2012 First Quarter Review

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♥ Thanks go to my sister Yasmeen Harper for drawing this image for me that I’ve had in my head for years.

I mentioned in an earlier article about what I felt on the first day of January 2012. I’d said that I awoke on January 1, 2012 all excited to finally be at the year 2012, only to suddenly feel that Team Dark had seriously increased their countermeasures towards Team Light. I’ve known for a long time that 2012 wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, and I knew Team Dark wasn’t going to graciously step aside and apologize for their monstrous crimes against humanity, but intellectually knowing something vs. having it become a living breathing in-your-face reality are two very different things. So there I was on the morning of New Years Day 2012 feeling what felt like all of Hell had been unleashed on planet Earth! Most of January I was mildly depressed because of this and couldn’t believe that, after all I’ve been through already, after all that you reading this have been through already, that like it or not there’s more negativity from Team Dark this year that we’re having to contend with and push past. Nothing new here really so lets just keep doing what we’ve done all along.

Let me add quickly before you burst into tears or want to kill me or contemplate exiting this world that, despite this big upsurge from Team Dark with the start of 2012, it’s happening because the GOOD STUFF is starting to manifest in this dimension. It’s happening in 2012 because we’re coming down to it kids and Team Dark knows it, Team Light knows it, everybody knows it (well, many do) and this is the final intense push and battle for humanity, earth, and so much more. Yes that was a nauseatingly simplified version of what’s been happening so far in 2012 but you get the drift.

Besides starting 2012 with amplified Team Dark countermeasures aimed directly at Starseed Lightworker human Team Light members, I also had some wonderful positive help from some non-physical Team Light members which I haven’t had around me much (at least not in the ways I was used to) since the physical aspects of the Ascension Process started in 1999. Prior to that I’d had lifelong positive Starbeings/ETs nearby constantly. When needed I was able to quickly shift my consciousness enough so that me here in this dimension, timeline and density could speed-up enough to be within range of them to communicate more easily. Looking at this from their side, they would slow down energetically just enough to make telepathic and clairvoyant contact with me in that timeline within polarized 3D density and we’d communicate from that middle ground frequency range. This was just the way my life was up until the intense physical, biological Ascension Process began in 1999. Not so from that point on however and there are reasons for this.

For multiple complex reasons my small group of positive Starbeing/ET kinsfolk and friends that had been assigned to assist and guide me from birth through to the start of my biological Ascension Process in 1999, had to let me go through all I needed to and transmute the lower and embody the higher. Their work detail with me from birth until 1999 was over so my interactions with them has been almost nil since 1999. Loosing them was difficult because they were family from Home but I understood the reasons for it. This positive Starbeing/ET loss of communication period for me from 1999–2011 was like loosing contact with “Houston” while I orbited around the “dark side of the Moon”. That Ascension related sentence will probably make more sense in a minute.

So when I felt some positive Starbeings/ETs within frequency range in January and February 2012, be able to make conscious contact, I was beyond happy to have them back again. In other words, my trip around the dark side of the Moon is now over and I—and many of you—are going to have new and improved exchanges with “Houston” in 2012 because of that very journey around “the dark side” we’ve endured. These positive ETs gently hinted, nudged and pointed out certain things to me in January and February 2012 and it was wonderful having conscious and direct positive contact again after thirteen difficult and long years of silence and feeling very alone down here in difficult physical Ascension Land. This positive change told me that major improvements are coming online in 2012 on physical Earth for the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Indigos and eventually everyone else. Major good news amidst the increased 2012 negative BS and attacks aimed specifically at Starseeds/Lightworkers plus happening all around us as well.

Then came March and the 2012 spring Equinox!

What a month March 2012 has been! From my perspective it feels like I’ve lived six months worth of very busy life and learning in only a few weeks in March of 2012; good stuff, miserable negative stuff, very welcomed new positive ET interactions, and further personal steps of greater understanding and awareness. The other side of this polarized coin is that, as usual, Team Dark used the spring Equinox energies too and are doing everything they can to prevent and/or override the positive progress we of Team Light are making in 2012. So even though the Cosmic Cavalry is increasingly showing up to more of us Starseeds/Lightworkers in human form in this physical Ascension timeline, the flip-side of all this is that Team Dark’s been seriously increasing their efforts to stop, prevent and/or override each and every positive thing that manifests in 2012. We’ve GOT to embody and anchor into this 2012 timeline what exists beyond duality which is “Unity” consciousness or the “Sacred Marriage” of self with Source because that is the most important higher frequency, higher consciousness Light Architecture blueprint or template that Team Dark does NOT want us Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos to embody, anchor and insert into this timeline on Earth! So of course they’re going to do everything they can to prevent this from manifesting here and altering not only this timeline but many timelines.

What’s the fastest and easiest way for Team Dark to distract and try to override what we’re doing during this part of the Ascension Process? Tie-up the Starseeds/Lightworkers and exhaust us, burden and derail us with negative onslaughts typically through other people in physicality. This is one of Team Dark’s ever so easy ways to get at us so just keep that in mind/heart as we all keep on keepin’ on in 2012.

These onslaughts from Team Dark from and through unaware humans has been escalating in 2012, but it exploded in March. One of the (many) experiences I’ve had with this business was on Friday March 23, 2012. One of my senior neighbors’ adult sons was on his cell phone around 4PM outside having what became a loud negative feeding frenzy fight with his girlfriend. He fought with her over the phone for over an hour outside in a senior-only park mind you and loud enough that half the place could hear him. (Whether they actually did however is another story altogether and has to do with levels of awareness.) But because that wasn’t enough, he went to wherever she was and brought her back to Mommies senior-only house to continue the fight outside and face to face with her.

This insane negative emotional feeding frenzy fight went on until midnight—outdoors mind you—or at least midnight was when I installed the ear plugs and refused to be emotionally or mentally sucked into the dark pit feeding vortex as those two people were. I mention this date because I learned a week later that March 23, 2012 was a big Team Dark countermeasure day when they activated an energetic override device on top of a positive ET Team Light 4-Corners area portal opening now in an attempt to disrupt it and suck off it energetically. (For those who may not know this term, the 4-Corners area is where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah all meet.)

See how this type of multidimensional stuff works? Humans that are easily affected by whichever Team Dark energies are amplified at the moment, instantly embody them and act them out in this world just as that male did with his girlfriend. From what I heard of their raging, cursing and crying epic outdoor fight, evidently she’d had sex with some other guy or so the number one man believed. He was utterly enraged and wallowed in it for nine hours that I heard. This same situation has also been happening with the senior male neighbor next-door to me that I talked about in another article recently. Males all around me again being affected and manipulated by Team Dark’s distortions, implants and other actions against humanity. Lisa Renee calls this particular distortion the “False King of Tyranny”.

I want to share an experience I had March 28, 2012 that further opened my eyes to the very real severity of this 2012 situation…battle. It clearly shows to what degree humanity (all beings existing within this world and dimension including Starseeds/Lightworkers etc.) are existing within a tight, narrow, well monitored and controlled Frequency Fence around Earth created by Team Dark to keep the Light out and whoever is in in with no communications to higher levels happening. I’d gone to bed and was laying there in the dark preparing myself to talk with the positive higher dimensional ETs/Starbeings. I knew what I was getting ready to say to them was important and needed to be worded carefully and accurately. I was going to make a statement to them to let them know that I want to have a much more conscious connection and exchange with some of them like I used to have prior to the start of my physical Ascension Process. Making this statement was important to me for multiple reasons and I know better than to just blurt out anything that comes to mind or heart.

After giving this some honest and careful thought I finally stated my intent to have a more complex conscious connection and exchange with some positive ETs/Starbeings in 2012. Within about a minute of my making my desire known I clairvoyantly saw a bright red and white colored light device manifest in the air in my bedroom. It looked almost exactly like another white colored light device I’ve seen for many years and eventually discovered was one of many energy siphons and inter-dimensional viewing devices created by Team Dark to keep track of me in physicality. It only took about a minute or so for me to make this positive statement and intention and focus my energies on these positive ET beings for that energy shift to be registered by Team Dark’s many energetic devices and alert them of any change in frequency in this Starseed Lightworker. About one minute. And most of humanity honestly believes they are “free”.

My point with these January, February and March stories is to try to help others better understand 2012 and how important a year it is because timelines are and will continue to be changed throughout it. These positive changes Team Dark does NOT want happening of course and they are and will do everything they can to prevent, override, or feed off from whatever positive changes Team Light (human and ET) manifests. Because of this we all need to be very aware of what’s at stake this year and how these many changes naturally alter timelines and “future” worlds, human’s lives and other being’s lives and realities etc. Obviously we all need to be aware and protected from anything and anyone that Team Dark throws at us this year. Just be aware and safe and keep doing what we’ve done all along and don’t let anyone distract you from why you’re here now.


March 31, 2012

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71 thoughts on “2012 First Quarter Review

  1. Hello Denise,
    Thanks for this article. March really has been a hell month for me. Been so mad and frustrated at times that I fell like I will burst. Yea those bad boys sure do know how to push our buttons with people we work with and with family. I have been feeling like there is no time, so much to do and no time. Or there seems to be days that time stops. It will feel like an hour has passed and I check the clock and it is only minutes. Physically very tired and worn out but not because of any physical labor I have done but from the stress of what’s going on in my personal life right now.
    Spring here in Va. has been really strange. Daffodils, tulips. iris and lilac all blooming at the end of March. Seems like time is being squashed together so everything is confused about blooming time, the weather has been in the 8o’s quite often this month. As always looking foward to what the rest of this year brings.

    PS, I don’t know what January and February are, what they mean or where they went or even if they happened. May sound crazy but my reality sometimes is moment to moment.

    Peace and Love to everyone 🙂

  2. Hi Denise, I haven’t commented for a long time… lots of reasons, but one major one has been continued assaults by the Team Dark guys have just exhausted me as a human being. Your admonitions to stay in your high heart have been encouraging, but very difficult to do… sometimes nigh impossible. The crap just keeps dragging me down. I completely relate to the “other people” who are slinging their sh*t your way…

    While reading your current post, it occurred to me to ask you a question about the ETs… I have had a few interactions with the ETs in the past couple of years, but none in the last 6 months. I want them back. I’ve tried meditation to try to reconnect… not happening… so, suggestions????? Maybe I’m just too mired in the dark muck… but I can only think that the way out is to start interacting with them again.

  3. Hi Denise,

    I think I have seen that red light too and not too long ago while meditating. I wasn’t sure if it was physically there or if I saw it with my third eye. But I’m pretty sure it was right when I opened my eyes. If you wouldn’t have mentioned it I would’ve forgotten about it. But I didn’t see the white light or as a device just the red light. I associated it with something from “them”. I know that light beings or guardian angels don’t do those kind of things. That might be a slip up on their part as well which would be indicative that their energy is getting lower or less powerful. It’s good that we’re aware of it even if in a subconscious level because it helps us to know what we need to do to destroy it, debunk it or whatever needs to be done with it. Usually, I tell my light guardian angles or God/dess about it and they know what to do with it. I’ve pointed things out in the past and have had to hear it from them afterwards because they were angry about me telling. I guess I’m a tattle tale. LOL!

    Yes, we’ll keep on keeping on for sure! Oh, thought I would mention that not too long ago I had a dream and in the dream I was outside and there was a missile flying right at me. I thought I would be able to dodge it but it was coming at full speed and it was too late I was going to be squashed. At that moment I crouched down into fetal position scared to death and then my mom walks into the room asking “What’s the matter”? I thought I was dead but instead I was on the couch and the TV was on and the screen was a bright white light shining out and pouring in! I didn’t die and the missile was God/dess not something bad as I thought it was. I had been very afraid of it though. Well, I woke up and realized that God/dess is stronger than this darkness, much stronger and much more powerful! And intuitively felt that the light knew exactly what was going on and always has. It was very comforting to me to say the least. As a result, I have now decided to use “light bombs” or “God/dess light bombs” as I named them to blast these negative energies. It seems to be working. I try to visualize & remember the massiveness and power of it and then say it and it works! But even without the visualization it seems to also work by just saying the words. Just wanted to share that in case it might be helpful for others.

    Love, peace & hugs,

  4. Thank you Denise for your writing today, thank you for all your writings. Thank you for the direction and understanding you share.
    My life in 99 was basically one could say obliterated, for 13 years now the journey has been to find some form of life again. Your writings gave an understanding of why.
    In October of last year my life was at point of utter emptiness and despair. Late November things began to change and change rapidly. Two holidays,a brave move returning to my home area.
    However the friend who brought the holidays, the move..Turned, much like the description of team darks possession of people. So here i am alone in my territory of birth. Still poverty stricken, still alone, still confused.
    Yet there is something different..while depression and fear try to grab this mind. There is also this energy that is pushing to fight it. Painful awarenesses arise, responsibility for this life,cause and affect are accepted. Though these years have willingly crawled into bed with this depression. Something yells get out of the house now. Each day though there is a depth of terrible loneliness, a walk is accomplished. No longer does it seem that i can crawl into that depth of depression. Though this may be a good thing, it creates confusion.
    Thank you for writings they give an understanding..
    May this all be over soon..

  5. Have noted this happening more and more, it is almost as some people go around the bend. These people normally have been pleasant to be around, but boy at the moment and has been for awhile honestly they seem to go psycho at least from time to time or almost all the time. No matter what one does in acapacity of a Light nthing seems to assit nor help. I have come to conclusion they have chosen such for reasons of their own and I step out of their arena and let them go their way. The separation of two Light and the Dark is becoming clearer and clearer as the crack between the two is widening. Eventually I believe the separation will be so wide the other cannot reach the other. Huh-huh it is one heck of a ride and we signed up for it. We have got to be some amazing Souls to have done so and a lot have done so time after time. Oh well, finish the job and then go for a long vacation, well I hope…. 😀

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