2012 Ascension Symptoms & the Global Sound Phenomenon

I received an email the other day from one of my readers (who wishes to remain anonymous) asking if I’d give my impressions on the global “strange sounds” phenomenon that many people have heard and recorded in 2011 and 2012. This reader included in his letter some YouTube links of these “strange sounds” from around the world and this was the first time I’d watched and heard this particular “strange sound” phenomenon. [Please search “2012 strange sounds” at YouTube to hear them if you haven’t as yet.]

Since 1999 I’ve occasionally heard ascension-related unusual sounds moving through the air but they were not the same phenomenon as these 2011 and 2012 “strange sounds” and didn’t sound like them at all. Many of the past sounds I’ve heard I knew—because they feel dramatically different from the pure, undistorted, “organic” Light energies—were negative Dark Beings and energies literally on the move due to being energetically dislodged by the continuous infusions of higher frequency Light Energies into this world and dimension. Other of these unusual sounds I’ve clairaudiently heard over the years had no negative, dark energy or intent attached to them but were certainly ascension-related phenomenon. I sense these 2011 and 2012 “strange sounds” people have captured on video are more of these ascension-related phenomenon that greater numbers of people are finally able to perceive. It is 2012 after all!


From about 2004 until 2009 I repeatedly heard loud, multiple booming thunder-like sounds up in the air. While hearing these booming sounds in the air I could always sense which direction they were coming from and traveling towards. In other words, these loud booming thunder-like sounds up in the air were directional and on the move. What they were exactly I did not know for many years.

One day I came across an online article by earthquake geologists who use some device to be able to hear underground sounds that are in a frequency range far too low for humans to hear; far too low (or high) unless one is clairaudient and/or an Earth Sensitive as most Starseeds/Lightworker/Indigos are. In this article the geologists described using this machine to be able to hear and track directional flow of underground magma and, you guessed it, it sounded like great booming thunder-like sounds. The moment I read that I realized the sounds I’d clairaudiently heard for years up in the air was actually underground magma flowing in very distinct directions that I could also detect. To me the mystery wasn’t that I could hear this but — why was I hearing ultra-low frequency underground sounds up in the air?

(I’ve also wondered why I haven’t heard these great booming thunder-like sounds in the air since about 2009. I believe it’s because the underground magma flowing and tremendous tectonic pressures have been better distributed (integrated, balanced etc.) during those years between 2004–2009 which is a positive thing. This of course is not saying this can’t or won’t happen again now in 2012. The possibility exists that the greater the cosmic, galactic center, and solar energies become in 2012, the greater the pressures below ground—2D—in the flowing magma and tectonic plates may become as everything shifts, ascends into a vastly higher frequency, state, location and timeline.

The reason I bring this years-old issue up about my hearing underground flowing magma sounds booming like thunder up in the air is because these 2011 and 2012 global “strange sounds” are I believe energy related; cosmic, galactic center (GC), solar, changing magnetic field, energy ascension-related phenomenon.


I know many people (far too many in my opinion) automatically credit the “bad guys” or as I call them Team Dark — the physical human elite, the government, military, HAARP, high-tech machines and weapons, the non-human and non-physical negative ETs, Reptilians etc. — credit for absolutely everything that happens on Earth now. I however have never believed that these egoic deluded dark jerks are as powerful as many people currently believe them to be, which may sound odd coming from someone whose repeatedly had fully conscious, lucid, face-to-face encounters and conversations with some of the negative aliens, plus been attacked by them repeatedly over the decades. Team Dark is not powerful — what they are are adept cons, dark magicians, thieves, manipulators and parasites.

I’ve always known they (the human members of Team Dark) have advanced weapons and devices, but I also know that they (the physical human puppets and the non-physical alien Team Dark members) cannot override Source/All That Is/God and evolution. They can and will only be able to go so far and then these negative egoic jerks run into energetic dead-ends at every turn because nothing and no one can override Source/God/All That Is and the Grand Evolutionary Cycles. Period.

Since 1999 I’ve repeatedly lived through phase after phase of more Light Energies entering this world and Team Dark—both physical and non-physical, human and non-human—automatically retaliating against the inflowing increase of higher frequency Light Energies and attacks (in any number of ways) the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos who are embodying and anchoring it in this world. This is how it’s been; an ongoing territorial energy battle from Team Dark trying to stop, derail, distract, distort, override, wound, imbalance, drive insane, harm or kill those embodying and anchoring the Light Energies on Earth now. Most dictators don’t easily relinquish their power, control and riches, so this retaliation against every phase of incoming Light Energies and the Light Energy Embodiers has been how things have played out during the twenty-five Ascension years (1987–2012). I can say that from personal experience, but I can also tell you from personal experience that Team Dark (the “powers that were”) are NOT all-powerful so please don’t give them all the credit (or your focus) for every ascension-related anomaly and planetary change.

I mention this subject about Team Dark again because, with the start of 2012, I felt (as I’m sure many of you also did) another good-sized global upsurge in the negative energies trying to gain back some energetic and physical Earth territory and grab (possess) more humans to use, control, and feed off of. This latest surge I felt in January 2012 was especially disheartening because I SO want this negativity permanently gone. It will be, but this is the last big dramatic push and flurry from Team Dark in this world trying to recapture and regain power and control and we can much more quickly end this by not feeding and empowering them in any way. What individual consciousness focuses on is more potent and important now than ever before so be consciously aware of and responsible for your thoughts and who and what you’re fueling with them.


With the start of January 2012, I began hearing constant ringing in my ears/head on top of the nearly constant head pains and pressures. I’ve gone within/without to investigate this 2012 inner ear ringing, plus the nearly constant head pains and pressures that move around my head, skull, jaws, temples, eyes, sinuses and sometimes down the back of my head into my neck. If I can’t access higher level knowledge I’m after in my usual ways then I’ll try other methods, like going out into space to see what I can perceive from that position. This is what I did the other day and was able to perceive a bit more about the current 2012 (the winter months before the 2012 Spring Equinox on March 19th) Galactic Center (GC) Energy Wave pulses and the symptoms they’re causing humans and Earth.

I saw that the Energy Wave pulses radiating from the GC are primary energies currently (hammering) transforming us, our entire bodies, heads, endocrine glandular system and connected chakra system, and is the cause of the ringing in the ears and pains and pressures in our heads. (The 2012 solar transmissions are major secondary energies pummeling us as well. And, the dramatically changing magnetic field around Earth is another symptom of the Ascension Process and end of the this Evolutionary Cycle as represented by the Mayan calendar that we’re being affected by also.) Based on what I’ve seen and perceived these GC Energy Wave pulses (or whatever scientific term you want or need to call them) impacting Earth and our bodies (and heads very much in these last years of the twenty-five yearlong Ascension Process) are what’s causing the inner ear ringing, the severe head pains and pressures, plus these “strange sounds” being heard globally in 2011 and 2012. Earth and humanity are increasingly being vibrationally rung like bells by these cosmic GC Energy Wave pulses, all the amplified solar energies, and the changing magnetic field.

All of these cosmic energy events and the ascension-related phenomenon and symptoms they produce are natural and necessary happenings at the end of each Evolutionary Cycle and push the transition out of one Evolutionary Cycle and into the next one. They (and other even larger energies and sources that are difficult to describe) are Divine evolutionary triggers that activate and drive everything everywhere at the end of the Evolutionary Cycle. Just like my hearing ultra-low frequency underground flowing magma sounds up in the air for many years, these GC Energy Wave pulses radiating in all directions throughout space come into contact with anything in its path and cause it to literally vibrate differently which transfigures it; the Milky Way galaxy, space, the stars, suns, planets, humans, consciousness, all life everywhere in its path. Is it any wonder that ascension-related sound phenomenon and other anomalies are happening to Earth and to us and our bodies? In all honesty I’ve expected far more phenomenon to happen since 1999 that more people around the world would be able to see, hear, feel, sense and perceive. I wouldn’t be surprised if more and more light anomalies and sound phenomenon and other strange things happen throughout 2012 due to what is and has happened via the Ascension Process.

These GC Energy Wave pulses don’t just happen once and then ta da! totally and completely evolved or transformed. As with all of these ascension-related energies they repeat many times throughout the twenty-five Ascension years (1987–2012) so we, our bodies, consciousness, life, Earth, stars etc., can incrementally make the evolutionary energetic shifts and changes so our bodies aren’t destroyed by The Process itself. I saw/perceived these MASSIVE GC Energy Wave pulses radiating outward in all directions throughout the Milky Way galaxy (and beyond) energetically triggering profound DNA activations within humanity at a new and different level in 2012 and literally ringing us and Earth like a bell repeatedly and more often than we’ve experienced before. I’m hearing, seeing, and being affected by these energies in 2012 primarily in my head (elsewhere too but nothing as severe as in my head) and in that microcosm/macrocosm way we feel in our bodies these ascension symptoms just as Earth does in her body. The two things are actually one thing because Earth and humanity are intimately connected in ways we’re just starting to remember.


RECAP: More ascension-related higher frequency Light Energies arrive here on/in/through Earth and our bodies via these different Divine cosmic/galactic/solar delivery systems and, as usual, Team Dark gets highly irritated by the increasing Light and lashes out and attacks and does whatever it can to hold on to what its had. The negativity surges again briefly, attacks again briefly and does whatever it can in an attempt to NOT CHANGE. We of Team Light feel this negative crap and try to not become too frustrated or discouraged for too long from Team Dark’s frantic 2012 stunts. On top of all this there’s the increasing ascension symptoms that we (Starseeds, Lightworkers, Indigos) plus rapidly growing numbers of regular folk around the world are experiencing now every minute of every day. I know that every time Team Dark surges and tries to gain some of its power and control back, it’s really a sign that another major round of Light Energies have arrived in this world which are rapidly changing, evolving, transforming and transfiguring everything here. See how the one thing affects the other and vice versa? What may have at first seemed like a “negative” in our world is, in my opinion, actually a very positive sign of how much really has and is changing now. And, expect more phenomenon because it’s finally time for what we’ve lived through to be manifesting for others to see, hear, feel and witness too.


February 17, 2012

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51 thoughts on “2012 Ascension Symptoms & the Global Sound Phenomenon

  1. Always in grateful anicipation of what you are conveying. The mind cannot explain what the body is experiencing. Trying to find away of being in ‘it’, still even mediatation is more or less a challenge..It is best when I am engaged in something I can focus on. What amazes me is that I am evolving without much conscious participation. Am noticing that words seem to come from a more no nonsense place. Still metamorphising. Thank you for your resoluteness.

  2. Thanks again Denise for taking the time n the trouble to do what you do. I appreciate your words as much as I did years ago! One of the most valuable parts of your writing (n lisa r’s too) for me is just the reminder to remember. It doesn’t really matter what is “going on” at that linear moment; it’s just the providing of the context – like i think lisa r. Mentioned in her february writing. Me, i get slammed w/crap like terrible multi-generational/still family line clearing depression on a regular basis after major light influxes or empowered doing. This happened really strongly in January, and to be reminded by you (The dark always attacks or rears up whatever it can after more light/growth) or lisa renee saying simply and providing for much needed laughter: “possessions are common”! I am very grateful, espavo, Em

    Shoot, denise, my disjointed speech probably seems off topic. I was referring more to your emphasis on not giving more credit/attn to the dark in general more than the sounds. I do also have amplified hearing, esp at night it sounds like i’m on my north carolina grandmother’s front porch in the summertime with all the bug,etc chirpping and peeping i hear. Also have the ringing and the one ear shutting out completely then switching to the other. Just happy to connect. I only have aphone for internet thesendays and am not at all adept in using it for this type of communication lol, all love, em

  3. Touche Denise! When I first heard the sounds on Youtube awhile back, my first reaction was “I can totally relate!” I instinctively thought it was simple groaning and grunting from Gaia as she stretched and exhaled from the pulsing within. I said to someone that the sounds are the same ones I make every time I stand up. :0 ) I saw all the fear-mongering about how the sounds were the heralding of the Apocalypse, the trumpets announcing Revelations has come to pass. In a way, this is true, but I see it as part of the Great Unfoldment. People who need/want to look for the negative within the positive are just playing their part in ‘the game’. The game that I just don’t/can’t play anymore.

    Note to Tami: As Denise also qualified, I think the energy vampires are out there in force and desperation, and may be trying to drag you down with them via those negative messages. I find myself dealing with the same thing more often than not in my early morning dreams. I pull out my bag of tricks to patch up and strengthen my aura and defiantly change the channel (frequency). Not always easy, but always necessary. The days are over for Lightworkers to lift up the world by sharing/spreading their inner light. Now is the time to be solely (soul-y) mirrors for the Light so others go within to find it for themselves.

    There is no doubt in my mind critical mass has been achieved. Otherwise all “hell” would not be breaking loose. Detach, observe, reflect and keep the faith (light)!

  4. “The days are over for Lightworkers to lift up the world by sharing/spreading their inner light. Now is the time to be solely (soul-y) mirrors for the Light so others go within to find it for themselves.

    There is no doubt in my mind critical mass has been achieved…”


    Absolutely and thank you for saying this too. 🙂


  5. Thank you…for sharing your perspective…I am in a bit of shock dealing with all the dark entanglements showing up in my life. On all planes of existence. It is so time consuming…overwhelming at times and yes…they are tricksters.

    When I was 15 I was almost abducted by what I know now to be the “Greys”…at the last moment the light came in through a friend that had recently passed over…he assured me as well as the intelligence of the light….that I would always be safe. What he failed to tell me was that this was going to be a life long battle and that as I acquired more light..the dark would want their share.

    I was late to the party…in spite of all the things that were happening to me…I managed to compartmentalize my experiences until as Lisa Renee said…all Light Warriors would be woken in 2006.and it was a shocking at how my life changed.

    If it were not for places out here that describe phenomenon ( and so well articulated Denise) put experiences into context…not analyzed… but through others experience…help me to find out the what and why my experiences meant….frankly I might have left my mind permanently and not joined the party. This does not mean that I have come completely to terms with the mission. Still working on that. And yes that may well be the problem. Again working on that. I have no memory of agreeing to be a “Polarity Integrator”, being a social outcast in my community because I just don’t know the program, or embarrassing my friends and family as I take on their grief or anger through my body and cry uncontrollably on the spot, in the most shocking way, as the energy whooshes up into my heart with no warning stays for long enough to freak everyone out and then leaves through my feet the same way it came in.

    I will hold your words in my thoughts as I try to “change the channel” Thank you.Tami

  6. Oh, theocacao — this is really interesting and resonates with me: “as our energy and vibration changed we would be able to hear sounds that were previously inaudible to us and that these were the sounds coming from the machinery of the illusion”. A few weeks ago, I was doing some YouTube surfing had run into a few videos with the global “strange sounds.” I was drawn to some videos that had been taken in Colorado, my former home. I remember thinking, “WOW. Those are some powerful sounds!” but did not attach or feel any energy to them that was negative, nor, honestly, really positive either. I just thought they were “curious.” I did happen to start looking at information about HAARP and so on, wondering if the sounds could be related to any of those types of projects. I dropped it, thinking perhaps it was not important for me to really know about at this time. But now that Denise is posting on it, and with reading the comments, the explanation of the “machinery of the illusion” really “clicks” with me, as does the reminder that Denise gives here that not everything is aligned with negative forces and/or powers. Thanks for the insights into this! I had been wondering about these sounds that suddenly seemed to pop up in videos on the Internet within the past couple of months.

    I have read the comment guidelines, and am hoping that what I am about to write is not too off-topic, but because ascension symptoms are mentioned in this post and in comments, I want to bring it up. Is anyone experiencing any strange symptoms in their midsection? My food sensitivities and allergies are at an all-time high right now. I have recently gone vegetarian because of them — with the coming of the new year, I have had to quit eating meat because of the problems it has been causing me. But I have also been having strange, numbing-like feelings when eating food. I know — best to check with physicians, etc to be double-sure of what is going on & I understand it’s important to do so. BUT, these feelings are a lot like what is going on in Denise’s head, but for me it is in my midsection, on my left side, under my ribcage. There is so much going on in my midsection, and I think it is related to the endocrine system changes written about here. I’m just wondering if anyone else is experiencing something similar.

    Anyway, I felt prompted to comment about it, and thought I would put it “out there.”

    Thanks, Denise, for all the work you are doing now. While I do have some “Ascension Buddies” who are helping me out (as I am helping them, too), I am now feeling changes that those buddies are not understanding. We had been so “in sync” before, and now I feel myself going in a direction that mirrors what is written about here, but they are not, yet and so sometimes I feel very alone with it all. It is a huge relief to come here and read the posts and also the comments to know I am not alone.

  7. “While I do have some “Ascension Buddies” who are helping me out (as I am helping them, too), I am now feeling changes that those buddies are not understanding. We had been so “in sync” before, and now I feel myself going in a direction that mirrors what is written about here, but they are not, yet and so sometimes I feel very alone with it all. It is a huge relief to come here and read the posts and also the comments to know I am not alone.


    This is typical within the Ascension Process and we go through these, as I’ve called them, Stair Steps. We’ll take a few steps forward in our Process but this doesn’t mean everyone else does it at the same time so we repeatedly experience periods (months or years) where we’re within range close enough with another person or handful of people so that we ALL can interact, communicate, and honestly relate and understand what each other is going through and feeling etc. Then, we always reach a point where we take another step or two forward again and not everyone goes with us at that exact time. They may arrive in a few weeks or months, but during these stages where we move slightly out of frequency range with other people living the same Ascension Process it’s VERY difficult to remain together or even communicate like we did before.

    I’ve gone through this dozens and dozens of times over the past 13 years, and the times when there’s a larger bunch of us (here at TRANSITIONS) all within a very close frequency range it’s great and feels like the start of those 5D Group Communities. But as is always the case, I move ahead, others move ahead, and so on and the gap returns again for a while but a new Group forms again and again at these different ascension energy and consciousness Stair Steps.


  8. Actually, astraologylog, I think YOU are my hero. This evening I was really needing some validation that I’m on “the right path” so to speak. I know that I am, of course, but I have felt like I have been going in circles. Denise describes Ascension as “stairsteps. Maybe my Ascension staircase is a spiral one. 🙂 But I sure needed some reassurance and had just asked the Source, my Higher Self, someone, anyone for a little bit of that, and I logged on and found your reply to my comment. Thank you!!

    No, I have not heard a desert-type rumbling; however, maybe that will come later.

    Reading about “the sounds coming from the machinery of the illusion,” made me realize that not all sounds are enhanced — literally just mechanical ones: traffic, trains, equipment.

    Thanks to all here at Team Light!

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