Completing 2011: Preparing for 2012

So far the week of December 4–10, 2011 has been a nearly constant daily/nightly onslaught of severe pain and pressure in my head, skull and eyes again. Just like six months ago from the Summer Solstice energies. This head/skull/brain/eye pain is accompanied by pain down my spine to the area between my shoulder blades or the High Heart (Thymus) chakra/area. As my throbbing head and I attempt to write this today, it’s the total Lunar eclipse at 18° Gemini 11′. No doubt this has much to do with this December buildup of painful, pushing energies. From today through the New Moon on December 24, 2011 is one energy event after another so I assume we’ll all be feeling these energies in varying degrees of intensity. Happy Holidays!

  • December 10, 2011 total Lunar eclipse/Full Moon 18° Gemini 11′
  • December 12, 2011 is 12-12-11, which I suspect is like a dress rehearsal for 12-12-12
  • December 18–21, 2011 is the Galactic Crossing—the Sun transiting across (aligning or conjunction with) the Galactic Plane or equator which means major energy downloads
  • December 21, 2011 is the Winter Solstice—the Sun enters 0° Capricorn at 9:30 P.M. Pacific Time
  • My 60th birthday sandwiched between the escalating Winter Solstice energy downloads and general holiday insanity cheer
  • December 24, 2011 the New Moon at 2° Capricorn 34′


For many of us—it certainly was for me—2011 was difficult because it was a much more compressed and intense year of having to, if not master, then at the very least get vastly better with regards to our Emotional Bodies and our reactionary emotional reactions to whomever or whatever it is that WE still let get to us. It doesn’t matter in the least who or what those emotional triggers are; what matters is that you/me/each of us evolves beyond this lower level and gets ourselves free and clear. Why? Because Conscious Creators aren’t allowed to Create if they still have loose emotional cannons rolling around within themselves that other people or situations can ignite at any moment! Can’t you just see some sudden horrible emotional creation I/you/each of us created and manifested all because someone or something pushed one of our unresolved Emotional Body buttons? Not gonna happen, and this is a very good thing for everyone’s sake!

Before the full-on 5D Conscious Creating and Co-Creating business begins, I/you/each of us MUST first—as in Cosmic Safety Precaution Law—master our Emotional Body and its old familiar reactionary ways. There’s no shame or guilt in any of this, only evolution/ascension to a higher dimension, state of being, consciousness and reality. It seems that the “Goddess” and 11’s of 2011 were primarily about this transformational task and many of us have made great headway with this particular Ascension issue and will soon be able to check it off our Ascension list of things to transmute prior to the end of December 2012.

This plus the Dark Ones, in all their forms and positions in this dimension and others, have been GREATLY reduced during 2011. By greatly reduced I mean that many of these Dark Ones have—sorry but I can’t resist using this line—seen the Light and retired from their distorted perspectives and jobs being the “Bad Guys” during the past Evolutionary Cycle. During 2011 many of them just laid down their attitudes and bad-ass selves and willingly walked into the Light! Wow…what a trip that’s been!

Remember I mentioned recently that I’d been getting the symbolism of a big X lately? This big X has indicated there’s polarity integration happening at higher levels. Said really simply, this big X shape I’ve been perceiving indicated that in 2011 many of the Dark Ones had to integrate enough Light for them to continue evolving too, or not, and be reabsorbed by Source. And if 2011 was this phase for the Dark Ones, then, unless I’ve misunderstood what I’ve perceived, 2012 is the year for the Light Ones to do the same and integrate enough Dark within themselves at the levels and dimensions they exist on now. And we down here in 3D thought it was just us having all the high drama, intensity and excitement!

All of this is so everyone everywhere is free and clear and ready for the massive Cosmic Energy Imprinting of the New Evolutionary Cycle that will come through the alignment of Earth with the Milky Way galactic center one year from now.


It’s hard to believe, especially if you’re a Starseed who’s been transmuting and embodying your guts out every second for the past twelve years, that we’re not yet ready for the Cosmic imprinting tsunami that we’ll orbit into one year from now. How many times have we asked ourselves or our Ascension Assistants or Source on those extraordinarily difficult moments, “Is it soup yet?” And how many times over the years have we been told ever so gently, “Not yet…close but not quite yet.” Gads really? Well okay, what’s another mile at this point right?

Looking back it’s easy to see that we’ve already transmuted tons of Dark energetic stuff within ourselves, other timelines, negative actions done by other people in this and other timelines, the planet, and the 4D lower Astral plane. But to realize in December 2011 that there’s one last years worth of transmuting, embodying, releasing and mastering to do before we’re vibrating fast and high enough to step into the NEW Evolutionary Cycle energies arriving in one year is almost too much to deal with while one’s head feels like mine does now! But that’s exactly why my head feels like it does now. So, there it is in all its this-side-of-the-finish line dull glory. I know that you and I will be singing a very different song about this time next year however so hang in there with me my fellow exhausted and pain-ridden Starseed Reality Transmutors.

What I’ve perceived about 2012 so far is escalating world chaos; increased mental and emotional illness in many; general dysfunction; violence; solar energies repeatedly shutting down the Internet, cell phones and whatever else; increasing lack of jobs and money; corrupt systems falling apart under the Light; and certain gigantic egos with their beliefs fighting to the end to never relinquish power and control. Simultaneously to all this we’ll be putting the finishing touches on our personal Ascension Process throughout 2012. I sense that throughout 2012 many people will finally have to consciously face the fact that the Dark Ones (physical humans and non-physical non-humans) exist and the evil deeds they’ve done and how humanity went along with it all. This revealing of different world “heroes” and “leaders” as actually egocentric and sick monsters will be shocking to many, but 2012 is grow-up time because nothing and no one can hide from the Light any longer and the masses need to consciously know to what extent they’ve been lied to, used, manipulated and paid for it all.

To heal you’ve first got to know and acknowledge the negative, the Dark, the hidden, the projected, wounded etc. then go from there. Much of the masses will be profoundly shocked to discover how severe and complete the Dark has run this planet and humanity and for how long. Yet, at the same time, many of these people will quickly become ready to move through this phase and be able to accept the new High Heart ways of existing. We laid the Path for them to do this many years ago and in 2012 we’ll continue watching growing numbers of people willingly walk out of the old darkness and step on to this higher frequency Path.

For the rest of us Starseeds/Indigos/Lightworkers we’ve got 2012 to refine and complete anything we need to before December 2012. I sense we’ll have more work to do on our Mental Bodies and belief systems throughout 2012, just like we had to do with our Emotional Bodies and knee-jerk reactions during 2011. We and the masses both have plenty of old reality beliefs/belief systems to let go of in greater ways than we have so far. These beliefs can be as subtle as things like your age, your physical health, expectations, worth, how consciousness works, what 5D is like and so on. No matter how small or large our beliefs may be at this late date, if they restrict us in any way they’ll present themselves to be greatly expanded or fully released. Time is short so these final lessons and issues will surface fast and furiously throughout 2012 in an attempt to HELP us get free and clear. Just do it.

During 2012 we’ve got to consciously know more about Source, multidimensional reality, quantum existence outside of time so that we can embody it and more within ourselves. 2012 will be about consciously knowing much more and not becoming imbalanced or ungrounded because of our evolving base of operations and sense of “Self”. Said another way, 2012 is when we’ll embody more of our Higher Selves, “God” or Source in conscious ways. Remember we worked long and hard to cast-off these higher, larger aspects of ourselves to even get down into 3D physicality. Now on the return trip we’re required to pick these aspects of our Selves back up and put them on once again. This last year of the Ascension Process will appear highly polarized as the old lower fights to survive while we remain steadfast and focused on embodying and getting up-to-speed energetically for next December’s Cosmic energy tsunami.


December 10, 2011

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78 thoughts on “Completing 2011: Preparing for 2012

  1. My heart is with you Denise. My head,base of my skull and base of my neck has been in terrible pain all week. Sometimes I feel like where and how am I exsisting, I work to over nights 2 times a week and many times I have to hide the vibrating and shaking when I’m there. I have to become a”normal” person to survive.
    I walked in the house this morning and I looked at it in shock. I manage to pick it up once a week and it never gets caught up, it looks like a place when someone has gone mad.I manage to keep people away..due to embassment. Friends have helped on occasion but it’s been so long I just resign myself to this constant mess. Reminding myself that between the pain, the work and exhaustion it’s all I can do. Screaming at the universe,God whoever GIVE me strength to clean.

    I feel guilty complaining all the times but as the realities shift I see things differently. Most everything that was is gone…I know the drill but sometimes the whole process get’s so over whelming. Still keeping in the back of my mind the woman who have children and are struggling to survive.
    It becomes lonlier and lonlier, as life goes on with out me. I understand the greater picture and reality but sometimes I want to SCREAM…bring some joy for one night, some comfort,reassurance…and then you write 🙂
    Bless you,

  2. Thank you for sharing your learning experiences and everything else you are going through in all dimensions/frequencies…..
    Wishing you a year of an easier,lighter transformation,transmutation,transcendence,Ascension
    Happy Birthday! Healthy Holidays

  3. just about to finish up a 12 hour shift at work….my only access to a computer… having a bad day…….mad, mad as hell and do not know why…..nothing especially triggered it except waste which always gets me so I leave a nice note reminding the rest of the staff here (domestic violence shelter) that plastic does come from oil and we need to save our earth for the children…blah blah blah is what I am sure they hear but still I have to voice….

    yesterday afternoon there was a huge X in the sky, a chemtrail I assume but still it seemed a marker and made me smile……decided to check mail and found this and AS ALWAYS I am feeling much better….THANKS

    20 years ago, I used to say to friends, I know that I know that I know…I believe there was something waking inside me….guess now I know…….bring on 12-12…only 1 more year, just the blink of the eye…… to all here and thanks for the combined energy of this site for without it I would not have any support, oh and the friends from so long ago…lost somewhere along the way

  4. Dear dear Denise, May Mercury and all the communication gods and goddesses pile you high with bright blessings. Why? Because you communicate to me and so many others information that is vital to survival. When crazy everywhere. You send out info that makes me feel somewhat sane and capable of taking another step up the ladder and doing the next required task on this wild journey.
    Thank you so very much. Tons of heart hugs, Gwen

  5. Thank you for your timely post Denise.

    My thighs have been aching like they would had I climbed a mountain and a few days ago, I too had a feeling of being ‘stabbed in the back’ in between my shoulder blades. I last had this horrible sensation in 2007 and it lasted for at least a month, so I’m grateful that it’s improving and disappearing quickly this time round. You speak of the dark ones turning toward the light… well, surprisingly, I had an intuition that Tony Blair, of all people, had a moment of ‘clarity’ and was moving in our direction, although I’m not sure if he remained on the path. I don’t have much motivation to do anything today and I’ve been so weepy.

    Your comments about the likes of us having to embody more darkness has concerned me, does it mean that we have to incorporate the dark to balance us, so to speak? I really don’t the idea of having to integrate more dark. I feel like I’ve worked very hard to remove the darkness.

    Feeling lonely, feeling stuck and to be honest, feeling childish about it all. Last week I felt like giving up and allowing others to do all the work from now on, I just can’t see how I’m changing anything at the moment – it’s as if I’m in some sort of limbo.

  6. *angelic choir* Thank you so much for posting! No wonder I was such a whack job lately! I thought I was going nuts! I have an eye infection, headaches, feeling faint, cranky, miserable….Just GAH!

  7. I very much look forward to your assessments denise, thank you very much. Apropo of nothing, i just cooked some falafel for the very first time. Damn! it was like standing over a pan of firecrackers. (funny now, not so much at the time) Does anyone know who the blue people are, where they come from? john

  8. Wow!! I have a head ache too. Have had it for days now. I am sick to my stomack too.

    Thanks for all the info…This really helps alot…I know where to go from here….

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