What A Winter! (2012)


But first, some whining…

On January 1, 2012 I felt and was affected by another upsurge and big push from Team Dark (the non-physical, non-human Beings and their human puppets). It was mildly depressing and I wasn’t prepared for it, which I should have been, but because we’re so close now my heart gaze is entirely fixed on the finish line and humanity evolving beyond the vibrational reach and influence of Team Dark. I realize I may occasionally jump the gun with certain old familiar polarized 3D issues and belief systems such as the controlled need for money, the controlled need for gasoline, war etc., but this is because I know what’s possible and coming and want all of us to be there sooner rather than later. To reach the next rung on the ladder, you’ve got to be willing to release your grasp on the one you’re currently holding on to.

There we were in the long-awaited year of 2012 finally and all I could feel, again, was the tenacity and determination of Team Dark trying to grab more people and create more fear/war/violence/murder etc. in this world. Needless to say I was a bit bummed from the start of January 2012 as I felt these old dark dudes—human and otherwise—working hard to regain power, energy, control and more of humanities energies and consciousness.

On a personal note I’ve had a whole slew of physical world things, issues, situations that I’ve had to take care of, such as getting my taxes done and numerous other similar old 3D things that I’ve never enjoyed having to do. Since the start of 2012, I’ve spent more time doing these types of old 3D things, making changes, fixing certain things, replacing things that suddenly broke and so on than I have writing articles! I’ve had busy times like this in the past but nothing to this degree. It seems there’s plenty of changes happening on multiple levels and dimensions now and all with a great big rush and push before the spring Equinox arrives on March 19, 2012.

Despite these unexpected intrusions into my life, time, focus and energy by these old 3D situations and necessities, I’ve had a couple of interesting experiences that have reinforced my sense of being assisted by a small group of higher dimensional Unseens. I haven’t sensed Them in my life a long time so this has been a real pleasure feeling Them around me and assisting me once again.

Once in January and again in February 2012, I had some important legal and money-related old 3D type things come up that I had to take care of. In both cases I made a mistake with something I didn’t even know existed and would have had a heck of a time trying to fix or redo both situations and probably would have been fined for my blunder. To prevent this added mess, distraction and interactions with the old 3D systems I’m not and never have been fond of, some of these Unseens literally put things ON HOLD for me so that other things would happen which would prevent those future problems, fines and redo’s.

I’ve experienced the Unseens helping me like this in decades past, but it was usually an isolated event that didn’t affect a lot of other people. In the January situation this intervention assistance by the Unseens did affect a large group of people so I was even more saddened by my mistake, but who knows how that delay actually affected each of them. But, the Universe had my back and literally put things ON HOLD for 24 hours which was exactly enough time for that other thing to happen that I didn’t even know existed which prevented future problems and fines for me. Sorry for being vague with the details but I’m sure you understand the overall gist of these events and why they’re happening to many of us now. It’s get things in order time once again if that’s what you/me need to do now.

So the January potential confusion and mistake was fairly easily avoided thanks to the Unseens literally making computers and printers stop work which forced a stop on everything for everyone for a week. This was done so that something would arrive in the mail the next day for me which I very much-needed to take back with me a week later when this group event was rescheduled…due to the computers and printers mysteriously suddenly not working that first day. Thank you Unseens for having my back and covering my butt with this one because I had no idea about any of those other 3D legal issues and paperwork etc.

The second Unseens intervention to prevent another potential Denise blunder happened in February. Gads I’ve missed these Unseens working away in the background of my life helping me to do what I’m here now to do!

In February I needed to make some changes to my money and where it goes etc., so I did the required paperwork for this change and then waited for the physical changes to manifest. Problem was that I missed them when they arrived because I didn’t recognize them! I suspect it was a matter of more ascension-related brain fog plus those heavy-duty X-class solar energies hammering my head/brain/DNA, plus those increasing gaps between the old 3D linear time and awareness and the growing 5D unity consciousness and functioning in the “Now Moment”. More embarrassment and confusions but again the Unseens had my back and did their best to help me see what I wasn’t seeing that was actually right in front of me physically all along. Oh boy, I see a book-title like…How To Ascend & Balance Your Checkbook At The Same Time. I’m kidding, I’m kidding!

So there I am on the phone calling someone to try to find out why my money isn’t where it’s supposed to be. I’ve called this number before with other questions and there was always a person on the other end immediately. Not so this time. Again I was put ON HOLD on the phone for ten minutes or so. While ON HOLD waiting the Unseens kept pulling my eyes to one sentence on a paper I had in front of me specifically for this phone call. Finally I saw the sentence and realized that what I was waiting for hadn’t happened yet and wouldn’t for another couple of months. Oops. Next the Unseens directed me to turn over another paper I had in front of me so I’d see one sentence on it which would tell me everything I needed to know about why my money wasn’t were I expected it to be and when it probably would be and so on. As soon as I saw that all the little pieces fell into place in my awareness and I immediately hung up the phone and thanked the Unseens for preventing me from further self-created confusions and embarrassments.

And last night and this morning there’s suddenly been a couple other issues pop in that need a small portion of my time and energy at this point. Where this goes, if it even does, will unfold in time or just fall off my radar altogether. My point is that there now seems to be plenty of sudden and unexpected (sounds like Uranus doesn’t it?) events and/or potential events and happenings manifesting after years of being locked-down into what I/you/us have been doing for many years or decades even via the Ascension Process.


It’s getting a bit dicey now and then maneuvering through old 3D events in a world and reality with consciousness that’s shifting so dramatically into something entirely different. This is like years ago during the worst of the worst of my heavy, dense, dark transmuting and the resultant ascension symptoms. When I’d leave the house to grocery shop I’d always stop myself first and look down to make sure I had pants on and hadn’t forgotten to fully dress myself before I got in the car! Seriously, it was that bad back then, and in January and February 2012 I’ve had a couple of potential 3D (3D as in legal, money, banking, taxes type) blunders of equal magnitude due to my expanding awareness and jumping back and forth between linear time and non-linear or “Now Moment” time, awareness, and being and learning how to not screw these types of things up! I’m starting to suspect that we’ve been assigned a special Team of Unseens just to cover our butts and have our backs during this major transition!


Another event happened the other day when my neighbor whose a self-absorbed, unaware patriarchal jerk was on his cell phone outside where he and the wife live every minute it’s warm outside. Problem is that our houses are like twenty feet apart and he aligns with my bedroom window so I hear and see him/them despite my having spent a few hundred dollars putting up privacy panels to keep him out of my bedroom at night.

I heard him outside my bedroom window on his phone telling someone that his two (adult) sons with their two dogs and two mates were arriving from out-of-state in a couple of hours. Because I endured this last year, plus daily intoxicated Happy Hour spent outdoors under my window for a year plus sunbathing, plus dogs pooping and peeing on my things outside and getting attitude from him/husband/Daddy/patriarchy when I went out to try to shoo his son’s dogs away from shitting and pissing on my things…I was NOT happy about having to live through all this crap again for three weeks…and during the spring Equinox no less. See the pattern unfolding with these issues and energies? My guess is that many of you reading this can totally relate.

Suddenly it was decision time for me to figure out what to do or not do with this man. I realized I only had a tiny window to confront him (if that’s what I was going to do) about all the things he’s been doing for over a year and getting ready to do a lot more of as soon as his adult kids arrived. I realize that he’d been planning to have loud outdoor just add alcohol family fun get-together next to my bedroom window because that’s what HE LIKES and I either had to suck it up and let it go, or, quickly confront him about it all and go from there. Now I’d rather have teeth pulled than have a face to face confrontation with a patriarchal, imbalanced egoic numb-nuts who thinks independent, Light infused females like me should be burned at the stake, or worse. However, and after all I’ve been through in this life not to mention just the past thirteen years, I will eventually confront whoever it is that’s trying to push me out of existence either through their own self-absorbed stupidity and mega ego etc. or (and/or) whose intentionally being manipulated by Team Dark to get at me and mine. [See A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution]

After doing brutally honest light speed discernment and peeking into the near future in an attempt to see if my future confrontational actions make this co-existing situation better or worse, I sensed I needed to confront him immediately before his wife, in-laws, sons and their girlfriends dogs and crew arrived in what could have been minutes. Long story short, I go outside and confront him but did so honestly and fairly saying my peace and suggested that he also tries to compromise as I have…and of course he attacks me, insults me, projects onto me, dodges responsibility, blames me, and flat-out lies about everything and I knew he would because he isn’t capable of anything else yet.

He did all those things people do who refuse to take any responsibility for their actions. In mid confrontation his cell phone rings and he can’t answer it fast enough to escape me and what’s happening and immediately starts telling his daughter on the other end what a horrible neighbor I am and what an unhappy life I have and how I only want to bother the neighbors etc. I’m standing three feet in front of him as he’s saying all this to her. He simply would not even attempt to have an honest adult conversation with me. There’s more BS and insanity of course but you get the drift of how this played out between us at that moment. I so need to move to a more secluded location and let these types of people do what they do while I do what I do…

After writing this article I received an email of Lisa Renee’s March 2102 article entitled “How Much Are You Willing to Know” and I had to smile to myself. There was a recapitulation of so much of what I’ve been going through for many months and why. I’ve known why for most of my life, but it’s always helpful and comforting hearing certain information like it from another about these extreme situations and difficulties we Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigo are having because of them—but also those unaware humans that are resisting spiritual growth, evolution and change of any kind.

My situation and question however is still, how do I co-exist with other people such as these neighbors when the gap between our consciousness and everything else is what it is? I don’t want to suffer anymore because of this housing/living situation and am doing what I can to be able to sell/buy/move to a more private rural place where I won’t be assailed by people like this and they won’t have to endure my energies directly either. I’ve been excruciatingly aware of what a miserable situation this has been for me and many of you too, not only during these past 25 ascension years, but our whole Starseed lives. There are many more questions to cover about this situation and how we (by we I mean Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos etc.) can live safely and comfortably during this transition while the other humans go through what they are but at a level that’s suited for them. I know that once I’m fully there this won’t be an issue, but until then, like you I’ve got to co-exist with people who haven’t a clue about reality, energies, consciousness, other-dimensional Beings and their agendas, what’s going on now, and many of them do not even want to know!

Thanks for wading through this weird and different article and I hope you too are getting ready for the coming 2012 Spring Equinox energies and the changes they will bring for all.


March 10, 2012

Copyright © Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS, 2012-2013. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and link. https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/

65 thoughts on “What A Winter! (2012)

  1. Hi Denise! Thanks for this, it was a great read. This year, so far, has been a pain in the arse with MONEY!! The other day I commented to my husband that there seems to be a big black hole that is sucking up all our money and each fortnight we are left with only a few dollars that we have to make s-t-r e-t-c-h for the rest of the two weeks! It has literally been one thing after the other, bills coming in, as soon as one is paid, the next one comes in, car problems, things breaking….just like you say!! I have been really stressed at times, angry lots of times, angry at the bastards for what they are trying to do. I remember speaking to a very spiritually advanced earth healer about two years ago and she remarked how ‘they’ are trying to make us feel like we are poor, struggling….doing it tough, restrictions on things etc and now I can see it so clearly, for what it really is – it is ABSURD that we have to pay large amounts for electricity!! ABSURD that our very basic comforts are threatened if we don’t have MONEY – it’s evil…..of course it’s evil….but it’s really evil!!!

    We also went to a bank consolidated all our debts so it is all neater and easier and less scary……

    I am a little confused though – is this period part of ascension and a ‘good’ thing designed to get all our stuff sorted and in place (finances etc) or a hit from team dark to stress us out a little more?

    Re the neighbours – I told you in a private email, which you kindly responded to, that we have decided that we HAVE to move from our current location, which we’ve been living at for over 7 years – it is dark, it is dense, there is violence, disease……it is very heavy here – we have stayed because of the financial stability it has given us (my husband job is working with this this mess) and really, we have no idea how we are going to leave (free house with job!), we have two small children in a lovely steiner school that we don’t want to leave BUT……I just know, it’s time – it’s time to live somewhere with more light and somewhere where my body has a better chance of healing and overcoming the exhaustion it’s suffered for so many years now.

    as I mentioned in the email, I have never thought of myself as a lightworker as I am far too grumpy and tired for that – but I like the idea that perhaps I have been put in this dark place to hold the light, even though the very task has been making me quite unwell……and now the job is done and it’s time to get out of jail?!

    someone advised me years ago to ‘get the hell out of here’ – and said “if you make the first move, god will look after the rest” – so that is where we are at now – we know we have to do it and are just going to do it, rain, hail or shine.


  2. anonymousboy, so good to read your words, I loved your p.s. and “the only language we speak is LOVE”, it made my heart sing. I have been in the trenches for 55 years and needed to hear this today….it feels really good. Godspeed with all of your stuff Denise, thanks for sharing as always. Love and Light to all and WE ARE HERE!

  3. Hang in there. I’ve walked in your shoes and have finally found my peaceful home. No more drama, egos, or sick encounters with sick people in my place called home. Move away from that energy as soon as you possibly can. Manifest it, and be specific with your deadline. The universe will move mountains for you. This drama that you are a part of is the universe’s way of giving you a kick in the tush to get out of there. The message was made incredibly clear to me as well. I reached a point where I had no choice but to leave. Make the move so that you can continue to focus on your purpose.

  4. hello, denise

    this is the fist time i have ever made a comment on any of your articles and never did i think i would be giving some advice, usually i always felt compelled to ask for advice, but the answers end up coming to me on my own through my higher self/guides/unseens/etc.

    but for this particular article i would just like to say that although i am only 23 years old i have pretty much dealt with these types of beings my entire life and it seems to get easier, harder, easier, harder. depending on their level of energy.

    i have never religiously used crystals or orgonite for negative energies so my advice does not include any of the sort, instead might i recommend to just ignore them as much as possible? simple right?

    i have found that trying to erase beings from my mind usually erases them or creates a physical and energetic gap between us in any reality we are co existing in. now this is of course incredibly difficult when they are your neighbors or even worse LIVING IN THE SAME HOUSE as you, but i have found that although it can be painful/annoying. it works.

    headphones work too, window blinds, and also leaving their presence any time you get a chance.

    “JUST IGNORE THEM” no eye contact, no energy contact, nothing, nada. they do not exist until they decide to take responsibility for their existence. this is how i see it. i’m not sure how this works in the laws of karma or whatever, but look. its 2012. we all feel like sh*t. we don’t have time for any of their resistance/denial/3d consciousness/negativity/lack of responsibility/etc. not yet at least. we’re taking our final exams right now. we will get back to them when the time is right. after all, we’re doing this for them too. they just don’t know it.

    another way to think of it: the only language we speak is LOVE. if they are not speaking that language we can not understand a word they are saying.

    good luck.

    PS. the new generation is behind you. if you are feeling tired and weak don’t forget to remind yourself that there is an army of “young” crystal/rainbow/indigo/whatever you want to call it children/adults who are behind you and we have a lot more attitude.

    we do things differently 😉


  5. “Thanks for wading through this weird and different article and I hope you too are getting ready for the coming 2012 Spring Equinox energies and the changes they will bring for all.”

    Not weird at all, for me, and in fact it is comforting. I am feeling the tension of relationships at an all-time peak. I have not felt this intensity in about six years, interestingly, about the same time as when we last had the amount of solar activity that is going on now (although now it is at a huge peak, bigger than in 2006, I was just reading on NASA and other science-based sites today. Makes me really wonder about the equinox and the active sunspot AR1429 and what might — literally — explode with that).

    Anyway, the personal tensions are high, and yeah, I am wondering where I need to be, and if I need to stay put where I am or perhaps things are shaking loose so that it is time for me to seriously consider moving on, again. I just know I have a feeling, or a way of noticing everybody’s shit they are working on, my own 3D-embedded issues included, and I am just feeling so sick and tired of being mired down by ego manipulations that I see and feel everywhere — again, my own included. I just want to yell at everyone to take off the blinders, grow up, and start working from another entire level of being! It’s really frustrating now. I’m trying to practice healthy detachment and find peace in it all. Sometime I have to do this several times a day, and it is intense to just keep working, working, working on finding serenity in all the chaos and distortion.

    I really feel for you and those neighbors. 😦 Not fun stuff. I hope that you will find peace, and that they will find peace, too. I’m glad the Unseens were assisting — I have experienced some of that, too — and here’s to their presence in the next few days, ones that are bound to be interesting!

    Be well, and thank you for this post.

  6. You are an absolute WONDER, Denise! Reading my own thoughts and reactions every bit of the way. My own particular ‘drudge’ is trying to get ‘out of the way’ of modern technology and its continually increasing demands and increasingly ‘hard-wired’ expectations. Oh, how I long for the old days!!! (when all it took to be rid of a telephone, or the need for it, was to just leave it at home — where it was attached to the wall).

  7. Hang in there Ms. Lapis. I’ve actually been able to accomplish much more lately than I tried 5 years when I first started my book enterprise. Today is 15th anniversary of when I began seeing the “Light”. I’ve revised the book (still holding off on the print version until I see what happens over the next couple of days). There’s already been a repeat performance of a huge explosion of Light I witnessed also that day. Things are definitely in the works and I feel much more a part of the flow than I used to.

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