Ascension & Earning Money


Hello again!!! Hello to Everyone here and boy do I feel you. Thank-you so much for your helpful reply’s to my last comment/question. I do have more questions and would like your guidance again, please.
It seems that many of us lightworkers/starseeds/wayshowers etc., have been moved around, suffered all these symptoms and wondered if we were going crazy, have been alienated by those still asleep and overall have felt that we do not belong anywhere and have no idea how to proceed into the future (the last two resonates strongly with me–I do not want to speak for others) , yet HERE WE ARE trying to figure it all out. With all that going on in our lives, for some us now going on 20 years, it seems that most of us have another issue to deal with and no one really talks about it, so I am going to ask you to please enlighten me/us on the topic of financially struggling just to survive. I read a lot of sites and those asking this question, rarely get an answer of any substance.

I mean really on top of everything we are going thru, with barely enough energy to put a sentence together, (again my issue). It has been just baffling to me that no matter how hard I work, no matter how hard I try, no matter how much I meditate on it and ask for guidance by my higher self and my spirit guides–I cannot break free from it–in fact it just gets worse and the hits just keep on coming and like I have indicated, it seems that the majority of us aware of and/or working on ascension are going thru this. Please tell me/us why? I am doing something wrong?

I take responsibility for my beliefs, mainly that our planet’s money structure is designed to fail due to greed and power issues and mostly because the Dark Ones just print money to keep control of us. Zeitgeist and all that. I am just tired of it and I really would like a detailed answer to why we must continue to financially struggle. I am exhausted, like many of us here and I don’t know how much more I can take. Thanks for listening. Take Care, Love, Peace & Light to all,


This was a Comment written by Valerie about a month ago or so. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to this Valerie.

The greedy money and ascension business… Those of us who’ve been living–transmuting and embodying–the Ascension Process the longest are the ones who’ve had the hardest time being able to earn money to survive each month. It’s nearly impossible to go through the many ascension symptoms and maintain you’re old ways, habits, awareness, ego, level of consciousness, ability to talk, think, write and actually make sense, not to mention hold down a job and act like you’re NOT living the Ascension Process! Just with the mind/intellect and ego dismantling that the Ascension Process naturally causes makes it nearly impossible to remember your name or what year or decade it is, so how in the hell is one supposed to go to work every day and earn money during all this? It seems a cruel and unusual punishment doesn’t it?

We set up pre-incarnational situations for ourselves so we could live/embody/anchor the Ascension Process in 3D physically but not end up having to live under some freeway over-ramp or starve or freeze while doing so! At that level we had a pretty good idea of what we were getting ourselves into (kind of) before we incarnated or reincarnated in these current lives and time and we covered our physical butts (in multiple ways) to help us be able to do what we Volunteered to do here on Earth now. But, as we all know, doing something in dense physicality is a very different thing from planning to do it from those non-physical higher dimensions!

We Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers Volunteered to come to 3D Earth physicality now to provide an energetic way out of the madness and negativity that physical life has become over the past few thousand years. We came to carve a Path of Light out of the darkness and negativity, the greed, insanity, distortion and vampirism. We Volunteered to incarnate physically and “go where Angles fear to treadto help humanity and all life on Earth and Earth herself and so much more. We did not do this to perpetuate or improve the Goddess/females/feminine/Earth-hating patriarchy and their negative, corrupt systems, one of which is money and how it’s been used to control and derail humanity.

In most of our cases we’re living through our Ascension Process doing all we do, and for the most part, barely getting by financially. Many of us created pre-incarnational spiritual living arrangements and working conditions with certain other people and/or mates who would help us and/or financially support us while we do the Alchemical transmuting of the old and embodying of the new first. (I’ve often suggested to people who’ve questioned me about this money problem while struggling with the Ascension Process, that they try to share living expenses with someone — roommates, family, friends etc. — they can tolerate and trust while they themselves transmute and embody the ascension energies for humanity.)

It’s amazed me how there was, and still is in some circles, a big push by some so-called spiritual teachers/writers/lectures to learn how to attract wealth and/or abundance while the twenty-five yearlong Ascension Process has been happening (1987–the end of 2012). Again, we’re not here to fix or improve or get the patriarchal greed monsters to share the wealth with the entire world, or to master learning how to attract or manifest money/abundance, or to continue making a living from selling our 5D spiritual knowledge and products in old 3D ways. We’re here to carve an energetic and consciousness Path to a vastly higher and better way for everyone, and sooner rather than later, money will NOT be in the picture at all because we’re evolving beyond it.

The obvious difficulty is that we’re existing within the biggest and most miserably wonderful cosmic CUSP period that’s ever been! Like Valerie says, living or surviving the Ascension Process is enough on its own, but needing to earn a living at the same time is nearly impossible for most of us. So how does one live with a foot in two worlds and dimensions that are profoundly different from each other? We’ve all struggled with this issue since our individual biological Ascension Processes started.

There are numerous reasons why each of us experience whatever it is that we have concerning not having money or enough money to live during the Ascension Process (1987–the end of 2012). Instead of discussing those reasons, let’s focus on what’s coming, which I hope will make the current financial suffering, difficulties and limitations we’ve all experienced in one way or another a bit easier to deal with until we don’t need to any longer. Amazingly it’s 2012, and the bad stuff/good stuff is accelerating and becoming impossible to ignore by everyone around the world. From what I’ve sensed so far, we’ve got the rest of 2012 to transition while the insane, dead-end patriarchal systems devour themselves and each other on the world stage. Unfortunately, these old corrupt patriarchal systems and beliefs must become so extreme, so severe and so blatantly negative that greater numbers of people are finally able to see them and let go of them so that sweeping changes in consciousness and reality happen. Add to this the good stuff–rapidly evolving human consciousness, the completion of the 25-yearlong Ascension transition and past Evolutionary Cycle–and we’re quickly heading towards a world reality where money isn’t needed for anything. We’ve still got some ground to cover between now and “heaven on earth” arriving, but because it’s 2012, this collapse/transition/manifestation is happening very quickly so hang on and hang in there in whatever creative ways you can produce now.

Because this global monetary system is a 3D based system it can’t and won’t exist in a vastly more evolved 5D world and consciousness. So until we reach our goal, which is closer now than ever before, find a roommate or housemate or family or friends etc. that are willing to help you with your monthly living expenses. If you can move in with someone or have them move in with you then do so and everyone contributes what they can to the monthly bills. As more and more regular people lose their homes, jobs, vehicles, plus as gasoline prices soar (and everything else because of gasoline prices) in 2012, far more people are and will be forced to create different ways to live without certain things and join with family and friends to share and create in new more unified ways. At first this may seem like a negative situation but it’s the transition into High Heart or Unity Consciousness manifesting within the masses and society at the close of the twenty-five yearlong Ascension Process.

If I didn’t cover all the aspects of this topic you wanted to talk about Valerie, we and the other readers can continue this topic discussion in Comments.


February 22, 2012

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137 thoughts on “Ascension & Earning Money

  1. Denise, how do we know if we’re part of an agreement like the one you described? (“Many of us created pre-incarnational spiritual living arrangements and working conditions with certain other people and/or mates who would help us and/or financially support us while we do the Alchemical transmuting of the old and embodying of the new first.”)

  2. Hi Denise and all here,

    I’ve been waiting on this article forever! Yay! 🙂

    I must say though… from my experience so far (can’t speak for all here)… the moving in with family/friends/etc is yet another daunting task: ascending with others who are NOT on the same stair steps. Or worse: living under the same roof of NON-ascending others. I’m experiencing the latter!

    What with well-meaning parents who carry this old belief about “higher education”… they’re still not getting it that as I am experiencing my Dark Night of the Soul… that won’t and never will take me out of my rut to “succeed in Life”. Ironically… I’ve been trying to move away from this island for the past 20 odd years or so… to no avail. My Higher Self says it’s because this is my Karmic Country until I clear away all my karmic goo… besides it being my pre-incarnational home for Ascension. So… as much as I’d love to geographically leave to live with another family member… who does “get me”… I’m stumbled with the same loop-hole we’re all under: $$$. It takes $$$ to travel and have yours rights to stay in a country. It also is a JOB to find yet another job to ensure you “deserve” to stay in a “foreign” country… while going under this Ascension Rain.

    So far… when both my parents attempt to coax and coach me into this”higher education” BS—nothing comes out of my mouth to react/explain to them. Nothing. I’m that tired up to here. This has them baffled so… it’s working so far. I so see myself being stuck here at “home” until the very end of this year. I don’t see another way out right now… unless these brand new alternative ways of living for ALL come to pass. 😦

    All the best everyone,
    Lou Ann

  3. Thanks for this interesting post Denise. It is good to see someone being honest about a very real problem when so many New Age teachers preach that we can manifest whatever we want and that if we are poor it’s because we’re not New Age enough. Lately I’ve been thinking that the Ascension Process is a different kind of development that the journey many New Age people are on.

    I recently read an interesting article on a site called The Moneyless Society about what they called The Trust Economy. The idea is that as the current capitalist system breaks down people at a grass roots level will have the chance to create a new economic system based on trust. One example of this would be if you needed food or clothing you would be able to get it from a central depot in your area. You would then be responsible to give back something to society. If you were an artist you could give some of your creative work or get involved in a community art project. A doctor would give medical help, a lawyer would give legal help, a plumber would work where his/her skills were needed etc. Everyone would have a sense of belonging to a community and all skills would be regarded as being of equal merit.

    Of course that doesn’t solve the problem of not having enough money right now when capitalism demands we pay for everything. I love the concept though and think we can start the creative process of moving towards such a system already by volunteering our skills (if we have the energy) and supporting community groups like Freecycle.

    My own financial situation over the past 20 years has taught me to live as simply as possible. An unexpected effect of living in a very limited income and with limited energy is that I have developed more compassion for people who are struggling financially or who unable to work because of disabilities. Maybe on an esoteric level that is one of the reasons why so many of us have had to struggle to get enough money to live for so long.

  4. I feel so fortunate and grateful that I have if not always, but lot of the time comfortable way to earn living. At times am sleepless in my bed from stress of a big Public Hospital surgical wards and the very challenging work we do there, but the work itself gives me such a lift and satisfaction most of the times it overrides the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical exhaustion. Most of the evening when I finish work I feel even if sore and exhausted uplifted and in high energy.

    I also have noted the financial struggle most of us go through and those whom indeed ‘sell’ the 5th dimensional knowledge at 3rd dimensional way. Isn’t it suppose to be free, I mean it is a gift for ALL of us not just few whom then benefit from others whom are suppose to be NOT in the ‘knowing’, the old guru and student patterns that are on the way out in a face of everyone being equal and sharing freely on all levels. I have had lot of times where the penny had to be stretched to it’s braking point and honestly have wondered what kind of an idiot I had been to agree to all of this. Indeed I agree with Denise about the different dimensions, when in a higher dimension everything seems rosier than when ‘blonked’ in a midst of the 3rd dimension and it’s total limitations. Ofcourse we ‘remember’ whilst still at Home what it had been like before when in another lifetime, BUT somehow the memory has faded and everything seemed not so ‘bad’ after all. Oh oh, then the 3rd dimension reality dawns and here we go again. It is alike to having babies, one remembers the labour, the sleepless nights, the 24/7 work, but somehow it has receeded into the back of one’s memory cells when planning another child. The excitment takes over and the planning and thus voila we go here AGAIN. THAT is what I believe has happened to all of us, whoops we did it AGAIN. Thank god we can share for we definitely are not alone, it feels oddly comforting to know there are others in the same financial and other struggle boat. What to do, but to row, row, row the boat and get to the shore in the storm. At least we are not alone, we are together rowing the boat to the shore. Bugger and we will make it, too. When someone falters the others take over and together we can do it. Talking about together, I just nearly lost all ability to stand on my legs when a finacial problem loomed bigger than the Himalayas ( it seemed so in my panic). I slumped into a hole and did not want to get up. I did my numbers again and fear grew as did the despair. ANyhow, in the end I just stated simply in total despair ” I need assistance here and NOW! I can’t do this on my own….Kapish…HEE-ELLPPPP!!!!! I simply heard “we will help you…”. All I knew from my past experiences with challenges not to wonder and stress how, althou I did just being a Human :-D. Oh well, shrugged my shoulders and leapt off the cliff of trust, still wondering on and off HOW???? No answers till yesterday….I am receiving backpay, many months worth from work with a payrise which is backdated. YIPEEE, I can register my car ( no car, no work as live in a country and no buses) pay my bills and more…..THANK YOU….. and I see smiles. Doing a bit of a dance within and yahooing. My Teams came through and were true to their words. I at times do forget I am here as a part of a team and they are there even if unseen to assit to best of their ability. I am reminded to remember daily that they are here with me even if they do not walk by my side in physical. WE just have to remember we are WORTH IT, very worth it!

    Thank God for the unseen Teams I say…they rock! 😀

  5. Hi Denise and All Here:

    Thanks, Denise and Valerie, for bringing up the question of “$-broke Starseeds”. I think one of the reasons we find ourselves in this situation is because, and this may sound a wee bit insane, but being without financially keeps us “close to home”, to the path in other words. If I had the money, I would be “out there”, travelling, doing my thing, wrapped up in that exact scenario that distracts and dumbs us down, and could totally make me forget my volunteer mission, which, of course, the “outside world” is actually set up to have us do. (Good one, Dark T-shirts, I didn’t bite!) At the same time, I have always “known” I would have enough to get by, that I would not be (too) hungry or (too) cold such that I ended up in a situation where I could not work on the Starseed mission. (This is verified for me as I look back at my life. Thanks, Spirit Guides.) I take full responsibility for my financial situation as I know that Starseeds do, so with no one to blame, then comes the choices. I think of those choices that I make as “lab experiments”. Some have worked, some have definitely not! For me, I would rather wash dishes than compromise my path by taking work just for the dollars. If I am under-estimating what is called for in these most amazing times, and discover, that after all I do need more dollars than the very few I have now, I will deal with that when it happens. I think living in the Now moment helps a lot, and so does a beer or two when we can afford it. Finally, when we find ourselves in situations where we think we’re not doing what we might otherwise be doing, it’s good to remember that regardless of what we’re doing, we’re basing it in love, and on that note, bravo, Edith! Just some thoughts and thanks again, Denise and Valerie. I really look forward to the discussion to come. Love to All Here, B.

  6. Thanks Denise,

    I know a lot of us are questioning things again, and money has been coming up for me at least…Was going to write you last week and pose pretty much the same question as Valerie did, then I went silent and heard quite clear, “The power of Love is greater than any fear”. I have asked several times for more clarity on money, and patience and trust is all we need…

    Thank you for your insight, I do agree we each set up our own “pre-incarnation for ourselves” now we sit back and trust. I do find it is getting easier at least for me, when around others who are still in the running game, I know what I know and I trust it all, makes no difference if no one else does now, I do and that is enough. Those who are sensitive to the world are picking up on a lot of fears right now, and we must be very clear within ourselves and our own truths and just hold the light. That is our job now. The Universe will and is providing for us always with love.

    Grateful for others sharing, grateful for this time to be alive, grateful for you Denise, for all your support and love.

    Blessings Renee

  7. Denise,

    I agree, I feel we are all coming closer and closer together at a rapid pace. The 3D world around us seems to be crumbling and signs of economic improvement aren’t really in the near future. Just like the 2nd law of Thermodynamics “Increasing Entropy”, a system must totally break down before it can restructure at a higher level. Our economic system has to TOTALLY break down before there can be a restructuring. Who knows how long it will take for this to happen but I’d say it’s certain we will see it happen in the next 50 years…probably much sooner!

    Until that happens, all we can do is come together with family and friends while helping each other out. It’s usually darkest before the dawn, the light will come…we just need to all hang in there and do what we can to survive the transition.

    Many blessings,
    Brian M.

  8. Excellent post! This is exactly what I needed to hear as I feel closer than ever to jumping into the unknown and letting spirit take me where I need to go. This encourages me to let go of old ways that definitely need to change in support of the new consciousness and new way of living in society. I appreciate your wisdom as always!

  9. This article is a great synchronicity for me. I think I might be a lightworker in denial, (at times I just convince myself that I’m suffering from delusions of grandeur or something and constantly have to think back to certain experiences that I’ve had) but often times I drive myself crazy just sitting around doing nothing when I feel like I have so much more responsibility to help this planet. I feel powerless just sitting around, and sometimes find it hard to believe that my energy/consciousness is assisting the planet and humanity in raising it’s consciousness.

    I guess I get so caught up in the physical aspects that I feel like just sitting around with doing anything physical is helping.

    The work/financial situation really parallels my life completely, and the situation that I’m currently in with my roommate.

    Thanks for the uplifting post, I feel like it’s exactly what I needed. 🙂

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