2012 Ascension Symptoms & the Global Sound Phenomenon

I received an email the other day from one of my readers (who wishes to remain anonymous) asking if I’d give my impressions on the global “strange sounds” phenomenon that many people have heard and recorded in 2011 and 2012. This reader included in his letter some YouTube links of these “strange sounds” from around the world and this was the first time I’d watched and heard this particular “strange sound” phenomenon. [Please search “2012 strange sounds” at YouTube to hear them if you haven’t as yet.]

Since 1999 I’ve occasionally heard ascension-related unusual sounds moving through the air but they were not the same phenomenon as these 2011 and 2012 “strange sounds” and didn’t sound like them at all. Many of the past sounds I’ve heard I knew—because they feel dramatically different from the pure, undistorted, “organic” Light energies—were negative Dark Beings and energies literally on the move due to being energetically dislodged by the continuous infusions of higher frequency Light Energies into this world and dimension. Other of these unusual sounds I’ve clairaudiently heard over the years had no negative, dark energy or intent attached to them but were certainly ascension-related phenomenon. I sense these 2011 and 2012 “strange sounds” people have captured on video are more of these ascension-related phenomenon that greater numbers of people are finally able to perceive. It is 2012 after all!


From about 2004 until 2009 I repeatedly heard loud, multiple booming thunder-like sounds up in the air. While hearing these booming sounds in the air I could always sense which direction they were coming from and traveling towards. In other words, these loud booming thunder-like sounds up in the air were directional and on the move. What they were exactly I did not know for many years.

One day I came across an online article by earthquake geologists who use some device to be able to hear underground sounds that are in a frequency range far too low for humans to hear; far too low (or high) unless one is clairaudient and/or an Earth Sensitive as most Starseeds/Lightworker/Indigos are. In this article the geologists described using this machine to be able to hear and track directional flow of underground magma and, you guessed it, it sounded like great booming thunder-like sounds. The moment I read that I realized the sounds I’d clairaudiently heard for years up in the air was actually underground magma flowing in very distinct directions that I could also detect. To me the mystery wasn’t that I could hear this but — why was I hearing ultra-low frequency underground sounds up in the air?

I’ve also wondered why I haven’t heard these great booming thunder-like sounds in the air since about 2009. I believe it’s because the underground magma flowing and tremendous tectonic pressures have been better distributed (integrated, balanced) during those years between 2004–2009, which is a positive thing. This of course is not saying this can’t or won’t happen again now in 2012 and beyond. The possibility exists that the greater the cosmic, galactic center and solar energies become in 2012, the greater the pressures below ground—2D—in the flowing magma and tectonic plates may become as everything shifts, ascends into a vastly higher frequency, state, location and timeline. The greater the pressures on, in and all around Earth and humanity.

The reason I bring this years-old issue up about my hearing underground flowing magma sounds booming like thunder up in the air is because these 2011 and 2012 global “strange sounds” are I believe energy related — cosmic, galactic center (GC), solar, ascending vibrationally/frequency-wise from lower Physical earthly 3D dimension up through and eventually completely through the 4D Astral dimension, continual changing magnetic field and much more.


I know many people (far too many in my opinion) automatically credit the “bad guys” or as I call them Team Dark — the physical human elite, the government, military, HAARP, high-tech machines and weapons, the non-human, non-physical negative ETs — credit for absolutely everything that happens on Earth now. I however have never believed that these egoic “monsters” are as powerful as many people currently believe them to be, which may sound odd coming from someone who’s repeatedly had fully conscious, lucid face-to-face encounters and conversations with some of the negative aliens, plus been attacked by them repeatedly for most of my life. Team Dark is not all-powerful. What they are are adept cons, dark magicians, thieves, manipulators and parasites.

I’ve always known they (the human members of Team Dark) have advanced weapons and devices, but I also know that they (the physical human puppets and the non-physical alien Team Dark members) cannot and will not override Source/All That Is/God and evolution. They can and will only be able to go so far and then these negative egoic jerks run into energetic dead-ends at every turn because nothing and no one can override Source/God/All That Is and the Grand Evolutionary Cycles. Period.

Since 1999 I’ve repeatedly lived through phase after phase of more Light Energies entering this world and Team Dark—both physical and non-physical, human and non-human—automatically retaliating against the increase of higher frequency Light Energies and attack (in any number of ways) the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos who are embodying and anchoring the higher Light Energies into this ascending, evolving world. This is how it’s been, an ongoing territorial energy battle from Team Dark trying to stop, derail, distract, distort, override, wound, imbalance, drive insane, harm or kill those embodying and anchoring the Light Energies on Earth now. Most dictators don’t easily relinquish their power, control and riches so this retaliation against every phase of incoming Light Energies and the Light Energy Embodiers has been how things have played out during the twenty-five Ascension years. I can say that from personal experience, but I can also tell you from personal experience that Team Dark (the “powers that were”) are NOT all-powerful so please do NOT give them all the credit (or your focus) for every ascension-related anomaly and planetary change.

I mention this subject about Team Dark again because, with the start of 2012, I felt as I’m sure many of you also did, another good-sized global upsurge in the negative energies trying to gain back some energetic and physical Earth territory and grab more humans to use, control and feed off of. This latest surge I felt in January 2012 was especially disheartening because I so want this negativity permanently gone. It will be, but this is the last big dramatic push and flurry from Team Dark in this world trying to recapture and regain power and control and we can much more quickly end this by not feeding and empowering them in any way. What individual consciousness focuses on is more potent and important now than ever before so be consciously aware of and responsible for your thoughts and who and what you’re fueling and perpetuating with them.


With the start of January 2012, I began hearing constant ringing in my ears/head on top of the nearly constant head pains and pressures. I’ve gone within/without to investigate this 2012 inner ear ringing, plus the nearly constant head pains and pressures that move around my head, skull, jaws, temples, eyes, sinuses and sometimes down the back of my head into my neck. If I can’t access higher level knowledge I’m after in my usual ways, then I’ll try other methods like going out into space to see what I can perceive from that position. This is what I did the other day and was able to perceive a bit more about the current 2012 (the winter months before the 2012 Spring Equinox on March 19th) Galactic Center (GC) Energy Wave pulses and the symptoms they’re causing humans and Earth.

I saw that the Energy Wave pulses radiating from the GC are primary energies currently (hammering) transforming us, our entire bodies, heads, endocrine glandular system and connected chakra system, and is the cause of the ringing in the ears and pains and pressures in our heads. (The 2012 solar transmissions are major secondary energies pummeling us as well. And the dramatically changing magnetic field around Earth is another symptom of the Ascension Process and end of this Evolutionary Cycle as represented by the Mayan calendar that we’re being affected by also.) Based on what I’ve seen and perceived these GC Energy Wave pulses (or whatever scientific term you want or need to call them) impacting Earth and our bodies and heads very much in these last years of the twenty-five yearlong Ascension Process are what’s causing the inner ear ringing, the severe head pains and pressures and also these “strange sounds” being heard globally in 2011 and 2012. Earth and humanity are increasingly being vibrationally rung like bells by these much higher frequency cosmic GC Energy Wave pulses, all the amplified solar energies, the changing magnetic field, and the ongoing ascension from old lower frequency third dimension (3D) up into and eventually completely through the fourth-dimension Astral plane.

All of these cosmic energy events and the ascension-related phenomenon and symptoms they produce are natural and necessary happenings at the end of each Evolutionary Cycle and push the transition out of one Evolutionary Cycle and into the next one. They (and other even larger energies and sources that are difficult to describe) are Divine evolutionary triggers that activate and drive everything everywhere at the end of the Evolutionary Cycle. Just like my hearing ultra-low frequency underground flowing magma sounds up in the air for many years, these GC Energy Wave pulses radiating in all directions throughout space come into contact with anything in its path and cause it to literally vibrate differently which transfigures the Milky Way galaxy, space, the stars, suns, planets, humans, human consciousness and all life everywhere in its path. Is it any wonder that ascension-related sound phenomenon and other anomalies are happening to Earth and us and our bodies? In all honesty I’ve expected far more phenomenon to happen since 1999 that more people around the world would be able to see, hear, feel, sense and perceive.

These GC Energy Wave pulses don’t just happen once and then ta da! totally and completely evolved or transformed. As with all of these ascension-related energies they repeat many times throughout the Ascension Process so we, our bodies, consciousness, life, Earth, stars etc. can incrementally make the evolutionary energetic shifts and changes so our bodies aren’t destroyed by The Process itself. I saw/perceived these MASSIVE GC Energy Wave pulses radiating outward in all directions throughout the Milky Way galaxy (and beyond) energetically triggering profound DNA activations within humanity at a new and different level in 2012 and literally ringing us and Earth like a bell repeatedly and far more often than we’ve experienced before. I’m hearing, seeing, and being affected by these energies in 2012 primarily in my head (elsewhere too but nothing as severe as in my head) and in that microcosm/macrocosm way we feel in our bodies these ascension symptoms just as Earth does in her body. The two things are actually one thing because Earth and humanity are intimately connected in ways we’re just starting to remember.


RECAP: More ascension-related higher frequency Light Energies arrive here on/in/through Earth and our bodies via these different Divine cosmic/galactic/solar delivery systems and, as usual, Team Dark gets highly irritated by the increasing Light and lashes out and attacks and does whatever it can to hold on to what it has had. The negativity surges again briefly, attacks again briefly and does whatever it can in an attempt to NOT CHANGE. We of Team Light feel this negative crap and try to not become too frustrated or discouraged from Team Dark’s frantic 2012 stunts. On top of all this there’s the increasing ascension symptoms that we Starseeds, Lightworkers, Indigos etc., plus growing numbers of regular folk around the world, are experiencing now every minute of every day. I know that every time Team Dark surges and tries to gain some of its power and control back, it’s really a sign that another major round of Light Energies have arrived in this world and are rapidly changing, evolving, transforming and transfiguring everything here. See how the one thing affects the other and vice versa? What may have at first seemed like a “negative” in our world is, in my opinion, actually a very positive sign of how much really has and is changing now. Expect more phenomenon because it’s finally time for what we’ve lived through to be manifesting for others to see, hear, feel and witness too.


February 17, 2012

teal copyrightCopyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and live link. https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/

51 thoughts on “2012 Ascension Symptoms & the Global Sound Phenomenon

  1. You are my hero! I really needed this exact type of reassurance these past few days.
    I’m glad you wrote about this! So very glad. Thank you! Team Light!

    I have heard high frequency for years- but as of a few weeks ago, I hear the pulse too! It sort of feels like when your ears pop when decending from a high mountain, but not all the way- Its not pressure but it kinda makes the same sound only at intermittent points! Like if someone is talking that way.

    Sometimes it even turns into very strange desert type rumbling but not howling wind, too. Does this ring true to you too?Its like its right outside the window or door- but there is no wind- I can tell its a very clairaudial type of experience because it mostly exists in my right ear. I know I dont hear it with my left one. Glad I am not the only one!
    Yes! Dark entanglements is a nice word for that. They hop in my visions some times- just seem to walk around in them and float- they often make appearances in lucid dreams and they want me to be scared- they just simply annoy me at best.
    I do admit it that when consciously perceiving them makes me slightly more wary of them- and I know I shouldn’t let it get to me. 😦

  2. I’ve been experiencing all of these things. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve noticed that since the onset of 2012 that the “chemtrails” have largely stopped. I think that this is a tremendously positive sign of just how much power the dark has lost. At the end of 2011, I was observing the onslaught of chemtrails everywhere. As I raised my awareness and frequency further, I began noticing that they would actually break up and disperse over and around my head in about a half-a-block radius all around. I think that you are absolutely right in saying that we should no longer feed any fear to these dark beings. We of the Light and God him/her self are infinitely more powerful. Their time is near complete here.

    Thank you again for sharing your wisdom and experiences.

    In Love and Light,

  3. Thanks Denise. I was laughing as I read this because (as you are so aware) we all do this, just in our own receptively different ways. I am blessed with being a non analytical star seed. Oh, I can be analytical with lots of stuff, but this journey we are taking can only be analysed by my higher self, so I leave it to her/him (smile). Otherwise I would go nuts trying to see things thru my current perspective, however much this is growing.

    It is truly great to hear the explanation though and I appreciate all that you impart. You are such a fabulous link in our network.

    Sending you BIG HUGS and all my love, LINDA

    PS theocacao, loved that description as well.

  4. This is too funny…I was searching your blog for a symptom that is getting stronger and just finished reading your post for March 11, 2009 Being Earth Sensitive and you quoted it here. Love this! I have had this ringing in my ears or high pitched frequency since 2006..but this frequency saved my life one time when I was driving. I was in a hurry and traffic was backed up on the highway so I was going to take an alternative route and turn onto a side street. When I put my blinker on, this high pitched frequency came in my right ear and hit me in the gut so hard I fell over the steering wheel and missed my turn. It happened in an instant than was gone. I slowly went on my way and when I got to my destination…my husband was in shock…my wheel was just about off. If I had taken the faster route than in all probability there would have been an accident. So I think this frequency is my friend and interacts with me and is not created by the dark. I just wanted to mention this as most people assume the frequency is HAARP created. My experience says no…it is loving, kind and helpful.

    But I was searching your blog for help in explaining a phenomenon that is getting stronger for me and I think being Earth Sensitive is what I am experiencing. So this post resonates with me. Whenever I meditate or just lay down to nap or sleep, within minutes I am surrounded by such strong energy that sometimes I feel pinned to the bed. My body starts to vibrate and then the cracking in my head starts. I am in such a high state of awareness that anything outside of me can literally cause me to fall back into this reality in a disturbing way. This had been going on for about a year but now the cracking or booming..hard to describe except it is inside not outside, has a double beat to it and is stronger. I too have tried to feel into it..and come up with just the physical feelings but no answers except that I am having visions in my dreams that wake me up immediately…they are not dreams but single snapshots. One vision helped me to heal my dog..he had two eggs buried in his skin.. the vision showed a huge beetle and my dog and I. When I woke up I asked what type of beetle and the works came “Scarab Beetle. When I researched about this beetle the article talked about the beetle laying eggs so I treated my dog with a lotion and the next day the eggs popped out of his skin…with much blood. This was around the time Lisa Renee talked about many people having Egyptian Dreams. The Scarab Beetle has an ancient Egyptian Mythology attached to it. Killed two birds with one stone in that dream LOL

    The other visions.. well they are disheartening as it seems like humanity has been given an “F” I read into this “F” that we are failing on a global scale to reach critical mass. The next vision was me looking out my front window and in the sky written in pink clouds were the words catastrophe and loss of many lives. Also a voice talking about a huge feather I had found on the ground that day. The next vision was a few days later and when I looked out my window there was just a black wall…I could not see the end of the street. I felt protected but isolated. I just needed to tell somebody this and would appreciate any other interpretations than what I saw. These visions are new to me. An ascension symptom I assume. Wow isn’t this a ride. My head is also taking a pounding…more like spikes..short but piercing. And geez can’t forget to mention the hip and lower back… Earth is losing our magnetic protection I think and I agree it will be interesting from here on in!

    Thank you for this space…sharing your world with us…you have no idea the support that I feel when I connect here.

    Much Love to all Tami

  5. Thanks, Denise. This explains a lot.

    I myself have not heard the mysterious sounds, but I have noticed that sounds “carry.” It was in one of your earlier posts that I realized that they weren’t carrying so much as my hearing was more enhanced. For example, I live in the country seven or eight miles from an interstate, and many days I can distinctly hear the traffic on it.

    For several weeks, the dreams that I remember have had no light in them, just dark “entanglements.”

    I have ringing in my ears all the time. Always have that I remember, but now as I drift off to sleep or lucidly as I awaken or am very relaxed, I am aware of a “pulse” — usually a different sound that I can only describe as a “squelch” (to set it off from the ringing). Occasionally that is accompanied by a sensation of a pulse in my head. It hadn’t occurred to me that I am picking up on Galactic Center energy.

  6. Lots of Love and Light, Ditto the symptoms! 3rd day of headache pressure in the afternoons/ evenings. Here is what The Group said about change in hearing:

    “We also tell you that from now on you will be very sensitive to ambient noise, to background noise. Here is the challenge and what is taking place on a larger scale. Humans are wired in such a way that you do not actually hear such a sound; what you hear is a difference in the background sound. If all of you walked into a quiet room, you would still hear a buzzing in your head. That is kind of the background noise that is often described white noise, background noise, or hissing and crackling.. Much of that is actually the sound of the machinery that makes up the illusion of the game, but on top of that you don’t actually hear the sounds but the variations of the background sound. Soon you will start to hear all of it including the background sound, which you have not been conscious of before.”

  7. I can’t remember if it was a comment attributed to Kryon or The Group but it was mentioned that as our energy and vibration changed we would be able to hear sounds that were previously inaudible to us and that these were the sounds coming from the machinery of the illusion.

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