11-11-11 Reminder from Tom Kenyon & the Hathors

For any who may not already know, I wanted to quote Tom Kenyon’s reminder about his/the Hathors 11-11-11 Group Meditation and his free Pituitary sound gift. See links.


November 9, 2011


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Transmissions of Light: Reminder

A Hathor Planetary Meditation Reminder from Tom Kenyon

The World Meditation on 11/11/11

“The actual “Transmissions of Light” World Meditation (as our group together in Seattle will experience it) will run from 9 pm until 10 pm November 11th PST. Note: This is 5 am – 6am Saturday, November 12, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

During this specific hour Hathors from the 5th through the 12th Dimensions will be bringing in light through sound. Hathors who reside in the higher dimensions (i.e. 9-12) are the ancient masters of their culture.

In past Hathor events, Hathors from the 5th through the 8th dimensions have participated, but this will be the first event where Hathors from the 9th  through the 12th dimension will bring in light and sound.

While the concept of dimensions is a very complex affair, in this instance the central idea is that each dimension upward means that it is subtler in its nature. And the subtler the dimension, the more potential power there is to be accessed. As a result of this multidimensional orchestration on the part of the Hathors, I fully expect a profound and potent experience for all of us.

If you choose to ride the energetic wave during this specific hour-long meditation, the Hathors suggest you listen to the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement seven times and then sit in silence for twenty to thirty minutes with your attention in the area of your pituitary. If possible, they suggest that you then lie down and rest. (Note: a link to the audio file for the Pituitary Attunement and instructions on how to use it, are at the end of this message.)

The transformational energies around this Meditation will extend for a three-day period. The portal will initially open when we begin working with the group in Seattle at 7 pm on November 11th PST and continue until November 13th at 4 pm, PST, when it will close.  Meditation on the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement will be particularly potent during this entire time period. (To find your time corollary go to http://www.timeandate.com)

The energetic of the Meditation, as well as the three-day gathering in Seattle, will transcend both time and space.  In other words, you can enter into profound states of inner awareness using the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement at anytime while the portal is open during the three-day period, regardless of where you might be physically located.

If you follow the Hathors’ suggestion regarding the meditation, you would set aside about an hour when you won’t be disturbed. You would then listen to the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement seven times back-to-back (from your own computer and/or mp3 player). Then you would sit in silence with your attention in the area of your pituitary gland for twenty to thirty minutes. And finally, you would lie down, if possible, and rest for a while. Many of us will, no doubt, fall asleep during this rest period, and this is a good thing. If it happens for you, my suggestion is to just go with it.

If you feel drawn to do the meditation more than once during the three-day period of the energetic, monitor yourself. If you start feeling more weird than usual, stop the meditation and rest.

I anticipate a profound and deep experience for everyone who joins us in this meditation wherever they may be. And I welcome all of our world sangha to The Table of the Great Mystery.

May we all be nourished and enlivened by the realms of light that will be opened. And may these transmissions of light extend to all beings who wish to receive them.

Note: To listen to this file seven times, you must download it onto your computer and/or mp3 player. Do not continuously listen to it on our website. Too many people trying to listen to it on our site by clicking “play” over and over will literally freeze the audio file, and no one will be able to listen to it. Please download it to your computer. Also, you cannot download directly to a smart phone or an MP3 player. You must first download to a computer.

Click here to read the instructions for the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement, as previously given, as well as to access the free audio file.

On an unrelated topic:
An independent documentary is being made about Tom’s life and work in sound healing. To see a preview of the film: http://www.woodycreekpictures.com/tomkenyon

©  2011 Tom Kenyon. All rights reserved.
You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.”

32 thoughts on “11-11-11 Reminder from Tom Kenyon & the Hathors

  1. Hi Denise and All Here:

    Denise, reading through your 2011 “11” posts is making my day! Thank you. And me too, I’ll be doing the Kenyon/Seattle/Hathor meditation and am so looking forward to being with you, my GROUP, then. Debra/Morgean, you’re a treat!

    I’ll also be doing a meditation tomorrow morning at 11:00 when most of the country will be out remembering dark things when they should be remembering who they really are! My head is plugged with fluid and I can hardly breathe, but I figure that’s to keep me more grounded, because I’m so excited I can barely type! Unity Consciousness, here we come as ONE! Love to you All Here.

  2. Denise I am so happy you will b doing this too! And Lamplighter maybe u too?! I’ve done it four times max (in a row) and also had slight headache. One time I’m ok. Awesome connection u have – I’ve only been working w them for about a year thru Tom Kenyons sound healings. They are pretty new to me. I’m excited about doing this ritual on the 11th. Best, Debra

  3. Denise… I love your vision. I found you a few months ago and I have become a faithful reader…I especially love the comments. Such a gift to have a conversation with so many like hearted folks.
    I had such a clear vision this morning of all of us…being gently wakened from our coma’s. Our families gathered around us…knowing we will become conscious, clear, and reanimated.They have been holding us, whispering to us, guiding our dreams and visions all in anticipation of our Awakening. Its as if we had all walked through Dorothy’s field of poppies in Oz….a few of us, throughout all of time, have been having lucid moments, surfacing briefly…. only to drift back into the dream…most of us have only just begun to realize we must still be sleeping…we inhabit the Between state…drifting back and forth…but the Waves are coming and they will propel us back to conciousness…our bodies ache as we begin to move them…life force flowing back through…prickly and uncomfortable…and our dear ones hold our hands as our eyelids flutter….in our collective dream they became our Guides, our Muses, our Angels, our Source….
    Its hard sometimes to reconcile all the love with the nightmares we so often found ourselves inhabiting…but it seems somehow I”m beginning to remember…there’s no one to blame..no one to fear…no one to defend…no one to save…and I feel the Waves of conciousness being replaced by the Waves of love….and then I remember those Waves are One in the Same….

  4. “I’m participating – from home. I’d love to know if any of you all are… Denise?”


    The Hathors are beloved old kinfolk to me and have been since I was a child in this life. For years as a child I could only draw people as triangular Hathor looking people from ancient Egypt. Because of this connection it’s always very easy for me to see and feel them whenever I’ve listened to any of Tom Kenyon’s sounds and/or Group meditations. So yes, I’ll be participating at the time Tom mentioned. It will be interesting to view and feel whatever I’m able to of these 5D through 12D “Hathors” and how they’ll be participating in escorting these energies into this dimension/us/Earth etc. Very exciting times. 🙂


  5. I love this pituitary attunement more than any of the others. Even though if I listen to it more than 3 or 4 times in a row I get a headache. Hopefully I can build up to 7 comfortably by Friday.

    Denise, Calleman has a new article up. Would love yours/others take on it. Was it a bit of a walk-back or did I misinterpret? I read it while nursing a nasty headache, so my bulb was/is not fully lit.

  6. “Denise, please forgive my confusion, but did Tom Kenyon release a new Pituitary Dimensional Attunement for this meditation, or is this the same one he’s had on the website for awhile now?”


    I should have been more clear…it’s the same Pituitary attunement he created a couple months ago.


  7. Denise, please forgive my confusion, but did Tom Kenyon release a new Pituitary Dimensional Attunement for this meditation, or is this the same one he’s had on the website for awhile now?

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