The Work Before the Separation Of Worlds

A few months back I mentioned my great relief and joy over the fact that the Cosmic Cavalry as I called them, was on their way to physical Earth. Let me explain a bit better about who the Cosmic Cavalry are. As best as I can perceive today, they are Great Beings that exist very close to Source. From my current perspective, they’re massive Light Energies with little personality or other features we could relate to as individuals.

I’ve also mentioned about how I’ve been claivoyantly seeing new other-dimensional ET beings over the past three months or so now, suddenly popping into my awareness as head shots of them looking at me in this dimension…as if for the very first time. Lisa also mentions these beings in the first sentence of her article. More of us have recently been seeing these new beings as a couple of my readers have shared in their recent Comments.

That’s how high and vast the Cosmic Cavalry are, and I was tremendously relieved a few months ago when I perceived that we Starseeds/Lightworkers/Pathpavers had succeeded in our Work on physical Earth to the degree that direct help from HOME was coming down here to assist with the completion phase and all that goes along with it—and the long-awaited Separation of Worlds. I’m going to be talking a lot more about the approaching Separation of Worlds and what it means to us today, what’s required to be in the world that’s pulling apart from the Dark patriarchal Earth world if that’s what you want.

I’ve sensed for many years that there would have to be something massive like this coming directly from Source/God (something not needing to energetically reduce itself much or physically incarnate to vibrationally match the current physical Earth world frequency) to hand deliver some of the big completion stage tasks. A few months ago when I first sensed the Cosmic Cavalry heading towards this physical dimension, I was so relieved and have watched for more signs of their energetic arrival into this dimension. I’ve also talked about how things, events, happen (from our current perspective in this dimension I mean) in the non-physical higher dimensions first and work their way down vibrationally into increasing density until, finally, it manifests within this physical dimension. I’ll come back to this in a moment.

Some other signs of this arrival and activation are how my body and mind has felt and functioned since the start of July 2011. Before I go any further let me backtrack briefly.

Prior to the start of the Ninth Wave on March 9, 2011, I wondered what Ascension related changes this final phase would activate in my body, brain, consciousness and being. Because the Ascension Process was activated in my physical body with the start of the Eighth Wave on January 5, 1999 (actually it began for me on February 1, 1999), I figured we’d enter another intense physical phase and energetic level—internally and externally—with the start of the Ninth Wave and we certainly did. Just do a quick, honest inventory of everything that’s happened and changed internally within you and externally in the world since March 9, 2011, it’s incredible and we’re not done yet!

In December 2010, I perceived that each month of 2011 would be about traveling up and through sequential numerical 11-11 portals which are literal Energy Stair Steps leading up to the November triple 11-11-11 cutoff and Separation of Worlds portal. And as the weeks and months of 2011 have passed at light-speed, like many of you I’ve been acutely aware of the building pressures and friction (insanity and miserableness) between the old patriarchal world, its people, consciousness and energies in contrast to the people who are transmuting and evolving/ascending. Now midway through August 2011, the profound polarization between these two radically different levels of humans is nearly unbearable for many of us. We’re at what feels like the absolute breaking point which brings us back to today and the arrival of the Cosmic Cavalry.

Another of these easily recognized signs was the money stock market bi-polar BS; the violent riots in the UK; the scripted, academy award-winning BS from all parties (there’s really only one—the patriarchy Team Dark) of the American government supposedly over the debt; the escalating murders and suicides; the starving escapee’s in Africa; the Middle East trying to break free from their Team Dark patriarchal controllers; the increased violence and mental and emotional instability of people everywhere and on and on.

Well the Cosmic Cavalry has arrived all the way down into physicality and because of this things are changing quickly and massively. What we all must remember is that what’s happening in our Physical body, Mental body, and Emotional body is directly related to what’s happening in the external physical world. And because we’ve now reached the phase where the Dark Ones—all the way down into this physical world and dimension—are acutely aware that their time and control is over so they’re using every stunt, trick and tool they’ve got to prevent you, me, us, humanity from increasing and/or continuing to increase our frequency and escape them and their Dark world and reality permanently.


July was a month of severe solar plexus organ pains, muscle spasms and pains in my back/spine near the solar plexus area. These solar plexus pains are directly connected to the massive clearing work of negative Mental body distortions (the many consciousness frequency fences) created by the Dark Ones and put upon humanity that we’ve been transmuting. Remember that these energy situations/transformations are not conscious or ego-centered or ego-driven on our parts but are triggered Ascension related energetic phases that unfold and manifest into this dimension through our physical and energetic bodies. WE are manifesting the NEW blueprints, the NEW crystalline Light “architecture” through OUR multiple and physical bodies.

Other July symptoms were intense head pains and pressures which are not at all like regular “headaches” and digestion difficulties, diarrhea or elimination difficulties and pains. August for me has been primarily intense sudden onset of head pains, pressures, pains that move to different sections of my head and skull; eye pain and pressure and continued Ascension Kundalini related hot flashes.

These head pains have been so intense in August that it caused me to demand help from my Ascension Assistants the other day. It takes a lot to cause me to second-guess my first embodying Ascension symptoms as possible physical-only problems (the severe pains in my head), or to cave emotionally under new severe physical pains and cry and/or demand help from my Ascension Assistants. But once I reached this point a few days ago because I thought the back of my skull might explode, I demanded help from my Ascension Assistants and, amazingly, in about a half hour the pains in my head reduced enough so I can cope with that lower level of pain. Thank you Ascension Assistants and I’ll certainly remember to ask for help more often.


I’ve talked about the Rewiring Process of our Body and Brain in other articles so this will only be a short recap.

Around 2002, I became aware of an inner electrical-like vibration happening inside my body. I’ve felt it primarily moving slowly around in my trunk or torso over the years. A couple of years ago it finally entered my head, however what’s happening in my head as of July and August 2011 makes everything that came before seem small and easy. As I’m writing this I’m having tremendous pain and pressures in my head—at this exact moment through my left temple directly into the center of my brain. There’s also now a mild numbness and humming sound in my inner hearing, like a transformational energy explosion just happened inside my head, which is probably close to the truth!

I also just had a visual image and understanding dropped into my awareness about this. It was to let me/us know that what’s currently happening in different areas of our heads and brains is exactly the same Ascension related process that’s happening to different continents and tectonic plates around Earth. I just clairvoyantly saw our brains/heads sectioned off into different areas much like the different continents around Earth. As Earth vomits up hot lava, quakes, shivers and shakes herself back into wholeness, alignment and unity, so too do we in our physical bodies, our multiple energy bodies and our brains. These two internal/external processes are NOT separated from one another; we and Earth are “One” and we both are simultaneously transforming ourselves AND feeling each other much more than we ever have before in these lives and bodies. This ability is another aspect of our growing Unity or High Heart Consciousness.

This image I just saw of my/our human brain and head with different energetic sections in it (that are hurting due to these changes) that resemble different physical continents on Earth, told me that what’s been broken apart, dismantled, unplugged and made separate from all other aspects of Itself is now in an intense accelerated phase of transformation and return to being whole, aligned, and unified individually.

Back to the inner body Rewiring process.

It feels like a vibration or mild shaking deep inside ones body and is easily perceived when one is slowly coming awake and is in that nice, comfy in between state. I’d maintain this awareness for as long as I could to observe this inner vibrating energy. When this Rewiring process began years ago it would buzz ON or vibrate for about three seconds ON followed by two seconds OFF. Three seconds of inner body vibration ON followed by two seconds OFF. This ON/OFF pattern lasted for many years as this Rewiring worked its way throughout my body.

Last month as I was waking up from an afternoon coma-nap I felt this inner energy roaring inside my head and brain again. The big difference this time was that I timed it running for one minute ON followed by one second OFF. One minute ON followed by one second OFF. What this told me was that the current pains and pressures in our heads/brains are directly related to everything I’ve mentioned above and more. We’re transmuting and overriding everything the Dark Ones have (and are still trying) to do to the human physical and energy bodies and consciousness via our “prototyping”—transmuting it all from within our bodies and brains first. And every time we transmute another chunk of the Dark Ones horrific distortions and perversions, we literally vibrate faster and shine brighter. Guess what happens when there’s no more Dark anything for us to transmute? The Separation of Worlds which I sense will arrive fully via the 11-11-11 portal on November 11, 2011.


Another long-term Ascension related symptom I’ve had since 1994, is clairaudiently hearing non-physical sounds that resemble super fast electronic sounding Morse Code clicking in my left ear. These 5D Pleiadian transmissions (clicking sounds) have basically remained the same since they started for me in 1994. But, like the recent changes to my inner body vibration pattern, this too has changed and is letting me know that everything is very near changing into something so much more wonderful.

Typically this Morse Code-like clicking sounded like very fast clicks and dashes with short breaks in between them. Some transmissions would be short one-liners while other transmissions clicked on for twenty, thirty minutes or more. After seventeen years of listening to this I’ve gotten very familiar with how they sound so when they suddenly changed last year I noticed! What these Morse Code-like clicking sounds have done a few times over the past year and a half is completely different from what they’ve always done. They now occasionally start in my inner left ear as single clicks (dit dit dit dit) with no spaces or pauses and they increase in speed and tone so fast and so high that the sounds eventually exit the frequency range I’m able to clairaudiently hear. What this transmission is telling me is, End of Transmissions! In other words, what’s been transmitted for many years to any and all who could perceive it from the 5D Pleiadians in this way is now coming to an end because we’re coming up on the Expiration Date—the end of the Mayan calendar in late Oct. 2011 and the 11-11-11 Separation of Worlds.

This End of Transmissions transmission is also telling me/us that, like this sound, we too are speeding up vibrationally and will soon move beyond the energetic range of everything and everyone from the old lower Earth world and reality. (The sudden disappearance of the Mayans long ago was due to them intentionally increasing their frequency or vibrational spin rate to the point that they vanished from the third dimensional frequency range.) To many non-ascending people we will vanish the way these End of Transmissions sounds are, going faster and higher in frequency to the point that we literally disappear from that old lower frequency range and its matching world and reality.

We entered Night Five today, Aug. 18th which runs through Sept. 4, 2011. Release, release, release and then let go of even more of whatever it is that’s left within you that must go now. Stay focused on what YOU want to be focused on and not what the Dark Ones and their human puppets what you to focus on! We must be Conscious of our Consciousness and honestly know what we’re focused on or what we’ve been sidetracked, manipulated into, derailed or hung-up on thanks to the relentless stunts of the Dark Ones. You want to reach the “Promise Land”, then we each must escape the Dark Ones traps and tricks and maintain the higher frequency within our bodies and consciousness. The Separation of Worlds that’s coming is about the Higher and Lower finally and completely separating from each other because they cannot coexist in the same space. We’ll be seeing and feeling these building pressures internally in our bodies and brains as we transmute this, and externally in the world as the Higher “Luminous Ones” and Lower Dark Ones battle now in this physical dimension too. Don’t get sidetracked or spellbound but be mindful of your consciousness and focus and redirect it to where YOU want it to be every moment you/me/we need to.


August 18, 2011

teal purple copyright Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2011. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this Copyright Notice and live link.

44 thoughts on “The Work Before the Separation Of Worlds

  1. hi, i read your artikels every day,my english is not good, sorry about the mistakes,i have the same simptoms,iam 60 years, and 11,11 i noticed already 20 years ago, my name makes 11 my birth place my 3 children were borb on 11 and more and question is can you ascend if you addicted to sigaretts, and alcohol ?

  2. Hi Denise
    Thank you for your post. This seems very relevant to me personally. Also it’s nice to read the your reference of Karen Bishop in your post after a long while as she stopped sending her e-alerts till the summer of last year. I was always keen to read your comments on her regular energy updates. Please let me know have you read KB’s latest book Heart in the night.? Interestingly KB has become a publisher of her own books and owns her publishing site. I am the resident of a country where KB cannot not ship the book as she has stopped international shipping after a week of launch of her book and does not accept payment from international paypal user. I tried several times to purchase this book through paypal but transaction was rejected every time. Other international buyers also faced similar paypal problem when they attempted to make the purchase. Would you please share your views about Karen’s latest book on your blog? Is it just her energy alerts which are compiled together in the form of a book? I am so curious to read this book but unable to get it. Your feedback will be very helpful. best regards

  3. Denise
    I find your information very informative and enlightening here on this as i see and feel the new energies coming in like a storm. I have Hawks and doves that fly close to me nearly each day as i sit on my back porch to let me know spirit is all around me..One day three hawks showed up which never happened before and did a dance circle in the sky above me, so honored i was to know that Spirit was watching over me..One morning really early the crows were squawking so loud outside my bedroom window and then i heard the screeching of the hawk and crows were butt whipped and sent off and the hawk flew right past my window for me to see it so Yes, you are so right the Cosmic Calvary(CC) is here en-mass..

    Have you read this free e-book at link below? if so,what are/were your thoughts? and if not i think you may find it somewhat fascinating…

    Love and Hugs

  4. Great article, Denise,

    I’m one of the ones that has been seeing the faces for brief moments, then gone. I’ve also had the clicking in my left ear since at least 1996 (but most likely sooner). That ear is very sensitive inside as well. Lately, sound sometimes fades and then goes back to normal. I have also seen what actually looks like liquid light– colored light that swirls around like oil in water. It’s beautiful and orbs are coming closer and are more luminous and full of brilliant colored light than before. The air around me shimmers often and it’s not only at home any more. I also saw what looks like a vortex or portal a couple of weeks ago in my room, which I think you mentioned in another article about how portals to other dimensions will be appearing for us now. It’s fascinating to have it all explained so clearly. And my legs/feet have been vibrating forever now, everywhere I go. The vibrating is so normal for me now, I don’t notice it much any more.
    July was brutal for me with too much heat and the inability to eat as well as headaches. That has eased off in August, thankfully, because I am moving and would not be able to survive it with the bodily brutalities. Had another run-in with dark-controlled humans the other day. They were running a service business and first ignored me, then were rude and belligerent, followed by lying. I was in tears by the end of it. Went to the same kind of business on the other end of the building and they were, in fact, the opposite– polite, kind, smiling, and gave me a discount! I love it when these things play out in my life in real time!
    Well, it will be a shock to people when a whole load of us disappear! Will we all go at once or according to the stair steps we are on?


  5. Hi Denise,

    Thank you for confirming the “feelings.” My thinking today was, “I’m so tired, I hurt physically and emotionally, and I don’t want to be here anymore.”

    I needed some help to complete this journey and here is your posting about the Cosmic Calvary. How LOVEly. And you are right about the End of Transmissions. I used to hear from “my Arcturians” regularly, but in the last couple of months, nothing, and last night, it occurred to me that they are so close to Earth now that if they transmitted, they may blow me apart. And again, you confirm my thinking. They ARE here.

    About two years ago, I drew on a table napkin for a friend how I saw the Separation of the Worlds, and you have today written into words my diagram. We will vibrate peacefully and completely apart, parallel worlds in 3D and 5D. I figure that if a parallel me is to stay in 3D, I will be that One’s guide. And if there are to be three days of darkness, I could use the rest!

    Love to All.

  6. Thank you for the great info..I’m from India and I have felt the light beings around me, when i was in trouble couple of years back…As soon as light beings come near you….You get a feeling which you never had….Its soo blissful and peaceful….Nothing of this world can replicate what light beings could do….

    We all will go to a better land soon

  7. Denise, I have just posted this on my blog: – my words of intro are below with a question afterwards. Thanks, ~Jean

    Transitions: The Work Before The Separation Of Worlds [For those serious about Ascension, this is a MUST READ.]

    Posted on August 18, 2011 by Jean

    This post goes a long way to explaining a lot to me about what has happened in my life. For the most part, I spend my time happily with my dogs either here at home or outside as we did today, taking a walk at a lovely lake on the way home from errands. I see people and stop and chat with them in a friendly way, but I cannot imagine being with or spending time with a lot of people in their usual way of getting together. If you were to ask me why, I would have to respond that I just don’t ‘live there’ anymore. It has been a very strange feeling, and I hope Denise’s ideas are the reason why.

    Denise | August 18, 2011 at 2:10 PM


    After fourteen hellish years, I have found myself in a place of complete peace – as if I’m already almost living in the higher dimension – maybe because I’m much older, retired, and do not HAVE to go into the world as it is today. Question: could you comment on how you see the Shift happening? Is it going to be a rapid, somewhat harsh separation – or is it going to be gradual, the way so many folks seem to be thinking about it. I look at people, and I know there is no way they are ready for this shift; that is, they are still loaded with fear and whistling in the dark. Do you anticipate something happening that will push them beyond their fears? Maybe there is no answer now; maybe we must just wait. Thanks, though, for whatever thoughts you are able to offer me.
    PS Maybe you will not want to publish this, and that’s okay with me . . . my email address is

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