Light Is Flowing Through Our Veins

I wanted to share a bit about what I’ve recently been feeling and perceiving while awake and asleep. This stage is new to me/us so there will be more information about this to come I’m sure. Put simply, I can feel the hormones throughout my body’s blood system, brain, and Chakra systems changing now! The other night while asleep and out-of-body I heard the statement that, “Testosterone levels are being reduced in males and females.” I immediately thought, well just that alone is going to monumentally help everyone!

What I’ve been feeling is that something very positive is happening throughout our hormonal and blood systems. Said another way, we’ve got new Light Energy flowing through us now that’s rapidly altering, evolving the hormonal levels and production throughout our physical bodies and brains, which will naturally affect our consciousness also. Stair Steps remember? I believe Lisa Renee talked about this particular process in her September 2011 article and called it “Liquid Light” and “Diamond Sun Crystal Body”. [Full article here ]

Here’s a quote from Lisa Renee about this:

“For those of us that have made it to the other side, the inner peace and supportive energy has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. (So this means YOU will get here too!) It is very clear that the Liquid Light of the Christ Sun Body is here, and we can feel it “living” inside our body. We are making a new residence for the Diamond Sun Crystal Body within our person and within the planet, and a joyful optimism is emanating from our hearts that we “made it”! We are learning the new “Diamond Sun” sensory language, as this is a new level of energetic communication that has completely changed the way we process information…”

“…Many of us have recently had our 7D crucifixion implants released and are awaiting the monadic attunement in the next weeks to this merkabic circulatory system that runs the Krystic Living Light throughout our body…”

In April 2011 I wrote an article, First The Rewiring, Then The Power Gets Turned On in which I talked about further embodying, “Prototyping” more of the new Light Energies. [Full article here ]

As with everything in the Ascension Process these transformations must unfold incrementally through numerous Stair Steps and stages otherwise too much too fast would harm or destroy our lower frequency bodies, brains, nervous systems, electrical systems, psyche, hormonal/endocrine/Chakra systems and everything else. Too much higher frequency Light poured too fast into a smaller, more dense physical container would energetically and physically rip it apart, so the Ascension Process of us transmuting our physical bodies while we remain in them must happen in incremental Stair Steps so our minds and our bodies survive and repeatedly adjust to the ongoing Process.

But…we’ve finally reached the point where the higher Light Energies (Source designed and generated higher frequency “architecture” or patterns) is rapidly coming online within those of us who multidimensionally embody and anchor first (the “Prototypers”) and is flowing through our hormonal chemistry, our veins, nerves, cells, heart and consciousness and more of us are currently feeling these wonderful upgrades within our bodies and individual realities now. Know that this is just the beginning of many more amazingly wonderful evolutionary/ascension changes happening inside our bodies and consciousness, which is naturally and automatically reflected in our external world realities and the new Group collective. Fear not and continue to let go of all you must today, tomorrow, next week and for however long you/me/us need to do so because nearly incomprehensibly wonderful replacement patterns and materials from Source are currently firing-up in every physical Light-filled cell and drop of our blood.


September 18, 2011

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  1. “Have the most recent ‘upgrades’ been painful for you physically? And so for some of us ‘long time transmuters’, so to speak, whose bodies have been through so much, you see/think that the nervous systems etc. will heal soon & the rejuvenation we’ve been told would happen will come about? In other words, we ‘sensitives’ sometimes get blasted with the major solar activity & that is suppose to continually amp up for a while longer but if ‘we’ are almost ‘there’, can we expect to step into our wholeness soon? like October? & not have such a hard time of it?”


    For me personally, ever single thing I’ve “Prototyped”, embodied had caused me physical pain…and often emotional and mental pain as well. It goes with the job of being a Starseed “Prototyper”. And the pain doesn’t happen because I’m doing this embodying/prototyping, it happens because higher frequency Energy/Light coming in direct contact with more dense, lower frequency physical bodies causes physical pain! It’s like too much Source/God/The All That Is trying to fit more of Itself into a tiny physical human body, brain, heart, gut etc. and the human body feels that massive higher energetic pressure as physical pain.

    But this is why the Starseeds embody/prototype these many stages in themselves and their bodies first because doing so makes it much easier, faster and less painful for humanity to step into them. We literally are the New Collective whose embodying and therefore manifesting within physicality the new ascended/evolved multidimensional energetic blueprints or “architecture” for the rest of humanity. Sure it hurts, but this is what we do and why we do it. This is also why some of us have “ascension symptoms” so much worse than other people; because we’re embodying/prototyping those higher energies first.

    Eventually this intensity will ease considerably for those of us who embody/prototype. This is NOT about us needing to “heal” or “fix” things within us; it’s about us embodying/prototyping the new ascension blueprints and energies. Once that planetary and species Service Work is done we prototypers won’t have these horrid pains any longer. Soon now I sense, soon, so hang in there cause it will be so worth on the other side of all this! 🙂


  2. Thank you Denise for your response. I just feel sometimes like I can’t take any more pain but my guidance suggests as you say soon, very very soon, that things will greatly improve. I was just hoping you could confirm & you have. Blessings! Oh and something very nice happened to me a couple nights ago while I was in bed in alot of pain, a beautiful purple orb of light came to my side, it’s never happened before that I could actually see rather than just sense their presence. It was of great comfort when I really needed it.

  3. Thanks Denise. I’m not sure what I know anymore. I’m in the process of rewriting my book and have tossed so much away that was more tied to my own “enlightenment ego” rather than an unbiased detached observer point of view which I now seem to be employing. Not everything that wiggles its way into my imagination is needed for sharing and may not be supportive of helping to explain what is intrinsically a very private inner journey.

    I do know that I’m about to complete another round of living as I end this 9th year in my 9th month and move from my 11 cycle (birth day) of the last 27 years into my 3 cycle (year of birth). I would be welcoming the hormonal changes if not for the confusion around them – such as “normal” fatigue vs. vibrational hangovers. I do know that when my level was around 134 a year or so ago (300 is the bottom level of normal), I felt like the walking dead. It also worsens the other hormonal issues placing a lot of stress on the body and mind (I know too much Testosterone is certainly a problem).

    I hope you’re right though that this will all get settled down as we move more into the Thymus Chakra. It’s not like I feel locked in the lower Chakras either – it’s more like I’m free floating – trying to keep Frankenstein’s monster alive with expensive medications until the dead flesh finds its life. OK a little over the top 🙂

    BTW – I did think a lot about LR’s Crucifixion implant statement. My sense is that it’s about accepting suffering as one’s lot in life, as well as a false sense of pride when taking on the sufferings of others. Maybe this Testosterone thing is about letting go of the entire fight/flight urge and just locking in on the center point.

    Hugs back,


  4. Thanks yet again, Denise. I do feel very blessed at having such a great community around me and the beautiful safe and sacred space that has been made available for me and him.

    I value everyone here and have a comic vision of us all meeting for ‘coffee’ and chatting about current happenings. It would be awesome and funny and loving and wonderful.

    Keep up the great work everyone and thanks again, Denise, for being who you are.

    Love from LINDA

  5. “Thanks Denise….but we need more detailed info….most info is not always clear. Who are those who have received the 7D crucifixion implants!? How do they assume that they are that enlightened. Who actually knows! Am I still 3D or am I ascending!?”

    Chris Wilkins,

    You’ve got to get to the point within yourself where you’re content not knowing everything in that old familiar left-brained intellectual way we’re all used to. I’m not saying that you don’t need to know, I’m saying that you need to allow yourself to perceive information differently okay?

    Starseeds and Lightworkers were the ones that recently received the “7D crucifixion implants” Lisa Renee mentioned. And, not every single Starseed and Lightworker did, only the ones that needed it. You see, not all Starseeds and Lightworkers all have the exact same skills and abilities within the Ascension Mission. Some of us are Gridworkers while many others are not but work very hard on other energy jobs or projects. Some Starseeds and Lightworkers never consciously remember the Inner Planes meetings we have with each other and other non-incarnate Starbeings etc., while a handful of us do remember. So you see this, like everything else, is not as polarized or black/white, either/or as you’re hoping it is. We’re all far more complex than that. 😉

    I’m not a Christian and never have been but I live within a planetary collect that is so I’m affected by that belief system and its thought-forms and negative distortions etc. I was however, one of the Starseeds who recently experienced feeling “energy implants” from the lower frequency, distorted collective removed from my energy and physical bodies that was related to the crucifixion. I had strong physical pains primarily in my wrists for days, almost like stigmata I’d guess, but this feels like it’s gone now thankfully.

    And about whose “enlightened” and whose not, this is easy because it’s really all about different levels of energy frequency. When a person vibrates faster due to having more Light Energies inside of themselves, other people can sense this in different ways. This business has NOTHING to do with intellect but with individuals either having more Light within themselves or not. And because I can hear you asking, how does a person get more Light in them?, they do this by dealing with their emotional issues and not trying to run away from them. They do this by feeling and dealing with them which removes the power/energy locked up in those unresolved issues so they’re transmuted into neutral Light Energy again.

    If you’re honestly, from your Heart and not your ego and intellect, willing to change and release those things inside you that only you and your Higher Self knows about, then you are in the Ascension Process at a different Stair Step. We all are on different energy Stair Steps so don’t think too much about this either okay? 😉 Just feel and let go of and stay in your feeling Heart Center and let go of the lower junk and familiar intellectual ways your used to using to perceive. When we allow that Door to open, all sorts of larger, more magnificent things and perceptions flood in.


  6. Iv had that thought pounding at me. I know my entire hormone system is changing, and the reason I know, besides the voice in my head is I can feel it, and it sucks!! So angry and uncomfortable and bitchy and ‘hormonal’. My chinese herbs I had been taking for months for it taste bad now, which means they arent working anymore. So im just rolling with the rage waiting for it to settle down.

  7. Denise, thanks for the article and your sharing about low testosterone levels. Steve, thanks for the latter. During the last year or so my sex drive has been almost zero, and I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve become unassertive and easily intimidated. After reading your article and shares, I strongly suspect that that’s due to low testosterone levels. I realize now that that’s probably a natural part of my Ascension Process, and nothing to be concerned about.

    After I re-read your article and shares, I was relieved. We live in a culture that worships high testosterone, and I think that these levels will decrease in more and more people as we continue Ascending. I think that this will be a good thing, and will create a culture which is kinder, gentler, and more compassionate.


  8. Once again, thank you SO much for a timely and kismet-kissed post. When I got to the last sentence about the letting go part, I nearly burst into tears because I had *just* gotten through making a very difficult decision to resolve an obligation that I had taken on in a way that will be emotionally painful, but in a way that I feel truly is the best for all involved. A decision that was whispered to me in the wee hours of the morning. It would be so easy for me to ignore the divine whispers and muddle on, butI also know that I took on the obligation at a higher level in the first place BECAUSE I was strong enough to make the difficult decision when/if the time came (ie in contrast to the other people involved who I know would not make the decision at all etc). So your post was the cherry on the cake to reassure me that I really was making the right move – and for the RIGHT, from the bottom of my heart reasons (though I know it won’t look that way to others).

    Physically, I think this whole thing is a lot of what I was needing to transmute as I was sick the last few days and processing/reframing my whole notion of what it means to take on certain responsibilities (and whether to take them on at all or ???) and how one deals with them once they are in your lap looking up at you saying “So, now whatcha gonna do?”. Painful stuff, but it feels like the release of sooooooooo many layers of muck within me and that the record will finally stop skipping in this one “song”! 😉

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