Current Global Chaos Indicates Massive Positive Changes

I recently received an email from “irrepressible” who posts on the David Icke forum. (All WordPress Blogs have a Stats Page that lists incoming links, search terms, daily hits etc. It was through the incoming links from the David Icke forum that I discovered this conversation about one of my recent articles.)

I’ve decided to take advantage of irrepressible’s question and answer him in an article instead of a private email (which I discussed with him via emails) because it’s a question I’ve gotten a few times from different individuals. He asked me what I meant by this one sentence, but to answer him I’ve got to include a larger overview. Needless to say, this overview is highly condensed and bring us up to today and what’s happening via the Ascension Process, the end of the Mayan calendar/16-billion-yearlong Evolutionary Cycle, end of the Dark Ones reign and horrific perversions to humanity and Earth, and the Separation of Worlds.

” ‘Just like those transformational ascension flights of stair steps with their embodying landings, the masses that don’t know what’s really happening and why have to make huge changes now too or exit. Protect yourself and your loved ones and pets as we transition across the Expiration Date and 11-11-11 and simultaneously embody more Light and Divine Source Blueprints from Home. It is indeed the best of times but at lower levels it is the worst of times.’

This sounds like the old Bible stuff of “believe or be damned.”

What does Denise mean by “make huge changes now too or exit”? “

And in another forum reply irrepressible said:

“Thanks for the link Ryan

When I say things people know what they mean, I leave nothing open to interpretation, there’s nothing vague.

I mean what I say and say what I mean, if you know what I mean

Interpretations are what have screwed the world up for thousands of years.”

It’s the wisdom of irrepressible’s last sentence that’s the answer to all this: “Interpretations are what have screwed the world up for thousands of years.”   However, I’ll refine it and say that widely varied interpretations are due to the EXTREMELY different levels of individual development and consciousness between people across the planet. No better than, just different levels of awareness and consciousness is all. Are the kids in sixth grade better than kids in fifth, fourth, third, second grade or pre-school? Of course not.

So much worldwide pain, confusion, suffering, warring, religion-generated murder and warring, suppression, manipulation of others, power over others and so on has been maintained due to the different levels of awareness between humans on Earth. The Dark Ones have seen to it that these differences between people around the world are maintained and directed because it’s benefited them and their agendas in every way for eons. (By Dark Ones I mean the non-physical, non-human Reptilian Beings, Draconian Beings, and certain other non-physical, non-human Beings I’m not certain what to even call them despite having seen many of them and occasionally had confrontation conversations with them over the years. These Beings plus the living physical human elite patriarchy that the Dark Ones control and use to control the rest of humanity on Earth. This negative dark (4D) astral and (3D) Earth system is rapidly being dismantled throughout 2011 by the Light so it too is finally ending.)

The Earth world that we incarnated into in these current lives (have to make this distinction due to the current Ascension Process) was a wide-open system which meant that any ole riffraff was allowed to incarnate into 3D Earth physicality. It’s been a wide-open planetary system where souls who were close to spiritual Mastery or Ascending/Evolving into an entirely different system and dimension could incarnate here. Alternatively, very young souls who were just starting to learn about physicality, density, duality, polarized consciousness, ego and egoic consciousness, male/female, and everything else that goes with having a life/lives within a physical world in a physical body also incarnated here.

Said another way, Earth has been a totally open system within a Freewill Zone where any “newbie”, egoic asshole, great spiritual Master, average joe, Initiate, madman, well-developed soul and everything in-between could incarnate on Earth, and once here, we’ve all had to live our lives side-by-side despite the incredibly varied range of development, consciousness, awareness and current life focus between souls/people. The sixth graders and the pre-school kids and everyone in-between have all been crammed into an open 3D Earth school and that has made it extra difficult on everyone.


The original Earth blueprint was that it would exist with Freewill, but that it was a very advanced world of Unity and Beauty that, over time, would become dense enough to become a physical planet and world. Over time it would involute deeper into density and polarity to the point that the first beings living on it would eventually fragment even further out of their natural higher state of unity (androgyny) and experience being in both female and male bodies and consciousness within dense physicality. We were individually androgynous, unified Beings prior to this further decent into density and eventual physicality, and this has NOTHING to do with having done anything “wrong”. It was simply the spiritual desire to experience further seeming separation from Source and Greater Self within less dense dimensions, one of which was 3D physicality on Earth.

Due to the current Ascension Process with its Body and Brain (right/left brain) Rewiring  and so much more, many of us are currently Ascending/Evolving back into a greater level of integration and unity and will externally reflect this return to an increasingly more androgynous state of individual unity and integration. Some of us will prefer to continue using one sexed body over the other, but this will be an individual choice as we evolve within the Fifth Dimension and beyond. All of this has nothing to do with sex, sexual preference, or sexuality but everything to do with evolution and integration into increasing 5D unity within ourselves, our brains, hearts, bodies and consciousness.

Original Earth supported tremendously advanced stellar humans on it for a very long time. From what I’ve remembered from my past life in Egypt around 12,600 B.C. [see A Lightworker’s Mission] plus other knowledge beyond that, something happened physically that suddenly threw Earth and humanity into profound chaos and darkness. Barbara Hand Clow’s book CATASTOPHOBIA: The Truth Behind Earth Changes In The Coming Age Of Light is an excellent source about this difficult planetary event that happened around 9,500 B.C. and how it changed humanity from that point forward.

What I sense also happened due to this catastrophic global event that further stunted humanity and natural human evolution was that some non-physical, non-human, negative Alien Beings (Reptilian, Draconian and some others) took advantage of an already traumatized and weakened humanity and invaded 3D Earth and 4D Astral to basically set up shop. They deliberately unplugged the majority of humanities DNA, horrifically perverted the human Physical, Emotional, and Mental Bodies energetically to keep humanity functioning within a VERY low frequency and consciousness range so they could parasitically use humanity as their personal fueling station and energy food generators. According to some current higher awareness Teachers, this multidimensional negative Alien invasion began approximate  5,100 years ago.

Source knows Earth exists within a Freewill Zone and has allowed all of this to play out for all. However—and here come’s the interesting part—once Source decided enough was enough with the horrific perversions and parasitic actions the Dark Ones had/have done to humanity, Earth and why, a massive call went out across the Cosmos for Volunteers to help correct this situation. Many of us heard this call from Source and said, “We’ll go!” And so, many Starseeds from the Milky Way galaxy and others intentionally Volunteered to incarnated/reincarnated into 3D Earth physicality now to help correct this situation from within it, disguised as local 3D Earth natives.

I’ve consciously remembered this call since the early 1980’s and my volunteering to reincarnate now (as Denise) to help energetically transmute and override what the Dark Ones have done to humanity, while simultaneously embodying Light and Source’s Original Divine Blueprint as the way to correct this situation. By doing so humanity can get back on-track within the natural God-given right to evolve and NOT be suppressed and prevented from evolving. This call went out and the many Starseeds/Wanderers/Lightworkers volunteered to incarnate within 3D physicality to literally energetically override what the Dark Ones or negative Aliens have done to humanity and reality on Earth. All these multidimensional events are due to the approaching completion of the 16-billion-yearlong Evolutionary Cycle—aka the end of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011—and the Separation of Worlds that’s happening because of it.


irrepressible asked,What does Denise mean by ‘make huge changes now too or exit’?”

I meant that this is an energetic fact and cyclical necessity for all concerned now and has absolutely nothing to do with religion/religions or better than type thinking or beliefs. Because the call went out and many millions volunteered to incarnate/reincarnate on Earth now to override the Alien Dark Ones and their agendas and actions to humanity, their bodies, minds and consciousness, Earth and the Astral, that was the big clue that major positive change had/has finally arrived on Earth. Many of us have labelled all this the Ascension Process and/or Dimensional Shift etc.

The bottom line is that no matter how incomprehensibly long these Source-created Evolutionary Cycles run, Source always includes an Expiration Date/Graduation Date/Separation Date within them. And, if needed, outside help is called upon to come into a derailed and suppressed planetary system and species like humanity and Earth has been since the negative Alien takeover to help get it back on-track and functioning again as the Original Divine Blueprint. That’s what’s happening in your/my/our lifetimes and why.

1987–2012 is the Grand Finale to a very long Evolutionary Cycle and is a separation point for some people and a graduation point to another level for others. Again, no better than business with this but a simple, honest choice for each human whether they are ready and desirous of ascending/evolving at the end of this great Evolutionary Cycle or not. Due to this completion and choice to ascend/evolve/graduate to the next level of learning or choosing to continue learning within duality and physicality will require more than one Earth world and timeline. Levels of spiritual focus, frequency, consciousness, and learning are extremely varied and literally cannot co-exist within the same space, the same Earth world, the same reality and timeline. No better than just two (or more) schools of learning for different groups of souls functioning at different frequency rates within different timelines and locations.

For a long time Earth has been a wide-open system within a Freewill Zone which meant that any and all were allowed to incarnate into 3D Earth physicality and everyone had to endure the vastly different range of soul and consciousness development all crammed into School Earth together. Since the (approximate) 9,500 B.C. event, and the 5,100 B.C. multidimensional negative Alien invasion of humanity and Earth, School Earth has been a dark perverted monstrosity of Source’s Original Divine Blueprint. That negative Alien takeover and human derailment and suppression was only going to be allowed for a certain amount of time however.

Due to the current Ascension Process the Expiration Date of the ending 16-billion-yearlong Evolutionary Cycle; the incarnate Volunteers/Starseeds and non-incarnate Beings working from multiple dimensions and timelines to override the Dark Ones/Team Dark interference and suppression of humanity; and because the Graduation/Separation/Expiration Day is approaching with the December 2012 winter Solstice Cosmic Conjunction or Alignment, School Earth will no longer be a single world that’s open to any and all to incarnate into.

What’s naturally evolving out of it is what I’ve called the Separation of Worlds, some others have called it “entering the new timeline” or other terms. We’re all saying the same thing which is, due to the Ascension Process and completion of the Evolutionary Cycle, those humans who are now ready and desirous to evolve out of dense duality are experiencing increasing Light frequencies with matching consciousness (the Ascension/Evolutionary Process and its many symptoms) to the extent that they’re consciously perceiving and feeling a Separation of Worlds & Timelines away from the old lower 3D patriarchal Earth world we all incarnated into. The humans who are not currently ready or desirous of utilizing the available Ascension/Evolutionary Light Energies to evolve/ascend now will have an appropriate Earth world and timeline to continue learning within an even greater density duality physical world and reality. There will be at least two primary Earth or Earth-like worlds and timelines for all of humanity instead of only one where all levels of developing souls and consciousness were crammed in together.

My statement about humanity needing to make huge changes now too or exit means exactly that. Higher and lower frequencies cannot co-exist within the same space so there is and will continue to be a frequency Separation of Worlds & Timelines providing both groups of humanity with a matching frequency world and reality to continue learning within. It’s that complex, and yet that simple, and it is our lives now. All that’s required to ascend/evolve/graduate to the next level now is an honest desire to be and live in a higher state of being. Are you gonna go my way now, or later? Either choice and timeline is perfect but the Expiration Date—December 21, 2012—is coming no matter what.


October 17, 2011

Copyright © Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS, 2011-2013. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and link.

46 thoughts on “Current Global Chaos Indicates Massive Positive Changes

  1. Yes D, its happening NOW. on the 6th of October, my partner passed over. I think you’ll recall me saying he was ill back in about April this year, well i know he wasnt as aware of all this, but i did at times do my best to speak of this, and in the last months i spoke to him about making a choice to live, well he took some time, he said he wanted to live, but i was aware he meant going on as he knew it.
    The last weeks i knew he wasnt going to make it, i was unable to be with him much, i felt the seperation and i was taken out the way in i lived mainly upstairs, and less and less did we communicate, he also wasnt able to hold onto his abilty to take care of himself, and something like dementia set in, but this seems its was his body shutting down as i eventually cut the cords between us, and i felt and saw how much i had tried to take with me my loved who were not going to be able to do this, pets and humans who left in some way or another each time i knew i had to let go of them.
    Its been devestating to do, to watch and yet i knew if i kept waiting an hanging onto them, wanting them to make the choice to come too i was getting weaker an weaker, and i realised also the dark element to this, changes in ones i loved dearly, massive changes, and its been heartbreaking if i allow myself to become emtionally floored by attaching to it.
    Today i am alone now all bbut for one daughter and i dont know what her choice will be either, and my animals. The house continues to fall, all round me is dismantling, i dont know what is next for me to do, its is scary at times, theres no around to call for some help as such, cause friends an family are not here now, the old worlds not supporting in the way it once did in situations such as this, i am still on my crutches, i cant clear the wreck of the mess left here of what was once a family home, and i cant straddle the worlds now,
    I got a message of sorts, but i dont really understand it, that i am a phi crustal (?) and to not wait for outside triggers before i open the gates to the new earth/world but to do it now and begin to live in new earth now..
    I dont think this can be understood in any way i know of, so i follow to the best of my abilty what come to me to do, but now and then i fall and freak out, but i get back up and i KNOW i must do this, must carry on,
    The seperation has been going on for some of us for a while now, non of its an event, its all a process, unravelling the things we got tied into with others, this system, burdens we carried and hopes for those we loved that they would come too, only i cant hold back in past no more, so i unhooked in the last few weeks as i knew i had to do it or i wouldnt make it as my strength was waining, my health very poor, and at each step i have done this letting go of loved ones within weeks they either become ill, or something happens that tries to hold onto you, by caring for them, getting embroiled in medical care etc, that you know is not what it appears and you cant use it yourself, but you find your back in it defending anothers corner, well during this , this process seemed to me to be anything but love, its been painful cruel and trying to its limit, and as i write this, still there is a funeral and its gonna be weeks, so i spent the last 4 days of his life with him as he passed, in this time i said my goodbyes, i know this must end here, for a relative of his come into it all and took over, organised it all, sort of put me and my daughter out the picture, so now i end it here.
    As much as i know there is not death, i miss him much, many things i had surface about what he has been doing i did not know and maybe why i become so drained over the yrs, and who was who, but i choose love, i choose forgiveness as i to am aware its all about levels of consiousness, not bad and good, i see he was not feeling ready to face what may lay before him if he choose to stay, even as i know he has limited understanding and thought me crazy at times with what i did my best to speak to him about, but how this will happen for others may not be as its been for me,
    The seperations in full swing, i just am now hoping i cant step out of the past/karma/limitation, that has not all been mine, but what i took on in the hope maybe of clearing so they too coulda made it…
    I understand all you say here, i could go into the other parts where i saw for real the interference that has been used on my loved ones, through them, maybe even them?
    Its not fun, its more than i could ever put into worlds, now all i am doing is protecting self, my pets, and asking source to protect my daugher, for if i take this into my space it causes chaos for me an them now, as its used to keep me in some open conduit that allows leaks in my energy field, so as i say i follow what i can make out of my direct guidance to source and i am doing my best and i just ask now i am sent the support and my needs are met as long as i trust and surrender, no attachements to outcome, and use as much neutrality as i i am able to, and this isnt easy when the shit hits the fan and grief takes hold, and fear gets a foot in the door, so being present is important and many times i fall only to come back to centre and look at this as a way to free myself and see another perspective and hope for something better for us all.
    My love to you all we go through this one, so far i cant see how the actual seperation occurs as such, but i hope for those of us who have done this for many decades now, its not going to be long before relief from this comes and we can be in another places than whats been our reality for so long as the outer world seemed unaffected.
    Take care all, may the force be with us. J. xxx

  2. I have been going through the ascension process for a few years, believe (scratch that) I know I am an Indigo. Since March have been experiencing extreme polarity with teenage son(and others), whom I also know is an Indigo. He seems to be in reversed polarity and see’s me as the enemy. It has been traumatic for all of us. We had to remove him from the home due to violence and destruction. I am caught between feeling a need to mother and protect, and feeling drained and further traumatized when interacting with him.
    Lately I have been thinking about the separation and wondering if separating would lead to catastrophe for the Earth? Wouldn’t Unity consciousness show that we need both the yin and the yang? Doesn’t this earth need both for creation to happen?

    I read a channeled message recently that stated “no matter what do not allow separation to occur on the earth”. This was the first time a had seen that viewpoint expressed about the upcoming shift. This made me think about the whole purpose of Unity, duality (us and them) and the idea of separating. I am struggling with leaving loved ones behind.

    I will mediate further on this as I know we must all find our answers within ourselves now.

    Peace and love and thank you for all the insight.

  3. Denise, thanks for such a complete and honest overview which I believe will also help those who are just coming to the material now and getting up to speed. I know it’s no small feat to capture all this in just a few paragraphs.

    I also perceive the growing gap in frequencies as “different levels of awareness” and appreciate your pointing out there is no “better than.” People are where they are and simply have more to experience in a polarized world, or not. Understanding this helps us to detach from loved ones who may be in a different place from us vibrationally and allow them to have their experience.

    I too have a lot of interest in what this “new world” will look and feel like. Will we find ourselves in the same Earth location or somewhere entirely different? Will things “look” the same?

    All I know is that I increasingly feel that I’m “done” here – though strangely I do not feel any incentive to draw up my will. Perhaps I will be going back and forth between dimensions for awhile and still need my assets here.

    My logical mind wants to plan ahead but like Linda L. wrote, what is needed is to let things unfold and evolve according to our highest Source.

    Lots of Light to all, Thelma

  4. Denise, I don’t understand what is wrong with souls of varying levels of spiritual development being “crammed together” in Earth school. That’s the whole point, as I understand it, of incarnating…it offers us the opportunity to make HUGE strides in our spiritual growth simply by learning to DEAL with all of those souls of varying levels of development/vibrational frequency. It is MEANT to be a brutal ‘school.’ If we only hang out with others of similar frequency, where’s the growth-promoting challenge?

  5. A beautiful and succinct summary, Denise, thank you. I, too, am anticipating the Separation of the Worlds and am now running entirely on trust and faith in my Higher Self to do it right. It seems that the Dark Ones are using physical pain to try to break me, but it ain’t gonna happen. I’m going home to Arcturus very soon. As for loved ones not choosing to ascend this time around, I rest in the knowing that multidimensionality and the desire of Source to have us all return means they too have ascended, just not in this time line. It’s likely that we Lightworkers/Starseeds continue to underestimate our own wisdom and the strength of our love. We’re IT, kids, we’re The Ones, who are gonna do this, and I can feel the party! Love to All Here, and thank you again, Denise. Your ability to express the inexpressible is truly a blessing to us all.

  6. Heather,

    May I offer one idea? Seems to me that separation is between us and spirit, not really between 2 humans, although it seems that way. Humans are always separate from one another, hence our individuals bodies and minds. It isn’t until we join-within ourselves-our Divine essence that we experience Unity. Then, if someone else is resting in that same place, then there is only one of us.

    On the human side us, it will be sad for some of us to “make it” while others are left behind. I know that I will miss loved ones if it happens that way. In a way, I miss them now, since it is becoming increasingly hard to relate.


  7. Denise, you wrote in the comment section: “Yes it is literal, there will be at least two primary Earth or Earth-like worlds for these two primary groups of humanity.”

    I’m wondering if ‘HUMANITY’ includes psychopaths and the bodies controlled by the dark set (possibly these are one and the same)?

    Will those who choose to stay in a duality-based 3D environment at least be free of the controllers who invaded Earth millenia ago?

    I’m new to your blog. Thanks for your great information and insights!

  8. Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, the two great sages, avataras ,where the embodiment for what they call the supramental conscious (ascenion) .The Mother said that the new world is energetich present but the troubele was how to buld a bridige between thise two worlds ,without getting onconsscios.She was living in both the worlds. Its still the dificult how to cornect thise worlds. the gross body is not ready yet and it will take time to bild a body that will be plastisch and flexibel to `digest´the higher energies. Thise tranformation will start on the cellular basis. On the end of thise long process a new body will substitution the gross body. Even if some now can expericence them both in , still the bridge is not ready. We just started,evolutinair, ,and most are bussy to refine the astral-mental body . Its a huge task . Sri Aurobindo and the Mother lived many years in solitude to do the work. So the foudation is maked for everone ho is ready. But as they said its only for the one that are sincer and have a strong preserverance. The best way is when the inner soul has the leading. Other wise there can be great problems and danger .For most people it remain just a mental conception, or for some a day dreaming about a new brave world!
    The best be quiet in times of transitions!
    I can advise you,if not already you did,, to study the works of Sri Aurobindo and the 13 books,call THE AGENDA ,from The Mother. by Sat Prem.
    Namstee to all. Dhyana van Doorn – Netherlands.

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