The NEW High Heart Consciousness Is Rising

For the past few months I’ve been clairvoyantly Seeing a very beautiful vision. I commissioned my sister recently to draw this above image for me and it is very close to what I’ve been Seeing.

This exciting image represents the beginning of humanity rising, ascending into increasing 5D HighHeart Consciousness. To me this is comparable to humanity literally crawling out of a dank, dark cave and into the Light, sanity and freedom. The significance of this evolutionary ascension transition is monumental and will quickly cause humanity to shift from living and perceiving from their old lower frequency 3D Solar Plexus and two bottom chakras, up into the much higher frequency NEW 5D HighHeart. An entire book could be written about the differences between just these two levels of awareness and their corresponding external worlds and realities, which should tell you how important and life and reality changing this particular ascension related shift is.

The first time I clairvoyantly saw this energy Sun rising into our 5D upper chest—Thymus gland of the 5D HighHeart — I wondered why it was a Sun and not a lotus flower or star or something else. After I had this thought, I instantly knew that it was a Sun due in large part to the connection with the sign of Leo (which is ruled by the Sun) and its opposite astrological sign and Age, Aquarius (ruled by Uranus). Ascension into the fifth dimensional Age of Aquarius—Higher Awareness and opposite sign and energies Leo—High Heart. What a wonderful integrated 5D union for humanity to step into at the start of a new Evolutionary Cycle. This is what’s coming, the rising of HighHeart fifth dimensional and higher unified consciousness within humanity on a matching frequency Earth with none of the old lower insanity carrying over or able to co-exist within this higher frequency and consciousness.

I’ve been feeling this new HighHeart Sun energy and consciousness rising and radiating in my upper chest for a while now. I can feel the size and pressure of it increasing and its energy rays radiating and literally pushing up under my chin. My point of focus, my point of where “I” reside and perceive reality is ascending up into my upper chest area, no longer my 3D head, ego, and left-brain, but my new 5D HighHeart Sun center.

Sometimes this rising, ascending new energy and pressure causes some pain in my back and spine in this area and around the shoulder blades in my back, but that’s a small price to pay to transition out of the dark cold ego cave of 3D and ones bottom three chakras as the only lens upon a dark, cold, matching reality. A little pain in my spine and back muscles at and around this HighHeart level is nothing compared to what all I’ve already endured throughout the Ascension Process. So this embodying transformation hurts a bit now, the results will far outweigh the current transitional birth pains however.

A few days ago I was having my now normal sudden afternoon pass-out, get out-of-body, absolutely must-have rest & recuperate nap when I again saw this inner energy HighHeart Sun consciousness rising and radiating in my upper chest area. I laid there asleep but lucid and felt the now familiar intense inner body vibrations buzzing, spinning and roaring at times inside me as I viewed this rising HighHeart Sun becoming my new ascended base of operations and focal point of my evolving, ascending Self. It was such a beautiful sight to see and event to feel happening within my bodies and self.

Let the start of your Rising HighHeart and Consciousness lead you Home to matching frequency NEW HighHeart Earth.

Denise Le Fay

May 15, 2012

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2012. All rights reserved. Use or duplication of this material is strictly prohibited. 

93 thoughts on “The NEW High Heart Consciousness Is Rising

  1. Denise,
    How beautiful!!! The article the drawing, it is so strange I have always been drawn to the sun but the past month it has in my meditations and thoughts very much. I read something recently, cannot remember from where that our ‘spirit’ is plasma based and so is the Sun and we can communicate with the Sun’s just like we can any other plasma being. I do not do the article justice but I have been using the plasma communication process while meditating and learning how to use the energy from the solar flares.
    Thank-you for another awesome article and for uplifting me. I so appreciate you and all here. We are all feeling whats coming on line–it is beautiful. Peace, Valerie

  2. “Oh, Happy Dance, Happy Dance. http://www.spaceweather has marvellous maps of the eclipse…”


    Thanks Barbara for sharing about having maps and video etc. about the May 20, 2012 Eclipse. 🙂


  3. Hi Denise and All Here:

    Oh, Happy Dance, Happy Dance. http://www.spaceweather has marvellous maps of the eclipse. Thanks for this posting, I love your phrase, “High Heart Sun Brain,” and Yasmeen’s artwork is a perfect expression of your text. I truly believe that we will “know” our connection to Source/Christ consciousness as a result of this ecliipse on Sunday, and that that knowing will grow in us and expand to others over the next few months and very soon we will indeed be experiencing 5D multi-dimensionality though we may continue to reside on 3D Earth. The “knowing” part of ascension is something I have wrestled with for years and I have been running on faith and trust this whole journey. That is about to change I “know” it!!! When I was first contacted by my invisible friends a few years ago, they told me, “It’s in the hands of the Sun” and so it is. I also understand that this wave of love that is coming from the Great Central Sun into the Pleiades’ Alycone and into our Sun will affect the Universe. The Great Computer in the Sky (Creative Love) is getting a brand new hard drive and the All That Is is getting a software upgrade. The result will definitely require that everyone, including the Dark, do a major re-boot. Good! Lately, my dreams have been vivid and very active, lots of packing and moving and catching flights, seeing my destination “down the road” et cetera. Busy, busy nights. I have tension/pain between my shoulder blades, but, yes, ain’t it a grand feeling compared to what we have been through? And finally, I’m still thinking separation of the Worlds or at the very least, the ability to travel between the two (if we want to), but I do believe a good long rest much deserved by us all may be the priority. Love to you, Denise, and to All Here. Almost there now and enjoy May 20. B.

  4. This is truly wonderful to hear! I have been experiencing this since the portal opening I experienced here in the Four Courners back in March. Also since then I have been experiencing a pressure (not painful in anyway, more like an expansion) in my head. It seems to be right in the center of the Third Eye, Pineal and Crown with the impression of a Violet/Aqua light. This happens mostly when I connect with Cosmic Heart of the Universe, while doing the 12D shield and again as I am working in the gardens (which has become somewhat of an obbsesive need) just sinking my hands into the earth and letting this energy flow into the Earth. I have also noticed an influx of birds (all kinds) here which I have not previously seen. And hummingbirds hovering about my head and sometimes following me into the house. The strange thing about the birds are they are getting along peacefully no fighting over territory nor food just peaceful co-existence. Even the magpies are playing nicely and being respectful. LOL I am wonderring though if anyone else is experiencing this expansion in the center of the head triad? It is truly an amazing feeling and I believe my message is clear as to what my purpose at this moment is, which is a very wonderful and comforting peaceful feeling. Well, off to play with the Earth again. Love to all and gratitude to Denise and everyone else for their sharing, caring and hard fruitful work!

  5. Thank you Susan for your sharing as I AM also going through the very same.
    ps..I’m in Australia

  6. Denise,

    Yesterday I was in the process of attempting to explain in words what I was experiencing internally, especially more intensely at night, when trying to do my spiritual practice, but I just couldn’t find the right way to explain it to anyone, so I decided to abandon the idea. Then today, I read what you said about the inner body vibrations, buzzing, spinning and roaring that you experience and I was so surprised/humbled/relieved as I thought I was on my own when it came this sort of thing. This has been happening to me for at least the past 3 years but recently, it’s off the chart! Whenever I close my eyes, I feel I am on some sort of vibrational roller coaster, wizzing and whirling, a sort of undulating sensation, which feels a bit yucky and makes meditation virtually out of the question. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to find anything that will help all of this to stop, so that I can do what I so long for and that is to be able to go within and just enter into silence. Thank you for what I see as a confirmation and I am not the cause of it. Bless your heart and thank you for this article. I am looking forward to checking out the Carl Calleman material. L.O.V.E. K

  7. “At times when I look at the sun, I literally hear it talking. Yesterday as I was driving home, I almost thought I could see a division of ‘time’ in the light then followed an incident with a logging truck on a narrow bend – a void of cerise pink flashed, where I ‘saw’ divine synchronistic protection/harmony. I don’t know… but my guess is that I/we (?) are with multiple dimensions at once.”


    Yes plus multiple timelines are becoming more consciously evident to more of us who’ve been working in different ones all connected to this ascension timeline.


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