stranger, I was emotionally affected by this link before I even clicked on it. After a few days I finally did click on it and found myself at Eve reading a few of her articles about what she calls the “Alien Love Bite”. This of course was the information I needed at the end of April 2012, concerning my sudden strange June 2004 crush obsession over the young plumber stranger. My god those unrelenting Team Dark bastards! And just how much are you willing to know?

While reading about these sorts of negative alien manipulations termed “Alien Love Bites”, I was so angry that I’d been had yet again by Team Dark. After the initial anger I realized how foolish I’d been not realizing that if Team Dark can do what all they have to humanity, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Indigos then they can very easily manipulate and direct human romantic and sexual relationships too. In my case with this young plumber in 2004, it was a derailment tactic intended to distract me as a Starseed working on the Ascension timeline. I was able to shake off the deliberately created “crush” on this guy but it still bothered me for a long time because I’d always known that none of it actually came from me, that none of it was legitimate and real. This emotional romantic manipulation done to me by Team Dark was—compared to the demonic entity trying to kill me or drive me mad—a small speed bump in the Ascension road. But, like so many of us, I needed to consciously know this particular information which fully explained my sudden, 48 hours after moving, unwanted obsessive crush on that young man stranger.

Moving Right Along

I started writing this article in early May but so much has happened throughout this month that it was repeatedly put on the back burner. As much as I don’t even want to talk about these types of negative things any more, I need to occasionally, and many of you reading this need to hear about them for whatever your current personal reasons. So, there’s another chunk of the icky, negative trans-dimensional crap so let’s move on because the May 20, 2012 Eclipse and Alcyone alignment and planetary “reboot” is still working its transformational magic on us all.

I wanted to briefly add here that since the May 20th Eclipse alignments I’ve had some old Ascension symptoms flare back up again as I know many of you have too. I’ve had the head pains and pressures again, not as severe as years past but there nonetheless. I’ve also been having mild Hot Flashes again which, thankfully, had diminished greatly over the past three years but they’re back again. Also the head dizzies or that sense of falling or tipping over in slow motion. And the old Morning Sickness nausea business is back again, along with the pain in the spine and different joints. Let us not forget the seemingly unending exhaustion! Another old Ascension symptom I had for ten years has returned thanks to the Eclipse energies and it’s that feeling of going into a mild state of shock; cold, sweaty, clammy and slightly nauseous. And the food/eating/digesting business has reached a new level of misery too since the May 20th Eclipse which I know many of you are experiencing also.

Because we oftentimes forget that moving through these major transitions such as the May 20, 2012 Eclipse alignments, that they naturally activate major physical body changes in us all too. I wanted to mention that this is why many of us have had Ascension-related symptoms reappear recently and/or some new ones manifest as well. Gads, and we’ve still got all the major June 2012 energy events to traverse! Hang in there my friends.

Denise Le Fay

May 25, 2012

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105 thoughts on “Multidimensional Crimes Against Humanity

  1. I was wondering if aborted fetuses would be in the astral trap net? I know this is a very charged subject, so I understand if you don’t want to post this or answer that question.

    I was just telling my husband about a dream I had last night where our daughter who is five and has Down syndrome told us that, “Within two years, all my magic will be back.” It made me feel so good to hear that because just that sentence would be too much for her to say right now, so it was as if in the dream she was her whole self communicating with me. My husband and I mentioned to each other how horrible it would be for the people who had abortions because their baby had Down syndrome, only to find out they could have been cured. That made me think of this article which I had read a few hours earlier.

    If there are fetuses there, that really puts a different perspective on the pro-choice movement.

    p.s. I like the idea of the “Denise Appreciation Society”!

  2. Yes, Denise!

    That Alien Love Bite information was referred to me by Ana on your “Pains, Frustrations & Confusions of the Spiritual Ascension Work” post. I was so dumbfounded, hurt and confused at the time behind my experience with this, and since (a month later) I have had more revelations and I blogged about them… just in case anyone is interested.

    I was under the impression that what I was experiencing was a “Twin Soul’ connection but it was far from it. I dodged a huge bullet on that one. I’ve been waiting to hear your story and I know that feeling of attraction that you are talking about it actually feels like a spell and you are fully aware of the strangeness of it all even though you may not be able to shake it right away. It’s almost like you are being seduced into being seductive if that makes any sense.

    I am still having some trouble wrapping my brain around all of this talk about aliens so any further information about them would be greatly appreciated. I thought that the Greys were created by the Reptilians for the purpose of doing their dark dirty work so how could any of them be positive? I was once told that I was from Orion and once I looked it up for more information I was offended…lol. I thought that, that person must have thought that I was arrogant and bossy but she said that it was because I often referred to myself as Queen, mostly unknowingly and quite naturally. shrugs

    Anyway, I really hope that there is nothing more to know, in reference to Lisa Renee’s question “How much are you willing to know?” Seems to me, since that particular post, pandoras box flung wide open ready or not BLAM! Receiving all of this new information hasn’t been as devastating as I would have thought but overwhelming just the same and utterly disgusting. As much as I used to detest fluffy messages I sure wouldn’t mind one at the mo. Teeeell me something good (ya’ll know that song, sing a long)

    Well, actually that is why I reblogged your last article with the picture of the sun…good article but that pic. .. It would uplift and brighten any dark corner. And that is how everything had been feeling for me, just dark and heavy. I don’t even want to write again until I can write something pleasant but unfortunately this stuff is true and it’s better to know than not to. This is why ignorance is BLISS. Do you ever find yourselves envious of the ignorant ones?

    Thanks for all that you do Denise!

    Peace and Love,


  3. dear Denise thank you are helping my sanity. i’m fighting for my life since childhood. i’ve recently remembered the rapes all women of this earth get from them. instead of breaking me it gave me understand what is happening is liberating. but please help me on this one,i want to know about the astral etheric protection you mention.really im giving a hard battle here and i’m all alone…i mean physically. and what can one do to remove the implants. i can do it on others but why i cant remove them from myself?? thank you so much.

  4. “That Alien Love Bite information was referred to me by Ana on your “Pains, Frustrations & Confusions of the Spiritual Ascension Work” post…”


    Thanks for that reminder because I’d forgotten who said and shared the “Alien Love Bites” links to whom. Thanks to Ana and you both.

    I had one other “Alien Love Bite” con job perpetrated against me back in the 1980’s. That one was brutal and took me many years to get us both free of it. After reading some of the articles about this negative crap at Eve Lorgon’s website, it was obviously a typical case of this. That relationship was just so full of wounding each other and yet neither of us able to break free and escape it that I knew something else was behind it. At that time I thought it was “karmic”, past-life stuff with him. NOT! Just a romantic con job created by Team Dark to keep my preoccupied and trapped within and producing emotional pain etc. etc. I used to pray to not feel anything for that man so that we both could be free of the so-called relationship. I finally got there years later and we both exited the relationship with great joy and happiness. 😆

    “I thought that the Greys were created by the Reptilians for the purpose of doing their dark dirty work so how could any of them be positive?”

    Some of them were but there are other Greys that aren’t polarized to the Dark, to Service To Self. It’s kinda like thinking that a whole human race is negative–like the Irish or Chinese etc. Not true, assholes come in all colors and flavors! 😉 You get what I’m saying. Same is true of many of the Orions; some of them are profoundly negative and totally polarized to “Service To Self”, where other Orions are different races (they’re not Reptilian or Draconian etc.) but some look very human-like and others look like abstract paintings because they have no dense, stable body but they fluctuate and shape-shift constantly and are really beautiful. They are completely “Service To Others” or to the “Law Of One”. Obviously this is a very complex topic and more than can be covered in a Comment. Just know that not all beings from Orion are 8D Orion beings. Two totally different levels, dimensions, and Alien Beings.

    Also, Orion the stellar system is much like a well-known and well used interdimensional freeway offramp/onramp. 😉 It’s a portal into this physical 3D dimension from other higher dimensions and it’s used by both positive and negative Starbeings/ETs to enter into this physical system. There’s probably many more of these interdimensional portals or entrance/exit points into this neck of the cosmic woods, but I’m only consciously familiar with the Orion one.


  5. Thanks, Denise, for sharing your experiences so honestly, which encourages us to share ours. As they say, knowledge is power and horrible as these insights are, I believe it’s important to face things squarely when we are ready. The damage done to humanity and to our consciousness at all levels by Team Dark is astounding; they are extremely clever as well as relentless in securing their energy source (us).

    It’s a good thing that your infatuation with that young man in 2004 did not result in more. Your story shows us how Team Dark can work, reaching us through someone else and messing with our emotions. I have been there, too. Last year I was approached by a professional con man on a dating site who proceeded to court me. I didn’t know then about “fake photos” and call forwarding numbers to disguise one’s true location. What threw me off was that I had a few dreams which showed me marrying this man when I had NO intention of marrying anyone… only NOW do I realize that Team Dark can also manipulate our dreams, once they have a “hook” into us. (This happened before I used the 12D shielding technique.)

    Also, as Lady commented, the “workings of team dark are specifically targeted towards the individuals weakness.” I know of people whose belief that “family love” comes first (putting their own priorities last) resulted in their being horribly manipulated by those close to them who constantly push “fear” buttons and drain their energies (one of the manipulators is a son, the other a mother) until they are a shell of their former selves. I have always pointed out that our first responsibility is to ourselves but my words fell on deaf ears. All I can do now is detach and trust that they will eventually find their way.

    If someone has addictions (alcohol, drugs, etc.), this is also a weakness that Team Dark can exploit. Low self-esteem and insecurity as well. In fact, any sustained frequencies and/or emotions of a lower vibration can put us at risk.

    It’s easy to feel repulsed and angry at all the horror and needless suffering this world has/is being put through. But anger only feeds these parasites, so I use my revulsion to detach from the illusion of 3D (saying to my self, I’ve had ENOUGH!). Then I call down as much Light as I can hold and spread it around, declaring “may all return to Light.”

    Blessings to all, Thelma

  6. “I was wondering if aborted fetuses would be in the astral trap net? I know this is a very charged subject, so I understand if you don’t want to post this or answer that question.”


    Yes it is for many people so I’ll tread gently. 🙂

    No, aborted fetuses do NOT end up in these Astral nets and used by Team Dark. The reason is due to there–and here comes the touchy part for some people–not actually being a soul embodied in it at that point. Souls don’t crawl into a physical growing fetus and just hang out for nine months; they’ve got all sorts of important and necessary prep-work they all do prior to incarnating into a physical body in a physical world.

    When I was pregnant (1971-72) I was very aware of when my son’s soul (I psychically knew it was a boy) was nearby just making a connection with me and checking things out. He’d leave just as abruptly as he’d pop in like this etherically. He was never in my belly during the entire time I was pregnant, but he was occasionally around etherically as a way of preparing himself to enter this dimension and physicality etc. So, bases upon what I’ve seen and experienced myself with this, I know that a soul is not embodied within the physical fetus until physical birth where the point of entrance finally happens. But even then the soul pops in and out of its new physical body for the first seven years of life.

    Because there is no embodying with the fetus, it’s not charged with Source generated life-force vitality so it’s basically useless.

    I’ve always loved Down syndrome people as they’ve always seemed to me to be just buckets of Love. As humanity catches up vibrationally and consciously to these new higher frequencies on Earth now, we’ll all have much more Love within us in the ways that these Down syndrome people always have had. Humanity is in my opinion simple catching up with them. 😉 ♥


  7. I’ve found Lisa Renee’s Guardians line very potent and effective — “I AM GOD, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM FREE”.


  8. Denise & All,

    So if I’m understanding this right, the reason body parts can be harvested and used as batteries by Team Dark is because the soul needs to exit the body peacefully and completely at the time of death. If the death is sudden, violent and traumatic, as with dying in an explosion, the soul is not able to fully exit from the physical structure before it’s blown apart and thus becomes fragmented on the etheric planes where the body parts can then be collected and used.

    It’s sick, but also fascinating and something I didn’t really understand very well before. I think most human beings would like a peaceful death when the time comes, and this is one more reason to want it as far as I’m concerned.

    You mentioned you saw a few whole bodies also caught in these Astral nets, meaning the physical body was not blown apart at death – how can whole bodies become caught like this?

    All this also makes one wonder about the hundreds of millions who died in the atomic bomb blasts over Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII. Sadly, that must have been a bonanza for Team Dark. And how about those terrorist suicide bombers who strap on explosives and walk into shopping malls in the Middle East and take out 20 or 30 people at a time. I guess we know who’s delighted when that happens.

    Much love,

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