Intentional Interference from Negative Beings

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We’ve all experienced this more times than we care to consciously admit and it’s frustrating and discouraging when you know it’s happening to you. If you don’t know it’s happening then the whole business is vastly more confusing and debilitating psychologically. Because I’ve experienced an increase in the negatives (by Negatives I mean the non-physical, non-human negative aliens, negative entities, demonic entities, plus the humans that manifest the negative aliens’ agendas on Earth because they’re easily manipulated by them—aka Portal People), trying to prevent me from doing certain things and reaching certain higher levels of consciousness in 2012. I’ve also received a few emails recently from people experiencing this same negative interference too so it seems we need to talk about this more openly in 2012.

This negative interference can happen at any time of the day or night, but when you intentionally or unintentionally (being activated by the Ascension Process) start doing anything that’s going to help you by evolving and expanding your consciousness, you need to know that Team Dark is aware of this and will instantly do whatever they can to INTERFERE and prevent you, me, each of us from evolving, expanding and breaking free from their invisible frequency fences and restrictions. I could give you dozens of examples of this but the most recent one I and my Mom have been experiencing was when we started using Lisa Renee’s “12 D Shield”  technique.

When I did Lisa’s 12 D Shield each day I’d be fine until I reached the top of my head and that was where I felt the negative interference trying to prevent me from finishing the visualization and get up to the suggested “three and a half feet above your head” position. It was so obvious that was where I was encountering the most interference and I fought and fought and fought to push my way past the negative’s invisible border there. It was real work and took time and sheer determination for me to finally push my way through their frequency fences but I eventually succeeded.

My Mom was experiencing the negative’s interfering with her doing Lisa’s 12 D Shield too but at that point where she needed to visualize connecting with the center of the Earth and again at the top where she needed to connect to the Andromeda galaxy, so it was top and bottom for her. The reason I’m sharing the points where we each encountered negative interference is to help some of you understand that, even though we all experience this interference, we’ll each experience it in slightly different ways and at slightly different points etc.

Let me also share about how I experienced negative interference during the first few months of constructing my 12 D Shield using Lisa Renee’s great free video as my mind’s eye visual tool. Again, your mileage may vary, but this mental interference BS is a very common interference tactic used by Team Dark against all of us whenever we try to escape their multidimensional frequency fences.

Many times when I was first building my etheric 12 D Shield, I’d reach that level at the top of my head where I’d encounter the interference and everything would come to a screeching stop in my mind’s eye. The next thing that happened—and I’ve experienced this particular mental interference tactic in many other situations, not only with Lisa’s 12 D Shield—was that my mental focus was instantaneously shifted to some silly, non-related something. Not once, not twice, not even three times but about eighteen or twenty times! It was so frustrating and I was not in control of directing my mental focus and thoughts. It was exactly like I’d reached a certain point and then something invisible knocked me off that rung on the ladder and I’d fall to the ground and have to start over again and again.

I’d be deep in the 12 D Shield meditation/visualization and suddenly whammo… I’d be thinking about bananas or getting a smog check for my car or painting the fence in the backyard or mopping the kitchen floor etc. Any ridiculous thing except what I wanted to be focused on. Every time I experienced this interference when I was doing the 12 D Shield technique, the interference was activated when I reached the top of my head. The mental focus shift (mental derailment, kidnapping, explosion, interference) happened so fast that it took me a few moments to realize that it had even happened! It was like I’d been slung-shot off into some other mental location repeatedly to prevent me from completing the 12 D Shield visualization. Eighteen to twenty times I’d get mentally flung off into some unrelated thoughts and each time I’d have to fight my way back to the point where I’d been before I was intentionally flung out of the visualization. It was incredibly frustrating and it told me—loud n’ clear—that Lisa’s 12 D Shield technique is obviously something that works and works very well otherwise the negatives wouldn’t work so hard to prevent me/you/each of us from consciously energetically building and developing it around us.

Know these difficulties are not you being mentally lazy, inadequate or undisciplined, but that it’s deliberate negative interference doing its best to prevent you from energetically evolving, “ascending”, and therefore escaping this lower frequency range, reality, them and their influences. Fight it. Do not give in to it. Get back in the visualization or meditation or whatever it was that you were doing before you were intentionally interfered with and blasted out of it by Team Dark’s invisible frequency fences and other vile control devices and keep fighting until you can complete the meditation/visualization etc. Go into determined Light Warrior Mode when needed, otherwise you’ll be constantly suppressed and held in place by the negative’s many frequency fences. It can be done, but it’s often a real fight to break through their negative barriers and reach a higher frequency level.

Once I broke through this invisible barricade while trying to build my 12 D Shield, it became so much easier and faster for me to run through the steps and visualize it all and it’s now becoming a living, growing energy around me that’s there constantly and getting stronger and more vital each day/night I do the visualization. So hang in there and when needed fight like the Light Warrior you are and rip the shit out of Team Dark’s frequency fences and other etheric control devices. You will get there and it will be good, so very good. ❤


May 10, 2012

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87 thoughts on “Intentional Interference from Negative Beings

  1. “Thank you, again, Denise.
    I am unable to find instructions for the 12 D Shield meditation/visualization (perhaps because of this incessant pain at the top of my head). Could you provide a link?
    Much appreciated.


    I’m glad you asked for a link to Lisa Renee’s 12 D Shield video. I intentionally did not include it in my article only because I knew I’d add my copyright notice at the end of it and wasn’t going to do that with someone elses material in it! So here’s a link to it.

    Hugs, Denise

  2. I knew it! I didn’t know I knew it but now that you spell it out to my consciousness, all puzzle pieces once again just slot into place and I realise the whole trail of what’s been going on with my ‘lack of focus’. Oooh I get so irritated, I’ll be off now to do some kick-ass blasting of their frequency fences and will create such an awesome 12D shield they’ll be left shivering at the sight… Denise, you’re wonderful!!!

  3. I also just wanted to add that although we are having these not so pleasant experiences with the lower vibrational entities/beings, it is also teaching us energetic discernment. To be able to discern what a beings motive is in spirit form as well as physical without them coming out and telling us. We have all had this experience when a person says one thing and totally does something else with an ulterior motive behind it. This is one of the major things we have to learn on our ascension journey to mastery and to be able to navigate through the spirit world so in a way we have to be thankful for them. In order to become a master we need the experiences that will teach us how to become this.

  4. “I also just wanted to add that although we are having these not so pleasant experiences with the lower vibrational entities/beings, it is also teaching us energetic discernment. To be able to discern what a beings motive is in spirit form as well as physical without them coming out and telling us. We have all had this experience when a person says one thing and totally does something else with an ulterior motive behind it. This is one of the major things we have to learn on our ascension journey to mastery and to be able to navigate through the spirit world so in a way we have to be thankful for them. In order to become a master we need the experiences that will teach us how to become this.”

    Cherie Hebert,

    Actually it’s more than just an intellectual learning process; it’s a living, bodily Alchemical Initiatic event where we embody it in our very cells and that changes and evolves us. This is why we’ve got to LIVE these things in our bodies and beings and why it’s not effective as an intellectual study only.


  5. They have definitely ramped up their activity, haven’t they?!! Two weeks ago I started writing a new blog post for my business (prebirth communication). I left it as a draft to work on the next day. Well, the next day I couldn’t even access my dashboard ~ I kept getting “incorrect password”, even though I knew it was right. AND when I tried to reset the password, I NEVER got the email to do so, no matter how many times I tried. Not only that, the same day I woke up to over 150 different comments for the same blog ~ it wasn’t spam as the content DID have to do with pregnancy, birth, etc. But the comments were NOT for me, they kept referencing different people and circumstances, however some comments were even more unsettling as they mentioned my baby’s name but a different baby (a baby girl not a baby boy). It all left me very disturbed. Thankfully I realized very soon what was happening and just laughed it off as much as I could and asked Archangel Michael to get on the case. The next day I was able to access my dashboard and the comments stopped.

    Not only this but just yesterday I was looking for one of YOUR posts, Denise, to send to a friend. Again I left the email open as a draft intending to come back to it. When I came back I didn’t have email access at all ~ nothing going out, nothing coming in. This lasted all night.

    Oh, the tantrums they are throwing! It seems to me, though, that they don’t even realize how much they are HELPING us with these tricks. I’ve learned to let go of things much easier, to use humor to diffuse a situation and I’m definitely learning how to keep peaceful amongst the chaos. All this mucking with us is actually making us stronger. They don’t stand a bloody chance.

    Thanks once again, Denise, for a timely post. ♥

  6. Denise,
    As usual your intuition is right on target!!! I have been blasted for months by the Dark and I am always trying inventive ways to get around the frequency fences and be my Warrior self, however, it happens soooo often that I was starting to believe that I am ADD/ADHD( i really think I do have one or both) and ‘it was all me’ just not getting it’.

    Thank-you for clarifying once again. I swear I do not know how I would be getting thru this without you and all the like-minded souls here.

    I have one question and only one; is there a way that we can fuck with their frequency fences? You know like putting water in a live socket somehow. I spend most of my day meditating and trying to raise my vibration and working with energies, crystals, etc. I have been told by my HS about a month ago to have our conversations out in space, past the moon but in the suns light and I have to say we work without interference there, we have a really cool ‘personal’ space craft and ride the energy lines to stay safe and undetected. But for the past 2 weeks I cannot concentrate on anything because I have intense itching everywhere–more interference I cannot break thru being so itchy. And I am losing my disposition and connection to my HS, my guides, everything that was keeping me sane and grounded and I cannot do my lightwork all that effectively, so I wonder can we blow-up their frequency fences? Can WE do anything? I am still working on the 12D Sheild. I will let you know what happens. Peace*Love & Light,Valerie

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had trouble visualizing the chakra column this morning, of all things; I kept visualizing the colors in the incorrect order, with red at the crown, or I could not remember which color came next in the ROYGBIV sequence. This seemed absurd to me because every child knows the order of the colors of the rainbow; how could I forget? However, I did not make the connection to negative interference, although it seems obvious now. I am more determined now to break through.

  8. Thank you Denise! and yes that is exactly what I meant. Energetic discernment is on a feeling and being level not an intellectual one. This way we can energetically feel what the motives are without words or the intellect involved. Glad we agree! 🙂

  9. Valerie,

    “They”, Team Dark are increasing their tactics against us and humanity because we have been and still are seriously disconnecting their distorted, stolen systems, feed lines etc. THAT’S why they’re panicked and really trying to grab a hold of as many humans energetically as they can now. They is being seriously being “fucked with”. 😆 😉


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