Interesting Quotes About 2012

I wanted to share some random quotes from Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians 2011 winter Solstice The Pleiadian TIMES article. The ‘nano’ or ‘nanosecond’  is a term Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians have used to indicate the Ascension Process years from 1987 through the end of 2012. Everything in bold was done by me to highlight the information and draw attention to it. CME stands for coronal mass ejection.

If you don’t have a subscription to The Pleiadian TIMES, check out the website and consider getting a very affordable subscription. It’s a great quarterly newsletter.


January 24, 2012

“The period 1987 through 2012 is a window in time noted for a steadfast acceleration of energy. We refer to this period as the nanosecond, a time when every moment keeps expanding with new possibilities. The increase in energy that began slowly in 1987 and increased in intensity over the years will now reach a peak of ultra high-speed in 2012. During the nano, people’s lives become richer with knowledge as they integrate a steady stream of new information…”

“Many people have long anticipated the arrival of the year 2012, so it is already filled to the brim with all manner of thought forms, projections, fantasies and dreads. Along with your own expectations, 2012 will host many amazing moments, as fantastic discoveries, new expanded areas of inquiry and towering waves of cosmic energy awaken the world mind to new understandings of reality. Everyone will be thinking in much bigger terms. New revelations about ancient life forms and Earth’s hidden history, along with super-intense transmissions from the Sun and anomalous cosmic activities, will compel people to question and search for larger truths…”

“More people will be making life-altering changes because of job losses and financial gridlock, changes in transportation systems, a radical reduction in services and a decline in the value of money...”

“As protests increase in fervor and millions of people get swept up with the psychic forces of the group mind, authorities will attempt to squash the rebellions…”

“As governments, financial institutions, religions and the sciences frantically attempt to hold onto their collapsing systems, eroding civil liberties will stimulate more acts of civil disobedience…”

“Forces behind the scenes will grow more desperate in their antics, so do not underestimate the power of hidden technologies to wow the public with contrived events designed to steer the show along certain lines of thinking…”

“The general public has become far too vulnerable and is too easily fleeced because of the loss of their psychic senses…”

“The time has now arrived for billions of people to really sense and feel the influence of the cosmos. As a year of supreme personal empowerment, 2012 will be greatly rewarding for those focused on the expansion of consciousness. To gain the benefit of and effectively integrate the ultra high-speed energies, we advise you to be fully present and aware, and completely in charge of your physical body…”

“During the final year of the nanosecond there are still a great many vistas of understanding for humanity to be acquainted with. People will be challenged to discern between truth and deceit and recognize the fool, the fantasy seeker, the sucker and the rigid believer for what they are. At some point everyone will begin to wonder what is really real…”

“As time moves closer to the end point of the nano, gridlock really sets in because of the further unfolding of financial duress. The ever-widening European debt crisis may well instigate financial havoc across the globe, for many banks are insolvent and the crisis is only beginning to unravel...

“When a CME is directed toward Earth, the effects arrive within a few days and linger for days after; satellites and electrical systems are at risk because solar radiation can fry electronic hardware. Solar activity always affects the body’s electrical aspects, inducing a need for cellular and DNA adaptability. Earth’s polar regions act as antennas, receiving and distributing the solar energies around the planet in brilliant displays of polar auroras. In the human body, the spine and DNA serve as antennas and search modems sending and receiving signals into the field of existence…”

“Your DNA is highly adaptable and fully capable of responding to the cosmic waves that are encoded with messages in light frequencies that support the growth of consciousness…”

“The Sun works with you, sending signals encoded in a language of light that is integrated through the pineal gland. Cosmic bombardments from energies and frequencies are also part of the process that expands consciousness. The codes assist in perceptual alterations, for in these changing times, your senses are being heightened and expanded out of necessity. Cosmic influences may well converge at the end of the nano to stimulate a graceful spiritual awakening for humankind…”

“In this regard, there is a pressing need for humanity to come to terms with the reality of nonphysical interference in terms of visitors, hitchhikers, attachments and entity possessions that feed off people’s energy. Most ancient cultures recognized the existence of these beings because they knew the intruders’ signs and sensed their presence. As people lost psychic awareness, it became easier for the non-physicals to move in since they were no longer detected. Humans must take their spiritual maturity to new levels of awareness and learn to see the red flags and stop projecting their trust onto unworthy people and unsavory situations.

Nonphysical energies come in all shape and sizes, yet generally speaking they occupy three main categories: the Earth-bound or unquiet dead, the mischief-makers, and the dark forces or demons. The common factor in each category is that the beings enter and take over a body without permission…”

“The Earth-bound or unquiet dead consist of those who do not know where to go or what to do when they die…” “Many people die and have no realization they are dead. The unquiet dead can move into the physical body of anyone who is too empathic, too wide-open and lacking strong boundaries. While the unquiet dead are generally lost and looking for a place to hang out, they can still cause severe unbalances in the life of the host by draining energy and altering behavior, tastes, habits and directions in life.

“The next category of interfering nonphysicals is the mischief-makers, which includes aliens, anomalous beings and otherwordly dimensional characters. The mischief-makers are usually dishonest and conniving, so they like to entice their hosts into self-destructive acts; they befuddle the mind of the host in foggy confusion and instigate devious behavior; lies are a common signature of the mischief-makers, for they care little about the host and enjoy seducing a person into dishonesty and thievery…”

“The third category is composed of the dark forces or demons. Older cultures depict the dark forces as the most troublesome and prone to instigate acts of great moral degradation, violence and very destructive obsessions. The dark-side influence has long been recognized by all major religions. Modern cultures have become so accustomed to defending and protecting themselves with manufactured weapons they have missed the invasion of the nonphysicals…”

“Entity attachments can be due to a wide variety of causes: weak mental, physical and emotional boundaries, some form of severe trauma that shatters the spirit’s anchor in the body, or because of unresolved issues carried over from other lifetimes. Nonphysical entities are also attracted to those who habitually vacate the body for various reasons, including through excessive feelings of fear, pain, shame and guilt, or through obsessive addictions such as gambling, pornography, drugs, meds, alcohol and inappropriate sexual behavior. When the conditions are right and the vacancy sign is flashing “open house”, the nonphysicals can move in to set up home in a physical body. Sometimes the host recognizes voices and unwarranted impulses, yet the entities may act as protectors or even guides, so the host allows them to stay…”

“Attachments can also be formed for seemingly benign reasons such as through strong love bonds, or for reasons of revenge and hatred; in either case, the person uses his or her will to attach, follow or even haunt another soul from lifetime to lifetime. Attachments do not necessarily dissolve when a person dies; sometimes they cling to the spirit of the deceased in the afterlife…”

“During the final year of the nanosecond, the speed of change will require all people to recognize their inner power. 2012 will test everyone’s ability to manage all types of energy in the 3D world, including the ability to adapt to an increasing array of cosmic energies. Greater numbers of people will recognize the power of the mind and its role in creating reality. The high-speed energies of 2012 will begin to clear the playing field of those who have breached their integrity. Cosmic activity and solar transmissions can expand the capabilities of consciousness; yet also elicit detrimental effects in people with unstable minds…”

“There is a great and noble purpose behind the upheavals in the world, for the rising chaos is compelling people to think in bigger terms, which is the very process that expands consciousness…”

“Earth will be receiving and releasing a lot of energy in 2012, and unusual paranormal activities will be on the rise…”

27 thoughts on “Interesting Quotes About 2012

  1. I’m still detoxing rapidly both physically and emotionally, and having dreams that could be made into miniseries for TV. Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed that a lot of my Facebook friends and their family members have been having sudden, drastic changes to their health, and a few have passed on. My intuition is telling me now that there will be a lot more of this throughout 2012.

  2. Hi Denise and All Here”

    This one line made me giggle, perhaps a little hysterically — “…we advise you to be fully present and aware, and completely in charge of your physical body…” Oh, gawd, how I’d love to be completely in charge of my physical body and I might just be able to do that some day if and when the energies/frequencies/CME’s stop flattening me. My tummy is still upset and occasionally I get the distinct feeling that my head is being squeezed between half-a-dozen two-by-fours.

    But I do love Barbara Marciniak and her P’s, and I’d like to quote a line from their book, Family of Light, page 214: “In December of 2012, when you are poised on the brink of 2013, the time lines will open.” With 7 billion people now on Planet Earth, there could literally be millions of time lines open if I read Barbara M’s words correctly as each of us will be creating our own realities! And I can definitely understand that those realities may cause gridlock while they sort themselves out. I’m sticking with my original plan to go home to Arcturus regardless of what happens. I just hope I’m not in my nineties before it happens!

    In my last comment I actually said, “Time to play” or something just as crazy. In that I realize now that I have forgotten how to play, and any play that I do remember does not interest me anymore, I’m once more in limbo land. Oh, well, might as well get back to being completely in my poor old worn out frazzled physical body!

    And Stubeing, yes, please, bring on the paranormal events. I will fit right in!

    Love to All Here

  3. Hi Denise 🙂

    Another great message from the ‘Ps’, where’s the talk of full disclosure and open contact?!!!! 😉

    The dark side is playing that angle of ‘open contact’ in a very obvious way now…….

    Bring on the increase in paranormal events….. 😉

    Love & Hugs,


  4. I’m in the midst of my second kundalini rise right now. It’s different than the first one. The shuddering and other physical stuff happens when I’m awake, either before going to sleep at night or before getting out of bed in the morning.

    The first one culminated in three days of exceptionally strange and seriously scary phenomena, followed by about two years of extreme fatigue, excessive sleeping, double vision and dizzy spells, weird appetite cravings (sugar, especially), a 60-pound weight gain within in a couple months, and incredible continuous synchronicities happening nearly every day.

    Not sure what’s to come, but sure I’ll be able to handle it.

  5. “How does one differentiate between destructive inner forces and the three seemingly external nonphysical energies Barbara describes? Ultimately, does it matter to the tormented individual? Would it change one’s approach in dealing with them?”


    Unfortunately most people aren’t aware when they’re under some negative type interference or influence and that’s the big problem. No I don’t think it matters at all to the “tormented individual”. And yes it would or should change and help loved ones or friends or whoever it may be that’s trying to help the person who has these etheric parasites attached to and possessing them. Different methods would be used when dealing with a dead human, especially if it was someone the living human knew when they were alive, as compared to the other two categories.

    I think the real question is how can we discern these types of things in ourselves and are they “destructive inner forces”. When I experienced a demonic entity (2000-2004) that possessed my next-door neighbor trying to manipulate me mentally, I could tell the difference in the manner of inner mental talk happening inside my head. I’m intimately familiar with how I talk to myself inside my head (inner dialogue we all have with ourselves) and this demonic being talked very differently. It was monotone in nature, flat, unemotional, and repetitive. Said another way, I’m intimately familiar with how I think inside myself so I can much more easily recognize when I’m perceiving someone or something else that is not me. This ability comes with being psychic and is a necessity to master for multiple reasons.

    In the past when I’d become emotionally upset about something I’d become VERY emotional (angry, frustrated, sad, depressed, worried etc.) and intense and dramatic and that was how my inner dialogues sounded, not flat and unemotional. That was how I was able to recognize that I had a demonic entity trying to mentally influence me to do very bad things to those possessed neighbors. [See A Lightworker’s Mission for more info.]


  6. How does one differentiate between destructive inner forces and the three seemingly external nonphysical energies Barbara describes? Ultimately, does it matter to the tormented individual? Would it change one’s approach in dealing with them?

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