A Great Lisa Renee Interview

Thanks go to kat333 for sharing this radio interview by Hundredth Monkey of Lisa Renee on March 25, 2012 in a Comment. Because it was so great, I wanted to add it here for those who possibly missed it in that Comment area. It’s a two-hour-long interview with the first hour free. Thanks again kat333 for bringing it to our attention here at TRANSITIONS.


April 12, 2012

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  1. Carolyn,

    Thanks for sharing this as Inelia Benz is so fun in that High Heart way and is accurate imo. I would have missed this interview so thanks for sharing it here for us all. ♥

    Gratitude Hugs,

  2. calliopemuse68,

    It was VERY interesting for me personally to hear a bit more about Lisa Renee’s history–her childhood knowings about being a “Freedom Fighter”, and about how the start of her transformational Ascension Process was for her personally and also about her “Walk-In” after a couple of years of living it. Her personal experiences as a Starseed entering the Ascension Process were in so many ways exactly like mine so it was very helpful for me to hear Lisa share some of her experiences about this Process.

    First off I want to mention to you and all others reading this that were born during the mid-1960s that you have the Uranus and Pluto (probably in Virgo) CONJUNCTION natally, which the upcoming seven exact SQUARES between Uranus and Pluto (in different signs now from June 2012-2015 or 2016) will be feeling more intensely than people without that natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction. No fear, just a heads up that big changes, positive changes are coming…more so than what you have already been experiencing which is wonderful really.

    I too feel that many of the “Gen X” people (not all of course) are Second Wave Starseeds/Lightworkers. The Second Wave Group has had to house, embody the higher frequencies for the rest of humanity and Earth etc. I’ve heard from a lot of this Group and how they all feel “…like they’re not doing enough…” but they don’t realize that embodying the higher frequency Light/Energy IS “doing” big time! Just because they’re not doing this as externally or as publicly as some of the First Wave teachers, does not mean that what they have been and still are doing isn’t important because it is terribly important.

    My Mom is 82 and she is also a First Wave Starseed. There are many Indigos that are much older like this too so these age ranges aren’t as literal as some people have been told they are. There’s always people who come in early and begin embodying long before other people of the same Group (with the same soul mission etc.) because this is simply how this energetic business works. So MANY Indigos are much older now than 35 and they’ve been embodying the higher frequencies all along and taking a beating because of it just like the Groups and/or Waves of people before them. I totally get why you sort of feel ignored by others in all this. I’ve felt the same way too and I’m a First Wave Starseed and I know the majority of people don’t get me and my soul mission or “contract” either. 😉

    You are totally right in that “each generation had its role…” and they LITERALLY carry specific astrological energies which are tools that help them with those specific roles. I hope I covered all of your points. I had a long phone call come in in the middle of writing this so I got sidetracked a bit.

    Oh…about your hoping for and/or sensing that “something truly dramatic to shift this year…”. It is already and it will continue to throughout this year (and the following five year period of major transitions on Earth and in humanities consciousness), and I too sense that the famed 12-12-12 AND the 12-21-12 dates coming in December 2012 are indeed major portals that we’ll pass through (like the 11-11-11 one was) which will greatly change things and people. I’ve hesitated writing about this topic too much yet only because I always am VERY aware of the responsibility that saying and/or writing certain things literally directs consciousness. I write about things when I know it’s time to publicly do so and it will only help the Process and people’s understanding about it.


  3. Thank you so much for this awesome answer — it did indeed confirm a lot of things I had been thinking and feeling and/or understanding, and also gave me new clarity on others, such as what defines an “Indigo.”

    You know, your response reminds me that I really, really need to have a chart run (astrological one) on myself. It’s something I have wanted to do for 30 years, and still have yet to do. I have understood since about the age of 14 or 15 the significance of the planets, stars and other celestial beings on my life and path, but have never actually had a chart done. Your response reminded me that this could be another way to get some clarity on how my expression and tasks in these times could be directed.

    You wrote:

    I’ve heard from a lot of this Group and how they all feel “…like they’re not doing enough…” but they don’t realize that embodying the higher frequency Light/Energy IS “doing” big time! Just because they’re not doing this as externally or as publicly as some of the First Wave teachers, does not mean that what they have been and still are doing isn’t important because it is terribly important.

    Yeah, well, that’s what I kind of meant about not being too serious about being called the so-called “slacker” Xers, haha! In fact, it *is* quite a task to simply embody these vibrations and to continue to transmute as much as we can in our individual lives to hold a higher and higher frequency. That’s what my Ascension Buddy and best friend have been doing for several years now (well, that’s just when we became consciously aware of it). Many GenX-wavers are doing this quietly but quite effectively, many even without knowledge of doing so, I know for a fact — but doing it, they are! I’ve seen it, and experienced watching people do this without their awareness, but with my being aware of it, and it is a really cool thing to see happen. A lot of Xers are made of strong stuff, for all the “slacker” talk that was made of them when they were a bit younger. 😉 Not slacking, indeed, but HOLDING and HOLDING and then HOLDING some more.

    Thanks so much, Denise. 🙂

  4. Hi Denise,

    Curious: what about the Venus Transit? I read it somewhere on a certain article… looked it up some more and found one here: http://www.theastrologypage.com/Archives/transit_of_venus.htm

    … and said to myself that THAT is just as important… because Venus’ “sun traveling” would be in Gemini on 5/6th June. Within that very said article it stated thus:

    “Gemini also concerns commerce. We will see monetary and commerce changes. One example is the barter system, a movement which is becoming common all over the world”.

    From what I gather thus far… this is going to make our already limited lives a lot easier. I don’t know hoots what it REALLY would mean on the 3D plain here but… what’s your take on this? Would that ingredient really take effect too?

    … and thanks so much for you insights. It’s becoming more and more clear.

    Lou Ann

  5. I met Denise at an astrology forum six years ago, so astrology is my “background” more so than ascension-related matters. I don’t offer natal chart interpretations, but if you would like, you can e-mail me your natal data (time, date and place of birth) and I can guide you through the process of creating a free natal chart through the Astrodienst (www.astro.com) website and tell you what your major aspects and chart patterns are so you can research them, if you wish. I do feel astrology is changing as we change, so this information may be more descriptive of who you were when you were born than who you are becoming, but if you still are interested in learning more, my e-mail address is In2Netting@gmail.com.

  6. Aie: it seems that the ever increasing energies are gaining so much momentum… I’m having a hard time using my already tired eyes… and focus. So much fatigue. So much aches. So much Light taking us in. I’m imagining the same for you Denise… with the extra pain in joints and everywhere in the body.

    Maybe time will tell… soon now. That Venus Transit of this year may or may not be that significant. But let’s see. I just don’t know how I’m going to keep up with this 3D money, paperwork… freelance work… and every other 3D thing that needs our attention to keep on keeping on.

    Hugs and Love you,
    Lou Ann
    P.S. thank goodness for Lisa. She rocks. I can feel her freedom fighting energy, the more I get to know her. Every monthly article for this 2012 year… it’s getting easier and easier to read and listen. I’m using the itunes to tune in nowadays… and it seems I’m understanding it better somehow. My poor achy and tired eyes can only read so much… so thank God/dess for the free itunes.

  7. There is a mute button on the bottom of the screen. You must have it on. Move your curser arrow over the icons and click it to off. Hope that helps.

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