Ascension & Earning Money


Hello again!!! Hello to Everyone here and boy do I feel you. Thank-you so much for your helpful reply’s to my last comment/question. I do have more questions and would like your guidance again, please.
It seems that many of us lightworkers/starseeds/wayshowers etc., have been moved around, suffered all these symptoms and wondered if we were going crazy, have been alienated by those still asleep and overall have felt that we do not belong anywhere and have no idea how to proceed into the future (the last two resonates strongly with me–I do not want to speak for others) , yet HERE WE ARE trying to figure it all out. With all that going on in our lives, for some us now going on 20 years, it seems that most of us have another issue to deal with and no one really talks about it, so I am going to ask you to please enlighten me/us on the topic of financially struggling just to survive. I read a lot of sites and those asking this question, rarely get an answer of any substance.

I mean really on top of everything we are going thru, with barely enough energy to put a sentence together, (again my issue). It has been just baffling to me that no matter how hard I work, no matter how hard I try, no matter how much I meditate on it and ask for guidance by my higher self and my spirit guides–I cannot break free from it–in fact it just gets worse and the hits just keep on coming and like I have indicated, it seems that the majority of us aware of and/or working on ascension are going thru this. Please tell me/us why? I am doing something wrong?

I take responsibility for my beliefs, mainly that our planet’s money structure is designed to fail due to greed and power issues and mostly because the Dark Ones just print money to keep control of us. Zeitgeist and all that. I am just tired of it and I really would like a detailed answer to why we must continue to financially struggle. I am exhausted, like many of us here and I don’t know how much more I can take. Thanks for listening. Take Care, Love, Peace & Light to all,


This was a Comment written by Valerie about a month ago or so. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to this Valerie.

The greedy money and ascension business… Those of us who’ve been living–transmuting and embodying–the Ascension Process the longest are the ones who’ve had the hardest time being able to earn money to survive each month. It’s nearly impossible to go through the many ascension symptoms and maintain you’re old ways, habits, awareness, ego, level of consciousness, ability to talk, think, write and actually make sense, not to mention hold down a job and act like you’re NOT living the Ascension Process! Just with the mind/intellect and ego dismantling that the Ascension Process naturally causes makes it nearly impossible to remember your name or what year or decade it is, so how in the hell is one supposed to go to work every day and earn money during all this? It seems a cruel and unusual punishment doesn’t it?

We set up pre-incarnational situations for ourselves so we could live/embody/anchor the Ascension Process in 3D physically but not end up having to live under some freeway over-ramp or starve or freeze while doing so! At that level we had a pretty good idea of what we were getting ourselves into (kind of) before we incarnated or reincarnated in these current lives and time and we covered our physical butts (in multiple ways) to help us be able to do what we Volunteered to do here on Earth now. But, as we all know, doing something in dense physicality is a very different thing from planning to do it from those non-physical higher dimensions!

We Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers Volunteered to come to 3D Earth physicality now to provide an energetic way out of the madness and negativity that physical life has become over the past few thousand years. We came to carve a Path of Light out of the darkness and negativity, the greed, insanity, distortion and vampirism. We Volunteered to incarnate physically and “go where Angles fear to treadto help humanity and all life on Earth and Earth herself and so much more. We did not do this to perpetuate or improve the Goddess/females/feminine/Earth-hating patriarchy and their negative, corrupt systems, one of which is money and how it’s been used to control and derail humanity.

In most of our cases we’re living through our Ascension Process doing all we do, and for the most part, barely getting by financially. Many of us created pre-incarnational spiritual living arrangements and working conditions with certain other people and/or mates who would help us and/or financially support us while we do the Alchemical transmuting of the old and embodying of the new first. (I’ve often suggested to people who’ve questioned me about this money problem while struggling with the Ascension Process, that they try to share living expenses with someone — roommates, family, friends etc. — they can tolerate and trust while they themselves transmute and embody the ascension energies for humanity.)

It’s amazed me how there was, and still is in some circles, a big push by some so-called spiritual teachers/writers/lectures to learn how to attract wealth and/or abundance while the twenty-five yearlong Ascension Process has been happening (1987–the end of 2012). Again, we’re not here to fix or improve or get the patriarchal greed monsters to share the wealth with the entire world, or to master learning how to attract or manifest money/abundance, or to continue making a living from selling our 5D spiritual knowledge and products in old 3D ways. We’re here to carve an energetic and consciousness Path to a vastly higher and better way for everyone, and sooner rather than later, money will NOT be in the picture at all because we’re evolving beyond it.

The obvious difficulty is that we’re existing within the biggest and most miserably wonderful cosmic CUSP period that’s ever been! Like Valerie says, living or surviving the Ascension Process is enough on its own, but needing to earn a living at the same time is nearly impossible for most of us. So how does one live with a foot in two worlds and dimensions that are profoundly different from each other? We’ve all struggled with this issue since our individual biological Ascension Processes started.

There are numerous reasons why each of us experience whatever it is that we have concerning not having money or enough money to live during the Ascension Process (1987–the end of 2012). Instead of discussing those reasons, let’s focus on what’s coming, which I hope will make the current financial suffering, difficulties and limitations we’ve all experienced in one way or another a bit easier to deal with until we don’t need to any longer. Amazingly it’s 2012, and the bad stuff/good stuff is accelerating and becoming impossible to ignore by everyone around the world. From what I’ve sensed so far, we’ve got the rest of 2012 to transition while the insane, dead-end patriarchal systems devour themselves and each other on the world stage. Unfortunately, these old corrupt patriarchal systems and beliefs must become so extreme, so severe and so blatantly negative that greater numbers of people are finally able to see them and let go of them so that sweeping changes in consciousness and reality happen. Add to this the good stuff–rapidly evolving human consciousness, the completion of the 25-yearlong Ascension transition and past Evolutionary Cycle–and we’re quickly heading towards a world reality where money isn’t needed for anything. We’ve still got some ground to cover between now and “heaven on earth” arriving, but because it’s 2012, this collapse/transition/manifestation is happening very quickly so hang on and hang in there in whatever creative ways you can produce now.

Because this global monetary system is a 3D based system it can’t and won’t exist in a vastly more evolved 5D world and consciousness. So until we reach our goal, which is closer now than ever before, find a roommate or housemate or family or friends etc. that are willing to help you with your monthly living expenses. If you can move in with someone or have them move in with you then do so and everyone contributes what they can to the monthly bills. As more and more regular people lose their homes, jobs, vehicles, plus as gasoline prices soar (and everything else because of gasoline prices) in 2012, far more people are and will be forced to create different ways to live without certain things and join with family and friends to share and create in new more unified ways. At first this may seem like a negative situation but it’s the transition into High Heart or Unity Consciousness manifesting within the masses and society at the close of the twenty-five yearlong Ascension Process.

If I didn’t cover all the aspects of this topic you wanted to talk about Valerie, we and the other readers can continue this topic discussion in Comments.


February 22, 2012

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137 thoughts on “Ascension & Earning Money

  1. Just to share my own experience, 5 years ago I lived what I thought at the time to be an abundant life. I had a successful business (that I actually enjoyed), maintained a home in San Francisco and a weekend getaway in the Sonoma wine country. I kept two vehicles (silly now, considering I was single at the time) that were always traded in before they were 2 years old. I traveled internationally 3-4 times per year and domestically on a monthly basis, typically staying at luxury hotels. Dropping $400/night on dinner out with friends was usually a 4 times per week occurrance. And then the ball dropped; my business, tied to the construction industry, fizzled in a matter of months. I lost the home in the country, both vehicles and eventually my place in the city. It all happened so fast that it seemed like some kind of bad dream from which I would soon awake. But there has been a huge blessing in all of this: I have learned the true meaning of abundance – having my needs met – as well as learning to trust in the Universe to provide. I haven’t worked in all that time and don’t know from one moment to the next where my next dollar will come from. But somehow the Universe provides in any number of unexpected ways. Relocating to Palm Springs CA has connected me with a small but empowering group of friends and fellow way-seekers. The biggest blessing for me is that, under most circumstances, I do not sit around wringing my hands and worrying about money…I feel like I’m experiencing my own personal version of manna from heaven on a daily basis. Sure, I’d love the security of knowing there’s money coming in to cover my now meager expenses, but trusting that it will be there has yet to fail me. I’d love to share some magic secret to create money, but truth be told, these past years have gifted me with a new perspective on need as opposed to want and, for me, it is a huge part of the ascension process, preparing me for the new reality that is now in the birthing process.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my story…it is my sincere hope that it will be of benefit to some of you.


  2. Sometimes, too, we have implemented a soul lesson plan to learn to live by faith – and experience needs being met in the most unexpected ways, and just in the nick of time! Having ease-ful money and resources can block the experiences we set ourselves up – at the soul level – to have.

    I agree – having the simpler life opens us up the miracles of everyday life – including our own breath, a bird in the garden, a butterfly, a bee, clouds, sunsets…..

  3. I really connected to this post, and I am starting to get a bit teary eyed as I write this. My Ascension symptoms “recognizably” became activated in July 2008. My husband left me, and I had an 11 month old baby girl. My mom had died 3 years prior. I spent my entire life watching her blissfully suffer the ascension process, and out of the blue she was gone.

    At the time, I didn’t know where to go, and my dad had remarried a woman I didn’t know very well, but she is the one who saved me. She made sure my daughter had a room, low rent, and support to move forward. The ascension pains started the first morning I woke up in my new living space. In retrospect this was not a coincidence. I now know I’m picking up where my mother left off.

    Being a single mom isn’t easy—especially with work and school, but the safeguards are breathtaking. Sometimes they seem few and far between, but they are always there. I don’t rest as much as I probably need to, but I have discovered that “surrendering” is also rejuvenating. I’m grateful to my mother’s example (I could write a book about what I witness through her), and I’m determined to do what I came to do.

    The road might be long and painful, but this is why I’m here…this is what I chose! Perhaps that’s the most comforting aspect. A person could spend their whole life praying for a miracle, but not recognize they are the MIRACLE! It’s my birthday today, and I’m thrilled to be here!

    p.s. you don’t have to sale enlightenment to receive abundance…you simply need to become it.

  4. Hi Edith,

    I cannot agree more about where you mentioned co-workers and staying quiet! The ego ALWAYS wants validation and acceptance. Once we can move past that life starts being lived! I’m noticing the power of this simple choice in my own life and it is amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    -Brian M.

  5. Hello to Denise and all, last year was sooo difficult that I am just catching up with life in general.
    I believe it was Sept. I threw everything down and said I can’t do it anymore. Remembering the job I had the year before where I was literally crawling up the stairs to get to my office.
    Last year everytime I would find work(as a CNA) some extremely negative energy would come in and change everything.
    In Sept. there was nothing left, many people had helped I couldn’t keep asking them.
    so I turned and walked away from my life…I said done and was perpared to leave.
    Things started working for me,not becuase of me.
    It was most difficult for the pain was is bad in my body I couldn’t sleep. It still is but a job came my way working 3 over nights, sleep or not.
    Someone told me Neptune moved into Pisces recently, perhaps that is why I am getting more info.
    as to Spiritual work I can do.
    What I am trying to say is I gave up the tremedous struggle to find work and keep going on,
    I’m not one of those Spiritual people. I trust in my core self and my Higher Self.
    I try and give thanks daily for things I do have.(As my cat was sitting here tonight taking so much pain from my Heart.)
    Worked with a Healer today and saw where I was at 24 and where I am now at 65 and couldn’t believe the healing and past life release that has GONE.
    I am a completely different person. Thanks for the JOY, the growth, the transformation and expansion.
    I have gone around this area to healers and asked for myself and others work that is needed by barter or whatever. The answer was Yes.
    There will be no retiring, still a lot left to do. I will look for the home that has like minded people.LOL Family is long gone, most friends as well.
    Something tells me I am manifesting what I need, but was toltally broken down before things started coming.
    My best guess is ALL of This was/is for my healing…and believe me I have stood outside in the night and cursed God and the universe for the horendous struggle to keep on.

    What am I grateful for tonight…the unbelievable transformation to recreate who I am, ASTOUNDING!!!
    By the way still crawling at times…but I will make it.

    Love, Blessings and Prayers to all, you have guided my way.

  6. Greetings one and all! I’ve been very consciously on a Light-Worker trail, now, for several years, putting out periodic emailed newsletters I call “Irv’s Scrapbook”. The technical means for doing it has come to me over the years and prior work I’ve done, toward that ultimate end (which had included many years of printed newsletters, and an evolving familiarity with the technology it called for) . . but quite as well, an evolving familiarity with living at a poverty level, to the point where I not only ‘knew my way around’ at that level, but felt quite at home with it. As witness to the fact, I’ve been a hitch-hiker all my life!

    So I’ve had a very thorough grounding in this, long before I knew anything at all about Ascension or a world-wide raising of consciousness as our potential future. In fact, it came as ‘news’ to me that I’d been preparing for this, for my entire life! But indeed: when I finally had a good long look at the full course of my life (the choices I made along the way, the reasons I found for them, and the paths I had pursued), there wasn’t a shred of doubt that I’d been on this trail a very long time — most likely from the day I was born. In other words, I CAME HERE TO DO THIS!

    Knowing that, now, to have been so, I have a very simple response to the question that Denise raises . . . and that all of you are concerned with: we carry on with a level of trust/faith/and the assurance of our personal sincerity as to the path we follow, that issues and problems related to our ongoing sustenance WILL BE RESOLVED as such matters come to a head. The reason is, quite simply, the path we pursue, and the love and truth we serve in our pursuit of it.

    I learned this resolution long, long ago, and it has never failed me.


  7. Hi Denise and group!

    From my perch upon my particulare stair step I have so many thoughts whirling around about this weath/money concept.

    One idea I was taught was that there are many lifetimes in which devout spirituality equaled being poor. Being holy equaled giving up everything. Following a spiritual path entailed trials and suffering. I was taught to see these lifetime ideas as belief systems that we carry from life to life subconsciouly and they play out in our today.

    Regarding the people that make money or their living from their form of spirituality they “teach”, well I know those that work their asses off and give everything to the task and charge money because they too need to earn a living. I am not talking about those that charge exhorbitant amounts of money that make it seem cruel that only the few could avail themselves of this “Help.”

    Again, in my mind, any concept brought down into the concrete becomes a crystalized belief system for most people as we each interpret differently and different experiences trigger off the subconcious accepted believed belief system and we experience these beliefs. Oh! and there are mass shared subconscious belief systems within humanity as a group along with our individual ones.

    Abundance to me is in the eye of the beholder. Wealth then becomes a concept that can be played with creatively, and then there is my old annoying favorite the predetermined script/blueprint that will not be changed regarding our being alive now, higher will path.

    According to the idea of money I am “poor” but I Find I pretty much can’t give in to fear much any more, I am so tired of it that I almost don’t even CARE, it takes too much energy. In doing this I think frees up something inside of me so that things do indeed work out, because my personality/ego steps aside and allows the “plan” to unfold, it just doesn’t look like I thought it would because those of us that read, study and meditate or are dependant upon outside resources so often become misled…. not on purpose, more like its just the nature of the thing. One must figure this out too. Road blocks!!

    I have had so much fear about money that I was forced to either kill myself or seriously learn to let go and trust using whatever means to raise my vibes and alter my thoughts, and the goal was to be able to relax….. which led me into the present moment…. cause “right now” is the only time I am not afraid! And all there ever is is right now, and I build from this moment onward and only recenlty am I seeing “fruits”. Today I took myself out to lunch and deep down felt that it was not financially wise, but I Felt I needed to do it anyway. I know I had the thought that I should mind, but I couldn’t care, it would be taken care of somehow…….And someone paid for my lunch!!! Believe me! I am NOT the one this happens to, EVER. Yet important small but signifcant events are happening and pointing the way for me now. And like Denise reminds us, money is a man made thing, a paltry “thing” for the power of SOURCE/I AM/ALL THAT IS/GODDESS/GOD/CHRIST/LIGHT/DIVINE LOVE to circumvent while creating and providing for us from its own Wisdom/ Divine creative nature. One of my fave comforts is to remind myself that God can always make a way or create a way or answer a need in our lives, while to us there is NO WAY in our own eyes.

    Lastly is that I maintained not gossiping at work about any of the trials there. I finally realized that it does matter what I speak. So I had to clamp down on the emotional need from my ego to try and seek validation and acceptance…. and comfort from my coworkers. I finally got that this need/desire was only at ego level. So for the first time ever I kept my mouth shut about many things and it was hard!!! But oh did things lighten up so much and my energy came back…. I still feel insecure, I feel scared and I acknowledge it, but remind myself of the bigger and better self that is truly the True Self and reality I seek to express in me as me.

    And yes, I too am working with my invisible team and I am so glad it now consciously includes the Goddess Energies/Divine Love.

  8. “Denise, how do we know if we’re part of an agreement like the one you described? (“Many of us created pre-incarnational spiritual living arrangements and working conditions with certain other people and/or mates who would help us and/or financially support us while we do the Alchemical transmuting of the old and embodying of the new first.”)”


    They’re those rare few people in our lives who free us up to live the Ascension Process so we can transmute and embody higher energies etc. Most of these people are not doing this themselves at the level we are but are many Stair Steps behind us. Not everybody can be sick and wiped-out from ascension symptoms at the same time! Somebody’s got to have enough brain function to be able to earn some money…or do the laundry! 😉

    It’s a working partnership and actually allows all involved parties to learn, witness, feel and be affected by the higher energies coming into the primary person. They help this main person in different ways but in turn, the energies coming through the primary person speed-up the other person/people with their own ascension process. It’s complex and highly interconnected and everyone benefits in amazing ways even though it may not look like it from the outside!


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