The NEW High Heart Consciousness Is Rising

For the past few months I’ve been clairvoyantly Seeing a very beautiful vision. I commissioned my sister recently to draw this above image for me and it is very close to what I’ve been Seeing.

This exciting image represents the beginning of humanity rising, ascending into increasing 5D HighHeart Consciousness. To me this is comparable to humanity literally crawling out of a dank, dark cave and into the Light, sanity and freedom. The significance of this evolutionary ascension transition is monumental and will quickly cause humanity to shift from living and perceiving from their old lower frequency 3D Solar Plexus and two bottom chakras, up into the much higher frequency NEW 5D HighHeart. An entire book could be written about the differences between just these two levels of awareness and their corresponding external worlds and realities, which should tell you how important and life and reality changing this particular ascension related shift is.

The first time I clairvoyantly saw this energy Sun rising into our 5D upper chest—Thymus gland of the 5D HighHeart — I wondered why it was a Sun and not a lotus flower or star or something else. After I had this thought, I instantly knew that it was a Sun due in large part to the connection with the sign of Leo (which is ruled by the Sun) and its opposite astrological sign and Age, Aquarius (ruled by Uranus). Ascension into the fifth dimensional Age of Aquarius—Higher Awareness and opposite sign and energies Leo—High Heart. What a wonderful integrated 5D union for humanity to step into at the start of a new Evolutionary Cycle. This is what’s coming, the rising of HighHeart fifth dimensional and higher unified consciousness within humanity on a matching frequency Earth with none of the old lower insanity carrying over or able to co-exist within this higher frequency and consciousness.

I’ve been feeling this new HighHeart Sun energy and consciousness rising and radiating in my upper chest for a while now. I can feel the size and pressure of it increasing and its energy rays radiating and literally pushing up under my chin. My point of focus, my point of where “I” reside and perceive reality is ascending up into my upper chest area, no longer my 3D head, ego, and left-brain, but my new 5D HighHeart Sun center.

Sometimes this rising, ascending new energy and pressure causes some pain in my back and spine in this area and around the shoulder blades in my back, but that’s a small price to pay to transition out of the dark cold ego cave of 3D and ones bottom three chakras as the only lens upon a dark, cold, matching reality. A little pain in my spine and back muscles at and around this HighHeart level is nothing compared to what all I’ve already endured throughout the Ascension Process. So this embodying transformation hurts a bit now, the results will far outweigh the current transitional birth pains however.

A few days ago I was having my now normal sudden afternoon pass-out, get out-of-body, absolutely must-have rest & recuperate nap when I again saw this inner energy HighHeart Sun consciousness rising and radiating in my upper chest area. I laid there asleep but lucid and felt the now familiar intense inner body vibrations buzzing, spinning and roaring at times inside me as I viewed this rising HighHeart Sun becoming my new ascended base of operations and focal point of my evolving, ascending Self. It was such a beautiful sight to see and event to feel happening within my bodies and self.

Let the start of your Rising HighHeart and Consciousness lead you Home to matching frequency NEW HighHeart Earth.

Denise Le Fay

May 15, 2012

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2012. All rights reserved. Use or duplication of this material is strictly prohibited. 

93 thoughts on “The NEW High Heart Consciousness Is Rising

  1. Hi Denise,

    Pleased to hear that I am sharing same,and also of others, symptoms of switch and shift pains around shoulder blades. Also very wakeful at night, needing not sleep but just center and balance through meditation. I use to love sleeping but now I am wishing the light of day was 24/7

    At times when I look at the sun, I literally hear it talking. Yesterday as I was driving home, I almost thought I could see a division of ‘time’ in the light then followed an incident with a logging truck on a narrow bend – a void of cerise pink flashed, where I ‘saw’ divine synchronistic protection/harmony. I don’t know… but my guess is that I/we (?) are with multiple dimensions at once.


  2. Just this past week I have been feeling energy in my heart chakra, not as high as the High Heart yet, but it is something new. 🙂

  3. “Thanks especially to your sister for capturing the experience *perfectly.*”

    Calliope the Muse,

    I agree, thanks go to my sister for being able to take my clairvoyant visions and make them physical so others can see them too. She did this for me with the 25 illustrations in A Lightworker’s Mission and it was no easy task for either of us! We live in different States so communications about these images is done thru emails.

    There’s been SO many other dimensional images and beings I’ve wanted to share with others like this, but unless I could draw them myself, it’s just way too difficult for someone else to interpret non-physicals.

    I’m so glad this drawing and article filled in some things you’ve perceived yourself.


  4. Hi Denise,

    I have been feeling such a drive, on a daily basis, to let go. It feels as though the cells of this body are releasing/purging. I am thinking that this is so more light can enter in. There feels like such a need to trust and fall into the arms of unconditional love. It feels so challenging at times after all I’ve been through. What you say really resonates with me. Thanks Denise.


  5. Hi Denise, You are right on, as usual. I have been dealing with sinus and bronchitis symptoms and upper back/neck/shoulder pain. I learned that the GI “illness” I experienced in February was a purification of the lower chakras, and that my current symptoms are purifying the upper chakras. I find I am operating from my heart all the time now. I feel empty, in a good way. Ready to embody the Christ Consciousness and live full time in my light body. Meditating yesterday, I became aware of a white beam of light either emanating from or descending into my crown, then suddenly, the outer skin of the personality body peeled away and I was left as a light body! Outstanding! I clariaudiently heard a voice saying “this is your ascension.” Perhaps showing me what is to come?

    In case you are interested, I am sun in leo–aries rising–moon in leo.

    Love and light to all my fellow travellers,

  6. NO. WAY. No way — I can’t believe my eyes. *squeeeee!* This is so cool…

    I have not even completed the article yet, because I had to comment on the picture & the first paragraph of the post, I am so excited. Seriously Denise, not three or four days ago, this VERY image AND experience was given to me in regards to the “Interference to the Negatives” post — I commented to GiGi about it, I think, in one of her posts on her blog. I’ll have to check that now to see when it was… (In fact, maybe I commented about it here, too. I can’t keep track of what I have written about and where it has been, heh.)

    Anyway, I had a powerful image of a bright, bright sun emanating out from my heart chakra and working to protect me from any negative interference (I remember where I was standing — it was on a subway platform here in my city. Maybe last Thursday or so??). I thought my receiving this gift was in regards to my having trouble with the 12D Shield, but wheeeeeeee!! It looks like this is something even cooler (or warmer, as the case may be). I am seriously astounded by this. I was even thinking about trying to find an image online to describe what I had seen and felt so I could write about it myself. And here is a LOVELY, perfect image by your sister!! This is just IT. It’s what I have seen and felt, too, but just in the past few days! Incredible.

    I know, I feel like I should be kinda jaded by now at how this synchronicity thing works, lol — but I am BEAMING right now. This is actually a synchronicity upon synchronicity for me today, and I am SO EXCITED for what the 20th will bring. If today, the 16th (in my neck of the woods right now) is any indication, it is gonna be HUGE.

    Okay — promise I will finish the rest. What I skimmed so far is fantastic. But that IMAGE!! Wow. Thanks be to all that is wonderful and good. What a huge confirmation for me that my experience is not just all in my head and I am not going nuts, lol. It’s real, peeps. Real and good. 🙂

    Be back soon & THANK YOU. Thanks especially to your sister for capturing the experience *perfectly.*

    Calliope the Muse

  7. Thanks, Denise! Just over a week ago, I had an interesting massage that dealt with just what you are talking about here. When she reached the shoulder blade area there was a tightness/pain and she had not yet touched it. Was just holding her hands above it and I could feel their heat. She said she felt a need to tone and I agreed. She did three tonal sets. The first raised the vibration and energy (I felt the rise). The second released the tightness under the shoulder blades and the whole energy flowed down and out. The third opened the new heart chakra wider exploding out. What a sensation. It was surprising to her as well.

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