Post October 28th & 11-11-11 Adventures

As many of you know, my computer passed away on October 28, 2011 along with the ending of the Mayan calendar—the past 16.4 billion-yearlong Evolutionary Cycle. Somehow seems appropriate that it went to PC heaven on that day yet its sudden death caught me by surprise and sent me into a mild panic and hurried research mode for a new PC with the important 11-11-11 portal right around the corner. I thought the timing of all this sucked of course, plus felt suspicious of other things I hadn’t quite figured out at that point but I pushed on as usual. I’m not saying that pushing was the correct thing for me to do during the mammoth Ending/Beginning transition, but that’s what I did because it felt important to get back online as quickly as I could. As usual, I expected to perceive more about the why of it all and this is still unfolding along with everything else. Due to our crossing over the October 28, 2011 end date, many of us have suddenly found ourselves in an intense new learning curve (and growing energies) for the simple fact that we’re no longer existing or functioning within that old Evolutionary Cycle. And because even Starseeds become creatures of habit, we’ve been using those old tools in this very new place/time/space and discovering that things have indeed changed in very big ways. It’s time to really let go of much more now.

I somehow got myself a new replacement computer during the still strange feeling post October 28, 2011 time space and was able to get back online fairly quickly. The next big energy/reality/consciousness adventure was the approaching 11-11-11 portal which I’d sensed for the past few years was going to be monumentally important within the evolutionary Ascension Process. I and my Mom had planned to listen to Tom Kenyon’s Pituitary Attunement recording between 9–10 PM (PDT) on 11-11-11, mainly because the Hathors feel like ancient buddies and kinsfolk to me. (When I was 7–9 years old, the only way I drew “people” was with triangular shaped heads with unusual dark hair that hung down behind their ears in a strange way. My childhood “people” always looked exactly like ancient Egyptian Hathor, but of course I didn’t make the connection for a few decades!) That was my plan, but then there was reality and it turned out to be different from my plan of course. Another unexpected surprise on another of these important post October 28th days. (Yep there’s a message for all of us in this seeming post October 28th confusion.)

Like many of you reading this, I too expected great things from the 11-11-11 portal, and why not because previous portal days have been very positive and important Stair Steps within this Process. I’m not saying 11-11-11 didn’t live up to its worldwide and multidimensional reputation because it did, I’m just saying that as a Starseed I should have expected the unexpected also. I’m saying that I know better after all I’ve been through in this life, but because I’m so exhausted like the rest of you, I SO want The Battle over… completely, utterly, and permanently over and over NOW. Yeah, well, it is but with some stubborn bits n’ pieces of Dark crap needing to be dealt with and extracted first. Same old story for the Starseeds—aka Higher Energy Embodiers.


I woke up on 11-11-11 ready for some exciting positive changes to unfold throughout the day and evening, but what I got hit with only an hour later was a minor attack from the Dark Ones. Just like my computer dying on October 28th, this 11-11-11 negative tidbit of an Initiation caught me totally off-guard and it shouldn’t have. I was so startled by this sudden and unexpected negative attack being directed at my Mom to get at me on 11-11-11 (this tactic is a common one with the Dark One when they’re trying to derail certain Starseeds from doing important transformational/embodying energy work), that I fell into anger and then mild depression and had myself a short 11-11-11 Pity Party. WTF!?

I haven’t been had like this by the Dark Ones in a good while but here it was and on 11-11-11 no less. I felt emotionally manipulated via the partnership I and my Mom have, and totally derailed by these dark jerks, and yet, there was a very important reason for this attack, perceived or otherwise. I was angry and frustrated but I was also fully conscious of what was happening to my Mom and me and why. After going through these types of negative attacks a few hundred times over my lifetime, I’ve learned that the “Dark” has its purpose too and that it’s wise to shine that Light into one’s own inner Dark corners to see what might still be hiding in there—no matter how small—that’s holding you back from progressing on to the next level and phase of your spiritual Mission Work. In other words, it took a long time but I’ve learned to respect the Dark and what It has forced me to face, do, transmute, and remember. In a polarized world negativity can just as easily be USED to push-off of to propel oneself to where one needs to evolve to.

This tactic or perceived tactic by the Dark Ones told me that the 11-11-11 portal was something powerful and important enough that they felt it necessary to try to prevent as many Starseeds (and no doubt Indigos too) as they could from doing what we’d planned on doing that day. Don’t forget that the 11-11-11 portal and the many world meditations done by Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos etc. was the first major global Conscious Co-Creational Group Event we’ve done post October 28, 2011.

In trying to salvage 11-11-11 for myself and my Mom, I told her we both were being attacked and manipulated by the Dark Ones so I was intentionally disengaging and going to my bedroom to get myself back to a better place and override this. However, before the 11-11-11 Party could happen I had to go through the surprise 11-11-11 Dark Battle and Initiation to the next Level Portal first. For me this required I became fully aware of and then consciously transmute one particular past life “victim” wound, resentment, and small fear energies I (obviously) still had that was caused by my and my Mom’s actual physical deaths in that past life.

(In this past life I and my current Mother were both males and skilled warriors. One dreary, soggy, wet afternoon in Europe somewhere the two of us suddenly found ourselves outnumbered by a group of barbarians. We both knew we would die that afternoon and so fought back-to-back against these barbarian warriors until we both were killed by them. My Mom dealt with that battle and our deaths better than I have and our fighting to our deaths together has carried-over into this life, consciousness and timeline as Starseed Warriors of Light yet again, except I had some unresolved “victim” anger and belief that absolutely could not be housed within me on the other side of 11-11-11. This experience reminds me of an old article I wrote called, You Can’t Store That Crap In Here!. You most certainly cannot carry it or anything like it through the 11-11-11 Portal Pillars!)

But before I got to that special transformational point during this 11-11-11 Initiation process, I once again fell into that old familiar emotional and mental quicksand “Victim/Victimizer polarity archetype” as Lisa Renee calls it. Maintaining neutrality while in this unpleasant polarized attack and state was nearly impossible for me until I stopped being angry and shocked by it, relaxed and surrendered into it, went down and honestly saw and felt MY past-life distorted belief (and the trapped or stuck energies from it) connected with my Mom and our deaths. As soon as I did this it was quick and easy to fix, transmute and released it all and move on. Starseeds are Living Alchemists who use our bodies and beings as the sacred laboratory where we carry out our alchemical transmuting and embodying of the New for humanity in the New Cycle. And in the end it doesn’t matter all that much who (Dark Ones) or what (unresolved past life wounds etc.) triggers this Starseed Living Alchemical Embodying Process. As they say…“just do it” because there really is nothing else to do but transmute the lower and embody the higher.


That evening I listened to Tom Kenyon’s/the Hathors Pituitary Dimensional Attunement seven times and experienced listening to it and counting each time I did and had to hit the replay button, I simultaneously fell asleep and dreamed. Needless to say it was a very weird sensation being both awake and listening and physically doing things to keep listening to the Pituitary Attunement on my stereo player AND be dreaming like I was in a sleep state at the same time. I’ve experienced this a few times over the past five years or so but this was the most intense and highly conscious I’ve been while experiencing it. What I found more interesting was that there was no confusion, no bleed-through of either event or no getting lost or confused within any of it. It seemed perfectly normal that I could be both awake and doing things physically AND in a dream state dreaming at the same time. It was multidimensional multitasking evidently and one of the New abilities growing numbers of us will discover we now have post end of the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle. One of the 11-11-11 Party favors gained due to my earlier 11-11-11 Battle and Initiation no doubt.

After listening seven times there was that half-hour or so period where we were to keep our focus on our Pituitary area. It was during this part of the Hathors/Tom Kenyon 11-11-11 meditation that I clairvoyantly saw massive Light energies raining down not only on Earth/humanity, but upon the entire Universe, in my limited perception of the “Universe” that is. The point evidently was that the Light energies that the 5–12D Hathor beings (and who knows who else) brought in through the 11-11-11 portal was for the entire Universe and not only Earth and humanity. This helped me put things into perspective a bit better, plus understand why the Dark Ones tried so hard to prevent many Starseeds (in whatever form that took individually) from participating—Consciously Co-Creating—during the 11-11-11 major embodying and imprinting some of the New blueprints or “architecture” within the New Evolutionary Cycle now that we’ve exited the old one.


In her November 2011 Through the Wall in Time article, Lisa Renee said many very important things that I’d like to quote and comment on briefly. One of them was what she said about how Starseeds are typically misunderstood within the “Ascension community”. Because I’ve personally experienced it many times from people I thought should have known better but didn’t/don’t, I was glad to hear Lisa mention this added difficulty Starseeds have to deal with on top of everything else! (Every word written in bold was done by me.)

“Many times it is the Ascension community that is the most hostile towards the Starseed who is providing an incredibly large service to the planet – as a Polarity Integrator. This role is highly misunderstood on the planet and the person’s own peers will attack him for his core essence mission…”

Last year I backtracked some links on TRANSITIONS to someone’s Facebook page where I discovered a woman had posted that she “…no longer reads Denise Le Fay’s material because Denise talks too much about Dark beings and negativity but is only projecting her own inner darkness into her writings and blaming negative beings for it all.”  I couldn’t believe what I was reading and that some person, some people honestly believe that about me or any other Starseed. I was hurt at first but realized this woman (whoever she was) didn’t have a clue about Starseeds and what we actually do and why we do it.

“This 3D reality is hostile to those who attempt to bring freedom to the planet and its people. Knowing that this planet’s majority of assumed leadership (the controllers) is mentally deranged, is helpful to those who came from other planets to devote themselves to spiritual ascension dynamics. Many of us are newly introduced on this planet to the concept of sociopathic leadership. Fundamentally as a Starseed, comprehension and acceptance of that fact is critical to being effective in this world. One can never expect to be treated fairly, justly or kindly – as that is not what the current external system is founded upon. It is for those reasons that we have incarnated here with a challenging job – one which holds much honor and responsibility…”

“As Starseed Architects of Living Light observe and experience these code reversals, (this happens in physical matter and in the pre-manifested matrices) they are capable of overriding the artificial code to the living code of original creation and intent. This is the process of restoring congruency in the planetary architecture to the Natural Laws of God, the Law of One…”

“So in many cases the Starseed will be exposed to negative polarity systems and “perceived” negative experiences in order to override the timeline of destruction, as well as source the causation in the timeline where the destructive event has applicable relationship to current outcomes. It returns to the Oneness to override the destruction created in polarity.”

When I write about my physical and non-physical negative attacks, battle experiences, Astral kidnappings and other interactions with the Dark Ones, I’m using my personal interactions and experiences with these negatively polarized, Service to Self beings to assist other incarnate Starseeds going through the same Alchemical Ascension transmuting and embodying Process who may not as yet consciously remember that this is what we Volunteered to do now and why. A Group of somebodies (the Starseeds) MUST come into the system of 3D polarized physicality to override, transmute, and finally embody higher energies otherwise the Dark Ones and the lower frequencies, consciousness and reality will never change. Magical thinking or praying and/or envisioning that many of the fluffies and “Ascension Community” does is not what transmutes lower frequencies and embodies higher ones. The Dark Ones have been thrilled that so many people believe this and they’ve used it for decades to prolong their reign and control over humanity and Earth. People like that woman on Facebook will believe whatever she, whatever they all are capable of perceiving, but it does not change the fact that a Group of Starseed Volunteers are the ones doing the multidimensional dirty work that’s allowing the New to even get in and anchor here.

I’ve mentioned before about when I was five years old I had a talk with The Sky (which was higher dimensional Home) and told Them there had been a terrible mistake because I was back down here on Earth again and that the people here are crazy, violent, unstable and untrustworthy and I did NOT want to be here among them again. The Sky responded as It always did and eventually convinced me that there hadn’t been any mistake at all, but that I’d actually Volunteered to come down here to do specific things in this life, body and time for those same crazy and unstable people. This didn’t sooth me much so The Sky talked to me until It convinced me I was protected while among the crazy, violent Earth natives and that I had Them near me constantly to help me with the difficulties and limitations I’d encounter down here.

For far too many years I’ve oftentimes felt guilt over the fact that I’ve had so much intimate face-to-face time with the Dark Ones. Two decades ago I even thought that there might be something in me that was causing me to attract these horrible, negative, evil and dangerous encounters and attacks from the Darkness. The funny thing about this is that every word of that is true, just not in the way it sounds at first. Like I’ve said before, when Light comes into a polarized place that’s Dark, it literally glows in that darkness and is easily seen and automatically attracts the Dark Ones because the Light-bearer has entered what the Dark Ones believe is their territory. It shouldn’t take a lot of brain power to put two-and-two together to realize that it’s the ones carrying the Light that automatically have to deal with repeated attacks and battles with the Dark Ones for the perceived invasion and lifestyle and food source threats we represent to the Dark Ones. But the majority of people—and as Lisa said even the Ascension community—doesn’t know about or understand because they’re submersed in and mind controlled by the Darkness/Dark Ones themselves and have forgotten how to perceive beyond that low frequency range.

“To those few that do embody the ascension experience, it ceases to be theory or philosophy – but an actual state of existence. When we reach the higher state of embodiment of our own inner spirit, we cease to be governed by the lower 3D mental process. This allows the sensory experience to override the ego’s mental perception and we then can allow the acceptance of all that exists in that moment. To arrive at this vantage point, one must be resolved of the authority problem and fearless in being judged or attacked by the external…”

This is one of the things some of us are working on within ourselves now because we’ve exited the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle/timeline and exist within the growing New Cycle, Earth and timeline. I don’t think enough of us realize yet how much has and will continue to change in us and around us because we’ve completed and exited the old Evolutionary Cycle/Mayan calendar, or as Lisa Renee called it, “The planet’s energetic architecture in time/space has shifted which allows access and exchange into another Universal Gateway since late October.”  The rest of 2011 and all of 2012 will help each of us to consciously realize this and much more however.

This line is another of my favorites and long-known truths:

“Your personal and direct relationship with God Source inside you is the only relationship that matters.”

This is what “Soul Mate” has always meant to me. It’s easy thinking and believing that you/me/us are stupid little meaningless specks of silliness; knowing that we are in truth aspects of Source is another story and requires far more responsibility. We’ve also reached this phase of consciously knowing and accepting the greater aspects of our real Selves in this New, higher frequency Cycle.

I’ve waited and hoped someone would go into the deeper levels of knowing about the four Fixed signs of the zodiac—Taurus the Bull or Ox, Leo the Lion, Scorpio the Eagle, and Aquarius the Man or Human—the four faces of God or the “Four Living Creatures” as Lisa called them. I’ve felt them building over the past few years and assumed it was because we’ve entered the Age of Aquarius (one of the Fixed signs. Fixed signs hold things/reality in place), that all four of them would come into play much more consciously for us all. I suspect this is increasing now because we have entered the New Cycle and timeline, hence Lisa’s title for this article; “Through the Wall in Time”, and we need the New to be anchored and held in place…or maybe I’m way off on this one. Time will tell.

“Many of us on the Ascension pathway are attempting to decipher these radio channels coming online as our cellular (re)memories are linking into a relationship with the current station of our identity. Sometimes this “remembering” can be scary to the unprepared body and mind. Sometimes we are not deciphering the message clearly and we become confused in fear. This is part and parcel of the spiritual ascension embodiment process – the synthesis of polarities to allow the integration of higher frequency light to be available to the planet and the human race. The term to describe this transmutation process is called “Polarity Integrator” and many Starseeds have aggressive missions to do just that job while on planet Earth. It is a mission to be honored and respected when we are capable to understand its place of value in the necessity of spiritual ascension embodiment. All things potentially to be manifest in any timeline must be “embodied” in the physical plane of matter. To manifest the Ascension/Incension experience, Starseeds are embodying the process as prototypes to give this planet  and the race field access to the instruction set in this density. We are becoming a Stargate of Ascension. Thus, we are collectively the “Avatar of Ascension”.

Because I am one Starseed with this “aggressive mission”, it’s why I titled my book A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution. I knew I was (as most are) having to integrate and resolve polarities within myself/ourselves, my/our past-lives in multiple timelines, in our genetic blood lines, in the Earth’s Collective, in the Astral plane and beyond. These are just colorful “new age” type terms unless you’re a Starseed and have lived this Process within your body and being for many years already. If that’s the case then it’s so very much more, and is as Lisa points out, “To those few that do embody the ascension experience, it ceases to be a theory or philosophy – but an actual state of existence.”

There’s more…there’s always more, but this is getting long and I’m exhausted because the past week or so has been INTENSE (what’s new right?) so I’ll end this here. Once again, my deep gratitude to Lisa Renee for her wonderful November 2011 article. I hope she doesn’t mind me quoting a few of her paragraphs to use as inspiration plus a backdrop to my own experiences both recent and lifelong. [See her full article here  and/or here  ]


November 17, 2011

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS 2011. All Rights Reserved. You may share this article so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author(s) and this URL and Copyright Notice is included.

68 thoughts on “Post October 28th & 11-11-11 Adventures

  1. Hi, Denise and all,

    I’m glad you brought up the four animals again, because I’ve been having a connection with the bull for quite a while now. It started in August 2010 when I was at a ceremony in Asia at a mountain with a bull lord. When the bull came down, my camera shut off, but then turned on again, which I considered a sign that he was okay with me. Then I was at a temple and there was a bull statue that smiled at me (really!), so I gave him a ritual scarf to acknowledge that I understood. Since then, I’ve been a bit obsessed with bulls and I’m finding them everywhere. (And, no, I’m not a Taurus. But in the Asian horoscope, I am an ox.) One thing, though, in the east, the guardian animals are different and, at this point, I’m feeling more affinity with them. They are, in various formations, the dragon, the lion/dog, the tiger, and the elephant and sometime the bull is in there, too. Dragons, too, have been all over the place for me. I’ve found in the past that different people have different animal associations, but I don’t think that’s as important as the fact that these animal figures are appearing for us right now.

    Love to all,

  2. Hi Denise

    You helped me such a lot a while ago when I was not at all sure what was happening … and I am sure that the episode of the glass shattering and a spliner of it almost going into my eye massively shattered the energy which had been surrounding me and my daughter during that time was mostly down to me contacting you that day. I am truly grateful for your help..
    I too had a blissful and extremely massive energy explosion duing the 11.11.11 portal. I really related to what Aya said:

    “My 11-11-11 experience was pure bliss. I stepped into the light (although I was afraid I’m gonna collapse or even die) and it resulted into embodying more of my higher self and I honestly think I was connected to the new crystal grid. The bliss part lasted a few days but now I have a greater clarity 😉 of the sociopathic shit and density again!”

    At one point I actually did say .. ok … I am going to die here ..and that is ok .. I am doing what I came here to do. Also I feel that I am directly connected to the new crystal grid as well.
    For me .. the bliss part lasted that day until I came around and felt like I was on a totally different page than pretty much everyone else… there seemed to be such a lot of negativity around which floored me for a while. I retreated a wee bit to gain some kind of clarity about things ..which is a good thing .. we all need that time with ourselves in order to intergrate these energies.
    Really this whole experience is making me realise more and more how much we need each other. The whole thing about others saying various negative things about you Denise … I have found recently too that it is a matter of going where you are appreciated and leaving the rest well alone. It is like a test to see how much you value yourself ..and you can see here that there are many, many people who value you… concentrate on where you feel the greater energy and leave the rest well alone.
    Know that you are doing a great service to so many .. you only need read these comments here to know how loved and appreciated you are.

    Much Love


  3. ” … I clairvoyantly saw massive Light energies raining down not only on Earth/humanity, but upon the entire Universe, in my limited perception of the “Universe” that is. The point evidently was that the Light energies that the 5–12D Hathor beings (and who knows who else) brought in through the 11-11-11 portal was for the entire Universe and not only Earth and humanity.”

    This sentence sure leaps out a me, thank you, Denise. Yes, yes, yes, that’s what happened on 11-11-11, and it’s still coming. This is why this job is so damned tough. We’re doing it for the whole Universe. Long ago, the Arcs told me that we would be busting butts for All so that All could embody Christ-consciousness and as a result, every being and all galaxies, get to move up a notch or two or three on the “stairway to heaven”. If it’s any consolation as we embody this Love and Light from the Source, All are having a tough go, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, you name it, we’re in this together as One whether we like it or not. Even the Dark Ones are being blasted and it must be very uncomfortable for them, though I don’t give a damn if they’re uncomfortable or not. Soon they won’t be able to stand the energy and will be leaving for a lower-denisty environment where they can continue their silly games! As for me, the sinus thing continues and I’ve drained so much negativity out my nose I figure this Planet is pretty darned dehydrated by now! This blog is my life-line and again, thank you to all who post. We are indeed Heroes and we’ll see this through though I sure could use a bit of that bliss business that some are experiencing. Love to All.

  4. “My 11-11-11 experience was pure bliss. I stepped into the light (although I was afraid I’m gonna collapse or even die) and it resulted into embodying more of my higher self and I honestly think I was connected to the new crystal grid. The bliss part lasted a few days but now I have a greater clarity 😉 of the sociopathic shit and density again!”


    😆 Loved that line about now having “greater clarity of the sociopathic shit and density again” 😆 Knowing more, feeling more, perceiving more etc. brings with it increasing responsibilities not to mention that “Princess and the Pea” business too. The tiniest bit of something vibrating lower, slower, more dense etc., increasingly feels like a mountainous pile of ickyness to get through…even tho it’s only a little crumb of lower something. The contrast continues to grow too and is another learning curve I’ve been discovering myself throughout 2011.

    Thanks for the giggles over your new 11-11-11 perspective and contrast. 🙂


  5. I love this space and all the sharing that takes place within it. I would be lost if not for the Lisa and Denise posts that are truly a lifeline and speak the language and understanding of my star seed soul. I value these comments as much, as this is where I truly feel I am among family. I keep it all and read and re-read them as things “come up” to seek tidbits of guidance and support to manage the rough waters more gracefully.I gain peace in knowing that someone, anyone truly, deeply understands my journey in the way that all of you do( through your own respective journeys) and as I understand your journeys. I never feel as though we’re having a pity party for who we are or why we came here(although I admit I still do every now and again on those more challenging days) When I come here I am proud of who I am and my mission…and know absolutely I am among my “peeps” (with my family) and regain the confidence that this really is all happening, and that someday it will all end and we will know a higher level of peace than imaginable…as I am ever reminded that: no I am not crazy or imagining the dark ones, the disrespect, the lack of understanding, the crashed computer or lack of cell service all at the same time(that kept me off line) nor am I imagining the pain, or calling it to me…or holding onto it… I think those who say that have no idea, really, how incapacitating it is.(thank you Carolyn for the bit that you wrote touching on that) I have spent far too much time on everything(everything) under the sun to clear, move,transmute, heal…so I wouldn’t have to hit repeat a thousand times more. I have found most star seeds I know have loads of energy(or at least used to) and are/were the change makers and the ones who were very passionate and had unlimited supplies of joy about being here…but the past ten years or so has been a “battle” of enormous proportions…I can barely remember the energized girl I once was, so long ago…indeed feels like another lifetime… a far cry from the one today who limps through most days praying that each day takes me one step closer…a.l.m.o.s.t. there.
    Then, gloriously sprinkled on top of it all are these amazing moments of total bliss…and love and connection…and light. Glimpses of that “beingness” are the “drug” that keeps me moving each day…”yes please, I’ll have more of that”
    I love you all so completely, thank you for showing up everyday in your lives…bruises and all. YOU ARE MY TRUE HEROS and HEROINES!

  6. Thank you Denise…there’s so much I could say but I will keep it simple. I often describe the process to newcomers as learning to juggle invisible balls as you’re experiencing and living your every day life…to the ancient ones…and we all know who we are…I will simply say it feels like we’ve been juggling bowling balls…I’m afraid to stop because if I do…someones going to get hurt but my arms ache, and I’m exhausted and I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this up. Thank you Denise for reminding me that I’m not alone.

  7. Fluffies! I love that term-lolz. I think that when it came to asking for volunteers on the other side when they said those volunteering take a step forward. That’s when the majority took a step backward and you, I and a bunch of others were left standing there one step forward without really taking it! lolz

    I look at the facebook woman this way–fear or jealousy drives a lot of this kind of reaction (I have to keep reminding myself of this and my friends who are also undergoing this criticizm) and either she is part of the dark side trying to undermine you or she is not yet ready to embrace the energy it takes to transmute or she is jealous that you can do what she cannot. This blog you do is why so many of us take refuge here because for a little while we are among others who are not understood or contantly under attack for daring to do what you talk about doing.

    I am getting better at recognizing why the attacks are happening and can pretty much deal with it now–thanks to you, Denise, and previous posts about the dark vs. light issues but it still royally pisses me off when they go for my dogs or other loved ones–they can still knock me off center on that one and so still battling to stay centered and focused when that happens–other wise it has now become pretty much a bugger-off attitude.

    I am very grateful for your posts and sharing and for being able to read the additional comments as here we can give each others hugs and support and I send you a tremendously big hug for being brave enough to stand your ground every day and still have the strength to write your blog and give us support, love and hugs back. A BIG THANK YOU!

    To Susan–totally understand the need for veggies during that time but my big craving was for days and days of homemade vegetable soup (broth but no meat) with lots and lots of cabbage, tomatoes and corn and some other veggies and alliums but those were the prime ones my body said it required. Have learned to give in long ago to whatever my body is telling me I need at the time and not question why. It always works out for the best.

  8. good article. Thanks again for having the continual courage to share your perspective. I’m wondering if you’ve ever had the chance to experience Nancy Risley’s RYSE work. She has schools here in the Northeast ( MA and ME locations) which I attended in 1998-2000 learning the Polarity work and receiving the RYSE work. I found it very helpful in transmuting energies that do not support. I use the techniques daily ..I’m one who needs to. may be useful. 🙂

  9. 11:11:11 for me was the ongoing clearing of chakras. For many months when I go into my minds eye I have had colors appear, sometimes as flames. Right before 111111 the color was a bright green, heart chakra. My higher heart has been vibrating with unconditional love and compassion ever since. What an incredible feeling.

    I have a spiritual guide who has been doing the work through me/with me. The week before 111111, I was trying to meditate and my guide took over and my head started to do side to side crazy eight pattens. Then I felt incredible sorrow and started to weep excessively, tears poured out of the outer corners of my eyes. I was soaked. Then my vibration was raised to the other polarity of that vibration and I was laughing in joy, bliss.

    This continued for a few repeats, from crying and feeling incredible sorrow to laughter and joy. Finally I was brought to a middle place of the vibration. My guide was teaching me that both emotions were different polarities of the same vibration and that I had control and could transmute any lower vibration into a higher vibration.

    I think any time we go to one extreme of a polarity it can cause imbalance, hence the attack of the dark when we are vibrating at the extreme light polarity. I have experienced the attacks as well.

    What a ride!!! Thanks to all for sharing.

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