The Separation of Worlds: Leaving People Behind

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I knew talking about the upcoming Separation of Worlds would cause some people to worry and wonder. I’ve had a few Comments from readers questioning the possibility of leaving loved ones behind due to the very near Expiration Date—the completion of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011, in combination with November’s 11-11-11 cutoff point. I’ll talk much more about the Separation of Worlds & Timelines in coming articles.

One consolation to the fact that many millions or possibly billions of people haven’t and won’t be utilizing the natural evolutionary Cosmic, Galactic and Solar energies flooding the planet to evolve and vibrationally ascend out of lower frequency duality consciousness, violence and obsessive materialism etc. now, is that as you continue evolving you’ll increasingly know more about complex energies and different evolutionary levels, phases, timelines, worlds and consciousness, soul development and focus, multidimensionality and soul decisions made by yourself and other people. As you continue this incredibly compressed evolutionary Ascension Process, you’ll increasingly find yourself perceiving from an elevated and expanded point of view, which is High Heart or integrated Unity Consciousness. Because of this, you more easily know why a soul is ready to ascend/evolve now and why another soul is not. You will know this with Higher Awareness and more and know that every level and phase is perfect in every way. From the level of  HighHeart-based Consciousness there is no lower ego judgement, fear, sadness, sense of loss or false perception or so-called “failure”. There is only expanded knowing that comes from and through ones ascended HighHeart space of perception, plus a much easier ability to let go of and allow all others to continue learning and creating at whatever level and location that’s a perfect frequency match for them currently.

When our lower frequency ego self is thinking about the possibility of a loved one, our children, a family member or members, a husband or wife or friend not making the current Ascension train soon leaving the station and the subsequent Separation of Worlds, it causes lower frequency worry, fear, emotional pain and a sense of loss and panicked need to help, heal or try to “save” them or possibly even personal guilt. Because of the Law of Freewill that exists in this neck of the Universal woods, we cannot interfere with or “heal” anyone’s spiritual growth process for any reason without serious consequences to ourselves. The timing of unfolding spiritual processes is not up to us — it’s up to each individual in their own time, not ours.

This is why people here now to help others with the evolutionary Ascension Process are often called Wayshowers. They literally reveal The Way while living it themselves with the intention that their actions, words, energies and direct Forerunning ignite more people to move from existing within the lowest three chakras, up into the Light and higher consciousness of the NEW HighHeart.

I know how harsh and heartless this Separation of Worlds reality and process may sound to some people, but until you’ve perceived from a higher level of awareness, it is hard to understand that divine perfection exists in absolutely every choice every soul makes. Believe me when I tell you that some other soul or group of souls thought and felt the same way about you at some previous ascension/evolutionary point! And look where you are now.


What is required to evolve, transition, ascend and make the Shifts now? That you embody and maintain a specific higher frequency of Light Energy. What is that? It’s what I’ve been calling HighHeart Consciousness and what others are calling Unity Consciousness. This is easier than it may sound so relax.

I just heard comedian Jeff Foxworthy doing some of his famous “…then you might be a Redneck…”  jokes in my head!

If you honestly feel for other people from a higher frequency than your egoic level, then you might be Ascending!  See what I mean? 😉

If you honestly care about humans, animals, Earth and all lifeforms, this indicates you are evolving and will make the Shifts to the NEW Earth world that you are a frequency match with. Many of us have been living for many years already in our higher vibrating homes waiting and waiting until the external world finally energetically matches us and the inside of our homes, at least to some small degree. The Expiration Dates—the 11-11-11 portal, then the 12-21-12—indicate the energetic Separation of Worlds will begin for everyone.

If you’re aware that other people and issues exist besides your ego, left-brain intellect and lower materialistic wants and desires, then you’ve got a great start on embodying increasing amounts of HighHeart 5D Heart-centered Consciousness and are already energetically living the Ascension Shift before the final Expiration Date. And it doesn’t matter how much a person knows, how wise they are or aren’t, how many years they spent studying something, how spiritual they are or aren’t. What’s energetically required is the ability to FEEL and PERCEIVE from the unified HighHeart instead of the lower frequency 3D ego self and limited left-brain patriarchal intellect only. When a person is capable of that, they automatically find themselves in the Earth world that’s ascending, and not the one that’s descending into even greater density and negativity. That’s how little is actually required to evolve and ascend now.

Once again, there is zero judgement about any of this. A person is either ready to evolve out of duality, ego-based and materialistic consciousness at the completion of these Great Evolutionary Cycles or they aren’t. If they’re not ready to graduate to the next higher level of ongoing learning, then they’ll remain on a world within a dimension that’s a vibratory match to their current level of development and focus until they are ready to graduate. That may take another 26,000 yearlong cycle, another 250-million-year cycle, or more, or it could take fifteen minutes. It is vastly easier to take advantage of the currently available cyclical ascension and completion energies pulsed out from the center of the galaxy, the Sun and elsewhere now to evolve, to graduate and ascend to the next higher level and dimension than resist them. Freewill for all with zero judgement for whatever choice is made now. It is perfect no matter what so be in HighHeart knowing joy and respect for All.

Denise Le Fay

August 30, 2011

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121 thoughts on “The Separation of Worlds: Leaving People Behind

  1. Good evening Denise and all.
    There are times when I see the non attachment of leaving people behind as one of natural evolution and can send metta or loving kindness with no guilt (because I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m feeling). But to get to this stage I have to meditate daily for (sometimes) extended periods of time. At other times I just feel guilt.

    Jeans’ comment about mass awakening interests me. I have been feeling the effects of this process for at least fifteen years but it was five years ago that my shocking and irrefutable awakening occured. When this happened I spent a few weeks with periods of what I can only describe as altered states of consciousness. Firstly going somewhere underground with my invitation to a new world and then to the base of a tree within the roots, a place with a lot of light . As the weeks progressed (I’m coming to the point)I became aware of the phrase ‘critical mass’ over and over in my mind.
    I’ve thought about this often and still can’t decide if this refers to what will happen in the future when enough of us have raised our vibration that it cannot be stopped in the whole population. Or if this has already happened.

    As to questioning sanity – this I do daily but only for a minute or two now. The realisation of the reality of this process has become dominant and I believe that it will do so for all. I have the 5th September ingrained in my mind, I’ve been dreaming it and looked up mayan ninth wave dates. Beginning of day six.

    I really look forward to meeting you all and thanks again Denise for this forum where we can feel sane while being honest.

    with metta

  2. Hello. Could you tell me your thoughts on ascension and its effect upon star-seeds/ wanderers? If we are already from a higher dimension(5D or 6D), and we have already ascended in the past and possibly many times in the past, is ascension and a way off this 3D planet automatic for star-seeds/wanderers living on earth now? I guess I’m feeling the excitement of being able to go “home” very soon. Is this a logical approach for a higher dimensional being who volunteered to work on this planet for possibly a thousand or more years? Any insights and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,


  3. Jean,

    I’ve perceived for a long time that, as the end of the Mayan calendar or Expiration Date approaches and the Separation of Worlds draws near, much larger numbers of humanity are and will suddenly have their High Hearts activated which is exactly the frequency and focus they need to enter the world that’s ascending/evolving.

    Believe it or not, the increase in negativity, destruction, greed, manipulations, loss of possessions, money, homes, businesses, jobs, savings, security etc. is directly part of this Process for many people. Humans are lazy and stubborn and it often takes great loss and pain to redirect them into their Hearts. Such is the “end times” for many people; one constant intense event after another all to help get them out of the old familiar lower consciousness box and up into their Hearts. So what first appears as destruction, death, pain, fear, cruelty, greed, evilness, chaos, loss, endings etc., is ALSO profound energetic activations for the late Ascension bloomers around the world. 😉 There’s so much more going on than most people would believe and it’s all quite beautiful really. Out of mass negativity blooms mass awakening for any ready and able to respond to these higher frequency energies.

    ♥ Hugs,

  4. Jayson,

    Welcome to the Great Awakening! 🙂

    I’ve always preached discernment and this includes everything I write/say too of course. Discern for yourself, feel, stretch outside the old lower consciousness box, intuit, use your body consciousness, use your consciousness in new ways so YOU KNOW for yourself.

    I’m going to be 60 soon and I incarnated with more conscious awareness and memories from Home and multiple dimensions and timelines/past lives than most Starseeds do. I did this because I’ve wanted to be more Conscious of Process so this is a soul choice of mine long before I incarnated into any/all timelines, and it hasn’t always been easy either but there ya go. My point is that many of us Starseeds and Indigos incarnated with varying degrees of conscious memory intact within us. Not all of us came in with total amnesia of who we are and where we’d come from, other Beings, other dimensions and realities etc. Some did however and depended upon other incarnate Starseeds and Indigos, plus the non-physical, non-incarnate friends and family from our Home stations to help them WAKE UP once down here in Dark, negative, crazy, dense, hostile, greedy, fearful, duality land! Needless to say, this waking up process for some who’ve chosen to hold more amnesia until the exactly correct moment for them, is rather shocking and difficult as ones awareness expands and wants to color way outside the old 3D box of agreed upon “reality”! It sounds to me that this is the plan you went with and are now in 2011 going through a rapid awakening to the fact that much, much more exists than what little was able to be perceived while in super dense and Dark 3D.

    I too have had a difficult intense time so far in 2011, mainly because we’re screaming towards the Expiration Date! Time’s short to get certain things done/transmuted/anchored etc. before the final Separation of Worlds and this has caused the Dark Ones (non-physical and the physical humans) to get very serious about stopping (wounding, sidetracking, feeding upon etc.) the Starseeds and Indigos from doing what they came here now to do. All that and more prototyping as everything accelerates and stretches to the point where the Earth rubber-band breaks apart and the final Separation of Worlds happens.

    The most important thing in your searching and reading materials about all this is to discern because there’s tons of false and distorted information out there. This too is an aspect of the Ascension Process in that it’s forcing all of us to master reading energies so we know for ourselves.


  5. Denise, I appreciate your work and value your words. Would you, therefore, consider sharing your ideas on a topic close to this one: a mass awakening? Thanks, ~Jean

  6. I’ve been reading your posts for several months now, and I can’t tell whether I’m following a fairytale and being gullible or whether there’s a part of me that knows there’s truth to what you say. I’ve been pretty conflicted in my beliefs lately and sometimes have to double check with myself to make sure that I’m still sane.

    The last year has been revolutionary for me spiritually, and what makes me question my sanity is the fact that this has become an obsession. I read about this stuff constantly, and I just can’t get enough.

    I’ve never really felt like I belonged here, and I strongly feel ready to leave. I’ve felt this way for a few years now but never understood why. Maybe it’s because I’m anticipating what’s coming? Who knows, I suppose I’ll find out if/when something happens!

  7. Radelle,

    Have you head or read anything about the Indigo children incarnating in massive numbers (many coming in doubles as twins)? These Indigos are what I’ve called the NEW Root Race for the Ascending/Ascended world. These Indigo children are higher frequency beings that can’t cope with the old lower patriarchal world well at all because, like many of us Starseeds and Lightworkers, it literally makes them sick due to its negative energies etc. However, these Indigo children are built to exist within the Ascending/Ascended new 5D High Heart Unity Consciousness world. That’s why they’re incarnating in large numbers and they’re designed to help create and keep the NEW Ascended Earth world.

    Because you’re reading this at TRANSITIONS Radelle, it’s pretty easy to guess that the children that incarnated through you are most likely Indigos. These Indigo babies, children, teens and young adults came in with higher 5D wiring and awareness etc. and are waiting like us Starseeds and Lightworkers for the Separation of Worlds, which means the Dark Ones (the non-physical and physical humans) won’t be in our Ascended world or bodies or consciousness. That alone will be like returning to higher Home!

    Point is, don’t worry about your children needing to catch up with the older people living on Earth because they’ve incarnated with those higher frequencies in them already. Many of the very young Indigos are already hardwired or designed for the Ascended world. 🙂 Just love them and learn from them and protect them until there’s no longer a need to protect them from the old lower world energies and insanity.


  8. This answered many of my questions thank you, and though I am ready for anything I wonder what your thoughts are on young children. I have 2 little ones and the thought of leaving them behind is disheartening. The young children under 5 I would say still have opportunity to learn most everything from their primary caregiver and since that’s me and if I were to ascend should the probability that they will join me be quite likely? Thanks again.

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