Light Is Flowing Through Our Veins

I wanted to share a bit about what I’ve recently been feeling and perceiving while awake and asleep. This stage is new to me/us so there will be more information about this to come I’m sure. Put simply, I can feel the hormones throughout my body’s blood system, brain, and Chakra systems changing now! The other night while asleep and out-of-body I heard the statement that, “Testosterone levels are being reduced in males and females.” I immediately thought, well just that alone is going to monumentally help everyone!

What I’ve been feeling is that something very positive is happening throughout our hormonal and blood systems. Said another way, we’ve got new Light Energy flowing through us now that’s rapidly altering, evolving the hormonal levels and production throughout our physical bodies and brains, which will naturally affect our consciousness also. Stair Steps remember? I believe Lisa Renee talked about this particular process in her September 2011 article and called it “Liquid Light” and “Diamond Sun Crystal Body”. [Full article here ]

Here’s a quote from Lisa Renee about this:

“For those of us that have made it to the other side, the inner peace and supportive energy has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. (So this means YOU will get here too!) It is very clear that the Liquid Light of the Christ Sun Body is here, and we can feel it “living” inside our body. We are making a new residence for the Diamond Sun Crystal Body within our person and within the planet, and a joyful optimism is emanating from our hearts that we “made it”! We are learning the new “Diamond Sun” sensory language, as this is a new level of energetic communication that has completely changed the way we process information…”

“…Many of us have recently had our 7D crucifixion implants released and are awaiting the monadic attunement in the next weeks to this merkabic circulatory system that runs the Krystic Living Light throughout our body…”

In April 2011 I wrote an article, First The Rewiring, Then The Power Gets Turned On in which I talked about further embodying, “Prototyping” more of the new Light Energies. [Full article here ]

As with everything in the Ascension Process these transformations must unfold incrementally through numerous Stair Steps and stages otherwise too much too fast would harm or destroy our lower frequency bodies, brains, nervous systems, electrical systems, psyche, hormonal/endocrine/Chakra systems and everything else. Too much higher frequency Light poured too fast into a smaller, more dense physical container would energetically and physically rip it apart, so the Ascension Process of us transmuting our physical bodies while we remain in them must happen in incremental Stair Steps so our minds and our bodies survive and repeatedly adjust to the ongoing Process.

But…we’ve finally reached the point where the higher Light Energies (Source designed and generated higher frequency “architecture” or patterns) is rapidly coming online within those of us who multidimensionally embody and anchor first (the “Prototypers”) and is flowing through our hormonal chemistry, our veins, nerves, cells, heart and consciousness and more of us are currently feeling these wonderful upgrades within our bodies and individual realities now. Know that this is just the beginning of many more amazingly wonderful evolutionary/ascension changes happening inside our bodies and consciousness, which is naturally and automatically reflected in our external world realities and the new Group collective. Fear not and continue to let go of all you must today, tomorrow, next week and for however long you/me/us need to do so because nearly incomprehensibly wonderful replacement patterns and materials from Source are currently firing-up in every physical Light-filled cell and drop of our blood.


September 18, 2011

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50 thoughts on “Light Is Flowing Through Our Veins

  1. Kite – Steve,

    Hey you! 🙂 Yeah, I know you already know all this so I’ll just toss it out fast.

    Energy Chakras=endocrine glands=hormonal system and hormone production. Have any evolutionary changes to one system and all the interconnected others will change and adjust too.

    With 5D High Heart as the new ascended/evolved Home Station it make sense that old 3D testosterone levels will drop because they simply won’t be needed as they were at past lower frequency/consciousness levels. We’re (males and females) evolving beyond the three bottom Chakras as Home Station and the hormones they produced in us all. I know my hormones and endocrine system has been wacky for years now but I sense this (and more) is currently being upgraded.


  2. “Yesterday i found the bliss, the liquid light circulating so intensely throughout the body i had to be very quiet and simply allow the process in which i found myself in… i felt a strong ecstatic sense , almost like a physical orgasm through out the entire body… but really strong in the brain… if i got too mental for any reason, i felt physically agitated . this was not the inclination , as with this increase in energy there was a pull to be quiet and go within.. but if someone called on the phone or my attention had to be drawn outward mentally for any length of time, i felt this physical agitation. .. so it felt better to simply ‘be’ and stay in this interesting place within….”

    christine k.,

    You’ve perfectly described what I’ve called staying in the Eye of the Storm and/or staying in one’s High Heart Consciousness Center. It is a specific higher frequency and state of being and awareness. It has nothing to do with thinking (as you discovered and said, “if i got too mental i felt physically agitated”, or doing or planning or trying. It has everything to do with a person increasing their inner Energies/Light to the degree that they suddenly find themselves existing within a higher frequency range.

    I’ve felt this too christine and think of that blissful, peaceful, contented state as a High Heart Orgasm! 😉 Except that this is a normal and constant way of feeling when existing from the 5D High Heart frequency! Happyhappy day huh! 😆

    ♥ hugs,

  3. Last night while driving back from work I had a vision.
    I saw myself as a golden Eagle flying across the sky. At first it was all gold I remembered asking myself is there anything I want to take with me.
    I decided to take my 2 cats but carried them as an energy body on my back.
    A few very sacred pieces of jewelry tied to my leg.
    I flew and flew on the currents knowing I wouldn’t fall.
    I was at peace. Then I reflected back on my life. The terrible,painful existence that followed me…the never endng healing, work and story.
    How necessary it was to draw into my experiences, the lessons that would be a catalyst for immense change.
    Thinking about how hard it was to help my beloved to pass over 3 years ago, how I would be explaining the lessons to him in order that he have great compasson for himself,
    Now seeing the whole picture knowing the lessons were mine as well.

    I can’t believe I’m free,I flew higher and further, now the light turning to a fusia color along with the gold.
    As I was flying I was remembering there were stairs I was climbing, but saw myself as a very small child climbing knowing I was alone and had to go on.
    This experience has moved me to my core, As I was leaving I asked myself if there was anyone else I needed to say anything to. The people without hearts as parents, the horrendous abuse..from them and many others. They were the characters in the story who helped metamorphis the changes in me.
    The answer was no,for my gift had become compassion..
    The woman who spent her whole life looking for famly and love…now going home. What an odd feeling to feel I’m done and am truly going home.
    To not feel regret or sorrow to be leaving.

    So I flew and flew getting closer to the rays of the devine. I would stop at times asking myself how I would be sustained with out any support.
    The I realized the pink energy was love, sustaining me from within and without.

    So my fellow travelers if I can find myself free, it’s there for everyone…let go and fly. there’s nothing more to do.
    with graditude and Love,

  4. Conversation I had with voices in my head yesterday while driving on the freeway —
    (nearly verbatim I reprint with permission of the occupant of said head):

    “Yup, here comes another full body heat wave. That’s like the third already today. How very odd.” (spoken by Happy, inquisitive Voice in Head)
    “You must be finally getting those notorious hot flashes of menopause” (Cantankerous Voice in Head).
    “No, I don’t think so. No sweating, just mild, almost comfortable heat waves. Fine with me since I am cold nearly all the time. No night sweats either, thankyouverymuch. I think it has something to do with the incoming energies.” (Still Happy Voice)
    “Yeah, you wish.” (More Cantankerous Voice)
    “Yeah, I do. What’s wrong with that?” (Starting To Doubt, Insecure Voice)
    “If wishes were horses then beggers would ride.” (Sarcastic, Cynical Voice)
    “Beggers should ride, and many do. Besides, these heat waves just started this past week and are gaining in frequency every day. Odd timing, since I have been in peri-menopause for over a year and nothing until this week.” (Optimistic, Hopeful, but Rationalizing Voice)
    “Obviously, you are finally in menopause and are having typical hot flashes. Just you wait, the worst is yet to come!” (A-hole, Self-Sabotaging Voice)
    “Or — I am finally making another turn on the Ascension track. Perhaps these temperature increases are simply more ways for my body to acclimate for life in the new world. Such changes would likely involve my interior thermostat and hormones.” (Doubting, But Still Clinging To Ideals Voice)
    “Whatever. Believe what you want, doesn’t make it so.” (Stubborn Voice of Father/ Ex-Husband in Head).
    “Does too!!! This conversation is over.” (Stubborn Voice of Daughter/Ex-Wife).

    Today’s Voice in Head after reading timely, happy post by Denise:
    “Neener, neener. Bring it.”


  5. Have the most recent ‘upgrades’ been painful for you physically? And so for some of us ‘long time transmuters’, so to speak, whose bodies have been through so much, you see/think that the nervous systems etc. will heal soon & the rejuvenation we’ve been told would happen will come about? In other words, we ‘sensitives’ sometimes get blasted with the major solar activity & that is suppose to continually amp up for a while longer but if ‘we’ are almost ‘there’, can we expect to step into our wholeness soon? like October? & not have such a hard time of it? Thank you very much for your messages, Blessings.

  6. Hello Denise,

    A couple of nights ago, I dreamed that I cut my arm and it bled. The blood, however, was extremely liquid and brown rather than red????


  7. hi everyone!

    so good to read everyone’s experiences that you are under going here…i am deeply grateful to read your experiences and insights concerning them..

    Denise i find your insights remarkable and so helpful in understanding what we are going through.
    Yesterday i found the bliss, the liquid light circulating so intensely throughout the body i had to be very quiet and simply allow the process in which i found myself in… i felt a strong ecstatic sense , almost like a physical orgasm through out the entire body… but really strong in the brain… if i got too mental for any reason, i felt physically agitated . this was not the inclination , as with this increase in energy there was a pull to be quiet and go within.. but if someone called on the phone or my attention had to be drawn outward mentally for any length of time, i felt this physical agitation. .. so it felt better to simply ‘be’ and stay in this interesting place within….

    anyway, i wanted to thank you for your recent post and make a comment about it as i found your post here right on the money…..

    blessing to you and to all here….
    i am thankful to have found you and this forum…
    love christine

  8. Hi Denise – Please keep me/us posted on the Testosterone issue. I’ve been on supplements for the past 3 years. I pretty much just doubled my dose starting last month and I’m still only 12 points above the bottom of normal. When this began, my vitamin D was also totally bottomed out. Now I take supplements for that as well.

    I know it’s normal for males to have lower levels as we age but I’m still only 54 and exercise at least a half hour daily. I have type 2 diabetes as well which caused me to think that maybe my pituitary gland was on the fritz but my thyroid is fine which would have been affected if this was the case. I do believe that this is very related to the shift and the assertion of the abandoned Female energies but this seems to be pretty radical in terms of shaking up the hormonal systems.



  9. Thanks Denise….but we need more detailed info….most info is not always clear. Who are those who have received the 7D crucifixion implants!? How do they assume that they are that enlightened. Who actually knows! Am I still 3D or am I ascending!?

    Bless ALL and thanks for the info, it just seems to leave a few ???

    Love and light and much gratitude.

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