Physical Body Restrictions Created by Your Higher Self

This is another topic that’s well familiar to me but one I realized I’ve not talked about publicly at TRANSITIONS. The subject is about why many of us have built-in safeguards in these incarnations which, from our perspective, seem like miserable physical handicaps, disabilities, or restrictions. Because I was born with scoliosis and have had arthritis in my spine since forever, I’ve had a life of physical pain and things I couldn’t do…but tired damned hard nonetheless!

So why would my Higher Self limit Denise this way in this incarnation? I’ve discovered that, had I not had these types of physical restraints imposed upon me in this life and timeline, I would still be doing all those intense physical things I loved so when I was young/younger. But because I did not reincarnate in this life and timeline so I could be that jockey I wanted to be as a kid, or a professional dancer for more years than I actually was, or use my 5′ 2″ female body to landscape people’s yards to resemble my past-life memories of Master Hotei’s temple gardens, or redecorate people’s houses to resemble other of my past-life memories or any other such fun physical stuff, my Higher Self helped keep me on-track in this life by placing some physical limitations on my physical body. And even after all that I’ve still used my small beat-up female physical body as if it were a healthy and very strong  6′ 2″ male body! Sometimes remembering more of one’s past lives lived in opposite sexed bodies doesn’t always make this current life and focus easier. Sometimes this type of past-life memories and energetic integration is supposed to be used in non-physical ways.

To prevent some of us Forerunners/Wayshowers/Starseeds/Lightworkers who specifically incarnated (Volunteered) on Earth now to live and anchor the Ascension Process and its changes from getting happily sidetracked in other fun physical 3D things for all of our lives, our Higher Selves help us by giving us certain physical restrictions or limitations. I know this may sound harsh, cruel, karmic or such but that’s not the case at all — quite the opposite in fact. To help us do what we came to physical Earth now to do, oftentimes our Higher Self will, in some way, deliberately limit our physical body so we cannot permanently go rushing off once back in 3D physicality and become permanently enmeshed in some very physical endeavor… like dancing, or soccer, or building houses, or whatever it is that we’re deeply attracted to once back in a physical body on a physical world.

I mentioned in A Lightworker’s Mission that I could always clairvoyantly See my life up until the age of 40. From that point on it was black to the me I was prior to age 40. This told me that I was working within a tight timeline in this lifetime and that I had until age 40 (actually it was the start of my Uranus Opposition at age 39) to do most of those intense physical things I desired doing. From age 39-on however I was fully on the clock so to speak and there wouldn’t be room or time for me to fool around with certain “normal” physical endeavors like I had prior to age 40. I was and still am grateful that I had those 39 years to try to make my physical body do things it wasn’t designed in this life to do.

A few years ago I discovered a story by David Icke about the onset of his rheumatoid arthritis. He too had an intense passion for the physical and evidently wanted and had planned on being a professional soccer player when he was young. But his Higher Self had other plans and to help David stay on-track with those plans he too had physical limitations or restrictions placed upon his physical body. I know there are many other Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers who’ve lived lives in physical bodies that don’t work the way they’d like them to and for the same reasons as mine and David Icke’s. It was to help us do what we came to Earth now to do and that has nothing to do with racing thoroughbred horses, dancing professionally, playing soccer professionally, or physically moving boulders and trees around outside to create the correct energy flow in one’s backyard, or any other such intense physical labors of love, no matter how intense the passion.

So if you’ve found yourself restricted or limited in some way like this, stop and honestly do a Reality Check to get your spiritual bearings again. What at first may seem a terrible and unfair restriction placed upon you in this life, may actually be the very thing that protects you from becoming sidetracked and/or lost your entire Ascension Process lifetime in intense earthy physicality when that’s not why you’re here now at all!  Thanks Higher Self for the personal help and protection. What’s that great old saying…? “Lo tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall not tarry and build a summer cottage!”  Nope, we’re here now to turn the entire planet into a 5D “summer cottage”. 


July 24, 2011

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33 thoughts on “Physical Body Restrictions Created by Your Higher Self

  1. Thank you Denise. I actually thought I was on this path alone. It wasn’t til my incident that I had time to stay home and discovered over the internet all of these things happening and to so many people now. A whole new world opened up. I really enjoy reading your what you write 🙂

    I have a lot to be thankful for, and I may seem broken on the outside, but I’ve never felt more whole and happy and focused.

  2. Aloha Denise, Thanks for bringing this up. I too have developed rehumatoid arthritis the last three years and it has limited my work a great deal. It keeps me out of the spas and in my own private practice where the emphasis is on one on one healing and not seeing how many cleints I can do in one day. if I didn’t have it I would probably try to do the spa thing even though I don’t like it for the money. However, I hope I planned something to support myself with in my soul plan.

  3. Great post.

    I just want to add that sometimes you can vhoose again. An illness does not have to be permanent.

    I was also “stopped” at 39 with severe rheumatoid arthritis. I awakened, and am now choosing to heal my body. I can be healthy, run AND do my work here in these times.

    Love and blessing to all


  4. Thank you so very, very much for this post. I have often thought this many times about the physical limitations that I’ve had over my lifetime that have “kept me down on the farm” – but I do fully realize that had I NOT been “kept down” – I would have been running around all OVER the place doing who knows what that would not have served my purpose right now. I’ve also realized that it gives OTHER people around me an excuse that THEY understand for why I’m not more “normal” in my activity level – ie, they are used to my not participating in all kinds of things because of my restrictions, otherwise, I’d just be coming across as petulant and anti-social (or bat shit crazy – sorry, can’t come to your ______ because I’m busy dealing with an ascension upgrade that’s kicking my ass right now LOL 😉 And I really also resonate with what Yvonne was saying regarding having children through all of this. I was fiercely depressed after I had my son in ’02 at age 33, partially because of how pregnancy/postpartum worsened my physical restrictions, partially because of how even MORE landlocked I felt being a stay-at-home-mom (though that was fully my choice), and then how awful I felt at not being able to “do” for my son because of my physical issues. So much time on the couch, so much time not even being able to read to him or play a simple game with him. I had wanted to homeschool, but with my particular restrictions and his NEED to be more physical/outside, there was no way I could. So fast forward through a lot of reworking EVERYTHING to simplify even more than I thought possible, miraculously finding an awesome school for him, having three miscarriages along the way, I finally had my dd at age 39 in ’09 (yeah – that 39 thing seems to be sticking out here, eh? LOL). While I had to be on a lot of bedrest through the pregnancy, I was nontheless healthier and MORE vibrant during and after than I had been 6 years earlier with my son. NO postpartum depression either. And while I still have physical limitations, the biggest part has been the shift in my mind/spirit set not so much of what I *can’t* do – but of what my limitations are only doing to serve as a reminder of what I really SHOULDN’T be doing if I don’t want to get distracted from what I really came here to do. As long as I remember that these limitations are actually trying to HELP me, then it’s easier to go with the flow. It’s also extremely helpful to remind myself that both of my kids CHOSE me and KNEW what my limitations were well before they incarnated with me as their mom. So, while I still through the occasional human “woe is me” pissy party for myself when I’m in a low spot, I’m sooooooooooooooo much better off than I was back in the early to late 90’s when this whole Ascension thing really first took off for me. And as much as I’d like for ALL of my limitations to just go AWAY, dammit, if I’m really honest with myself, I also know that I don’t think I’m *totally* ready (just yet, anyway 😉 for the freedom/responsibility of managing not getting distracted by the 3D physical possibilities if those limitations were suddenly gone. Thanks again, Denise, for helping us all through this wild ride.

  5. How true, how intriguing, …………
    I was born with a short `beak` and after 45yrs of toiling/agony I miraculously found an elixir which virtually moved me to basics – 80% capability. Nevertheless, this handicap became the beacon – motivation factor to my enlightenment/spiritual path. But, strange enough this bonanza lasted just 2yrs where I was moved to the next phase of my journey despite vehement resistance applying ESP tools; I was kind of quarantined, cut off from human experience, isolated making it impossible to enjoy my healed beak ha ha ha. And the dilemma continues with my records (Akasha) temporally unavailable 2yrs running further keeping me away from inteference. And so it is – the dance keeps changing tracts.

  6. Hi Denise,

    I have a different perspective on this. I am 54 and really ridiculously healthy except for ascension symptoms when they hit, but I think for a reason as well. Two things have stood out in my life – I never had the desire for a child, as I was really just selfish about my own time and wasn’t willing to give that up. I’ve always needed a lot of alone time to just stare at the clouds and listen to the birds and daydream. And I’ve also gotten to the point where I couldn’t care less if I ever have a man in my life again (alas I do and can’t get rid of him! I’m afraid I’ve become very distant these past few years LOL) 2nd, I moved to 2 different states at earlier times in my life, and yet after a few years I always felt pulled back here to the area where I grew up – I just felt in my bones that I needed to be here. So oddly enough I ended up buying a house almost directly below my mother’s house as the crow flies by 2 miles (she’s on top of a hill, I’m in the valley) and as she was an avid gardener and her mother was as well, so am I. I feel like I need to be out in my gardens and woods and that Mother Earth was calling me here. So I think my energy is amplified by my love for the outdoors and that it was needed here. It feels right, anyway!

    BTW, here’s an interesting development you all might be interested in – you know how we’re told that what we are creators and will get back what we expect, i.e. if you think you’re broke, you are broke. Well the silliest thing I’ve been experimenting with is my parking space at work. I decided to just EXPECT one of the coveted 20 spots on the ground floor (rather than the old top of the garage I used to get at 9:00) and for two weeks now, I’ve gotten one every day! 🙂

    Love to all – things are getting better and symptoms as well, yea!!!


  7. Dear Denise:

    Your posts are extraordinarily validating. Thank you from my heart and thanks, too, to all who post here. When I was young (early 60’s now) I was a very good athlete and wanted to be a phys. ed. teacher. In the summer holidays of my last year of high school, while working as a chambermaid, I herniated discs in my lower back and the dream ended. Looking back I can honestly say I was glad to be kept away from the world of academia. Next, I wanted to be a journalist, but in my first year at university I refused to do any “news” reporting — all car accidents and sexual assaults — and thus failed the course. Then I was accepted for law and decided at the last minute I could not be a lawyer and be ethical at the same time — strange decision to say the least. And now I work at home and keep to myself, I hope holding the love and light energy for the area in which I live. Again, thank you. Your posts are a true “life line”.

  8. Dear Denise,

    I am Chiron and he is me, we have absolutely nothing in common with the guy that I’d hoped that; one day I’d be. For once I was a supreme athlete and a passionate professional engineer, that was until; my body, career and wellbeing was decimated by 30+ years of medical incompetence and hypocrisy on a monumental scale.

    That being said and as a mortal, I could have done with significantly less pain than I’ve actually experienced during the entirety of my life, and yet of all the people I’ve met, seen or shared my life with there isn’t anyone else I’d rather be. But that isn’t to say I’m narcissistic, indeed far from it you see; I’m also my worst critic too at times, which is all part of my own necessary and evolutionary mortal checks and balances and I’m more than happy they’re part of my overall spirituality.

    However I believe that life is for living and shouldn’t just be about; struggle, surviving or feeling other people’s pain. It should be about laughter, love and about all the great things that actually makes light-workers contributions, so unreservedly special. And by that I mean personally value adding not only to mankind as a whole, but to the soul who’s prepared to walk so many hard yards in faith only and what’s more very often alone.

    In summation I’ve heard it said many times that life is like a box of chocolates etc, etc, etc and yet I’m not really sure what that means. But if it is, then I’m the first to admit that I certainly need a good telling off. For in my rush to grab my own box of chocolates for this life I must have inadvertently picked someone else’s up. And there after have spent my entire life eating Turkish delight when I’d much rather have been eating; hazelnut whirls and orange creams booooooooooooooooo ha ha 🙂

    Thank you Denise, yet another thought provoking post, which I feel sure will continue to resonate with many mortals coming to terms with their own unique spirituality 🙂

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