Starseed Troop Withdrawals

Because there was some confusion and worry from some people when I mentioned the Separation of Worlds, I’ve waited to talk about this next topic. Like some topics I write about, this one is not for everyone who will read it. Because I can already hear and feel some confusion and panicked reactions from some people over this announcement, I repeat; this article is not directed at everyone who will read it. It is however for many of my readers, but not for all of them, so I ask each of you to please keep this in mind because this is a very complex topic and situation that’s recently begun unfolding. [This article is a continuation of Recent Repeated Dream Messages.  ]

 I had a vision message at the start of summer 2011, and in it I clairvoyantly saw a massive white-light pouring downward which was Source Energy. This brilliant white-light traveled downward until it reached a huge clear prism-like object. When the white-light hit this clear prism it fractured into different colored Rays of Light that radiated downward from Source’s perspective. There were colors in this Cosmic rainbow of Light Rays that I’ve never seen before and have no way of describing what they look like because there are no equivalents to them in this dimension. Each Ray was beautiful and unique beyond description. End of clairvoyant vision message.

There were no telepathic words interpreting this vision and none were needed. I instantly knew what this image represented and why I was seeing it at that time. I’m going to use this particular term—Troop Withdrawals—on purpose in an attempt to express multiple multidimensional events unfolding now and all for the same reasons. 

Many, but not all the incarnate Starseeds will choose to not remain on the new ascended 5D Earth world they’ve worked so long and so hard to manifest for others. Other incarnate Starseeds will choose to remain and live on the new ascended 5D Earth world for however long they individually feel the need or desire to do so. Many incarnate Starseeds will choose to return Home to their individual higher dimensions, stellar systems, galaxies, universe, Light Realms, or return to locations very close to Source.

Lots of options will become increasingly conscious in the incarnate Starseeds awareness from this point forward because we’ve reached the end of this phase of our Missions as those who Volunteered to come to Earth to embody/live/insert/anchor the Ascension Process and new timeline and Earth. This is what my summer clairvoyant vision represented; different colored Light Rays from Source becoming more conscious in the Starseeds because they’ve reached the beginning of the Starseed Troop Withdrawals or Going Home phase. Is this mandatory? Of course not, but no one is going to have to twist the arms of most Starseeds to return to their favorite Home stations!  As these many options become more conscious within the Starseeds awareness it will be helpful to pay extra attention to your inner messages, feelings, dreams and knowings. Multiple options and big changes are and will continue presenting themselves to Starseeds at the end of the Mayan calendar, the 11-11-11 shift, December 2011, and throughout 2012.

My vision revealed many different colored Rays of Light and each one of them were individual Home frequencies of every Starseed incarnate on Earth now. These Light Rays were pointing downward towards the new ascended 5D Earth and are energetic pathways back Home for each Starseed to use who wants to return to their Home. This option is just that, an option, not a total Troop Withdrawal of all now incarnate Starseeds over the next week only so please relax! These Starseed options from Source are now in place and will remain so don’t worry or become confused over this. Once we’re on the other side of 11-11-11 growing numbers of Starseeds will just suddenly know what their next move is so relax into these new transitions. The choice is yours, mine, and each of ours and there is no pressure or obligation to remain or to go so please relax and consider the many new options presenting themselves now and over the next year to the Starseeds.

Eva emailed me on October 23, 2011 about a recent vision and knowing she’s had and that she will be returning to her Home station soon. When she wrote me about this she knew nothing about the waking vision message I’d had during the summer. In my response letter to her I told her briefly about it, but she’s reading about my vision in detail from reading this article now, just as you are. With her permission, here are some quoted excerpts from her letter to me:

“I know people are very excited about the New Earth and all that, what comes and will be after the shift in 5D. To be honest, and I know I can be with you, I’m excited about something else. I Know I’ll be going Home very soon, but for me the feeling of Home isn’t in 5D. My feeling is that I’ll be going ALL the way HOME, close to Source, where I/We come from. And that feeling makes my heart sing!
I’ve had a confirmation vision of this feeling about a week ago. I saw golden ‘tubes’ connected to Earth, to me, and other from Source. Through one of those ‘tubes’ I saw my ‘essence’ leaving Earth, elevated farther and farther, until I wasn’t able to see this planet any more. Then I saw/sensed that I was very close to Source, as if I was on some sort of outer layer of Source. Sorry, I can’t describe this any better.
When I woke up, I remembered clearly all that I saw and felt. I had/have the KNOWING of going Home. In my understanding, my work is done here, I can go Home, and I won’t be involved with New Earth and New humanity, or if I will that will be from a ‘far distance’…
To be honest, I can’t ‘see’ anything after 11.11.11 I can’t even see this year December, so I’m truly hoping that is my exit date and I won’t be here any longer after.
Love Eva
Oct. 23, 2011″
I have experienced this type of major life/focus/reality shift from one phase and state of being into another phase and state of being before and it’s often impossible for us to see, sense or perceive the “us” (and reality) we’ll be on the other side of these major shifts we’re facing at the time. I’ve hinted for months that on the other side of 11-11-11 we’ll begin to know more about what’s coming next for us individually, until then however, it’s hard for many of us to even imagine this major shift into the next phase and so our near future may now seem blacked-out to our current awareness. But trust that you will soon perceive and know it.
I had a similar email from David about this topic on October 18, 2011. I got his permission as well to quote his letter. Thank you David for your generosity. Here’s his letter to me:
I hope you don’t mind a question in your busy schedule. Thank you for your web site, and your most recent article was quite amazing.
I’m a Wanderer. You mentioned the term along with Starseeds and Lightworkers in your most current article. I believe I’ve been on this planet for over 20,000 years. I’m tired and just want to go back home to my density. Are you of the opinion that Starseeds/Wanderers will be finishing up their contracts here and will be leaving soon? Do higher dimensional beings actually need to ascend again, since they already ascended once before? Or is ascension, in part, a way to return Wanderers, Starseeds, and Lightworkers to their home densities? When the call went out to assist Earth, a plan must have been put in place to get all the higher density beings who would come to 3D Earth back home. Could ascension then be more about that— with the hope that many 3D Earth natives would tag along for the ride after befriending and learning from these higher dimensional beings? I also sense 5D spaceships. Might there also be an evacuation for some higher dimensional beings who have family members on these ships?
I’m David. I live in New Hampshire, and I hope you’ll have the time and energy to email me back. I understand how tired we get and thank you once again.
Oct. 18, 2011″
There are a couple more layers to these recent Messages from Home to all Earth incarnate Starseeds. A couple of weeks ago a woman emailed me (I’ve hunted through my piles of emails and, forgive me, but I cannot find your letter or I would mention you by name) and she recommended a book that Barbara Hand Clow had told her was really great. The book is Not In HIS Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief  by John Lamb Lash 2006.
After I received this email book recommendation I went to to check it out because this was the first I’d heard about it. Now here comes the unexpected twist and second layer to this. While at Amazon looking at Lash’s book I stumbled upon (not hardly, I was meticulously led directly to this other book at this exact moment for specific reasons for me personally) another book which I instantly knew was the book I needed to read immediately. This second book is The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth by Dolores Cannon 2011. I bought both books on the spot because I’m well-familiar with how my Higher Self jockeys me, and sometimes other people around, just to get me/them/many of us to consciously understand something important at the moment.
When these two new books arrived I immediately read The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth. I knew the moment I was led to it that it had information I needed to connect with now as confirmation to many things I’ve known and lived most of my life and have written about myself over the years. There wasn’t any new information in this great book for me personally, but, it confirmed many things I’ve known and lived and that was the Message in it for me at this time—conformation. Many of you Starseeds/Wanderers will find this book by Dolores Cannon a great confirmation too to what you/us have gone through with our Starseed Soul Missions during these lives on Earth and others as well.



  1. My 2011 summer awake vision of Source creating multiple different colored Light Rays (Eva saw them as “golden tubes”) out of Itself for Starseeds to use to energetically travel back Home.
  2. My Oct. 20, 2011 article Recent Repeated Dream Messages [see link above] about my Mom and I being shown in recent dream messages that our previous Starseed tools, multidimensional meeting places, multidimensional locations where we’ve been taught and/or further information was given to us during these incarnations, locations and methods of energetic repair work/healing done to Starseeds to help us continue our Ascension related Soul Missions in physicality on Earth. [See the Comments on that article from different people/Starseeds having similar dream messages recently.]
  3. David’s questions about Starseeds/Wanderers going Home and Ascension etc.
  4. Eva’s dream vision about her not remaining in the New 5D Ascended Earth world much longer but going Home soon instead.
  5. My being led to discover and quickly read Dolores Cannon’s latest book mentioned above.
  6. And last but certainly not least my recent realizations (and private email interactions with Sage in northern CA) that it was time for me to let go of my intense twenty-yearlong wish to move to northern California to live quietly and isolated in the forest in Nature. It was surprising when I realized recently that what I’ve desired for so long probably isn’t going to happen because I’ve accomplished this phase of my Ascension related Soul Mission and now have far more options before me.

Some of the Starseed options I’ve perceived so far I’ll list below, yet I know there’s many more of them that I’m not aware of. Lots of options exist for us as this current transition unfolds through November and December 2011, and throughout all of 2012 as well. Relax because there’s plenty of time to know what you want to do next and where.

  1. Remain in one’s ascended physical body on the New Ascended 5D Earth and perceive more soon about one’s options and decide at that point what you want to do next and where.
  2. Remain in one’s ascended physical body on the New Ascended 5D Earth and have a Rest and Recuperation period somewhere to heal the Ascension Process wounds and exhaustion if needed.
  3. Leave the New Ascended 5D Earth and have that nice Rest and Recuperation some place else of your choosing.
  4. Remain in one’s ascended physical body on the New Ascended 5D Earth as a Master and Teacher to the newly ascended humanity.
  5. Go back Home to whatever dimension and location that is for each of us and become the New non-physical, Inner Plane Guides, Assistants, Masters, Teachers etc. to the 5D humans living on the New Ascended 5D Earth. Some of us will choose to be the New non-physical Guides etherically whispering in some people’s ears and hearts like your old Guides did for you before the Ascension Process began.
  6. Go back Home, wherever that is for the many Starseeds, and just rest there for however long one desires.
  7. Go back Home to our particular Home stations and report what we’ve learned while in physicality on Earth to the others that remained when we Volunteered to come to 3D Earth and embody the Ascension Process. The knowledge/Light we’ve gained by our Volunteering to incarnating into such density, duality, negativity, darkness and chaos in physicality is tremendously valuable information that Source and all others will use to create new worlds and realities in other locations and so very much more.
  8. Go back Home, wherever that is for you, and just sit n’ grin n’ rest and be very happy about it all for a good long while!
  9. Go back Home and rest and recuperate for a while then fairly quickly go back out on your next Mission.
  10. All of the above and more.

Like I said, there’s more of these options and I know we’ll all be perceiving and feeling more of them on the other side of 11-11-11, and each of the remaining Energy Stair Steps/Gates/Portals between today and winter Solstice 2012. Just relax and feel your way along with this and you’ll perceive more (or simply know) over the months leading up to the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 Cosmic alignment and Energy imprinting. We’ve finally reached the long-awaited transition into the New everything after all the years of brutal and dangerous transmuting and integrating we’ve done. Well done everyone, now lets walk across the 11-11-11 threshold and embody much more of the New Blueprints for humanity, Earth, and Home.


October 27, 2011

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69 thoughts on “Starseed Troop Withdrawals

  1. Fantastic article Denise! It so resonates with me and reinforces my feeling that all is proceeding as it’s supposed to, and that I just need to trust the process and allow it to unfold. All I know for now is that I’m here to help Gaia, and after that, who knows? If the incredible energies that are pouring in right now are any indication of what’s more to come, then I say yes! bring it on! Thank you so much for sharing your messages with all of us… they are always so timely and important.

  2. Denise, thanks for yet another excellent, perfectly timed article. I appreciate all the work you are doing to write these articles, moderate our posts, and run this blog ongoingly.

    In recent weeks my guides have been telling me that I probably won’t be among the first wave to Ascend on 11-11-11. They have also been telling me that I will Ascend before 12-21-12. Beyond this, I don’t have a more specific timing sequence. They have been telling me that after I Ascend I will return to 3-D earth fairly soon to help others Ascend. They have been showing me that all the things I have experienced and learned in this life and previous ones have been to prepare me for this.

    I’m hoping I get a rest break such as you have described after I Ascend and before I return to 3-D earth. I imagine all of checking into a luxury tropical hotel and having a big party there. I also imagine all of us lounging by the pool there while we meet each other, share stories of our Ascension Processes etc. When each of is is ready to move on, the others say goodbye to us, and we check out. I hope they have a lot of sexy cabana boys and girls to wait on us. 😉


  3. TY dearly Denise,
    Your prowess is inexhaustible – another marvel !!!

    I was very delighted to get this as further confirmation to the emerging process we are presently focused on – “least my recent realizations (and private email interactions with Sage in northern CA)“

    I am poised/adamant for back to homeland option; taking into consideration that the Spiritual Hierarchy has repeatedly informed us that many volunteered for this mission but few were selected; and I would not like to repeat this experiment, I just want to go home for good (3D is harsh/toxic) – SSD.

    Love to All as we open/discover our ballots.

  4. Denise, thanks for this article.

    I have a strong urge to stay with Mother Earth and experience the 5D world, though not sure what I will be doing. I consulted the Answer Room (technique explained in Barbara Marciniak’s book, “Path of Empowerment”), asking my Higher Self if my writing is still important to me now, and awoke the next morning with a clear image: a pen alongside a huge KEY.

    On so many levels I feel I am truly “done” here and your post is reassuring. I plan to check out “The Three Waves of Volunteers” and will definitely tune in after 11-11-11 to see what inspires me.

    I trust that everything is unfolding as it should for all of us!

    Blessings & Light to all, Thelma

  5. In my recent meditations I too have been directed in this direction. But I simply wouldn’t allow myself to believe it. The work here has been so hard and cruel that I was afraid to acknowledge the joy that is coming. But your post gives me great joy for the confirmation. Thank you Denise. As always you are a wonderfully bright light. 🙂

  6. “Recently i have become SO bored with everything. I have always been so happy about life, enjoying my work and exploring new things. Lately I can’t think of anything new I want to do or accomplish here. I am not as “insightful” as some of the folks out there with the posts and all…. of knowing whether I’m a particular starseed or whatever. But maybe my mission is accomplished here and my higher self knows it. Only time will tell I guess! LOL”


    For years now I too have been bored out of my skull and there’s not much of anything I want to “learn” in the old world reality. Feeling this way is a good and honest sign that one has no more need to learn anything within the system/world etc. that they’re currently in. It doesn’t matter at all if someone has these “insights” or not; those of us with them are here now to have these types of conversations with people like you. 😉

    Many of us will choose to move on, Graduate to another level of learning/creating or rest for a while. Lots of options for the Starseeds/Wayshowers/Lightworkers etc.


  7. I’m so happy to read this: “Once we’re on the other side of 11-11-11 growing numbers of Starseeds will just suddenly know what their next move is so relax into these new transitions. The choice is yours, mine, and each of ours and there is no pressure or obligation to remain or to go so please relax and consider the many new options presenting themselves now and over the next year to the Starseeds.”

    I’ve been lurking here for just over a month after my best friend and spiritual “diving buddy’s” mother linked us in to an older post on Ascension symptoms. Coming upon the site has been a great blessing to me. I had been a regular reader of Karen Bishop’s newsletters when she had been publishing them, and then it seemed there was just SILENCE for so long, from my higher self, from my guides, from people like Karen… Now there is this blog, and once again I feel like I am “in the loop” about what it is that has been going on, especially very actively for the past six years in my life (before that, too, but my process really accelerated in 2005).

    Reading this, I started to cry because I want off this train SO BADLY sometimes. I want to go Home so much I don’t know if I can hang on. Also, I believe as a part of my process, my plan, my blueprint has been shifted around a lot the past three years. The core essence and “big events” are as originally planned, some of them — some of the most crucial of them, I believe, and yet there are critical points that either have not yet occurred, or were just changed, much as previous posts (and Karen Bishop’s newsletters) corroborate, what with the need to have more join the Ascension process in a more active way (? I’m not sure how to put that…). Part of me feels that the “changes to the plan” were there all along to push my process harder, to have me believing one thing, then experiencing the growth that happens when it turns out to be another…

    Anyway, I appreciate reading this very much because with parts of this process I am just DONE. I. Am. Done. Just want to go Home. But then there are also some very, very good reasons I have to stay behind, and work out some final resolution with a few very significant “strings” that have to be woven back into the process and pattern again. I’m speaking metaphorically here, but they involve very special relationships to me, relationships that do not feel completed/at peace yet, and are ones for which I would hang on and stay, just a little longer, to watch the resolution fall into place, and feel like there has been some form of justice and completion of this process which has upended my world, and the worlds of some special (and young) people in my life. My only consolation has been that their souls chose this, too. Else I don’t know how I could have borne the tasks that have been required of me, for my soul and for the souls of others.

    Sorry this is so long, I just felt moved to finally write and thank you for posting what I have needed to hear, and needed to know. These things do have a wonderful timing to them, and I am encouraged by what I read here. But I am ready for another big change, and one that may involve a little bit of rest for a while. Some of those big changes have occurred already, thank goodness, and there has been more rest for me that, say, two years ago. But I’m ready for another big shift, I’m ready to be in the newer place, a place where it is less about stretching and growing past what I thought I would be able to, and just having some good FLOW, some comfortable flow. I hope it will be so.

    Thanks again.

  8. Recently i have become SO bored with everything. I have always been so happy about life, enjoying my work and exploring new things. Lately I can’t think of anything new I want to do or accomplish here. I am not as “insightful” as some of the folks out there with the posts and all…. of knowing whether I’m a particular starseed or whatever. But maybe my mission is accomplished here and my higher self knows it. Only time will tell I guess! LOL

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