Higher Solar Energies Affecting More People

Oct. 16, 2010 solar magnetic filament

Over the past couple of years grocery shopping (to be totally honest about this, simply leaving my house) has taken on the same dread and resistance as having to go to the dentist for a Root Canal… and pay for it! Seriously, the normal choirs of living in physicality have become dreaded journeys out of my higher frequency safe zone house, into the lower frequency realms of physical hell just to forage for food and supplies. Since the Ascension Process began many years ago, leaving my house and property to shop meant I’d be dropping back down into lower frequency energies, people and consciousness—and as we’ve all discovered—it’s extremely physically and psychologically painful doing this.

I used to return home with my hard-gained groceries and other physical booty and have to physically and emotionally recover from having spent time out there in that lower frequency environment. Sometimes it took hours to recover and regain my strength and transmute the lower junk I’d encountered while out there, other times it takes days to recover. In 2011 there doesn’t seem to be any recovery anymore, just more exhaustion and physical pain that lessens over time but never goes away completely. What a price to pay just to buy food, toilet paper, shampoo, cat food, clothes etc. Crazy.

This morning, November 28, 2011, I had to go to two stores to grocery shop and it was as usual physically and psychologically painful, but there was something different that happened and that’s why I’m writing this. What I saw today while shopping was an eye-opener for me and gave me a sense of what 2012 is probably going to be like for many, many, people.

While in these two stores grocery shopping this morning my Mom and I kept running into other shoppers in the isles which is normal, BUT, every one of these people was totally unaware, confused, dazed, incapable of responding with any sort of normal reaction to their being in the way of other shoppers and so on. The first few times this happened I ignored it and pushed on past them all. But isle after isle we kept encountering this same mentally dazed, brain-dead, zombie-like state in 99% of all the shoppers. I saw only one young adult man with his little son who was functioning like a “normal” human. He was very aware of where he was, what he was doing there, the other shoppers all around him, of me and me of him, what he was doing and so on. I think this may be why he and I noticed each other repeatedly throughout the store; we both were glad to encounter another human who wasn’t acting like a lost zombie in some cheesy movie!

These shoppers were not all seniors either but a good mix of society both in age and sex so this can’t all be blamed on the old people having a senior moment!  Isle after isle we kept running into small groups of shoppers behaving like zombies who’d gotten themselves—and everyone else who came upon them—stuck in a zombie cluster-f*** traffic jam pile-up where none of them could even figure out how to solve the problem and escape the congestion. It really was unbelievable.

These people where spaced-out, zoned-out, dazed and staring glassy-eyed at merchandise on the shelves, at their mate, smiling helplessly and frozen at other shoppers needing them to move, or just staring blankly into empty air. I’m not exaggerating, it was incredible, and once we finally made it to the grocery checkout both the young cashier and grocery bagger were spaced-out and got lost mentally in mid-sentence while dealing with us. My Mom and I watched them both get lost at different points with what they were doing and eventually come back up-to-speed mentally. Very weird to witness this to this degree in so many “normal” people out in public.

Driving home I reviewed what I’d witnessed in two different shopping stores with different groups of shoppers. Then I remembered how ungrounded and out-of-it I felt last week when I had to go out to buy something. I felt I was an ungrounded ridiculous mess at the time and was embarrassingly aware of my condition. It was also abnormally difficult for me to drive that day because I now feel other drivers mental intentions and line of focus and they usually come into direct energetic contact with my car, me, and where I’m driving which is very stressful while trying to not be effected by these mental and emotional lines of intent other drivers exude.

I was having trouble walking in straight lines and interacting with salespeople on this particular day last week. It was so severe that I was embarrassed over how abnormally ungrounded I was while out in public. It’s one thing to walk into door jambs in the privacy of my home when I’m adjusting and adapting to the latest Wave of higher Light Energies, but it’s another thing being in public while in these now constant embodying Ascension states.

It’s one thing having Ascension related words and nouns-be-gone brain fog which shuts off ones ability to remember the simplest of words for the simplest of things when trying to talk—make that pantomime—to a family member who, thankfully is also living the same Ascension related symptoms so completely understands your inability to articulate much of anything beyond grunts, frustrated hand signals and abundant cursing. But, trying to look and sound “normal” while out in public when one is deep in their 47,000th Ascension symptom is another thing entirely. I don’t want strangers observing me or having to interact with me while I’m dealing and struggling with what I’m transmuting and embodying in 2011. I’ve had to deal with this since February 1999 and I don’t want to be observed (and totally misunderstood) while doing my Living Alchemical Ascension Work during those brief moments when I have to be out there shopping. That’s what I want but of course not what always happens.

Ten, twelve years ago I couldn’t wait for the time when the rest of humanity would begin showing positive signs that they were living the Ascension Process. That time has arrived. It’s one thing being a Starseed whose mission is living and “Path Paving” these higher energies first, but it’s something else seeing for myself other “normal” people showing blatant signs that they’re being deeply effected and altered by the higher frequency Light Energies our Sun is transmitting to humanity and all life on Earth. I found it interesting that none of the shoppers my Mom and I saw acting like lost, confused, spaced-out zombies were consciously aware of how they were acting. Ignorance is bliss and it’s better they’re not consciously aware of how much they’re actually changing/evolving now physically…just like everything else in this world and reality.

We Forerunners/Starseeds (and some older Indigos) have had to consciously carry this knowing (some longer than others) while we lived and struggled through transmuting the old lower and embodied the new higher, but the masses will it seems, only stagger around out there for a while looking, acting, and sounding like unaware zombies slowly awakening from a long, horrible nightmare. This is a kindness for them and a benefit for the rest of us.

I have another article I’ll publish soon that talks more about the building solar energies of the 2012–2013 “solar maximum” period and how it’s already affecting the more sensitive people and their bodies and consciousness. Until then, remember that the Sun has been preparing to transmit higher frequency energies more often via solar activities but in new ways because we’ve completed the Mayan calendar/past Evolutionary Cycle and its framework and are in a highly receptive transitional zone until the end of 2012. The even higher energies the Sun will be transmitting throughout 2012–2013 will be much more intense, compressed, potent and fast-acting upon all life on Earth than anything we’ve experienced before the end of the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle on October 28, 2011. Said another way, hold on to your cosmic socks and learn to gracefully maneuver around the growing clusters of unaware shopping zombies while they too are activated to evolve now faster than the speed of Light.


November 29, 2011

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98 thoughts on “Higher Solar Energies Affecting More People

  1. Gabrielle,

    I do the same thing. When I go out I consciously say a prayer of protection and give permission to any Lightworkers who want to use me as a conduit of Light to do so. I am not actively sending anyone Light, so I am not a target. And I also make a mental note to smile.

    That Light might just be the trigger to help some people wake up. I think because we give it freely, we are a harder target for the dark because there is no effort on our part for it to focus on.

  2. Thought it was just me but on Monday I had to do what I call a marathron sleep, I could not think or focus on anything. I thought it was because I had worked 45 hours in 4 days over Thanksgiving week-end then I see I am not alone in this whatever was going on. Today was a rough one also as I had contact with a 3-D sister-in-law who really hurt my feelings. Maybe because my light is to bright for her? I will still love her as she is my family Which leads me to Gloria’s comment. We can see and speak about those who are “zombies” or different but I think all who are of the light and working this journey believe as I do that we still love them and know they are the same as we are but not of the same vibration. AND MY TIRED HURTS. 🙂

  3. Thank you for this post although I had been dealing with this for several years now, the zombie-like people. It’s so nice to know however that I’m not alone. I really thought it was my crazy neighborhood. Lol!

    I go out when I absolutely have to. I got so used to staying in that I feel that my guides are trying to get me to go outside and breathe in some fresh air at the least. I’ve always been this way because I’m an empath, wounded healer, starseed, indigo, sensitve, lightworker all rolled into one or whatever you call it so it’s been a tough life working with these crazy energies for the better part of my 40 years.

    Yes, it’s been a hard mission and life for us with alot of sacrifices but WE DID IT!!!! 😀 YAY!!!! I love you all my fellow lightworkers!!!!

    The zombies will eventually find their way and I have a feeling we will be helping them become aware through our inner light and peace but I don’t think it will be exhausting for us just a natural easy thing if we choose to. At this point I dont think we need to do anything we don’t want to do but just focus on our own happiness and wholeness for once.

    If this sounds a bit grouchy, I apologize but I am just tired and it’s really is nice to know that I’m not the only one dealing with this tiredness these past few months or year….

    Love, peace & God/dess bless you all,

  4. Denise,
    I too have noticed the spaced out folks. Worst day so far was TODAY. People pushing carts in the grocery store with this spaced-out blank look on their faces. Walking into me as if I wasn’t there, completely dazed and apparently confused about why they were there. I was so happy to escape in one piece! — thanks for the confirmation of my own experiences 🙂

  5. Dear Denise,

    I read your article and I could connect to it in every way. Yes, it does get hard at times to mingle with society as there are a lot of people who are still living the zombie-way, however, we have been put together in this world and it is for a very good reason indeed.
    Only if we stop seeing ourselves and others as separate being in physical body and look within will we know that we are the soul within. The soul in pure consciousness/awareness and it does not have any dual qualities or pass any judgement as the entire universe is born out of it.
    We are that pure consciousness, it is the essence of all things in creation and hence we are all one. This Truth can only be completely known when we experience this state in meditation.
    It is very important to meditate regularly to stay aware of the Truth. In this human experience we have been given the tools off the 5 senses along with a mind through which we perceive and interact on this planet. These senses are very strong and it is quite easy to get caught in their grip unless we stay in touch with our inner self thru meditation.
    Getting back to the reason as to why souls vibrating at different frequencies are here at this time, is because the more evolved souls have a very important part to play in these times of Ascension. It is them who need to lift the ones who are struggling at lower frequencies of unawareness.
    You are an aware soul Denise, and you have a very important role to play in the Divine Plan unfolding at every moment. The ones who are struggling at lower frequencies are your very own, of the same essence within. Don’t get deluded by the mind and the ego who know only separateness, instead know that you’re the soul within and all are one in Spirit.
    Mediation helps you stay centered while playing your role in this physical world.



  6. I think people will resist their Zombie state more and more. They will find that everything they thought made “sense” is the non-“sense”. I’m excited to see more people wake up to who they really are, and who they came to be. It’s tricky trying to speak of these things where others won’t take offense. Many of us have had re-births and are still having them.

    Last Saturday I had a myriad of things to get done; namely get my oil changed. I remember sitting in the waiting room as others stared at the floor, played on their phones, or pretended to watch T.V. Afterwards I went grocery shopping (across town) with my daughter and she recognized someone from the waiting room. A man whose head was down, but we couldn’t away from. It was a very large store but we kept bumping corners. Ironically, we had parked next to each other and left again at the same time. He broke a smile, and just laughed. I “saw life” in him, and it was breathtaking.

    I realize that “zombies” isn’t a popular term and certainly isn’t going to rub everyone the same way, but for many of us we’ve been waiting for this day to come. You see people you love and you just want to shake them. Not because you are superior, but because life can be so much better; easier! You watch the same fears hinder them every day, and are excited to see them start dissolving. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the transition. People are coming out of the trance, more fears are being released, and much integration will continue to transpire. You can literally feel the energy.

    It’s such a paradox that it’s all the things our lives that never made sense that charts purpose, and strings together our synchronicity. It truly is a revolution of perception! No longer fragments of the universe; we are the universe!!! Everything that has ever transpired has led to this shift—Christ Consciousness Restored.

    Denise, I am sure this hasn’t been the easiest path for you, but I applaud your willingness to accept your role. I think a lot of people of their own interpretation of these events and manifestations, but you playing your note allows so many to connect their own dots, and their own story.

    I’m excited to see how everyone’s piece of the puzzle ultimately fits together. It should be quite the unveiling. I look forward to greater understanding of the various roles…especially where the Reptilians are concerned. I want to understand the goodness, and I know I will.

  7. Oh, I am so much better than them…?

    Did it ever occur to you that we actually are all together in this ?
    Everyone gets the world they- imagine.

    In my reality we help each other. Whether they think they are starseeds or have a spaced out look in their face – does not matter.

  8. Hi Denise,

    Funnily, my partner and i had just returned from our weekly trip ‘down the hill’ to our nearest town and supermarket. We live in the far north tropics of Queensland Australia, and have pretty much become rainforest hermits. As we drove home from our grocery trip we could not believe how people were so unaware both in the supermarket and on the road. My partner has problems with people in the supermarket hounding him and bumping into him with their trollies , and the blankness on people’s faces is disturbing. i don’t know if it is good or not but i completely zone out from people who are not in direct contact with me and reside in my own bubble just so i dont have to endure other peoples energies (perhaps that is what everyone else is doing:)
    We have noticed this zombiness for the past year, but lately it is even more enhanced and we seem to be losing patience with it all. How, we ask ourselves are we supposed to live in unity with that?:)..anyhow as i came to the check out counter i noticed the lady attendant was absolutely zoned out and i startled her when i said “hello how are you?” she then asked me how i went about making spaghetti bolognaise as she was having trouble knowing what to make for dinner!! i told her i was a vegetarian and surprisingly she wanted to know what foods i ate and how she would cook them. She was very thirsty for knowledge and wanted to know all the ins and outs of various foods (much to the annoyance of the ‘fast paced’ ones in line behind me). I realized this lady was starting to look into changing herself even if only in this small way. Maybe and hopefully her encounter with me and my vegetarian tips might encourage change for her. At least if that was the case, i could feel that having to go through the sacrifice of shopping with zombies is not completely in vain!

    What we are also feeling is that our vision is quite blurred and almost surreal at these times. It feels quite uncomfortable in the 3rd eye area. We have also noticed that the sun is more intense earlier in the day than it used to be. As we do quite a bit of work outside, we are noticing that at around 10am the sun is so intense that we have to have a break and not go outside again until around 2pm..which fortunately allows for my daily ascension nap! And then whaala the day is almost gone!!! what is going on? Definitely something is happening Denise. And while we are going through all this , others seem to be getting on with their lives as if nothing is happening! Thanks for your posts and to all those who comment because as most of us remark “at least we know we are not the only ones feeling these things”…nice to know we are not going mad..
    many thanks to you all!

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