2012 TO DO List

   2012 TO DO LIST      


  • 2012 is the last year of the twenty-five yearlong (1987 to 2012 Winter Solstice) galactic alignment (conjunction) of our Winter Solstice Sun to the galactic axis.
  • Be ready to let go of whatever limiting patriarchal belief systems, religious beliefs, personal identity beliefs, any residual lower emotions etc.
  • Be prepared to let go of any loved one, family member, mate, friend etc. if the gap between you and them has become so large that it’s holding you back in any way from your ongoing Ascension Process. 2012 will bring this up for you to deal with.
  • Be prepared to work on your Mental Body and any old lower frequency patriarchal beliefs and belief systems still housed in there. You’re evolving beyond them so be prepared to release them and repeatedly if needed.
  • Expect to do more fine-tuning integration energy work on your right/left brain and inner male/female energies.
  • Expect increased conscious connections and embodiment of the masculine “god” aspect of Source within you regardless of which sex body you have.
  • Expect increased conscious quantum out-of-linear time communications with your Higher Self and its vast knowledge. Get more familiar with higher awareness knowing as opposed to lower frequency linear ego-based thinking.
  • If needed, expect fast-paced back-to-back Mental and Emotional Body tests/Initiations throughout 2012 as a way to repeatedly check ourselves for any remaining issues/beliefs that need more transmuting and releasing.
  • Learn to deal with (and/or just dodge when necessary) the people feeling the building Light Energy pressures but aren’t coping well with them. Mental and emotional instability will escalate dramatically in many people so just be aware.
  • Be prepared for expanded levels of consciousness which means encountering greater multidimensional layers of reality plus both positive and negative beings, entities, aliens, dead humans etc. that exist within them. Our reality territory is getting much larger due to our expanding consciousness so be prepared to have occasional encounters with non-physical beings and of course discern everything.
  • Ignore the lies, distractions, negativity and BS in the media because it’s only their desperate attempts to remain in control of humanities consciousness. Their time has expired, override them and continue Consciously Creating and Co-Creating above them just as we’ve done all along. The potential exists in 2012 for things to get more chaotic and potentially violent as the negative patriarchal systems disintegrate so hold your higher focus and level of being no matter what else is happening around you.
  • Learn to discern energies. Learn to discern (feel, sense, know) who really embodies Light, and who claims to be the Light but is actually the Dark.
  • Many will be living through the beginning symptoms and stages of the Ascension Process (due to those different developmental and timeline Stair Steps I’ve talked about) and are and will continue looking for the higher consciousness spiritual teachers of the ascended Earth to help them understand what they’re experiencing and why. Just radiate your Light and High Heart and these students will find you if it’s time and a good match.
  • Many more people will choose to exit (die) their physical bodies and continue their Ascension Process in a non-physical realm instead of this one. There are no wrong choices so wish them well on their continued spiritual process.
  • Get yourself out of your old 3D left-brained ego and Solar Plexus seat and up into your 5D whole-brain High Heart seat! Release the old lower (and more familiar) frequency ways of being, perceiving, feeling and thinking.
  • Let the 2012 solar and galactic Light energies do what they’re here this last year to help all of us do. The solar and galactic energies coming to Earth and humanity throughout 2012 will be even higher than what we’ve dealt with since 1987, 1999, or 2011. These final 2012 energies will be more potent and will more quickly elevate far more human consciousness and hearts than has happened so far.

The mysterious year 2012 has loomed large in humanities minds and imaginations for many years and we’ve finally arrived at its much-anticipated doorstep. Because there’s been tremendous speculation and anticipation about what 2012 really is, what it means, what it will cause, what it won’t cause, what the 2012 Winter Solstice will trigger or won’t trigger etc., there’s some robust thought-forms out there created and fed by different people about 2012. Many of these human created thought-forms are based on distorted patriarchal religious beliefs about the end of the world and so on. It is the “end of the world”; the end of the world as humanity has known it and that’s a very positive thing…not so to the “Powers that Were” however. (I think David Wilcock created this great term…“The Power that Were”.) It’s the end of a lot of things because the old Evolutionary Cycle expired on October 28, 2011, and with the start of 2013, a new Evolutionary Cycle begins on multiple levels.

In some ways 2012 will be a year filled with more chaos, panic, confusion, violence, hate, fear and growing rebellion than 2011 was. Most people are frightened of change and 2012 (and beyond) is all about change and more change. To help with humanities fears about change, the negative human greed monsters have—and will continue to during 2012—reveal just how profoundly greedy, negative, selfish, corrupt and disrespectful they really are toward their fellow humans and Earth. This accelerated revealing of the Dark in its many forms and global systems to more of the masses is exactly what the masses need to become consciously aware of so they finally are ready for change. Waking up and seeing—for themselves—just how negative and corrupt the global patriarchy really is and always has been is exactly what they need to help them make a quick shift out of their old lower frequency consciousness cages. And the cosmic, galactic, solar and planetary (astrological) energies are doing everything to help them and all of us make these massive transitions during the last year of the twenty-five yearlong Ascension Process.

Over the years I’ve referred to what’s happening to the global patriarchy as The Downfall of Atlantis Part 2. Some of these Powers that Were have and will exit quietly in hopes that no one discovers the depth and breadth of their evil greedy deeds. Others of them will remain in the limelight and fight and become more negative and imbalanced as their power and control disintegrates under the growing pressures of the increasing Light. Their time is done but many of them will fight and lash out wildly to remain in control and power. In 2012 there’s going to be plenty of hair pulling, crying, tantrum throwing, probable increased violence against those who protest (all “Occupy” people), growing money problems, growing unemployment, and increased attempts to illegally prevent the Light from spreading by the patriarchal Powers that Were.

Let’s quickly follow that dire sounding paragraph with some positive things that 2012 will bring. One that I sense will happen very quickly and in ways that most “normal” people won’t even fully be aware of at the time is sudden psychic or ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) and HSP (Higher Sensory Perception) abilities. I’ve been sensing that throughout 2012 growing numbers of “normal” people (by normal I mean people who are not consciously aware of the Ascension Process, the new Age, HSP, other dimensions and Beings etc.) will suddenly be consciously aware of things they might not have even believed in prior, which is kinda funny when you think about. But this is how I sense more and more “normal” people will suddenly shift (incrementally, not in one huge single shift) out of the old familiar lower frequency consciousness; in sudden and rather dramatic bursts of expansion. Oh happy day huh?!

Another thing I sense that will become a growing issue for more people in 2012 is certain “channeled” material supposedly coming from positive ETs and/or the Light but who are actually Dark beings/entities and always have been. I expected to hear more people, and even some who channel, finally realizing this in 2011 and maybe it did and I just didn’t hear about it. I do sense however that more people will finally realize they’ve been lied to, distracted and duped by certain non-physical Dark beings/entities who’ve claimed to be the Light for many years. This realization will be hard for many people to admit to themselves and make the necessary adjustments in their beliefs etc. and yet they must learn to discern energies in both people and non-physical Beings. They need to realize that this is the time for each one of us to do the Inner Energy Work ourselves and stop waiting for ET saviors or anyone/anything else to rescue humanity and Earth. It is not going to happen. We are our saviors now and that is part of this evolutionary Initiation process into 5D unity consciousness.

I can physically feel that the Ascension symptoms I’ve lived with since 1999 have diminished greatly; some of them I hardly have anymore, and some symptoms have been replaced with newer ones like the major head/skull/brain and eye pressures and pains I’ve had intensely since 2009, more so in 2010 and primarily all on the left side, and very intensely on all sides, right/left and front/back for months during 2011. But, despite these painful head/skull/brain pains and pressures, many of the old Ascension symptoms have diminished so much that they’re a non-issue at this point. Added to that miracle is the fact that leaving my house to go shopping out there now is VASTLY improved due to the tremendous increase of Light Energies on and in Earth over the past few years. Said another way, there’s finally enough Light out there in the world that it’s much more physically and energetically comfortable when I have to go out now. Between the decreased Ascension symptoms—I’m talking about the really horrible difficult ones and having them over the past almost thirteen years—and the greatly increased Light on the planet, it’s getting increasingly comfortable to go back out into the world out there. This will increase rather dramatically I think throughout 2012 as we prepare to fully enter the New.

There’s an Expiration Date to this Ascension Process and we’ve got 2012 to deal with, transmute, resolve, release etc. whatever it is we each still need to, plus, adapt to the 2012 incredibly potent push of even higher frequency solar and galactic energies to prepare us energetically for the new higher level Evolutionary Cycle that begins with 2013. 2012 is the grand cosmic energetic push to complete this twenty-five yearlong Ascension Process so we’re vibrating fast and high enough to cope with becoming Beings of Light in 2013 and beyond. (I feel you thinking about this linearly so knock it off and just open and let more come in than that! 🙂 )


January 2, 2012

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  1. At the end of the last year I have finally (consciously) connected with my spiritual family. They have always been with me and always will, of course. It’s just that I finally remembered. It was such a relief. My life finally made complete sense. And I finally discovered the higher goal that I have intuitively felt all my life, the reason of mine being on this Earth – this polarized reality that was so difficult to be in for so many years. Spirit further led me to some spiritual initiations and I have never felt more and peace, happy and serene. You are also a piece of mosaic, Denise – your writings. Thank you for this blog which gave me some hints which provided further hints, which led me down the road to self-realization and rememberance, as beautiful parts of the bigger mosaic of my life. God bless you, may you feel limitless unconditional love forever. Hugs & kisses.

  2. hi – have posted a couple of poor me messages here recently about me and probs i am having with my father and his dementia. it was interesting that you wrote in latest article about breaking away from people who arent on same path etc – def resonated but not sure how you leave an old man with dementia to cope on his own however awful he is bein g to me etc. seems to apply to a lot of people in my life at the moment.!!
    i have since – dec 20th been having health probs – actually not been out since then –
    started with sore throat, sinus inection leading to burst ear drum and horrid persistent cough which is making me tired and achey and not able to skeep. doesnt seem to be bacterial or viral and all i get is that it is past life linked – some major c learing – affects my left side which is always my clearing side – wondered if anyone else was experiencing anything similar or if i have got it all wrong – feel quite fearful with it which may be due to what is clearing i guess – seem to happen this time of year most years to some degree
    i really wanted to start the year positively – not like this – seems to be one battle after another at the moment – really looking forward to some of the stuff you mentioned happenning – ’bout time
    love susie

  3. Thank you for the list! I meet some people regularly with whom we meditate together and we talk about the energetic changes. This list will be our next discussion’s agenda 😀

    Someone said (maybe Denise?) that for lightworkers this year is about coming out of the closet. This list is a good asset for us who have people around us. It is one thing to work with yourself but it is a whole different story to try to communicate this stuff to others. Thank you for clear thinking and usable words you give us, Denise.

    Oh, by the way, Rita. My stubbornly uptight and always rational 3D brother shows quite unexpectedly remarkable signs of getting more flexible and relaxed about life and he has opened up to my opinions which he used to oppose quite violently before. I believe, since 11-11-11 normal people have started changing dramatically and those who want to adjust are about to find the power of their intuition! I keep repeating a line from an old Steve Martin movie: “Listen to your heart, the body will follow.” 😉

    – Aya

  4. Denise, there’s nothing easy about this transition (that you are writing about), it started about 5 weeks ago taking a new job. This woman(boss) is about as dark and insane as anyone I have met. Here comes mother and father combined. I suffered a very difficult life healing from the PTSD but was on this path so long healing was emanate.

    So going from listening to her scream at me constantly, calling me names, telling me I’m totally not good at what I do. To me getting in her face and telling her I WON”T listen to this.

    But guess what.. she doesn’t hear me, because she’s living in her own reality. I decided to look for another job..LOL last year it took me 11 mos. to fine one. That person was very insane.

    I was going to a healer today for I was so angry I could have pulled my hair out.

    But instead decided that I would kill her in an altered state and I did. The decided to reverse my decision(to kill her) and left this room, slammed the door. Decided to cover my tracks for these people always find me. Headed up a hill found the dimension of my origin.

    Stepped into it. Many people there clapping telling me I did a good job.

    The only thing wrong was I carried the guilt of not saving my mother and any crazed being who would destroy me to survive.

    I kept washing my hands a green(in this time and other) slimy color was washing off.

    Next scenario, this evening I’m back to wanting to pull out my hair rather then see this woman again. Do I fight or run..makes no difference

    This all is important, sorry it is so long. All of a sudden I am in a place between the Powerful Male and the Submissive Female( or cowering person. I stepped into this powerful woman(Priestess as my origin) in this power I was grounded and center in my truth.

    Knowing where she was and who she was. Oh, happy day

    I wondering how long this battle will be going on, but I must say Denise, I’m not vibrating as much anymore.

    This work is no easier then the last few years, for I am trying to make sense of something that makes no sense. Right brain..left brain.

    It’s in my core self..without emotions. That the truth lies.

    God(dess) have mercy for me in this profound battle.


    And thank you always for being here on the other end and caring so much for us.
    It is your sword of truth that keeps me going.

  5. Hello, Denise and all,

    Well, it sounds like 2012 is going to be a real challenge for us all. December 2011 was a huge challenge for me personally and I sank very low. I had three days of quiet here and it helped me a lot to come out of it. The ordeal of loud music has restarted and I am doing my best to stay centered. My body just automatically tenses up with the noise, so I’m not sure how to deal with that. I’m going to have to call on all my resources to surmount this! Thanks, Denise, for putting it out there plainly that we may have to really and truly let people go this year. I know this intellectually, but emotionally it’s been hard, but I know you’re right.

    Love and hugs to all,

  6. Hey some some channelled things I can think of from ET’s are from tuella in the ashtar command…. and from a bunch of emails that are circling around of people channeling in ashtar and some “christ michael” and I always wondered if it was reaal or not, the more the emails go around and all the newer more updated emails go around.. they get more and more like “to good to be true” feeling.. like.. almost too cheesy, like saying everyone will be evacuated and reunited and never ever leave each other again.. and everyone will get everything they ever wished for… I dont know.. theres more to it, like wiping out all the concentration camps everywhere… and how theres jesus/sananda up there on one of the ships which is in old bibles, but of course religious people who go to those churches would never think he came from outer space which is pretty much the heavens… I just don’t know what to think lol, I am fine with that though I am ready for anything… if we really evacuate so mother earth can do her cleanse.. and it’s with real light beings and not dark beings, so be it, if we don’t evacuate like you are saying that it’s all a lie…. then so be it.. whatever happens happens you know…

  7. “I have been getting the same message….it is UNFINISHED BUSINESS Year…….Oh what a roller coaster it will be…”


    I totally agree, 2012 is a last-minute take care of the details year for us!


  8. Rita,

    Oh happy day! This was funny and another of those 5D coincidences or coinky dinks. 😉 I certainly believe it was a very direct message for you about your brother and his living the Ascension process.


  9. “I notice you said to accept more of the male god back in, what does that do to the feminine?”

    Mary Lou,

    2011 was VERY much about the feminine or “goddess” aspects of Source within each of us and everything else. This is one reason why many people’s left side of their heads and bodies (the female or receptive side in everyone even males) hurt so much throughout 2011; plenty of energy work and repairs were needed within everyone after 5,000-plus years of negative patriarchal control!

    I sense 2012 will be more about the male “god” aspects of Source within each of us being expanded and better integrated with the inner feminine “goddess” aspects etc.


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