Inner Body Vibrations & Other Unusual Symptoms



I see daily Search terms on my Stats page from increasing numbers of people searching for information about why they’re feeling inner body vibrations; why they’re smelling smokey burning incense; why they’re having excessive inner heat (hot flashes) in their bodies that radiate outward and so on. I thought it was time to try again to help more people being activated now to better understand what they’re experiencing and why.

Over the years I’ve written several articles about the many Ascension symptoms, about Kundalini rising and its symptoms, and about the Rewiring of the Body and Brain. The bottom-line is that all of these symptoms, all of these unusual experiences are the same Process. They all are Ascension symptoms, Kundalini symptoms, because they’re one and the SAME thing.

What better, faster way to transmute all our lower frequencies and unresolved, polarized, suppressed, ignored, wounded, fearful, traumatized, unprocessed and unloved parts than the intense Alchemical firestorm that Kundalini rising is? Why would mass numbers of people around the world all be having spontaneous, unsolicited Kundalini rising now? Because of the planetary and species Ascension Process. Why is the Ascension Process happening now in our lifetimes? Because the cycle is completing and it’s time to break free and evolve out from under the multidimensional negativity and suppression.

To help humanity with this rapid and compressed evolutionary process, higher dimensional Light energies are repeatedly released in Waves of Light — think Aquarian energy waves   — from the cosmos, the Milky Way Galactic Center, and our Sun (via solar flares, solar winds, solar storms, CME’s etc.) to trigger humanity and Earth to integrate density and Duality, purge, transmute and transform energetically. In other words to evolve—aka “ascend”—to a higher level of consciousness, being and reality.


These symptoms can last for many years for many people. Other people go through them or only some of them in shorter periods. Fear not.

  • repeated intense inner body heat “hot flashes”, hands and/or bottoms of feet extremely hot, spine, back, head, entire body heat
  • extreme sweating with every Kundalini hot flash
  • repeated cold flashes, inner body cold spots, certain chakra areas turn cold for periods
  • inner body electrical-like vibrations, buzzing, inner shaking, slowly moving inner energy vibrations of the Rewiring Process
  • extra electricity in your body, constantly getting zapped when you touch things
  • muscle spasms, twitching, itching, strange sensations on or under the skin, nerve sensitivity
  • pains & pressures in areas of spine, pressures so intense it blows certain vertebra out-of-place
  • mental confusion, inability to focus mentally, temporary loss of certain words, names, terms etc.
  • sudden mood changes, intense anger, frustration, sadness, joy, bliss, repulsion of all things negative
  • going a little “crazy” for periods
  • uncontrollably voicing your extreme anger & repulsion over all things negative
  • clairvoyantly seeing lights, seeing other dimensional Beings
  • smelling smokey burning incense when none is physically there
  • clairaudiently hearing non-physical sounds, voices, words, clicks, buzzing, unrecognizable sounds
  • sudden waves of nausea
  • sudden waves of dizziness, sense of falling, sense of tipping over, dropping through the floor etc.
  • sudden onset of or increase of allergies
  • sudden onset of chemical sensitivity
  • severe sensitivity to sounds, smells, lights, heat, cold, energies, other people, lower energies, lower consciousness etc.
  • sudden eating/food changes, craving more protein foods, needing very light foods, small amounts, eating at different times etc.
  • difficulty digesting all foods, inability to drink alcohol, take drugs etc.
  • phases of diarrhea, bowel sensitivities, bloating, pains & pressures
  • severe belly bloat, swelling in the gut & upper diaphragm area, the “Buddha Belly” thing
  • intense phases of pain in the head, pressures in the head, skull sore and bruised feeling
  • inability to physically be around people and/or large groups of people
  • inability to function, need for privacy & quiet to survive all you’re living through
  • hair falling out, breaking, not growing, weak undernourished hair
  • nightmares, archetypal dreams, lucid dreams
  • positive & negative psychic experiences, psychic attacks while awake & asleep
  • sudden unexpected out-of-body experiences
  • repeatedly waking at specific times in the night–1:11, 3:00, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 AM etc.
  • inability to sleep, inability to remain asleep
  • needing to sleep and get out-of-body during the day, exhaustion naps
  • profound physical exhaustion, emotional exhaustion, mental exhaustion
  • body weakness, muscle weakness, lethargy, achy body, bones, joints
  • hyper states, restless, edgy, can’t relax, can’t rest or get comfortable, mind races despite exhausted body
  • extreme emotional phases, crying, weeping, mourning, feeling higher love for all beings etc.
  • glorious changes and expansions in consciousness, perceptions, quantum knowing things vs. linear thinking
  • major ego dismantling

There are many more symptoms but you should have a sense of how intense, strange, and multidimensional most of the Ascension Kundalini symptoms are. What’s really important about all this is that it’s happening to you and to increasing numbers of people every minute of every day now and why. Again, fear not because it’s a positive sign of our compressed evolution, our expanding consciousness and all the positive things that naturally comes with it.

Denise Le Fay

August 2, 2011

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344 thoughts on “Inner Body Vibrations & Other Unusual Symptoms

  1. Rita,

    July was so painful for me that I’m writing a post about it.

    The itching is due to so much Kundalini energy (fire and heat) flaming through your body repeatedly. In many cases it over stimulates our Central Nervous System, nerves and nerve endings which can amplify, hurt, itch, sting or burn etc. For me getting in water always makes everything feel better. It literally reduces the fire and cools and calms the nerves and also clears some of the built up electrical static energy, plus it makes it easier to mentally focus. Try soaking in the bathtub.


  2. “I could boil water with the heat from the feet!!”


    Boy can I relate! Ten years I had to go barefoot because the bottoms of my feet were SO hot it hurt.

    “The day light feels very intense, it’s hurting my eyes!!”

    I’ve talked about this before in connection to our orbiting deeper into the Photon Belt which is 7D Light Energy. For years now our Sun is looking (and becoming) more star-like than solar-like which is just another aspect of the Universal Ascension. Everything is ascending/evolving now.

    This higher frequency Photon Light that we’re in is hard for our eyes to adapt to. Even with sunglasses on it often looks and feels like I don’t have any on this higher Light is that bright, that pristine, that potent and wonderful!

    About not feeling very “loving” etc. towards lower vibrating people…know that Unity Consciousness, High Heart Consciousness is profoundly higher than the old 3D ego-based religious concept of “love, kindness” etc. There’s no comparisons between 3D “love” coming through egos and polarized consciousness, and 5D integrated consciousness that is Love. It’s perfectly okay to not feel all warm n’ fuzzy towards the idiots now. Just keep doing what you’re doing because something incomprehensibly “good” is indeed coming and soon now. 🙂


  3. Debra,

    In addition to all these Ascension Kundalini symptoms are the symptoms from the Solar flares, CME’s etc. I can always tell from how my body suddenly feels if we’re experiencing Solar energies. For me these symptoms are always the same: body aches, bone aches aka the “Ascension Flu”, those horrible ice pick-like stabbing pains in bones/joints, and no matter what the temp outside is, I get the chills like from a fever. It can be, as it’s been here in SoCal, 103 degrees but suddenly I’ll get the chills and achy body feelings. To confirm I’ll go check about what the Sun’s doing and I’ll find there’s always some Solar activity happening at the time.

    Speaking of that there’s an M-class CME affecting us now.


  4. Hello Denise
    Yes I am also experiencing the same symptoms,especially legs , feet, buzzin, and fired up. I could boil water with the heat from the feet!! My eyes are also stinging as if someone sprayed some chemical in them!!. The day light feels very intense, it’s hurting my eyes!! .

    Can’t wait to be with people, can’t wait to be away from them!!. Ha ha

    Not sure what this heart unity is meant to feel like but I often don’t feel very loving towards people (with, negative energy ) at the minute.

    Yet, to be positive , it feels exciting, as if something good is coming. Like the build up of excitement towards Christmas!!
    Jan xx

  5. Thank you so much, Denise, for taking the time to list all of these symptoms. I had no idea there were that many…and…you said there are many more. Yikes! What is amazing to me is that I have most of them. I can’t thank you enough. The smelling burning incense blew my mind as I’ve been experiencing that one for years. How did you even know?

    After reading your article I really did start getting excited at the thought that there are millions upon millions of people throughout the world having the same experiences and that we’re all on the road to Ascension. It literally brings tears of joy and gratitude to my eyes.
    Don’t get me wrong, I still get nervous, as I did a few hours after reading your message, having another wave of nauseau, my body feeling disconnected, seeing a fan of transparent lights in my left eye, profuse sweating etc. But I wasn’t as freaked out. I mean I was but not as much.

    Putting ice on my neck, lower back and my tail bone gave me a lot of relief and grounded me. These feelings subsided. I thought this might be helful to others.

    Thank you also to Minouru for relaying the sensation of a feather touching your leg. I’ve been “brushing off” something off my leg for weeks thinking something was on it.
    And the person who who said you go out to be with people and when you do you can’t wait to get home….ditto. It’s wonderful to be in such great company.

    Love and blessings to all. Unto to Ascension!


  6. Thx for posting these symptoms again. Some, which were insanely difficult for me are lessening – others are worse. I still can not sleep even when exhausted and making it thru the day at work is next to impossible. The most difficult is dealing w others-ESP at work where I don’t have any control over who I come into contact w. Some dark energies and egos that make me absolutely want to explode and them I behave probably worse than they are behaving…. Which does not lend any to my credibility. Just being around others is so difficult. Also have come to peace w many negative times in my life – others I still process – seem at night i am processing grief n remorse right now. Still can not find passion for this life as it has basically ended-like I just go thru motions right now. So want to move on but like someone dying a slow death – just can’t seem to untether as fast as I want to.

    Oh yes, and chills every eve while others r talking about how hot they r – which is strange as the last two summers I literally could not handle the heat – this summer is hotter and I’m even turning off the air off at night and our temps are upped 90′s and today 100 with 105 heat index and right now I’m freezing 🙂 ❤ ❤ <3. 8. 11. 11 is right around the corner….

  7. haha.. And i toughtit was only me…
    My legs are vibrating every day.. Specially when im about to sleep..
    When i was sleeping about 2 days ago i was so hot and sweating.. Remembering its winter here in Brazil.. It was about 14 degrees celsius..

    And the other day I had a lucid dream… I was so impressed i was lucid I didnt even know what to do… And i wasnt even trying ro have lucid dreams…
    Its incredible how affirmations work.. Ive veen talking to myself before sleep: “i will remember my dreams” I got a full week of remembering dreams.. And i wasnt remembering any dreams foe a long time!

  8. Thanks Denise. Oh, what fun, eh? So many of these symptoms are similar to going through menopause, but I’m over that and still have so many of these symptoms but it makes sense now! I think I can tick off just about everything but the two that drive me crazy are the exhaustion (and poor sleep) and the heat coming out the bottom of me feet. My body can actually be cold but my feet will be burning. (I find a bit of peppermint oil will help cool them off). ‘And I really really don’t have time any more for negative ego centred bullshit. And I kind of contradict myself when I feel lonely so I go to be around people and then they drive me nuts and I can’t wait to get back to my home, Yup, sometimes it feels like you’re going a wee bit crazy. Maybe this will calm down once more people “catch up”???
    Love Pat xo

  9. Thank you Denise for your post on ascension and kundalini symptoms. I have so many of them and there are times i feel scared and a little lost as its not something one can easily talk to others about, i often get overwhelmed with the symptoms but then when i read your posts and all the comments i feel this wonderful sense of safety, calm and understanding. Thank you.

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