The Preparation Work for 11-11-11

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I mentioned in a brief post on November 2nd that my computer suddenly stopped working on October 28, 2011—the end of the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle. I insisted however that it work long enough to let me get back online to let people know why I’d gone quiet and wasn’t publishing Comments, writing new articles, or answering emails so it worked briefly on Nov. 2–3, then permanently died. I was able to buy a new computer a couple of days ago and I’m happy to be back online finally. As many of you already know and/or have been experiencing yourselves too, there have been very specific reasons why I was literally removed from being able to get online and do what I’m used to doing at TRANSITIONS.


Throughout October 2011 some further transmuting/embodying (Ascension) symptoms grew in strength all month (and still are today as I write this on Nov. 8th). For me these symptoms were increased exhaustion and another bout of falling asleep almost every afternoon for hours! Sleeping at any time other than nighttime was unheard of for me, yet, these late 2011 energies simply force one out of their body during the daytime for multiple reasons. (Again, your mileage may vary due to whether you’ve been transmuting/embodying these particular energies now or not.)

This physical exhaustion and need to sleep from any point from around Noon on increased throughout October. It was becoming increasingly normal for me to fall asleep every other afternoon for one to five hours. While I’m asleep and in that in between state I could/can feel and hear a great roaring of energy flowing through my body/bodies. There are inner body vibrations from this roaring energy but it’s nothing more than increasing amounts of Light energies inside me/my bodies. It feels and sounds like a great roaring storm rotating inside my body, but it’s only increasing Light and Lightbody horsepower building within me, within each of us, so fear not.

Another October 2011 symptom was increased muscle weakness, tremendous bone and joint pain that felt like my entire skeletal system was being crushed. This pain also increased throughout the month with the week before and after October 28, 2011 (Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle) so severe I could hardly walk at times. The pain in my bones, joints, shoulders, different areas of my spine, hips, knees, ankles and bones in my feet became so severe I could barely stand or walk. I’ve also had some minor pains, pressures, soreness and rolling or turning inner movements in my front chest and heart and just above it, and in the spine and High Heart area too. Also occasional head pains but nothing as intense as they were throughout July and August 2011; and some pain and sense of pressure in my lungs and upper chest area with that sense of weakness and exhaustion there too.

October 2011 greatly increased the multitudes of demonic-like, monstrous, non-human faces I’ve been clairvoyantly seeing flash one after another before my inner vision. There’s no emotion or fear seeing these throngs of negative beings, only the knowing that PLENTY more in the Astral plane is currently being cleared out. Bye-bye nasty monsters and your numerous multidimensional pirated cable energy systems.

Oh, and let me not forget to mention the highly abnormal and unpleasant sexual dreams I had during this time too. Euw dammit, definitely doing another important layer of 4D Astral Cosmic Janitorial Work again for me to experience repulsive sexual type dreams at this late date! Do you see a theme playing out here?


Another symptom that hit me hard with the October 28th end of the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle was a wonderful but weird sensation of finally being outside the old familiar Evolutionary Cycle, structures, and systems. I felt almost overwhelmed by the incredible vastness of not having the new framework fully in-place and running yet. From October 28th on has felt like a death of sorts and a total separation from the old cycle and system, which it is, and it’s taken a week or so to adapt to having the old reality borders and edges gone and not become intimidated by the incredible open vastness that the New is presenting on this side of 11-11-11.

I’ve received a couple emails recently from people who’ve been feeling this incredible “empty” feeling inside like all the old familiar has recently been removed from them. It has and it’s felt weird, sad, and freaking wonderful all at the same time! Think of this post-October 28th empty and vast feeling as having two weeks or so between the out with the old and the in with the New. Change always feels strange and this is change beyond comprehension so allow yourself to float through this major transition and enjoy stretching out energetically beyond the old limitations and borders of 3D patriarchal everything.

For the rest of us who’ve been transmuting the old and embodying some more big chunks of the New, I suspect things will ease up considerably for us on the other side of the energies of 11-11-11. Sorry I was gone for so long but I was needed elsewhere to mop a large filthy section of floor in 4D Astral hell zone! Take those naps when you can because there’s still some transmuting/embodying work to be done by many of.


November 8, 2011

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47 thoughts on “The Preparation Work for 11-11-11

  1. Denise,

    Thank You for your confirmations ( My Spine / Back muscle weakness and Pain ) got so bad this summer that I consulted a few Doctors to be told it’s all in my head and was put on anti depressants by a well meaning Doctor who could come up with no other explanation for the pain / fatigue I was going through this last while. Denise, I hope you are right about things letting up a bit as we cross 11 / 11 / 11 as it has been a long journey this past couple of years. Will those of us on needed medications have extra problems with this ascension process ? I sure could use your advice !!! Many Thanks Again !!!

  2. And a PS to say how sorry I am that the Ascension Symptoms are playing havoc with your body and energy to such a painful degree, Denise. If it’s any consolation, I have been experiencing a repeat performance in that regard. My neck and upper chest are on fire and I’m afraid I will bleed from the scratching that I do, not to mention that I am now thoroughly stuffed with fluid in my head, dizziness, leg and feet tingling/pain, and bouts of one moment euphoria, the next frustration and impatience. I note Lauren Gorgo today posted an urgent update from the PHC that helps take the edge off a lot of what we’re experiencing. My heart is with us all as we embody the flip side of what we have endured for so long. Love to All.

  3. Denise,I have been going through the same things you have. The bodily pain and exhaustion is unrelenting. Actually the nothingness has left me in an almost not caring anymore. I have no strength none sometimes it hard to walk across the room.

    Just got fired from my 2 day and night job(nothing I did of course).. It was all I could do, started to panic but realized I needed to sleep so much durning the day..I’d go with this for a few weeks.
    I don’t know what is next, but hearing from you really helps. I know a few people understand but not enough for me to hold on to my sanity at times.

    Thank you so much, Cheri

  4. Dear Denise and all, ditto on the teenage dreams, the muscle pain, joint pain etc.

    Also head pressure, jaw pain and very very loud whine in left ear. Ayone else?

    Best Kit

    Dear Denise and all, forgot to mention teenage spotty face (never happened in teenage years – rather a shock in my forties). Just me or more joys from above?

  5. Hey Denise and all! I haven’t posted much lately – as others have stated I just can’t get excited about anything anymore. I do come here n read all the time – I start to post then erase it. Me too w the dreams also hot flashes and ringing in my ears has bc insanely loud sometimes I just can’t stand it.

    Cheri – I posted a couple of months ago that I got fired too – it will all work out and as you know there is a reason. If it helps you at all – I am getting by just fine – the growth I’ve managed to achieve would not have been possible otherwise. So in that sense it was a great gift.

    Denise my thoughts have been with you. Glad you got the new computer and some down time to reboot :-). Thx for all you do.

    Best to all and happy 11.11.11!! Debra/Morgean

  6. Thanks for all your shares about how things have been going for you the last few days. I’ve been experiencing Ascension symptoms and doing lots of transmuting, and I’ve been able to function well in the midst of this. I’m still experiencing lots of synchronicity, and am still very satisfied with my current 3-D life. Despite this, I still have no interest in any of the 3-D things that used to be very important to me. I’ve been feeling very “empty” in the way that others of you described earlier in this thread. I’ve been waking up at 3 or 4am every day, and getting more sleep later in the morning. I’ve needed to sleep for an hour or two almost every afternoon, and often have vivid dreams during this time.

    Thanks for the explanation and shares about weird dreams. I’ve been having lots of those lately. Earlier this afternoon I had one where I was working on the backstage crew of a play, and had committed to working every performance for the entire run. The director came up to me, was very friendly, and told me that I could have as much time off as I wanted during the run to visit my mother while she was in town. I protested and said that I had already committed to working all the performances, and that no one else could do my job on the play if I didn’t. I said I was afraid the play might suffer if I weren’t working every performance. He said “Your mother hasn’t been here to visit you in over two years. You need to spend time with her while she is in town.” He insisted that they could cover for me during the performances I’d be missing. I was still unsure. This didn’t make any sense to me since my mother hasn’t visited me where I live in over 15 years, and is currently living in a care facility because she had Alzheimer’s. After I read your earlier posts, I realized that the play represents my old 3-D life and my attitude towards it. I was on a lot of running crews for plays in college, and had a strong “the show must go on” mentality. My mother in this dream represents the Goddess returning to Earth in a big way. The director represented my guides. Thanks for helping me clarify what this dream meant. 😀


  7. Perfect timing, Denise!

    During a nap this afternoon I was caught in a dream where I was battling a possessed television in a haunted house. Crazy! I awoke and immediately started releasing all of the fear, anger, frustration, images from that. As I fell back to sleep the dark tried to draw me back in, and I was lucid enough to say, no, I’m not going there. The dream faded away and someone told me that I had handled that very well. Then I realized that it was my Higher Self telling me that. Sweet.

  8. Wow, I love this blog! I am learning so much. I had a really disturbing sexual dream last night, too, and it makes me feel better to have an explanation for it. I used to have the “shit” dreams like Barbara as well. I had them for years, different variations of backed-up toilets, and I also thought I was trying to tell myself something with those dreams. I never thought that it might be related to transmuting work. That makes so much sense, though! Those dreams stopped a few months ago to be replaced by the the teaching dreams I mentioned in a few posts ago. (Where I am back teaching but am not prepared for my classes. However, those dreams stopped after reading your blog post.)

    I am sorry that you are experiencing painful symptoms. I have had many of the ascension symptoms, but the don’t last too long, and are not debilitating. Do these symptoms affect people differently, or do you think that perhaps I am “baby-stepping” in this area, and not taking on as much?

  9. Thank you for all the work you do on the other side and this side too. Your post today is so on target for me. Much appreciate you sharing and being a way shower. Tons of hugs.

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