2011 Recap

Gads what a year 2011 was! Mother of gads, what a month December 2011 has been!! The entire year was intensely compressed, difficult, and highly challenging for me personally as I know it was for most of you too. Then December 2011 was a compressed super version of the whole year! December has been extreme and an intense last-minute second chance to resolve and tidy up (mop up the heart wounds and blood and guts!) whatever you/me/each of us needs to before the final year (2012) of the twenty-five yearlong Alchemical Ascension Process kicks in.

There were many times throughout 2011 where I was repeatedly tested to learn certain things about myself, my Emotional Body, being emotionally reactionary (one’s bottom three chakras and matching ego consciousness, emotions and emotional reactions, fight or flight, ego survival etc.) and learn from it but continue inching my way out of them and increasingly into my High Heart and unity Consciousness. My Second Saturn Return in Libra had much to do with this same learning and transmuting process for me throughout 2011 making this a theme on multiple levels.

(February 7, 2012 Saturn turns retrograde at 29° Libra until June 25, 2012 when it goes direct at 22° Libra. That’s five months worth of Saturn retrograding in Libra for everyone to reevaluate internally and rework whatever it is that needs your/mine/our attention so we’re energetically ready for Saturn turning direct five days after the 2012 Summer Solstice. Use this last Saturn in Libra retrograde phase during the first-half of 2012 and never forget that we all bleed the same. Make whatever needed changes within yourself and try to not emotionally mutilate others with your old lower ego and left-brain any more. Aries represents self and Libra all others. More on this difficult evolutionary transition in a moment.)

Throughout 2011 my desire to continue writing at TRANSITIONS was seriously tested multiple times. I’ve written more articles in 2011 that got deleted because I wasn’t able to externalize—write—all I was perceiving fast enough or have enough clear mental focus long enough minus physical fatigue to get it all typed out. (Speaking these things is so much faster and easier than the slower method of writing them, and oftentimes that slow down is just enough to seriously mess with my ability to fully linearly write out what I want to share…another gap in other words that I’ve struggled with during 2011.)

Physical exhaustion, months-long head/skull/brain pains and pressures, recurring brain fog, plus a new level of learning about how to deal with the growing gap between people on those different Stair Steps and timelines within this Ascension Process have combined making writing in 2011 more difficult for me than ever before. 2011 has been a real testing for me about learning to shift out of my bottom three chakras while simultaneously NOT dropping back down into them when emotionally triggered by certain of those others who came at me from their bottom three chakra consciousness with their fear, pain, confusion, disrespect, misunderstanding, or total lack of understanding. The gap between the 3D ego Solar Plexus consciousness and the 5D unified High Heart consciousness is so huge that some others cannot relate to or understand other others so they lash out at them. How I/you/each of us choose to react or not react is of course up to us. Lisa Renee and her Guardian’s term of the “neutral” or “Compassionate Witness” (see her October 2011 article) should be making a lot more sense now.

How many other Ascension Teachers have we repeatedly heard tell us to be kind to each other? To treat each other gently and with respect? How many of us have consistently done that? How many haven’t, and more importantly, why? How many need to make personal changes in themselves to not be disrespectful, hurtful or cruel to Starseeds, Lightworkers, Ascension Teachers? How many of us need to learn to deal with these types of situations and people in very different ways now? It’s been a wound, frustration and learning process for me personally throughout 2011, but I understand the whys of it all and just need to get all of me there. It’s been a rough year but with massive improvements despite the surface appearance of total meltdowns and general emotional instability and mental chaos everywhere. Everyone is raw and exhausted at this point and many are in great fear and pain. We’ve all got to keep this in mind/heart throughout 2012 and make a conscious effort to be more kind and respectful with each other; it will make everyone’s journey so much easier and faster.

More Dark Ones and negativity was removed during 2011 than…ever. In early 2011 I mentioned I’d perceived the—as I called them—Cosmic Cavalry was on their way to 3D finally. They did arrive and they escorted the Dark Ones to the exit door because it was intervention time and the Dark Ones had reached the Expiration Date along with the completion of the Evolutionary Cycle/Mayan calendar. The Ascension Process has been about completing duality and removing the negative dark and all of its many players and systems, which naturally returns Earth, humanity and human consciousness back to Source or Love/Light. Many have seen this Ascension Process as a polarized happening; we’re either heading towards “heaven on Earth”, or, heaven is decending to Earth. I’ve always felt it was more about just getting rid of the dark negative riffraff so everything could be even better than it was prior to the takeover by the Dark Ones.

There’s a lot more growth and learning to be done by all, and I mean all, and there’s nothing wrong or disgraceful about that. It is what it is so just get over it and keep moving forward because time is short. We’ve got one year left (2012) to get ourselves individually as bright n’ shiny (vibrationally raised, evolved, resolved, integrated, healed emotionally and mentally etc.) as we possibly can before the next Evolutionary Cycle begins with the 13 of 2013. Use the past system of 12 to better understand this massive evolutionary shift; the 12 Apostles (and 12 everything else) plus Jesus as the mysterious and mystical 13 which hints at how important this shift out of the old 3D system of 12 (and our lower three chakras and matching ego consciousness within linear time and duality) into a totally different and vastly higher one symbolized, I repeat symbolized, by 13. I want to make that end of 2012 transition with as little personal baggage as I can so I don’t carry it with me into the new higher Evolutionary Cycle for me to continue working on it there. Sounds like a plan we all should work on during 2012 don’t ya think?

I remember hearing Steve Rother’s channeled group use this humorous and correct term; all the little gods learning how to make room for all the other little gods. It’s becoming increasingly obvious we’re transitioning (those Stair Steps) out of our lower 3D ego Solar Plexus as Lord and Master of the Universe perspective and focal points, up to our 5D High Hearts as our new ascended/evolved Lord and Master of the Universe perspective and focal point. That my weary irritated fellow Ascension travelers is one hell of a HUGE evolutionary leap! Seriously and honestly ponder it for a bit because doing so will make you feel better about all this.

Bottom three chakras and their matching frequency mega fear-based, survival-based ego consciousness within the old lower 3D physical world of duality—all the way up to the High Heart with its matching consciousness within Light-filled 5D where integration, unity, Light and Love is the only game in town. This particular frequency, consciousness, reality and dimensional gap is SO HUGE that it requires two different worlds and dimensions to house them each! I hope this helps with the general frustrations, confusions, wounds, irritations, exhaustion and general misunderstandings that happened excessively during 2011 for many of us. Every minute of 2011 was major, and a ton of negativity was transmuted and Dark Ones literally moved out of this world and dimension both in 3D physical, 4D Astral, and higher. For me every minute of December 2011 was a compressed version of what transpired throughout the year. This tells me we’ve had plenty to transmute and purge in preparation for the last year of the twenty-five yearlong Ascension Process. We can finally see the Finish Line now so hang in there everyone because 2012 will unfold even faster than 2011 did.


December 29, 2011

Copyright Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS 2011-2012. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and link. https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/

41 thoughts on “2011 Recap

  1. Dear Denise I for one really value your website and your very helpful and insightful comments. I feel connected to a spiritual community here and read not only your messages but the comments in respect of them.

    I know at times your messages get misunderstood because you write very profound truths in a straightforward way but not everyone has such an expanded awareness as you.

    I for one know what you write about is ‘spot on’ because the energy/light/force has become so strong that it physically challenging . Also any lower chakra stuff is ‘in your face’ these days needing resolution. All I can say is I know that for every step we take towards the light
    the light takes ten steps towards us. Since the Winter Solstice I have gone from being light headed, to extreme fatigue and then detox dietary nausea.problems. I just hope the last mile is soon run. Love to you Maureen

  2. I love the line “all the little gods learning how to make room for all the other little gods”. That really resonates with what I have learned recently: when you accept the fact that the knowing happens in higher frequency and originates from your high heart and not from your intelligence and brain area, you really start connecting to others in the New Earth level. 3D and its fear/worry/control based decision making amazingly soon becomes a faint memory of a bad dream.

    I want to share a lot but I am too overwhelmed to think or write, I hope you can pick the energy of my love and gratitude, Denise!

    Happy New Year 2012 to all here in Transitions! We’re finally there, how awesome is that?!

  3. Bottom heart thank you, Denise. So glad I discovered your blog this year , all in divine timing. And ‘cosmic cavalry’ is definitely term of the year. May 2012 embrace us all in (tough) love and high heart hugs (don’t squeeze too hard)… We’re well on our way. Back home. ~ Glow with the flow ~ Jay

  4. Hi Denise dear,

    This article hit the spot for me: December was just a quick re-cap of 2011… especially this whole Libra thing during this passing Summer.

    I mean… both parents nearly had me kicked out of the house during this Summer Solstice… all because I finally voiced my Truth and stood by it… for the first time in a long time. Needless to say I was surprised how neutral and present I was throughout that whole dramatic moment… as Mum violently threw my bag… my clothes… my glasses, etc right out of the balcony window. I thought this was it back then and be homeless.

    I’m still here in this same old patriarchal home few months later. I mastered it then but boy…

    This passing Wednesday… I found myself trembling and suffocating heavily and bitterly from rage. I’ve never gone THAT far. Someone on Skype was dictating to me what to do with a book I laid out for his boss… my client. Being that this had to be on-the-spot and needed to be a normal person … I desperately needed my Higher Self for sanity … to remind me to stay neutral… to have me NOT collapse in stupor from this terrible rage I was experiencing convulsively. I kid you not: I was in THAT bad of a rage… because someone’s ego is telling me and my ego what to do. My HS was indicating to me—through unconditional Love throughout that incident—that MY ego was being threatened … and under influence of the controlling Scorpio—my natal sign. Even though I predicted every word… every attitude… every action he was going to make THAT very same day… I was feeling ill-prepared. I’ve had this before and they are all the same. Yet this got me big time. What mastery did I master??? I tried as best as possible to have a balance… that my voice was also heard as well as his. All patriarchal/female submission issues came up for me throughout that Skype meeting. I must confess though: I had my middle finger up at that guy MOST of the time (he could not see me while we discussed so I took the chance).

    @ my Higher Self: please please PLEASE let 2012’s Saturn Libra be kinder to me. I don’t know how I’ll be able to pull this one off… again >.<

    Love to all and thanks for "listening" in from my on-going personal lesson,
    Lou Ann

  5. Wow…great recap….well articulated! December was wild….I had so much coming at me that it was really really hard to stay centered and I didn’t mange it 100% of the time. It was rough.

    I am really grateful that I found this blog…I resonate with your experiences as my journey started in 1998 as well. I really appreciate that you are able to articulate for me that this is real and extremely purposeful. I appreciate that, through all of your personal experiences, you are able to sit down and document all of this…for us all to have a higher perspective. I know it is taxing…as I find it hard to even read anything for a couple of minutes…then I have to go do something….and come back. I am an avid reader…so this is different for me. I can listen to a podcast but can’t manage to read anymore. I know it is the change in vibration that is causing this. So hats off to you for lowering your vibration long enough to type! LOL

    Bless you and your journey and may we all find peace in our hearts in 2012! Hugs Tami

  6. “Everyone is raw and exhausted at this point and many are in great fear and pain.”

    Thanks for the confirmation Denise 🙂

    Just this one line, once again; lets me know I am not alone in this process and I am thankful for your place of education and support. The physical exhaustion / weakness has been really tough today ( could have been the trip to the mall ) So I will just leave you with a big Thank You !!!


  7. I can relate since I have been going through similar experiences of monthly release and renewal that have opened my mind and heart to the Transition. The doctors called it temporal lobe epilepsy (no meds worked) and I felt deja vu and indigestion for one week near the period or at the moon cycle since menopause. I have known the higher dimensions and meditate with the Kundalini Rising in me making Oneness real with all Beings. I AM

  8. Denise, I don’t know how to convey to you in words my appreciation of all that you have done for me and for Starseeds/Lightworkers all over the world in 2011. Through you and with you in 2011, I experienced everything from the “metallic voice” and “giant” perspective — the only two symptoms that didn’t hurt and were hilarious — to the aches, pains, tinglings, buzzing, the coming to terms with my own Dark and that of others, you-name-it symptoms that did hurt and I’m still working on, but it’s getting easier. Suffice to say, I’d trade two days of metallic voice for half an hour of aching anyday!

    As I read your 2011 Recap, I was overcome by a sense of peace, that the worst is over, and we’re not just heading for the light now — we’re in it.

    But first, I need to thank you for being there for us, to explain, to comfort, to take us through each Stair Step no matter which one we were on with such grace and validation that again I am at a loss for words as to how to express my gratitude to you. So I will simply say that I love you and am so looking forward to climbing this last flight of stairs with you and those who comment at Transitions.

    Damn, I’m getting teary again. And thank you, Robin, for bringing me such joy in the last few days because of your accepting and acting on the nudge from your Pleiadians that reunited me with my own lost-love Arcturian. What a Christmas present — the best I have ever received.

    Love to All Here and here we go 2012.

    And Denise, thanks.


  9. geez..quite the ride..and me ending up with a 13 day hospital stay 12/9-12/22! HUGE transitions..very hard to always find the words for this journey we take. I stayed 12 days in 1999 and now 13 days and had to retain an attorney and prove myself sane (independent forensic psychologist) to get out. menopause hormonal shifting, “auras” and temporal lobe epilepsy with shamanic journeying, polarity work..yoga etc makes for the interesting mix. I’m still here and stronger and clearer thank ever. ready for 2012! 🙂

    ohh..it actually also relates directly to your good article on Kundalini Rising and Rewiring..pretty wild ride!

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