Transmuting More of the Patriarchy


Usually it takes me either a couple of hours or a couple of days to write an article. It’s taken me all of July 2011 and a few days into August to write this article because the Ascension “prototyping” body pains I’ve been having have been that severe. From many of the Comments recently, many of you have done this current “prototype” transmuting work too in July.

As of July 31, 2011 we entered Day Five (July 31–Aug. 17) of the Ninth Wave and I think most everyone is expecting the Shit-storm of Change to manifest now in ways it never has before. We’ve reached the point now where the negative patriarchal/Dark Ones crafted world reality is disintegrating fast and in very obvious far-reaching ways. Because of the specific pains my body’s been going through in July, and still is to a slightly lesser degree as I write this, I know the two things are intimately connected. I realize how strange that sounds unless you’re a Starseed Lightworker “Prototyper” to borrow Lisa Renee’s great term. If you’re living/transmuting/anchoring/creating as a Starseed Lightworker “Prototyper”, then the microcosm/macrocosm business is fairly familiar to you at this point.

However…the severe pains in my physical body throughout July 2011 had me, at times, mildly concerned if some internal organ—my liver, gall bladder, stomach, diaphragm, intestines, ribs and spine around the solar plexus chakra—were about to explode, meltdown, or have some little alien burst through my gut like in the movie Alien. Relax, I jest. I didn’t really think an alien would burst through my bloated Buddha Belly solar plexus, but I did wonder a few times if my internal organs near my solar plexus would hold up through this intense transformational phase. Things have to get pretty serious inside my body before I start second-guessing so that should tell you something about how large and important (and physically painful) what’s unfolding energetically throughout July and August 2011 really is. The rest of the energy climb up the unfolding numerical stair steps and then through the 11-11-11 cutoff portal is going to be something else as the entire patriarchal world and its negative reality disintegrates into dust.

Most Ascension “prototyper” physical pains aren’t worrisome to me because I usually know what they are, what they’re doing, why, and so on. However, there are certain internal organ pains that, when they arrive with a vengeance as they did in early July, they sometimes cause me to second-guess what in the world is going on inside my body and why. Such is how the month of July unfolded for this “prototyper”.

When I have small concerns or self-doubt about what my body is prototyping as I had a couple of times during July 2011, it’s that much harder for me to clearly perceive what all is happening and why. Because of this it’s taken me longer to consciously connect the multiple puzzle-pieces to better understand what’s happening in and through my physical and mental bodies and discover the connection to the accelerated disintegrating patriarchal world reality, its systems, its methods of control, the entire money thing not to mention the overall fears, frustrations and anger coming from the American masses plus the entire planetary Collective now.


I’ve had severe pains in and around my solar plexus area and said organs radiating out from the front and right side all the way through my body and out my spine and back. Kundalini hot flashes about every 20 minutes; occasionally clairvoyantly seeing head-shots of negative non-physical Beings flash angrily in my mind’s eye (if looks alone could kill I’d be one dead Starseed Lightworker Prototyper!); endless patriarchal American government (possessed) insane tactics and manipulations; plus more of my own patriarchal Dad anger about past family money issues and other issues surfaced for me to fully remember, feel, transmute and let go of.

In early July my solar plexus Buddha Belly expanded like a balloon while repeated hot flashes/kundalini fire scorched my back, body and head; inside my head felt like a series of invisible laser beams have been doing energy surgery to my brain, brain glands and skull; unexpected anger towards my own Father’s past actions and attitudes surfaced—plus energetically feeling the masses increasingly worried about their disappearing money and the “American Dream”—I realized what was manifesting in my solar plexus organs and spine was intimately connected to the current patriarchal disintegration override.

I didn’t think too much about the increase of symptoms I was feeling in the first-half of July but I did recognize that something much larger was up when I suddenly had old Dad anger pop up in my mind after having worked through numerous layers of personal Dad stuff many years earlier. That was my clue that another HUGE layer of the global patriarchy is currently being transmuted by those of us who do “prototype” work. This stuff was about my biological Father, but it’s also about the global Patriarchy—the Father, the Male, individual family providers and protectors, governmental providers and protectors, the “bread-winner”, he who controls, he who owns etc.


Over the past couple decades I’ve often thought about the difficulties many people—mostly males—are going to have as the patriarchy and its systems rapidly disintegrate. Males especially have been taught to perceive and function within a very narrow range in the patriarchal world reality; that of boss, husband, father, warrior, intellectual, money earner, possessions owner etc. Females have been equally pigeon-holed during the patriarchal rule but at least they could emotionally feel and cry over the horrific nightmare that this Dark reality has been!

One man’s fearful Shit-storm of Change is a Starseed Lightworker “prototyping” which overrides and helps anchors the NEW energy blueprints through their physical and non-physical bodies on Earth. In other words, it’s business as usual for the prototypers, but for the negative patriarchal world reality it’s definitely the “end times”. Transmuting and pulling out energy plugs and controls in our mental bodies is usually painful, but this latest Work sure is doing what it’s designed to do to the negative systems! What’s a month or two of severe gut pains, extra bloating and burning hot flashes when it’s to help free humanity’s mental bodies from the Dark Ones negative control systems? Exactly. This is what we do and why we do it. Rest and recuperate because August 2011 is going to be potent, Leonine dramatic and reality changing too. Thanks everyone and hang in there.


August 4, 2011

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59 thoughts on “Transmuting More of the Patriarchy

  1. Yes, it was really painfull. I didn’t have such a terrible time since 2009. Only today I woke up better, seeing everything brighter and shining! It gave me hope. Love to all!

  2. Thank you so much Denise. Shit storm I love it!!!

    I walked into a healers office today,or more should say I dragged myself in his office.
    The last 2 days have been so difficult. Flame inside of me burning every part of my body on a cellar level. Vibrating so, I barely could walk straight. All that I could stand…No one to talk to, no one to explain the angst of it all. The Fucking Insanity of it all.
    But of course I would do it all again…for what’s to come.

    But your here, Bless you. The only place I’ve checked in with in the last year to feel connected.
    What a joy and blessing for those of us that walk this journey alone in our community. I watch people going on with there lives wondering how they could not “get it”

    I am sorry for your suffering, I usually make myself known as if I’m doing the walk with all of you.
    However, now is very difficult.
    Thank God(dess) you here,
    Love Cheri and to all

  3. Hello, I am beyond fed up with being on the radar of dark ones, and my bloated belly very high up! I first must thank you for your none love and light statements, you are Real, ok to be freaked out we are human. Starting last October, I though it was because I moved into a haunted house, but now through your writings I see it was perhaps a last effort by them, I was doing a lot of light work on myself etc, My point is I began seeing a dark caped shadow, day, night, and most uncomfortably the second I woke up there he was to try to scare, me. The most alarming thing that no Spiritual person has been able to explain to me, was a black cord coming through my ceiling, like a garden hose there it was, the second I woke, I closed my eyes, it was still there, I have a feeling what it was, but any insights from anyone appreciated. I also saw a black caped form with red eyes, and a chicken type skull face, standing in my kitchen, I moved, the black form still stands there when I wake up, followed me, I have lived a pure life, but had an awful childhood, am a light worker who struggles with depression, and always has to fight the darkness of humans and places, due to living open for too many years, from a ripped aura I was unaware of, and some drinking of booze, so who is this who follows me? have tried everything to lift my vibration, put white light around me, I read a cool thing though to shine your light up, to not draw attention to yourself at this crucial time, and to not waste it on grey souls, which I had been doing. anyways, any small answer or input on who is trying to scare me, or us at this time, Thank you , I truly value your articles they are the only ones that hep and describe this ascension, as it really is, humans in a grinder, Bless you all, we can do this! Thanks Lisa

  4. Yee Haa Denise, and PHEW. I, too, had moments of feeling like I wasn’t able to even connect because these pains were so intense.

    Funny, as well, because normally any outside negativity that I may take on will generally show in my tummy as fear molecules. This new stuff (which was why I rode with it) started from my sacral chakra in the main and then seemed to radiate out. I can’t remember the worst of it, just had to go to bed.

    Thank goodness there was not much else to do and Michael was here to help. Coming out the other side I feel new and different and wonderfully positive about this journey we have all undertaken.

    Thank you so much, Star Sister, for being the one to write this down so eloquently. It always feels better when you know you are not alone. This has been a longish journey so far.

    Big hugs and loads of Love from Linda

  5. You are so right on. I feel like a lightworker although most of my work is one on one and on the astral plane. I have been so sick lately, mostly aching bones, that I forgot the time and what humanity is going thru. We must maintain our intention and share the light and wisdom. Thank you for the good work that you are doing. Blessings to you. Shaba

  6. Dear Denise.

    There are other things going on in the body other than ascension symtoms….which are called SPE’s..Suppressor Parasite Entities…You can read about them at Lisa Renee’s sight under on Psychic Self Defense #8..these were in my body causing a lot of pain….Now that my partner came into the Orion Healing Codes that remove these things..thank goodness for that…it has been hell for some of us Starseed/Prototypers…

    Blessings! Nancy Sophia

  7. Hm, I keep having middle and lower back pain, hip pain, pain in the knee joints, and hamstrings and calves. Guilt, financial worries, traumas rooted in collective unconsious, fear of future, fear of moving forward, and so on. They do not trigger me, but have been around for quite sometimes. Neither acceptance, nor any other healing techniques work. I guess I just let them be for the time needed. 😉

  8. Denise I love reading your posts. Thank you for helping me feel less insane and mad. I’ve been getting pains, feeling like something is wanting to burst out of my belly and having a lot of IBS attacks. Hearing noises, seeing flashes. But I know deep down inside what it’s all about. Good to have confirmation though. Keep up the great work.

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